The Loathsome Sir

We’ve had a few trolls from time to time, as does any blog, but in June 2011 we had two of the best. From LGF. With clever snark, it was one of the funniest troll threads on Diary of Daedalus, and it deserves a revisit.

We’ll not name names, but there was a back and forth tag team that produced some of the best spontaneous free-form prose we’ve seen. The duo who posted here made the erroneous assumption that the populace of Diary of Daedalus is an homogenous group, when in fact we have commenters with widely divergent political views, religious beliefs and nationalities.  We’re a hodgepodge melting bucket of all stripes, here only to mock Charles Johnson, and that transcends, um, stuff.

So the two trolls assumed that we’re all gun-totin’ conservative cowboys, and they rolled with it. The story that resulted was interspersed with asides, shown here in brackets [—]. We culled out the best of the thread and included some of the lead-up intro. We haven’t edited for grammar, caps or spelling, and we left the line breaks in, too. Grab a quart of Pabst, git yer spurs on, and saddle up, because THIS was a hoot.

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Quadruple Screencaps

This kind of convergence doesn’t come around very often, so when it does it’s hard to pass up. We’re talking quadruple screencaps here.

Here’s how it went down:

1. Charles Johnson posts his usual tripe [cache link].

2. Robert Stacy McCain takes a screencap of CJ’s inanity and posts it on his own blog.

3. Charles notices that he’s got McCain’s attention once more, so Charles posts complaints about his victimhood and includes a screencap of McCain’s post [cache link].

4. The Boiler Room Crew takes notice and just can’t pass up the opportunity to post a screencap of a screencap of a screencap of a screencap.

You won’t see many convergences like this one, because you won’t be looking for them. But we certainly will, and when we spot them, we’ll let you know.


Update:  Special Agent Calo sent us this fun screenshot. Check out the REAL advertisement in the banner!

Calo missed the one next to the football — It’s a Johnny Molecule framed print!

This is what all the cool kids will be wearing this summer.

A commenter on an earlier thread opined about a Diary of Daedelus Store. Everyone who opines here gets our attention, and his/her opinion is no different. So let’s look at our options.  Please review these, vote for your favorites, and keep in mind that the winner(s) will likely appear on the apparel.  That means t-shirts and sweatshirts to you 1.0 lurkers.

(Click on any image to see it get really really big fast.)

Vote for your two favorites, and if your nic is Reggie, click on “Other” as many times as you want.  The final design will include “” at the bottom, presented in a very tasteful and unobtrusive manner.

[Update: This Poll will be open for one week. The DoD Apparel Shop is being set up pending results from the Poll. Anyone choosing “Other” in the Poll is axed to leave a message describing “Other,” and we may or may not have a runoff poll.

Please vote based upon what you yourself would actually purchase, whether it’s a coffee mug or cool clothing, and not solely upon your favorite images. –Briareus]