Johnson’s Trigger Monkey Post of the Day – FBI Director James Comey is Dismissed

That’s the headline on Little Green Footballs, and as expected, Charles Johnson completely misrepresents the story. Here’s the letter of dismissal President Trump sent to FBI Director James Comey today.

Johnson’s response to this was obviously fed to him by others hoping for an LGF trigger monkey post, as the MSM also seems to be focusing on the second paragraph while ignoring the first.

“Trump’s pink slip to Comey says ‘I am not under investigation’ — which is totally false.”

– Charles Johnson 9 May 2017


“Here’s some more jaw-dropping information: they’re trying to claim Comey was fired over his handling of the Hillary Clinton email investigation. I seriously doubt that.”

– Charles Johnson 9 May 2017

Johnson linked to a twitter account that posted barely legible letters (from Attorney General Sessions and Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein) that Trump referenced in his decision to replace James Comey.

Rosenstein’s analysis is damning, as it names names of those who believe that Comey was way out of line and breached protocol, including former Attorney General Eric Holder.

It’s not a partisan attack, Charles, it’s an attack on Comey’s apparent disregard for law, ethics and protocol due to political bias. Here’s a six-page downloadable .pdf that Johnson (and many others) didn’t bother to read [via]:


Charles, you’ve turned your website into inane clickbait bullshit. Now update your avatar.

Alexa Talks About Little Green Footballs

Once in a while it’s kinda fun to see how Charles Johnson’s Little Green Footballs stats are doing, and Alexa turned up an interesting aberration in the decline.

The image above has been chopped and channeled and lowered and louvered for clarity (and a little bit of ventilation) but the graphs and data from Alexa are sound and legit as of 1 May 2017.

What happened in January likely had to do with the Presidential Inauguration, as a lot of people (including me) wanted to watch Charles Johnson’s meltdown, but the views should have dropped off shortly after. Then there’s that bizarre spike mid-February, and it took until late April for the LGF Decline to resume. Johnson has fudged his view stats in the past, so perhaps he got caught at it again and was busted by an extraneous algorithm. Search engines don’t give him much traffic as he’s got little original content and he’s got most bot crawlers blocked. Not only that, but LGF hasn’t been a “news aggregator site” for years, because these days it’s all about “clickbait.” Here’s the kicker:

95 percent of all websites load faster than Johnson’s Little Green Footballs.

Nice work, Charles.

Nah. Little Green Footballs isn’t bug infested. “SecurityError: The operation is insecure build.min.js:194.”

2017-lgf-glitchesThat made me grin, snigger and stifle a guffaw. Even an amateur like me, with no background in Atari programming, can spot the trouble.

Rock on, Charles.

Charles Johnson Nailed It – Right into his Little Debbie

LGF Zimmerman 1

Let’s re-read Charles Johnson’s smarmy yet brilliant statement:

“ABC News has posted a police surveillance video, showing George Zimmerman on the night he killed Trayvon Martin — and Zimmerman is very obviously not injured at all. Certainly no broken nose, and no visible injuries to his head, despite the recent claims by police that he was punched in the nose by Trayvon and had his head bashed into the pavement.”


From Gateway Pundit:

“Autopsy results after the shooting revealed that Trayvon Martin had only two injuries on his body – a fatal gunshot wound and bloody knuckles.

George Zimmerman had a fractured nose, two black eyes and cuts on the back of his head following the incident.”

Brilliant racially-tinged reporting, Chuck. One more scoop of crap on the LGF scoreboard.

Charles Yawns, Then Misrepresents The Facts Again.

But now it’s only 5-years old. Charles didn’t wait, and posted this:

Typical Johnson. He leaves out the crucial words of that post on National Review Online written by Eliana Johnson: “Based on the transcript.

Yeah, based upon a transcript from 2007 via The Chicaco Sun Times, Charles Johnson has it sussed. And BTW, Charles (@Lizardoid, @Green_Footballs, or whatever Tweet Nic you’re hiding behind these days) not one of your sycophants have showed up on this blog or elsewhere to dispute a single fact posted on This Series. Telling, eh?

Bite me.

@Lizardoid Now Tried/Convicted of “Tribalism”

I plugged my nose and finally finished reading the internet ass taco’s spittle drenched rant on “tribalism” at TPM (thank you wingularity for keeping it out of the memory hole).

The Round Mound of BeClowned, irrelevant blogger, and hysteria monger thought this at the time he scribbled the 5 yr. old’s rant:

But there’s also a new type of right wing tribalism at work today, enabled (as so many things are) by the Internet and social networking technologies. This new tribalism is an extremely effective means to propagate persecution politics. The speed at which memes can be generated and disseminated throughout the networked tribe means that the tribe is able to come up with talking points and counter strategies almost immediately in response to any situation — and these strategies often involve casting the tribe as victims of persecution by the outsiders.

A lot of the messaging that goes on within this networked tribe is remarkably illogical and even dimwitted; if you’ve ever followed Twitter’s #tcot feed (Top Conservatives On Twitter) during some kind of breaking news, you know what I mean. But following #tcot can also show you these tribalist defense memes percolating up from the right wing base in real time.

This from the guy who took a day out to tweet about vaginas? The guy who ran with clearly false stories about Zimmerman (blindly following Think Progress over the cliff)? What a moron, but it gets even better. If we carefully compare Charles’ TPM screed to his actions on Twitter, he’s reached parity with everything he accused “far right wing” of doing. Let’s take this theory for a little spin, shall we (at the expense of the internet’s most throbbing assclown). Let’s start here:

A lot of the messaging that goes on within this networked tribe is remarkably illogical and even dimwitted; if you’ve ever followed Twitter’s #tcot feed (Top Conservatives On Twitter) during some kind of breaking news, you know what I mean.

