TUESDAY Evening Mocking

Well, the bane of the Round Mound of BeClowned’s existence got out of the Twitter Gulag today, freshly manicured and primped up. The first thing the little mighty one did was venture on over to @Lizardoid to tell him to get his fuckin’ shine box out. “Mirrors, chuck, make ’em look like mirrors,” he proclaimed as Chuck felt that familiar pain betwixt his enormous ass cheeks.

During the midst of giving Chuckie moobie twisters and generally emasculating him at every turn, one of @angryblacklady’s spit dribbling goons chimed in with something you just can’t make up.

Witness an Epic beClownment from across the aisle. See, sometimes we can work together. LOL.

There you go, I didn’t even need to draw anything. Chuck’s continued beclownment is bein g captured on Twitter.