Let’s talk about peckerwoods.

On Mothers’ Day, Charles Johnson posted nothing in tribute to his deceased mother (or anyone elses’ mother for that matter). It’s no surprise as he’s never been gracious or warm to his feminine benefactors for reasons only known to himself, so let’s see what he allowed on his Little Green Footblog yesterday. Didn’t take long to find this:

Yeah. That’s awesome. An LGF aficionado claims street cred for someone he never met, his parents never met, and who fucked up big time during the War Between The States. Look up Brigadier-General Peter F. Bacon for yourselves. He got pantsed. He lived to tell about it, died in 1900, but so what.

Charles Johnson and his flying monkeys have no concept of history or historical context. Now update your gravitar image, Charles, so we don’t confuse you with Maxine Waters.

[Update: The obituary and grave marker for Brigadier General Peter F. Bacon can be found here (h/t  rightymouse).]

Alouette (aka Vicious Babushka) Called Out On Propaganda

Vicious Babushka Propaganda 2
That “DERP” was proudly posted on LGF. Here’s the basic Twitter convo:

Vicious Babushka Propaganda 1

Fairly specious statistics, especially given the source, so I decided to fact check her obnoxious fat ass. Here’s what I found.

Exactly two U.S. Citizens were killed at US Embassies under President G.W. Bush’s 8-year tenure. One was Diplomat David Foy, targeted and killed by a suicide car-bomber at the Mariott Hotel outside of the US Embassy on 2 March 2006, Karachi, Pakistan. The other was a Yemeni-American woman from New York who was trying to get her new husband entry to the US and was killed with 18 others while waiting in line at the US consulate in Istanbul on 17 September 2008. Both were outside of the embassies.

Here’s the real story: Read the rest of this entry »

Charlie on the NRA: Nancy’s Got A Gun

That was Charles Johnson just a few days ago. The illlogic is typically Johnsonian, in that the NRA fights to protect the 2nd Amendment, while Johnson fights to attack the 1st Amendment by blocking and banning and attempting to squelch the voices of others.

Here on DoD we laugh at the stupid, and in Spanish we say, “Ja, ja, ja!”  but not necessarily in that order because don’t want to be labeled as Serbian Genocide Deniers, whatever that means. Oh, and by the way, did we mention that Charles has a Mossberg?

Normally when someone discusses lethal weaponry, especially on their own blog, they’re proud of it, and they’re not reticent about sharing stats and details with other gun owners. It’s noteworthy that our good friend has never once mentioned a model number, what ammo he prefers, and has never described firing the weapon. Not even once.

Charles has never mentioned a firearms course, never asked for (nor proffered) any advice as to maintenance, handling, or the history of his weapon on LGF. Has he ever posted a picture of his acquaintance “Mr. Mossberg”? NOPE.

Eh, big deal. Maybe Charles Johnson owns a Mossberg. Maybe he also owns a tanker on the horizon. But the BRC owns him.