Charles Johnson hasn’t been paying attention for years, yet now he’s suddenly omniscient.

Dude. Their emails were released to the public years ago. Please try to keep up.

BTW, congrats on getting 3 updings. You’re so awesome Charles.

On 9 September 2005, Charles Johnson Was Outraged About The Winning Entry (Out Of 5K Submissions) For The Flight 93 Memorial In Pennsylvania.


Seems we covered that one a long time ago, and got a friendly visit from conspiracy monger Alec Rawls. Damned if I can find it, but so what. The Great Design Conspiracy was pure crap, and was debunked by numerous sources. The natural topography was a crescent (possibly an ancient meteor impact crater) and most of the submitted designs for the memorial kept the existing terrain intact.

Even the moderators started laughing at the hired conspiracy theorists.

Maybe one of these days I’ll find the Bunk/Rawls debate, but it’s not going to happen tonight.

“Let’s roll.” -Todd Beamer

The Palin-John Birch-Pat Buchanan conspiracy!

The low budget version of Alex Jones has uncovered another nasty plot! Sarah Palin is allied with The Birch Society and Pat Buchanan!

The low budget Alex Jones has no proof of of this nefarious plot. I am sure on some future thread he will explain Sarah Palin’s role in the Tobacco Company-Ron Paul plot. It’s now only a matter of time before Charles Johnson does threads on the Illuminati and Area 51.

Daedalus Note: At 3:00 PM EST there is a special Charles Johnson thread on Blogmocracy.

Chuck uncovers another Conspiracy

Alex Jones has nothing on the Charles Johnson of 2011. Chuck once against claims to have uncovered another nefarious Conservative plot!

Chuck, has it ever occurred to you that these organizations have been leaching off taxpayers? You’re OK with Gov. Walker being pranked, but are against undercover videos of these organizations. Clearly you are a paranoid hypocrite that lives in some delsuional world where’s there’s some Nazi plot. There’s no conspiracy Charles, grow up and be a man for once.