Open Letter to Killgore Trout


You’ve provided much fodder and entertainment for this blog considering that you’re one of the last contrarians at Little Green Footballs, someone who spoke his mind, tolerated the inane downding system and suffered the unnecessary verbal abuse typical of that website.

Many former loyal supporters of Charles Johnson and Little Green Footballs have passed through this half-way house to bigger and better things: Cato the Elder, Albusteve, Walter, and even *ahem* Barrett Brown.

Truth is, for as loyal as you were to Charles and LGF, he and others back-stabbed you in front of the world. Here’s your chance to let loose, to vent, to tell The Diary of Daedalus to fk-off and leave Charles Johnson alone, or just to say “Hi” and chill.

Killgore, write it up. Give it a shot, speak your mind, and we’ll post it here unedited, verbatim, and with no commentary added. We’re honest, while you eventually found out that Charles Johnson and his flying monkeys are not. Send it via a throw-away email account (you’ll need to prove your authenticity – how to do it is up to you) and leave a comment at:

Meanwhile, your backstabbing buddies at Little Green Footballs are scratching their furry little heads trying to figure it out, even though most of them participated in your smackdowns:

Dork Falcon On Killgore Ban

Killgore, give us a holler. At least this blog won’t ban you for your opinions,  won’t post your personal information, and if you want to stick around, fine. If not, no sweat. We have fun here, believe it or not, and nobody cares about the Opie & Anthony Show.

Beers are in the fridge.

A Lizard in Good Standing: Barrett Brown

Barrett Brown is a real piece of work.

He’s been posting for a while at 1.0, while simultaneously attacking Robert Stacy McCain and defending Wikileaks founder Julian Assange on LGF’s threads. He’s even got an LGF Page to spew his hatred of the United States, claiming that the US and the UK were in collusion to kill Al-Jazeera journalists in cold blood, even though it never happened. Don’t believe me? Check it out:

It took a number of lizards to call Brown’s bullshit, and eventually Johnson had to chime in. Was Brown banned for his idiocy? NO.

Johnson is fishing in the deep end of the swamp for more attention, and so is Barrett Brown:

The fact that Barrett Brown was let into The LGF Village in the first place, given his own frequently publicized and unhidden anti-American progressive agenda, is telling. We can only assume that for some bizarre reason Charles is scared of Barrett. Go figure.

Update by Iapyx:

Here’s a picture of Mr. Dreysdale’s secretary from the Beverly Hillbillies, Miss Hathaway: