Creeps come out at night

Playing the man under siege role, Clinton loyalist Charles Johnson is complaining about Sanders’ supporters being mean to him.

Charles attracts weirdos because he is a weirdo!
Update: “When I see this familiar pejorative pop up from the keyboard of CJ, I can’t help but wonder just how many times Johnson has flung it out there. I mean, is there anyone he hasn’t referred to as a ‘creep’?”ChenZhen 11 June 2011
Update 2: Seems to me we reviewed the LGF “incest” justification a while back.

120413 LGF on Incest 0.1

They both got updings for that, but what a coincidence – The Incest Monologues appeared on the same thread as Killgore’s Redemption.

Killgore's Redemption

Fat Unemployed Marxist gets a taste of the Bern!

It seems our favorite bandwagon jumper has hitched his wagon to the wrong horse again. Despite his hard left/Marxist leanings, Charles has decided to back Hillary thinking she is a winner. Instead, Bernie Sanders is now giving Hillary a run for her money and is closing in on her at the national level. This is causing Charles trouble, as his shilling for Hillary is bringing him heat from Sanders fans!

A Sanders fan rightly pointed out the dishonesty of Hillary using the gender card. Charles defends Her Thighness by agreeing with the “women are victims” theme. The Sandernistas go after the government dependent obese loser. As usual, he can’t debate:








Mr. Toot can’t even crush debate with Bernie Sanders supporters. He’s a sad pathetic figure.

Guy who wants to raise taxes has breakfast with guy who doesn’t pay them – and I am not referencing Mr. Toot

It is painfully obvious that our favorite punching bag – the unemployed, public assistance addicted, halitosis afflicted, unloved, embittered shut-in fancies himself as a power broker amongst hipsters, progressives and aging radicals (like Bernie Sanders). How he must wish that he were invited to the power breakfast at Sylvia’s Restaurant in Harlem (a famous restaurant where the meeting took place) with Bernie Sanders and the Rev. Al Sharpton, Jr. and that he could encourage them with shouts of “Right on, I am down with the struggle, I played with Al Jarreau” when it comes to wealth redistribution. The problem with that fantasy scenario is that the Rev. Al and Comrade Bernie would look at the slovenly and malodorous Charles Johnson and immediately think that he was either a bus boy or a homeless bum who was looking to swipe some food off the table. Being that normal rules of kindness and charity to not apply to Reds, Charles would get tossed out of and do some panhandling at the nearest McDonald’s.


by Errol Louis

(CNN)Hours after claiming a decisive victory over Hillary Clinton in the New Hampshire primary, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders went to New York City to meet with none other than the Rev. Al Sharpton, a move that is sure to rattle Clinton’s advisors and the candidate herself.

Not because Sharpton directly controls a significant block of votes (he doesn’t), but because he symbolizes a larger question facing the Democratic Party: what will African-American voters do when the first black president leaves the White House?

President Obama’s popularity with black voters can’t be overstated: his run for office resulted in millions of black voters registering and casting ballots for the first time in huge numbers in 2008. In 2012, when Obama was running for re-election, the rate of black voter turnout exceeded that for whites for the first time in history. Black voters skew Democratic by an overwhelming ratio of 80 to 11, according to the Pew Research Center, making blacks by far the most loyal demographic group in the Democratic base.

Any hope of a Democratic victory in November depends on heavy turnout by black voters. So it’s smart politics for Clinton and Sanders to make as many friends among black political leaders as possible. And Sharpton — who leads a national organization and hosts a daily three-hour radio talk show heard in dozens of markets around the nation — is a good friend to have.

Like any power broker, Sharpton is well aware of his status. He recently told me of being approached by Clinton’s allies and asked what he wanted in exchange for supporting her candidacy. “What do I want? Nothing!” he told me. “I’ve been to the White House for Christmas and the Super Bowl with the first black president, had more access than any civil rights leader in history. What can Hillary or any other president do for me?”

That’s a pretty good question, and Team Clinton isn’t the only one asking it. Sharpton was recently photographed having breakfast with Kevin Sheekey, a top aide to former New York City mayor Mike Bloomberg, a billionaire businessman who is known to be exploring a possible bid for president as an independent.

“It would be interesting. Bloomberg is one of the few people who could pull off a credible independent candidacy for president,” Sharpton said after the meeting.

“For African-Americans and Latino voters, a 50-state run will enhance our leverage and get our interests addressed. We wouldn’t just be focusing on a few primary states,” he said.

The message is crystal clear: black political activists like Sharpton want to be wooed and are willing to talk with anybody — including Bernie Sanders or Mike Bloomberg — rather than fall in line behind the Democratic establishment candidate, Hillary Clinton.

In upcoming states with large numbers of black voters — including South Carolina, Alabama, Georgia and Louisiana — Clinton will need not just grudging acceptance but energetic mobilization if she wants to win. That is why she recently left the campaign trail to visit mostly-black Flint, Michigan, and decry the racially-tinged manmade health disaster there.

But Sanders’ tete-a-tete with Sharpton makes clear that the black vote is not Clinton’s to take for granted. She’ll need to make more gestures like the trip to Flint and convince black political leaders — not just Sharpton — that the levels of access, pride, government appointments and other benefits won’t vanish when Barack Obama gets on Air Force One for the last time.

“Welcome To Little Green Footballs, Pussy.”

Bernie 1

We spotted this oddity a while ago, and it got our attention due to the sudden downdings. What did newcomer “One Last Buddha” write to deserve them? Did the term “Berniacs” stir up the LGF Hive? Here’s the gist of what followed:

Bernie 2

Lotta fish in that barrel to shoot and Charles can only respond with, “Wut?” LMAO at Decatur Deb‘s comment No. 9 about the “Bernie kids,” but she’s correct for once.

[Note that sometime later Charles put Buddha’s Comment No. 3 behind an LGF ClickWall.]

So here comes a new guy, presumably writing at Little Green Footballs for the first time, who posts a vague opinion page, gets jumped, adds a few mea culpas in the thread, and the LGF hive still pounces with downdings and snide comments.

One Last Buddha” gave it one last shot:

Bernie 3

Very polite and congenial, and it garnered a very polite and congenial response from a typical Little Green Lizard-Lapper:

Bernie 3a

“I AM Little Green Footballs. It’s only me.” – Charles F. Johnson, three chins ago.