No Effin’ Evidence according to Charles Johnson.

Right, Charles. Although it’s literally true that the pre-election surveillance was not “wiretapping” per se, yet that’s the vernacular term for spying, by whatever means, and it was done illegally via the Obama Administration. Hell, even the left wing media confirmed it.

Charles, how are you benefiting by promoting such easily debunked propaganda? You have to be getting bucks for sucks because no sentient with a soul would post that kinda garbage.

On a lighter note, how about posting a guitar etude or two? Maybe even something you composed yourself. Every single talented guitar player I’ve ever met recorded him/herself playing solo because there’s a big ego involved, like yours.

Post it and we’ll promote it. You have nothing to lose, and it might boost your self-serving GoFundMe account.

Or not.

Then there’s this. Charles threw Little Debbie under the bus.

LOL. Meanwhile:

Keep your heads down, folks. That’s some serious squirrelly.

Charley J. on Hillary C.

In 2007, Charles Johnson was all over the 2008 Presidential campaign, cranking out posts like a kindergartner on a 3-day glucose bender with a mouth full of wheat paste and safety scissors. Everyone breathlessly awaited each brilliant assessment of the candidates, and we weren’t disappointed.

Post-Softball Open Thread 1a

[Oops. Sorry. Forgot to crop the sponsored “Promoted Stories” before posting the screencap. Yeah, that’s the ticket.]

The first link leads to Yahoo News (it’s dead now).

The second “Update” was a headline lifted verbatim from HotAir & Allahpundit:

The CNN YouTube freak show debate; Update: Private jet show of hands video added; Update: Biden tells gun owner he “needs help”; Update: I’ll meet with Castro, Chavez, Ahmadinejad, says Obama

Charles Johnson blocked thread comments from public view on that post a long time ago, but the BRC has ways of resurrecting his hidden/memory-holed files. There was only one comment out of 510 posted by Charles Johnson on that thread, and here it is:

Comment 350

A couple months later, Johnson posted this:

Comment 466

Here’s the YouTube video, as appropriate today as it was in 2007.

“There’s medical evidence that Hillary Clinton is a man.” That’s a bit of a stretch, but apparently Johnson found it credible and linked to it anyway. One year later, the metamorphosis was complete:

Comment 652

Apparently Charles IS down with this:

That’s former Obama speechwriter Jon Favreau on the left, and he thinks Donald Trump is “gross.”

Keep it real, Charles. Can’t wait until you jump on the Bernie bus and blow out the rear tires.

[Memory-holed LGF image recreations courtesy of the late Nil Stooge, BRC Engineer No 3. Content retrieved from the BRC Archives.]

Bonus: A Gates of Vienna commenter “flabslab” had some fun things to say about Charles’ “Nirth Certifikit” post here: “Charles Johnson Finally Reveals his Fascist Soul.”

The Trith? Charles Can’t Handle The Trith. [Updated]

Sequestration at LGF
Dork Falcon is correct. Charles is ignorant.
How ’bout a quick review of the history of The Sequester?

It began with The Budget Control Act of 2011:

…enacted August 2, 2011, is a federal statute in the United States that was signed into law by President Barack Obama on August 2, 2011. The Act brought conclusion to the United States debt-ceiling crisis of 2011, which had threatened to lead the United States into sovereign default on or around August 3, 2011.

The law involves the introduction of several complex mechanisms, such as creation of the Congressional Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction (sometimes called the “super committee”), options for a balanced budget amendment and automatic budget sequestration. [wiki]

The Trith?

Charles (not the journalist) Johnson cites a New York Times editorial from July 2012, a piece that reads more like an anonymous letter to the editor, contains blatant fallacies and offers no sources to back up the disproven claims. (In fact, despite threats of massive numbers of government employees being layed off due to the Sequester, only ONE has been reported in all federal agencies.)

Oh, and Charles, who caused the debt ceiling crisis that spawned the Budget Control Act?

Charles (not the journalist) Johnson is a lying sack of, well, himself.

[Update: Yeah, we slogged back into The Swamp and found more lies.]

