Charles Johnson (@Lizardoid) Throws Twitter Tantrum on #LGF

Discredited pundit and hysteria monger, Charles “Round Mound of BeClowned” Johnson suffered a smackdown on Twitter yesterday. It was so furious and quick he might be noticing some PTSD side effects this morning, as he rolls off of his couch and heads back to Twitter.

See, Zappa Would be Vomiting, (aka. @Semperbanu on Twitter) has been keeping Chuckles da’ Clown very honest over his connections to Rauhauser and his clown carnival’s subsequent use of Twitter banning. The day started off like any other, as Rodan points out below Johnson asks his cult congregation for self validation of his behavior:

After one of his toadies tells him his new clothes are a spectacle to see, he smacked his fingers clean of Cheetoh dust (or not), swigged the Code Red Mountain Dew 2 litre and got to work.

He meant business yesterday, and I can see the undermoob sweat Chuckles must’ve worked up writing a monster post titled “#Twittergulag When Wingnut Persecution Fantasies Go Horribly Wrong”. A verbose behemoth of a post for Johnson, requiring so much offensive output that some of it went below the fold. Very rarely do we see a post from Johnson that doesn’t fit in the 140 character slot, but this one had the big fat clown sizzling with passion.

Back to SemperbanU. See he and the mighty little XCitizen10 have been working diligently to archive the thoughts of #LGF’s Banana Republic leader, in fact there’s probably not a thing of @Lizardoid’s screeds that aren’t at the ready to be trotted out for the Twittersphere to see. In addition, a small and obscure #hashtag called #Twittergulag has become quite popular, and guess whose name is now pretty entrenched in that hashtag (thanks to the mighty little @XCitizen10’s attaching them through tweets)? Yep, you guessed it, and boy is he nervous.

Anyway, so Chuckles posts his furious screed about how ridiculous the assumption of a #Twittergulag is, and posits a theory as to why so many conservatives are marched off to the gulag:

Ok, so for the Twitter illiterate, Johnson is basically saying when he and his minions abuse the block and report feature with multiple reports of spam, it goes to a live human being who reviews the reports personally (yes, this wild eyed dumbshit wants you to believe that Twitter has millions of people monitoring thin skinned liberals block and reports-then determines “yeah you’re being a jerk, go to time out.”)

In addition, Charles “#Twittergulag” Johnson’s support for his claim? A blog post written in 2009, that doesn’t even say that

Charles weakly points to this part of a 3 year old document to convince others that block/report instances see Twitter’s Safety team immediately (they do just not the way he’s telling you). See, the safety team does review, but that’s after the spam bots are triggered by multiple b/r instances, triggering an auto-suspension. From there, you’re put into a dormant phase where Twitter effectively tells you “ok, now prove to a human being that you’re human” by filling out a support ticket for human review. The stupid fuck couldn’t even get that part right.” That’s why you go get into line, are issued a ticket number get a response that can take up to a week. That’s the human part of it. Johnson would have you believe there are millions of people watching twitter feeds and when he pushes a block/report button they’re instantly connected? Preposterous, but nothing is below Johnson these days.

Well, SemperbanU, SlinkyBewmont, and Xcitizen10 delivered probably one of the fastest beclownings in DoD history. Xcitizen10 posted this message from Twitter:

A statement from Twitter support that the initial spam filter is automated, and is triggered by block/report instances. Then Slinky pointed out that a Rauhauser article written in 2010, contradicted the fat clown’s account itself as he was talking about code written for such antics. Then SemperbanU pointed out that the flimsy blog post Chuckles da’ Dancin’ Clown pointed to was written in 2009 (it’s like dog years on the internet) and might as well be considered Old Testament. Chuck’s shit was wrecked in minutes off of what was essentially one of his longest posts in weeks.

The question would become, “why is Chuckles so frightened of this?” Well, two things. One is that Chuckles has made statements like this:

A month ago that was no big deal, but now it’s a definite indicator that Chuckles was abusing the spam filter. See, when he gives and instruction like that to nearly 4000 tweeps and starts amping it up on someone he doesn’t like, even a fraction of those reports could suspend someone. Besides, he’s openly advocating that he wants those accounts to be suspended, and not because they’re spam. Should Twitter start investigating this issue, he’s probably one of the most famous and outspoken for the practice (even bragging about his association to get traffic).

Last night, @brooksbayne sent a tweet out to test a theory on block and reporting. He found a pedophile account named @panudedude, and blew the war trumpet on it to block/report (truly justified in this instance). It took almost an hour of reports but it was accomplished. Even further proof of Johnson’s tactics and motives, and yet another reason for him to worry. I’ve also received some tweets from Tweeps who tell me they have confident sources who explain Twitter is getting active. No word yet but they go very high up the food chain.

@Lizardoid changed his stripes recently concerning the matter. Some believe it might be due to investigation. It’s possible, but I believe there’s also this factor:

If you’re wondering why I left it blank it’s so we can all create our own memes and send it to the fat paranoid clown. It’s a blank slate to trot out for any moments like these, where the fat buffoon has trampled all over his pecker again.

Oh, and Cj? You just got Pwn3d again you pathetic, throbbing assclown liar. My how the fact checker has fallen. That is all.