Courtesy of Johnny Molecule

This is what all the cool kids will be wearing this summer.

A commenter on an earlier thread opined about a Diary of Daedelus Store. Everyone who opines here gets our attention, and his/her opinion is no different. So let’s look at our options.  Please review these, vote for your favorites, and keep in mind that the winner(s) will likely appear on the apparel.  That means t-shirts and sweatshirts to you 1.0 lurkers.

(Click on any image to see it get really really big fast.)

Vote for your two favorites, and if your nic is Reggie, click on “Other” as many times as you want.  The final design will include “” at the bottom, presented in a very tasteful and unobtrusive manner.

[Update: This Poll will be open for one week. The DoD Apparel Shop is being set up pending results from the Poll. Anyone choosing “Other” in the Poll is axed to leave a message describing “Other,” and we may or may not have a runoff poll.

Please vote based upon what you yourself would actually purchase, whether it’s a coffee mug or cool clothing, and not solely upon your favorite images. –Briareus]

Airing Out The Boiler Room

[Illustration courtesy of the Hon. Internet Septic Tank Engineer who, in quick response to recent requests for an image of Charles Johnson’s head on a pike, provided that graphic for all the honest and truthful bloggers of the world to enjoy, on his own dime and without request for recompensation.]

Anyone who’s been following The Diary of Daedelus knows that The Boiler Room Crew has been very busy these past few months, and now it’s time to give them a reprieve.  To be sure, they’ve passed a few messages up the seekrit shaft, yet they’ve never requested a break. They’re long overdue for shore leave.

Two home runs in the span of a pancake is above and beyond the call of duty in this reporter’s opinion. They’ve secured, hidden and camouflaged The World’s Greatest Blog Search Engine™, opened the blacked out windows and are airing the place out so it’ll be nice and fresh when they come back to tackle the next assignment in the hopper.

Congrats and Kudos, Dudos. You’ve caused jaws to drop in stunned amazement all over the internest.

Into The Spudfryer: The Devo of Chuck

Amazing what an algorithm can produce when properly wielded by The Boiler Room Engineers. Click on either image below to enlarge.

In summary, LGF has gone from about 2,000 unique nics down to 250. (Echo Chamber anyone? Hello? Hellooooo?) To make matters worse, many of those 250 are likely socks from here and across the internest.

Does anyone (including you lizard lurkers) still wonder why the updings and downdings have dwindled? Karma’s at a premium at LGF these days, and everyone knows that Karma’s a NEWNOUN.

Charles, if you were smart, you’d stop wasting time chasing spooks and worry about your ideology instead. After all, the latter is what’s caused LGF to drop into irrelevancy. Please don’t go away, because we love you, man.

About teh Polls: Jes’ sayin.’

Remember When Chuck Found NeoNazis?

Remember when Chuck mistook the Flag of Tennessee for a neonazi banner? It took several lizards in good standing to convince the big boy he was full of scheista.

One other item of note: during the recent election coverage at The Swamp, there wasn’t the bloodbath that I fully expected. That’s because King Liz couldn’t find the socks, excepting the obvious ones.

We’re still there, Charles, playing in the background. Your correlator tool is nothing more than a Word for Windows archive of IP addys with associated log-in names.

Sure, it’s a cat and mouse game, but you haven’t banned me yet even though I frequently post at 1.0.  I’ll give you a bigass hint:  videos. Go for it!

Ludwig’s Proof of Anthropogenic Global Warming Goes “Poot.”

Self-anointed “Scientist,” resident boor and and sexual fantasy perv  LudwigVanQuixote decided that an LGF post attacking Pam Geller was the perfect opportunity to conclude the entire debate about man-made global warming.  (Click on the image below to see the video he linked to.)

Yep. Somebody is seriously stupid, Ludwank, so let’s play your game and go back to the classroom, shall we?  Here’s a simple visual demonstration of the relativity of  the term “parts per million.”

Going back to Lud’s “proof,” here’s another version of the same “experiment” that he touted, as shown on BBC.

First of all, no one is denying that the climate changes, and no one is denying that humans affect climate change. All flora and fauna affect climate change, without a doubt, but they do so on such a microscopic scale as compared to the big players, like the Sun. Locally, the oceans produce the largest amount of greenhouse gases in the form of water vapor by a margin that’s thousands of times greater than that of CO2.


The “experiment” was so flawed that even the NOAA took it down. Who woulda thunk? Yet self-proclaimed scientist Ludwank uses it as “proof” of AGW. Pheeew.

This is what passes for science these days at Little Green Hasbeens. Bite me.