Sequestration at LGF 2Um, Fuckface, the simple fact is that you don’t know what you’re talking about, and you’re wrong again. Carry on, Charles. We eat this stuff up.

LGF SPOTS NEW PHOTOSHOP – and misses the story

Years ago, one of the attractions of Little Green Footballs was the lizards’ talent for spotting and exposing altered images, particularly those published by The Guardian, Reuters and Al-Jazeera. Loyal Lizard Lapper Gus_802 is the first to uncover the underhanded photo manipulation by left-wing media personality and liberal pundit David Sirota.

Gus on Sirota Snowden

A couple of things to note. The article is posted in the LGF category of “wingnuts” and it’s obvious that Gus didn’t read the Sirota op-ed, doesn’t know who he is, and didn’t click through the links to find the real story. No wonder why Gus_802’s only written contribution, aside from the inane title, is “Submitted without comment.”

Sirota is upset with Obama, the NSA, defends Edward Snowden and even claims that Obamadrones killed an innocent teenage U.S. Citizen (more about that in a minute). Here’s the link to Sirota’s post:

Sirota’s screed was a rehash of a BuzzFeed post by Benny Johnson:

Johnson (no relation to Charles) posted anonymous quotes of Pentagon officials and military intelligence officers who depise what Snowden did – for good reason – and the damage he caused in the fight against terrorism, including this quote:

On the ground, intelligence workers certainly say the damage has been done. The NSA officer complained that his sources had become “useless.” The Army intelligence officer said the revelations had increased his “blindness.”

“I do my work in a combat zone so now I have to see the effects of a Snowden in a combat zone. It will not be pretty,” he said.

“By [Snowden] showing who our collections partners were, the terrorists have dropped those carriers and email addresses,” the DOD official said. “We can’t find them because he released that data. Their electronic signature is gone.”


Anwar al-Awlaki was an American-born muslim imam, a militant islamic terrorist affiliated with Al-Quaeda as a recruiter, described by Saudi news as “the Bin-Laden of the Internet,” and even the Yemeni government was trying to find him. Anwar al-Awlaki was eventually targeted and killed in a drone strike. His son and some others were killed in a precision UAV attack a few days later. Not too tough to connect the dots on this one. Yeah, drones killed an innocent 16 year old boy. Way to defend terrorism, Sirota.
But Gus and LGF ignored all that, focusing instead on an image of Obama trying to appear Vladimir Putinish with an inserted pic of Obama supporter, national security vandal and espionage turncoat Edward Snowden. Pheeew.

It Was A DingFest

Apparently an unusually large shipment of Downdings arrived at the Swamp yesterday. Here’s a sampling.

Lots of Downdings, but who received the most Updings? The painter of figurines, the one with the inner demon, the mountain lion, the bard of the bootlickers, none other than Dork Falcon!

Thank you, Charles.

Who Woulda Thunk It Dept. Charles Johnson Parts With The Right Again

The post heard round the echo chamber. Have at it you xenophobic anti-science knuckle-dragging misogynistic mouth-breathing nazis.

Wasn’t clear enough for you lizards from the short bus? Here’s the condensed version.

A Little Traveling Music

While Daedalus is going through decontamination and decompression from too many frequent forays into The Swamp, we’ll try and take up the slack.

Charles can’t stand to embed an anonymous poll from the reputable PollDaddy because he prefers to collect and control the data himself, so we thought we’d help him out a bit. Here’s a poll that is so easy you don’t have to log in to vote. As a matter of fact, we’ve voted on your behalf, and you’re welcome.

There’s little to report from The Swamp these days. The inanity continues with the meme that Obama is going to win by a landslide because Mitt Romney is going to outlaw The Constitution, declare war on everyone except for Utah, make homosexuality illegal, demand that abortions be performed with kerosene and coat hangers in the back alleys of Culver City, and kill all black people just for the hell of it. Good call, Chuck.

Here’s some trivia. While Charles is fighting troubles that keep swamping his servers (because he can’t keep from “fixing” LGF) guess what he was doing on 2 November 2008? The same damn thing.