Charles Johnson Promotes Shinola Again: Planned Parenthood closing had nothing to do with HIV outbreak in rural Indiana in 2015.

We’re gonna tear this one apart, Charles. You ready?

Let that sink in for a minute. According to Charles Johnson, defunding Planned Parenthood caused an outbreak in HIV infection in rural Indiana.

That photo was taken by Paul Sableman at 30 South 3rd Street in downtown Terre Haute, Indiana in 2011. Not exactly rural, but geography isn’t Johnson’s strong suit. This particular clinic operated with limited hours for several years, until Planned Parenthood decided to close that location. So what.

Here’s the problem.

The closing of a Planned Parenthood clinic in Terre Haute had nothing to do with an outbreak of HIV in Austin, Indiana, 130 miles and 2-1/2 hours drive time away. Austin is a small rural town of about 4,300 people and it has a drug problem. It’s closer to Louisville Kentucky and Cincinnati Ohio than it is to Terra Haute Indiana.

Apparently Planned Parenthood closed the clinic on South 3rd Street on or about July 2016 (prior to the presidential election) yet they still have local clinics elsewhere. A search of zipcode 47807 on their own website turns up 10 clinics in or near Terre Haute. A search of clinics in zipcode 47102 results in another 10 clinics in or near Austin, Indiana.

So the premise is false, and Charles Johnson is promoting an easily disputable lie.

The HIV outbreak happened in March 2015, affected about 190 people, and was due to needle sharing. The idiots were injecting a liquid version of Opana ER (oxymorphone) an opiate painkiller. In other words, an astounding 4% of the residents of Austin fucked themselves up by sharing HIV-infected needles. That’s not Planned Parenthood’s fault, the fault of the Religious Right or that of conservative politicians. It’s the fault of brain-dead white trash morons who did it to themselves.

BTW, Dillo Bush is the Mayor of Austin, Indiana, and he’s a Democrat, not that it matters…

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Charles, you used to pride yourself with fact-checking before posting stupidity. What happened?

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“Sherman, Set the Wayback Machine to 1987.”

Could this be original artwork from our favorite former jazz musician? Our sources say yes. This was originally published by Atari Magazines, in the April 1988 issue of ST-Log:


Replace the arrow cursor with any shape you desire… and animate it too!

by Charles F. Johnson

Charles F. Johnson is a professional musician and, now, a semi-professional computer programmer/reviewer/author. He lives in Los Angeles with his wife Patty and Spike, the world’s most intelligent (and gluttonous) cat. Charles is a SYSOP on the Analog Publishing Atari SIG on Delphi; his user name is CFJ.

How would you like to be able to change the shape of the GEM mouse cursor, customize it with a sophisticated editor, and install the new mouse cursor as the GEM default in place of that omnipresent arrow? Would you like to run your favorite GEM programs with your custom mouse in spite of their (and GEM’s) best efforts to reset it to the arrow? And what if I threw in the ability to have mice in two colors in medium and low resolution? Then, for the piéce de résistance, how about if I let you animate those customized mice—up to thirty-two frames, each with its own color information? If all this sounds like fun, read on… Mouse-Ka-Mania is for you!


Introducing “Mouse-Ka-Mania!” This was an Atari program designed to do away with the old boring cursor arrow and allow users to design and animate their own. It was an early character mapping application with no real purpose except to amuse fellow geeks. Still, it’s interesting to remember how much computer technology has changed since then.

The name of the application was obviously a rip on Disney’s “Mouseketeers,” but that’s immaterial to this thread. Note the copyright upper right: Little Green Footballs.

This is not intended to be a Charles Bashing Post, just a curiosity to illustrate where computer graphics were 23 years ago, and the talents of a 34 year old married guy with a cat and a suspected affinity for amphetamines known on the street as Speeders, Brown & Clears, and Little Green Footballs.