LGF Newsflash: Glenn Greenwald SNOT a Leftist

Our best guess:
Charles was so disturbed by the ethereal appearance of Comment No.10M (and the subsequent feverish hunt through his collection of IP addresses to identify the wag who posted it) that his entire world view flipped 180 degrees:
The Left is now Right, and The Right is even further Right.

Fact: It’s been discovered that the Obama Administration deliberately attempted to squelch the free press. Long-time Lizard NJDhockyfan observed that even Glenn Greenwald, a well-known leftist and political pundit, is not happy about it.

Glenn Greenwald Lefty 0

NJDhockyfan stepped on an invisible LGF eggshell. Let the Downdingbat-N-Bait Fest begin.

Glenn Greenwald Lefty 2

So there you go. Greenwald is not a “lefty” because he and many others know that Obama and his Administration are attempting to squelch criticism in direct violation of The First Amendment, and even a leftist like Greenwald (who occasionally supports the Constitution) doesn’t like it. From the respected conservative website Wikipedia:

“Articles in The New York Times and The Nation have referred to Greenwald as ‘liberal‘,[16] an example of  ‘liberals [who] wonder when Obama’s team will reflect them’,[17] and a ‘liberal commentator’;[18] polls have ranked him as a top liberal (Forbes[19]) and progressive (New Statesman[20]) commentator.”

Only in the fertile imagination of Charles Johnson does
Greenwald = Obama critic = Racist = Right Wing.

But wait! There’s more!

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Charles OK with Obama saying the Constitution constrains him

Charles Johnson has made no secret that he wishes Obam,a was a dictator and that we have a One Party  nation. In Charles Johnson’s world Conservatives would be thrown in camps. Showing his totalitarian colors, Charles defends Obama’s comments lamenting the Constitution constrains his powers.

Obama Constrain Obama Constrain2 Obama Constrain3

Charles has a very dark world view.

It’s a wash!

Little Green Footballs is in full denial over last night’s debate. Most people who saw the debate between Mitt Romney and Barack Obama know that Romney won hands down. But in LGF land, the debate has been declared a draw.

Charles Johnson is in denial over the fact his beloved god-king was exposed as a fraud. His lackey Gus802 breaks with reality and declared Obama the winner!

Charles and Gus need to realize reality is harsh. These 2 clowns need a hug after seeing their beloved god-king exposed.

Update: Charles doubles down in his alternate reality. The delusional cretin once again makes up the bogus claim that he once was on a debating team and that Obama won lat night against Romney.

Charles does not live in reality.

Charles Comments on the Herman sexual harassment accusations

Charles has jumped on the Herman Cain sexual harassment accusation bandwagon. he can barely hide his hatred for Herman Cain.

Hey what about Bill Clinton and John Edward’s sexcapades? Nope, that never happened in the world of Chuck.

In another funny incident on this same thread, a commentator went on LGF and pointed out the truth. Herman Cain is actually Black and was raised in a Black environment. Barack Obama is bi-racial and grew up in a White American environment.

Bubbanelson was factual in his statement. Nothing he wrote was a lie. in order to prevent the truth filtering out to his cult, The Sage of Culver City bans this commentator for the truth.

Charles can’t have the myth of Obama being Black shattered on his blog. He can’t handle the truth, nor hide his hate for Herman cain, who actually is really black.

Chuck’s pet Mountain Lion joins in and like the coward he is, attacks bubbanelson after he was banned.

Truth is not allowed at the Cult of LGF.

Chuck has never seen anything like this

The Jazz Man continues with unsubstantiated statements. Chuck claims he’s never seen this much racism in a  campaign.

Chuck, the reason you have never seen this amount of racism is because this is not coming from the GOP. It’s the Progressive fear mongering in the black communities that is playing the race  card. The election is about Obama’s policies. What you have never seen Chuck, the extent of the  rejection of Progressive policies by Americans.

You’re not a analysts Chuck, get with reality!