The drama continues. Here’s a recap.

Long time Lizard “Buck” (LGF Class of 2001) called out Charles Johnson for taking quotes out of context with regard to anti-jihadist Brigitte Gabriel on the CNN/President Zucker thread. Rather than debate differences in opinion, Johnson and the LGF hive descended with emotional vitriol and name calling, completely disregarding the facts.
[Ref: Buck Schools the LGFer]

In order to dismiss Buck’s argument, Johnson posted fabricated quotes attributed to Gabriel (just as he did with Rush Limbaugh) and linked to a NYT article attacking Gabriel written by Laurie Goodstein whose information came from Lebanese Hizbollah supporter Hwaida Saad. (Saad claims that Arab-Christian Brigitte Gabriel lies about her family’s persecution at the hands of muslim extremists.)

Back to the present.  Buck chose not to walk away quietly, as he knew he had facts on his side:Buck II

Buck was polite and to the point, but self-appointed LGF guard dog “wrenchwench” spotted the new comments and put out the alert:130422 Wenchwrench Finks On Buck

Charles Johnson can’t accept being shown he’s wrong, even when it’s done with polite respect and backed up by facts. It’s easier to demonize and kill the messenger at Little Green Footballs. MORE TO COME.


Update: We held off posting more as we fully expected a new swarm of dingwars, but there are so few Lizards willing to be marked and tracked by Johnson’s in-house stealth system (“spy mode” allows registered lizards to track and fink on each other) that they went silent in paranoia. Once the ban stick is taken down and bonked on the floor a few times, the eggshells get big, brittle and scary for the sycophantic lizard lappers of Little Green Footballs.

Buck III

We agree that name calling is childish, but once we post Charles Johnson’s own words and bust him on it, we’re only quoting the late Andrew Breitbart when we refer to the big boy cheap-shot cut-N-paste futon drama diva as “fuckface.”
Thank you Charles.

Poll: June’s “Best” LGF Comment

First off, I’d like to thank everyone for your input on the nomination thread. Based on the suggestions offered, and a little intuition, I think we can present 10 finalists:

There you have it! There were lots of LOL-worthy candidates, but we’ll vote on these:

Buck calls out the Maharaja of LGF for his Weiner obsession

Charles Johnson is either a deranged idiot, or a brave admirable soul. He is the last man defending Anthony Weiner.

The maharaja of LGF  has concocted a plot involving Clarence Thomas and the Tea Party. Day after day he comes to Weiner’s defense, while the rest of the Left have kept their distance. Buck decides to speak the truth to Charles. As always, his minions don’t like it.

 That’s right. If you point out Charles Johnson’s defense of Anthony Weiner is embarrassing,  he threatens to ban you. He’s the last man out there defending Anthony Weinmer. It would be admirable, if it wasn’t so pathetic. Charles, can you pick a legitimate cause to be this stanch  in your defense? Anthony Weiner is a low life and this is what you want to go down in a blaze of glory over?

Rather than deal with reality, the Maharaja touts his invented relevance.

Charles, most of those tweets are people laughing at you. You have become the blog version of The Onion!