El Gusano’s Medical Fund

A momentary flash of lucid self-reflection. But he did just retweet one of his patrons’ tweets calling for donations to his Sterno-fund.

Gus, the Architectural exams are tough to pass for a reason (public health and safety) but the medical exams are even tougher for the same reasons. Thank God you’re not a doctor, otherwise all your patients would be like:

Good luck on your GoFundMe foray and we wish you well. We chipped in.

Q:  Did your buddy Charles Johnson pitch in?
A:  Nope.

[h/t Octo]


Gus_802 Sets Twitter/Comment Record(?) Then Blows Chunks All Day

Mr. Prolific may have set a new record in manic Tweeting and commenting on Little Green Footballs. Y’all know who we’re talmbout. Gus. Gus_802. THE GUS.

THE GUS who spills his life story on LGF and Twitter, who supplanted Sharmuta, Irish Rose, LVQ and Kilgore Trout. The guy who was evicted from his apartment in San Diego, moved in with his sister in Los Angeles. The guy whose sister threw him out of her place, and who complained that his family wouldn’t give him any money. The guy who moved to Denver and complained that his roommate put up visqueen between his side of the hovel and the other because Gus wasn’t chipping in for the heating bills. The guy who turned down legitimate job offers by yours truly and others.

THAT GUS. Hell, we even have a category for him. @Gus_802.

So back to the topic. Here’s an unemployed guy sitting around in a slum pad in Denver feeling sorry for himself, turning down legitimate job offers and bitching about his lot in life, so The Boiler Room Crew took a peek.

(Yeah, we stalked Gus_802 for 12 hours, but it only took us 20 minutes.)

Before we get to the meat of this post, here’s a fun challenge. Guess how much time Gus_802 spent tweeting and commenting on Little Green Footballs in this 12-hour period.  Better yet, guess his posting frequency. Even better, guess how many comments and tweets Gus_802 cranked out in a mere 12 hours. Take your time, give it your best shot. The answer is below the break. Read the rest of this entry »

The GOP = Turds Posted on LGF as “Humor”

Earlier we noticed a disturbance in The Swamp. Seems that El Gusano had a problem with an LGF Page created by Jimmah/Ice Productions. Here’s the page in question:
Jimmah's Deleted Page

That steaming pile of wit was filed under the LGF sub-heading “Humor,” and at least two other Lizards thought that it was clever enough to upding it.  Here’s the “Full article” that Jimmah linked to: Read the rest of this entry »