The Trump threat!

Many people have strong opinions about Donald Trump and his run for the Presidency. Mr. Toot finally decides to join the debate and use his enormous power to influence the 2016 election. Charles now sets out to defeat Donald Trump!

Donald Trump better watch out, Mr. Toot is going after him. Charles has a spectacular record on influencing elections across the globe!

Does Charles think he’s more useful than Trump?

Whether you love him (like in my case) or hate him, Donald Trump has morphed from a media icon into a political player. With his blunt talk about how foreign interest are leaching off America he has gained a political following. Trump has formed a Super PAC to help Romney win. Rather than disavow him, Romney is defending Trump’s support.

Charles Johnson is jealous that he’s not a big time political player like Donald Trump and he goes on the attack.

Is Charles implying he would more useful to Mitt Romney?  Trump maybe a birther but he is a success in life and has clout.  The creepy aging hippie is a Nazi obsessed conspiracy loon who is a laughingstock to the world.

The Sage of Culver City calls Trump a racist again

Charles Johnson is a broken record. He calls anyone who opposes Obama, a racist. Donald Trump recently claimed that if Obama wasn’t born here (I do think he was born here), his grandparents would cl;aim he that would. Trump pointed out being born an American or in America gives you certain benefits. This is absolutely true. Rather than address this, Chuck claims that it’s racist.

So Chuck thinks because Trump mentioned welfare as a benefit, that it’s racial. One huge problem, the grandparents Trump refers to are White.

Regardless how one feels about the Birther issue, clearly Trump is not making it from a racial aspect. What’s racist about claiming White Grandparents wanting their mulatto grand kid to have the benefits of an American birth? None at all. Only the sage of Culver City would somehow draw this conclusion.

Never forget, Charles Johnson is the race detective. He’s sees racists and Nazis everywhere! What would we do without his great insight? Probably be bored and not have an object of ridicule!

The Sage of Culver City spews another lie

It is fair to point out that the sage of Culver city is a liar. he has lied about his role and goals in Rathegate. Now is lying claiming that Fox News has hired Donald Trump.

Here is the truth, Charles go this story from the Hufington Post. Well here’s the headline from that article.

Here’s what the article Charles linked to actually says.

As Mediaite’s Frances Martel notes, while Trump is merely making a weekly guest appearance and is not becoming a Fox News contributor, “it is surprising to see a potential presidential candidate assume a media role so close to the election.

Trump is not being hired by Fox, but will just have a weekly segment. That’s a huge difference than him being hired. Once again, Charles lies in his headline and the story he links to contradicts it! Another day and another lie by the Sage of Culver City.

The Philosopher King now calls Trump a Racist

The Sage of Culver City sees racists everywhere. Anyone who criticizes Obama is a racist in the washed up mind of Charles Johnson. Donald Trump recently asked why doesn’t Obama present his birth certificate. He even has made his public to prove how easy it is to do. Rather than debate the merits of Trump’s arguments, Charles labels him a racist.

Regardless of how one feels about Trump or the birth certificate issue, the accusations of race are ridiculous. I actually met Donald Trump ate a Rap party 16 years. He has appeared on numerous Rap albums and mix tapes. Donald Trump is no racist.

Charles as we know, doesn’t care about facts. When a commentator makes an alternate reason for the whole birth certificate issue. That it revolves around Obama’s possible Muslim identity, Charles lashed out.

The great Philosopher King has declared the matter settled. Any questioning of Obama’s birth certificate is racist. I’m sure this accusation by the sage of Culver City will really upset Donald Trump. He will stop calling for Obama’s birth certificate just to win Chuck’s approval. Charles Johnson the race detective has discovered another evil vile racist, once again!

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