Jummy’s Take on Charles Johnson (July 2011)

Not sure how we missed this gem from someone named “Jummy” but he posted an excellent analysis of Charles Johnson’s persona and actions (post Oslo Massacre) on a blog forum 30 July 2011. Here it is in its unedited entirety. -Briareus

Charles Johnson: Unrepentant Bigot Hides from Oslo Culpability Behind a Pointed Finger

it may be that geller and spenser and fjordman and the rest are corrosive people trading on bigotry. there are many people who knew that at first glance. perhaps the ability to see these people for who they are at first sight is a better benchmark for clearsightedness than the ability to hate them in suspiciously lugubrious terms only after plucking them from obscurity, establishing their blogging careers, and supporting them for nearly a decade.

it’s not absolutely clear that johnson “came to his senses”. rather, it appears more likely that johnson was offended that geller and spenser had challenged his authority. there was no disagreement on any of the themes which would later comprise breivik’s manifesto, only on who geller and spenser should disinvite to the brussels conference vlamms belang was to participate in.

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Why is this so difficult for Charles Johnson to admit?

There’s been a resurgence in interest about mass murderer Anders Breivik’s  Manifesto recently. Someone (we won’t say who)  just can’t accept facts, but his initials are Charles Johnson, projectionist extraordinaire. We heard a rumor that he changed political views a while back, and now he’s a radical Lutheran collecting Jello/milk/fruit mould recipes. Johnson’s been stamping his feet and flailing his pudgy fists on Twitter and LGF,  screeching that he was never mentioned in Breivik’s deranged screed even though the facts prove otherwise.

The Magical Jazzy 61-year-old ponytailed guitarist who hasn’t recorded anything significant since the 1970s, who falsely claims Buckhead’s and Jeremy Chrysler’s work on Rathergate as his own, who ran his profitable blog into the ground while backstabbing those who helped him along the way, is now in his fourth day of whining about a link tweeted by Glenn Greenwald on 16 April.

We decided to simplify the graphics for the pro-ponytail crowd. We’ve stripped away the most quoted source in Breivik’s diatribe (Robert Spencer’s Jihad Watch) to show the other references. We used the numbers posted by ThinkProgress and included the (omitted) number of times “Charles Johnson” and “Little Green Footballs” were mentioned, not counting footnotes. Screeching colors don’t lie.

Breivik Influences graph

The point is that Charles Johnson cannot claim that he was an insignificant influence in the mind of a madman, yet Johnson used those same numbers to attack others, as if they were directly responsible for the Oslo Massacre.

If that’s not simple enough, try this:

Breivik on Charles Johnson

One of the graphics is a fabrication, the other is an illustration. No matter which one you choose, Charles, you owe a bunch of apologies before you demand one from Glenn Greenwald – and it’s doubtful that Greenwald owes you anything after all the au gratis attention he’s thrown your way,  you #Rumpswab.

To Memory-Hole or Not To Memory-Hole? Eclectic Infidel Gets Whacked

Due to the 95% homogeneity of The Swamp these days we haven’t seen the ban stick in a while, so this caught our attention. This LGF Page, posted by Eclectic Infidel, was up for almost 9 hours before it was memory-holed by one of the monitor lizards Thursday morning, long before The Big Green Load rolled off his crusty futon.

Eclectic Infidel 1

Nothing spectacular about that LGF Page except that it bothered the Lizardim enough to downding the hell out of it, but not for its content. Indeed, they didn’t even touch on the topic of the article [linked here] until many hours later.

Eclectic Infidel 2

Brilliant comment, Varek. Khaled Abu Toameh is an Arab Muslim.

Eclectic Infidel 3

Yep. Geert Wilders. Fjordman. “Eclectic Infidel, y’all gone bean aheepa trubble when Mister Charles sees dem broke eggshells all roun’ yer crib.”

And *poof* the Page was gone.

Then *poof* the Page was back, and *poof* Eclectic Infidel was gone.

Eclectic Infidel 4

“Lemme tell you something. You know, them chains ain’t medals. You get ’em for making mistakes. And you make a *bad* enough mistake, and then you gotta deal with The Man.” – Cool Hand Luke

Got that Lizards?

As a related footnote to Charles hypocrisy, Fjordman departed LGF with a +689 Karma rating, 3531 comments. Before ’05 he posted as “Norwegian kafir”, his first comment appearing in the archives on Jul 8, 2003, and went on to post on hundreds of threads under that nic.

Rescued from Memory Hole: The Lost LGF “Fjordman” Articles
Fjordman – Case Study # 14 – LGF BANNED AND BLOCKED
Fjordman’s flounce from LGF

[Fjordman links courtesy of The BRC.]

Update (ChenZhen):

First, for those unaware, Eclectic does use the Twitter machine, and we can see that he/she tweeted this Page:

Then, I’d noticed that this Page was spiking the ol’ LGF twitter counter, to the point where it actually made it to the top of the “tweeted pages”:

lgf page eclectic tweet sidebar

The clicks were coming in! But from where? Well, upon a closer review:

eclectic bitly stats

Oh my!

(CJ has since reset the tweet counter, for some reason)

[Update – Eclectic Infidel posted a response to the LGF crapfest.]

Charles Johnson calls Mitt Romney a dog abuser

I am not a fan of Mitt Romney of his version of the Republican Party, but Charles Johnson goes over the top. In discussing the election results Chuck calls Mitt Romney a dog abuser.

This was a libelous statement. Although I didn’t like Romney having his dog on the roof of the car that was not abuse. Charles Johnson should go to an animal shelter and see what real abused dogs look like. Charles is no one to speak of abuse. He abused and still abuses commentators on his blog. He is Charles Johnson the blog abuser.

Charles gets an email warning from the Heartland Institute

Charles Johnson loves to jump into controversies. He’s always hoping for a big break to get attention. Chuck wants to re-live his Rathergate glory.

Recently, Progressive blogs claimed they had inside information received via identity theft. They claimed that these memos proved the Heartland Institute was trying to cover up evidence of Global Warming. Heartland denies these are real memos and says they are totally made up.

Charles Johnson, who condemned the hacked emails of climate scientists from East Anglia, did posts condoning the hacking of the Heartland Institute. Now he gets an email from them, telling him to remove the posts. They even hint at legal action.

Being a smear merchant can have consequences. Reality is hitting Charles Johnson with this email warning from the Heartland Institute. Couldn’t happen to nicer guy.

Killgore Trout gets compared to Birch Society and White Citizens Council

When Killgore Trout is not planting racist comments at Conservative blogs, he’s criticizing OWS. This causes anger at LGF and in an escalation, Radical Moderate compares Killgore Trout to opponents of Martin Luther King Jr.

Killgore responds!

Killgore accused everyone on the Right of being Nazis or racists. Now the tables have been turned! Hey Killgore, how does it feel getting a taste of your own medicine?

Update: Killgore Trout notices our post about him being compared to John Bircher!

It’s tough when you engage in smears and then get smeared, eh Killgore? What goes around, comes around.

(Update Hat Tip: MrPaulRevere)

Ah, Charles cares!

Chuck shows his benevolent side to his readers. The Sage of Culver City takes pity on posts he hasn’t promoted.

Chuck even gives them a reminder to link their posts to twitter.

What a caring benevolent man!  The sad part is, his groupies fall for fake act.