Exhibit A, just a few random tweets form @Lizardoid’s TL show a narrative in place, to be parroted regardless of truth:

Yikes, dipshit. we’re starting to see a little pattern here. Dare we wade into the puddle of Johnson’s screed some more? sure why not.

But following #tcot can also show you these tribalist defense memes percolating up from the right wing base in real time.

It took me ten seconds to see why Charles was leg humping this story in #tcot

But wait, there’s even more to see. It’s like this article was Johnson’s manifesto of his own behavior on the internet:

Within the tribe there’s no need to be concerned with facts or accuracy; if the goal is to demonize a hated opponent, for example, anything and everything goes, including smears known to be false. That’s because the objective is not to convince an impartial observer — it’s to reinforce the tribal bonds, the sense of belonging to something, with its own shared reality.

Hmm, I think I saw a recent example of this?

So much for that one Chuck. You’ve been found guilty of being an internet tribalist. You’re not impartial, you only care about the hive mindset, and you seek to do this to your detractors (from the other article):

Daedalus is an anti-Muslim bigot. On some level, he probably knows that and is ashamed of it. It matters little to him if a liberal calls him a bigot, but he thought that Johnson was an ally, a member of his tribe. Johnson’s repudiation thus threatens his delicate worldview, and that threat is unforgivable.


In essence, that article that Johnson penned was more of the beginning to his autobiography of life as a liberal “pundit” (tsk, *snicker*), an omage to the King of Assclowns, Charles “Icarus” Johnson. Once again, CJ. You’ve been pwn3d by your own article, you Wizard of Dipshits on a Unicorn.

Daedalus Addendum:

For anyone who didn’t know I thought I would leave the official Urban Dictionary definition of assclown (very apt, and so there’s no confusion about my use of the term).

One, who, through the fault of his parents conception, is a skid mark in society’s collective underwear.

Pretty much sums it up.

Update II: I wonder what Israel supporters like Lawhawk, San Francisco Zionist, Alouette and Dark Falcon have to say about Charles Johnson’s new Islamic ally?

Mohammed Ansar is part of the Muslim Council of Britain. That organization is connected with Islamic Militants. Nice friends you have there Charles!

(Hat Tip: ISTE)

The Small Difference Between @DLoesch and @Lizardoid

Johnson, flailing in blog failure and political irrelevance, has just posted a smear piece about Dana Loesch. Xcitizen10 and ButfukChuk happen to be chummy with her (she seems like a very nice, smart and dedicated lady-unlike the person trying to troll her for internet fame), so please allow them to clear the record for you.

One of Johnson’s internet critics @MCHBlazer just got sent to the #Twittergulag for tweeting Johnson. Johnson apparently stalked all of his critics and found the one that tripped one too many @’s or something, attacking immediately and with extreme prejudice. Well, @Lizardoid has stepped on his pecker big time with this latest episode and his butthurt complex might make something huge happen. So much so that his RT numbers are plummeting, and even his loozards (like internet dipshit and heroclix-see nerdier than D&D-map maker @CuriousLurker) are wearing their “I’m with Sutpid” shirt.

Need some evidence? Well, Tweeter @Tweetsmarter (obviously with liberal bias) took the brauny little acct Xcitizen10 to task, and defended Johnson’s claims that Chris’s account had been suspended for little more than TOS abuse. Of course, the mighty little pain in @Lizardoid’s ass told @Tweetsmarter that Johnson was abusing the spam tools (even pointing it out to him where Johnson was abusing it). @Tweetsmarter quietly squeaked out of the conversation and tweeted @Citizen10 this message quietly (with tail tucked between legs):

Hard to be an objective blogger and aggregate of information with Johnson on your side, huh? Well, Tweetsmarter, after getting hit with the clue stick scurried back to protect his integrity and posted this.

A completely informative post on the tactics that @Lizardoid, @UkObserver, @CuriousLurker, @Angryblacklady, @Gus_802, and many other followers of Charles are using to block accounts. I thank him for distancing himself from excrement like Johnson. CJ is just that repulsive, once Tweetsmarter realized his ass might be on the line from a real reporter, he recoiled. I call it the Johnson effect.

Contrast this with Dana’s behavior, who has been patient with Johnson’s clearly unsolicited messages, clearly harassing behavior, and clearly internet stalking tactics. He’s a dipshit with a keyboard, and Dana is a patient reporter with credibility.

She’s been careful not to accuse Johnson of anything, to not rattle cages and make assumptions (even though a clear pattern of behavior has been established). She’s not going to ruin her journalistic credibility over a skidmark like Johnson. However, Xcitizen10 and Butfukchuk are more than happy to provide her with information from (which is following Chuck’s every move.

I mean, if it were me, I’d have Johnson banned today. However, unlike me (or Johnson) she’s a real reporter, and Johnson is the skidmark in the panties of the internet. A real turn off. As @ChenZhen documented, even left leaning or libertarians like TPM are scrubbing the internet of his visits.

Johnson’s last gasps at relevancy on the internet are being documented. Should he lose his Twitter account for abusing Twitter’s tools, that will pretty much be it for him. His blog has been neglected to the point of emptiness. Let’s hope a real reporter like her (let alone @Liberty_Chick, who has maintained great restraint with the #brasnapper’s harassment) have more patience than the Cheetoh stained keyboard of hysteria blogger Johnson.

Folks, you are witnessing the death of a blog. Watch it from your seats in the internet coliseum and be entertained.


Failed blogger, irrelevant pundit, and internet “block and report spammer” will be on the radio this afternoon. I encourage anyone to call in and question his tactics banning ppl on Twitter. Here’s the address:

It starts 6pm EST, or in other words, ten minutes. Let’s keep the portly pundit honest.