Analog Computing Magazine July 1986: “RAMcopy!”

I took a stroll over to The Mothership this afternoon and found that she was down for unknown reasons. Thinking that my FireFox bookmarks might be corrupted due to the recent upgrade, I googled The Blogmocracy and clicked that link. No dice.

Instead I found an amusing blast from the past by Robert Stacy McCain in 2012. Down in the comments, “Jacobus” posted a link to this:

The last phrase in that self-description says a lot.

So 33-year-old Magical Jazzy played with Chicago in 1986? News to me, so I searched the BRC Archives. He never once mentioned the band, and he’s not listed anywhere in their lineups. Go figger.

Charles Yawns, Then Misrepresents The Facts Again.

But now it’s only 5-years old. Charles didn’t wait, and posted this:

Typical Johnson. He leaves out the crucial words of that post on National Review Online written by Eliana Johnson: “Based on the transcript.

Yeah, based upon a transcript from 2007 via The Chicaco Sun Times, Charles Johnson has it sussed. And BTW, Charles (@Lizardoid, @Green_Footballs, or whatever Tweet Nic you’re hiding behind these days) not one of your sycophants have showed up on this blog or elsewhere to dispute a single fact posted on This Series. Telling, eh?

Bite me.