Tears of the BeClowned

If we’ve given Charles some bad days, this one has to be his worst. Our resident fat clown has been given a slap from the grave, as the Breitbarts delivered a bone chilling tale of “stalking” that should have the Round Mound of BeClowned shitting his Depends with fear. However, the brave and vigilant conservosphere (Arachne, can’t thank you enough for the post) picked up shields and stand in formation.

Tonight’s mocking theme should be in the vein of the man who started it all, Andrew. Guest on the blogmoc radio show and tutor to some of the ballsiest and badass reporters out there. Most famous to us for collaboration on #Weinergate, Andrew never met a liberal twerp he couldn’t poke in the chest. Charles can put his panties on in the morning and dance on his grave, but the Breitbarts and DoD put our shit kickin’ boots on and carry out his tradition.

Arachne, hotter than the bottom of a kettle, looked at the mountain tossed at her and got hit with a pebble. We are all in debt for that effort (btw Walked Away-thank you for the compliment but it is all the BRC that hits chuck in the nuts daily). She chronicled the diary of a mad man and conversation flowed. During that conversation @Liberty_Chick brought something up.

Today is the anniversary of “weinergate”, the event that before today stood as probably the most epic beclownment of CJ. EVAR. It was so fucking epic that it spawned the relationship between the DoD and Breitbart. It also made today happen, and Andrew, with balls of steel, reached up through his grave and punched Chuck in the nuts while he was doing happy feet on his grave.

So, let’s honor the big fella and have a good night of mockery at the expense of CJ. And to be sure of the event, I’m linking the tweet heard around the world. Chuck’s dick pic:

Happy Weinergate anniversary, and let’s hope Andrew gets to look into the Round Mound of BeClowned’s compound in Culver Shitty and Chuckle at the developments of today. R.I.P. Andrew, and fuck you Chuck.

Mock away!