The racist Hunan Taste restaurant had to change its name

To Hunan Tasty!


You see, back on July 7, 2011, I alerted the readers of Daedalus about the horrible den of racism in Los Angeles, the Hunan Taste eatery on San Vicente and Olympic. It is possible that the mindless minions of LGF were activated by the wise Sage of Culver City, the Guru of Culver Boulevard, the Wizard of Washington Boulevard and the keeper of the holy and magical ponytail, yes, activated to bring shock and horror to the owners of Hunan Taste of dangers of Nazis and eeevil bloggers and commenters that are Diary of Daedalus. Perhaps the fear of Chuckie led to the name change, since it is clear that the owners of Hunan Tasty don’t want to have to call the LAPD and eject smelly OWS-type LGF minions from their property. Not good for business or image. Just sayin…

It is possible also that the owners of Hunan Taste did a google search on Hunan Fried Rice and found out that Diary of Daedalus beat them in ranking. DoD comes in sixth, higher in ranking than any actual Chinese restaurant. Truly amazing.

The Sage of Culver City Bans Brookly Red over Chinese Food Menu

Charles sees Racists and Nazis everywhere. He is the sole arbiter of what’s acceptable speech. Brookly Red called people from Pakistan, Paki. In the UK it’s viewed as an insult. However in America it’s not. Brookly pointed out that in NY, there are many restaurants that say Indian/Paki cuisine. She went out to get food. When she returned she was scared to mention what kind of cuisine it was. After all, it could be used she had been attacked for using a term, she didn’t know was racist. As always, Charles he Race Detective decides o deal with Brookly.

So mentioning what’s on a Chinese Food menu is racist. That’s right, saying Hunan Rice is racist according to Chuck. Reading off a menu form a  Chinese Restaurant is for a bigotry. This is a new standard according to The Race Detective.

One of his minions Bubblehead dances on Brookly’s grave.

The Sage of Culver City explains the banning with great intellect and wisdom!

Talking about an item on a  Chinese Food menu is racist according to the Sage of Culver City. So when you order fried wonton or Pork Low Mein, remember it’s racist according to Charles! It’s a shame Charles doesn’t eat Chinese food. It’s awesome food and he’s missing out over his obsession with racism.

Get with the real world Charles. It’s not racist to discuss cuisine.