Elizabeth Warren For FauxTUS – Charles Johnson Just Doomed Her Campaign

Hey Liz! Charles wants to help! Drop some wampum into his GoFundMe bowl and hire a real pro


Update: Proof that Charles Johnshon has influence is reflected in this Drudge poll 25 February 9:30pm PST:

LGF Live Blogs the Donkey Debate & the little lizard-lappers follow Charles’ lead)

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Charles Johnson’s Echo Chamber of Wonder.

The best summary appeared at the close of the debate:

Meanwhile, for all the little green rah-rah for Faucahontas, Drudge posted poll results (9:45pm PST):

2020-02-19 DRUDGE REPORT 2020 POLL 9.45PM

Sorry, Charlie.

It’s a joke, Charles.

Everyone knows that Elizabeth Warren is nowhere near being a Native American. Is it possible she has some Native ancestry? Sure, as do many Americans, but she is not one of them. Ben Shapiro, who does not support Trump, makes a joke mocking her fake claims to be a Native American. Unable to see it was a joke, Charles gets livid.

How can Ben Shapiro be a bigot, when Elizabeth Warren is not a Native American? Charles needs to lighten up and see humor for what it is.

A joke the Social Justice Warrior will not find funny

The below joke will cause the fat government dependent moocher turned Social Justice Warrior we all love to mock to blow his gasket.

Phonies(Hat Tip: Heracles)


Dude caught it. Way to go Gus 802! 24 UPDINGS! You spotted racism and reported it. Nevermind that Elizabeth Warren lied and claimed to be 1/32  “Native American” to take advantage of racist Affirmative Action programs for her own financial benefit at the expense of others more deserving. You nailed it.

Kudos also to pragmatic liberal movie lover, Arsenal and Redskins fan, Anglo-Americophile “Danielle Blake” for being honest in her dumbass hypocrisy.

[Personal to Gus 802– We know you’re pissed about getting left out of The Series, but you just don’t rank. We’ve got spare extension cords and AA batteries if you need them.]