The Ruse and Fail of Little Green Footballs: Part II – The Ascendance

This is Part 2 of a monograph about a blog named Little Green Footballs and its founder Charles Foster Johnson. Click the links below for related posts. They will be updated as the series continues.
Part 1 – Overview
Part 2 – The Ascendance of Charles Johnson and LGF
Part 3 – The Bannings
Part 4 – The Flounces
Part 5 – The Turnaround
Part 6 – Current Events & The Future Of LGF

Bonus track: Revisiting Rathergate


Thread Topics, National Recognition and Commenting

It cannot be disputed that Charles Johnson was once noted for exposing radical Islam in stories that were not broadcast or found on what is termed the “mainstream media.” Johnson found interesting and newsworthy stories that went under-reported or ignored by the MSM and opened them up for discussion. He was celebrated for exposing rampant anti-Semitism found on Arabic television, especially in children’s programming. He documented efforts by the United States and others to eradicate terrorism, both politically and militarily, often sporting headlines such as “Got Two in Gaza!” or “Got Four in Lebanon!” referring to the number of enemy combatants killed.

More to the point, Little Green Footballs was interesting to read simply as an observer. His blog members at the time included well-educated, well-read individuals from all walks of life – physicians, attorneys, editors, engineers, meteorologists, teachers and other professionals, with first hand knowledge of the various topics presented for discussion. Review the comments section of any thread prior to 2009 dealing with world and domestic affairs and you will find a treasure trove of links, research, first-hand experience and commentary that rivaled anything offered by the alphabet networks and cable news.

Johnson was propelled to national attention and prominence as a central figure in the scandal known as “Rathergate,” the fraud promoted by Dan Rather and CBS. Rather and CBS proffered forged Texas Air National Guard memoranda[1] less than two months prior to the 2004 Presidential Election, in an effort to discredit President George W. Bush. Read the rest of this entry »

Rescued from Memory Hole: “Fjordman Smorgasbord” – the Complete Thread

Continuing on with our series, this particular entry came a little later in Fjordman’s career of favorably featured essays at LGF. The gap in the article chronology appears on Oct. 1, 2006, with #22795 missing:

The Boiler Room Crew actually has multiple screencaps for this one, as it was one of those we captured before Johnson cravenly sent his robots to block the Wayback Machine. Here’s the retro version:

LGF 22795 Fjordman 2

Hey…a two-fer! It’s got a “great” link to Jihad Watch, as well as a “highly recommended” one to Gates of Vienna. Why the heck would he want to hide this?

Anyway, here’s the lost comment section, another Boiler Room exclusive:


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Stuff CJ Forgot to Delete…

With the infamous ex-LGFer Fjordman revealing himself after so many years, the engineers of  The Boiler Room are pleased to see that many of the lizards have taken up cyber-sleuthing and fact-checking, and are ferociously digging thru the LGF archives. The sense of kinship almost brings a tear to our eyes, and it’s probably making Johnson a bit nervous.

Why? Well, ’cause of the other shocking revelations that are lurking in there:

Yay!  That’s article #17960.

What percentage of active lizards are aware that Dymphna and Baron have comments in the archives as well?


One more thing: Dymphna shows up on our list of 4200 confirmed banned lizards, but Baron Bodissey does not.  Do you suppose that Johnson forgot to….?


Charles Johnson vs. Truth

We seem to be getting quite a bit of traffic from many sites around the globe from new visitors looking for proof of Charles Johnson’s dishonesty in his vicious and unwarranted attacks against Pamela Geller (Atlas Shrugs), Robert Spencer (Jihad Watch), Baron Bodissey & Dymphna (Gates of Vienna), Fjordman, and others.

In fact, Johnson’s vile accusations began even before the casualty count was known.

Johnson attempts to place blame on innocent bloggers for being mentioned in Anders Breivik’s “manifesto,” while completely dismissing the fact that Johnson himself was not only linked to but quoted – many times.

Click the links below to jump to the relevant threads previously posted on Diary of Daedalus.

Little Green Footballs, Anders Breivik and the United States Blog-based Anti-Jihad Movement

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Rescued from Memory Hole: The Lost LGF “Fjordman” Articles

The Charles Johnson / LGF Connection (UPDATED)

[Updated: Fixed dead links.]

Story Time: The Fjordman Saga

In 2005, a clandestine blogger named “Fjordman” began contributing articles to LGF. For obvious reasons, he preferred anonymity due to his fact-based subject matter as an anti-jihadist, with first-hand knowledge of European politics. In other words, he was a very credible source, and regularly posted threads on Gates of Vienna and elsewhere. Check out his credentials via Wikipedia.

Recently it was brought to our attention that Charles Johnson has been messing with many of Fjordman’s posts, deleting them and reposting them for unknown reasons. Fjordman generally disagreed with Charles’ portrayal of the EDL, and Vlaams Belang in particular, as far-right wing racist organizations with ties to neonazis. While Fjordman never denied that there were some undesirables who attached themselves to the counter-jihad movement, he stated that they were relatively few in number, were ineffectual, and were not welcomed within those groups.

Fjordman eventually tired of arguing fact vs. opinion, and in late 2007 decided to take a break from posting at LGF.  Shortly thereafter he was banned in absentia.

There’s more to the story. Here’s Fjordman’s own response to his banning entitled, “My Farewell to Little Green Footballs” from 14 November 2007, presented in its entirety below the break.

[Update: It appears that the LGF links from Fjordman’s post have been very recently blocked, and now go to a 404 Not Found screen. Ironically, one of the links was the same thread where Pamela Geller decided to walk.]

[Update 2: The links still work. They didn’t in WP  “preview” mode.]

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