Exposing Poonawalla’s Johnson

Fetched from the RetroBin:

A few years later (2009) Jihad Watch posted this:

I first encountered Aziz Poonawalla during my dialogue of the deaf with the spitting, sputtering hateblogger Dean Esmay, as Poonawalla was and may still be a contributor to his blog. Poonawalla and I also have had several unpleasant exchanges, during which — as you can see if you read them — he didn’t demonstrate an overwhelming commitment of honesty or integrity. —Robert Spencer

Aziz Poonawalla is an anti-semitic muslim propagandist who’s been at it for a while, but that was then and this is now, at least according to Charles Johnson, and something happened. Now they’re best buds. Read the rest of this entry »

“Nobody’s Retweeting Me!” – Charles Johnson


Recently, Charles Johnson added a new blogclogging feature to Little Green Footballs, and apparently the intended results haven’t born fruit. The purpose is to allow the Lizard Lappers to spam Twitter with unfounded inanities in order to appear to be a larger number of imbeciles than they actually are. It’s an automated form of stealth astroturfing.

Well, Charles, we can play the same game. For every Tweet you post, we can post a Tweet that refutes your assertion that an AirCav hat is part of the uniform of the Confederate States of America. We may post a picture of a menuboard, or the State Flag of Tennessee, or your specious claim that Anthony “Carlos Danger” Weiner’s throbbing .jpeg was actually your own. Perhaps we may post something else, so that everyone reads your racist screed against Oliver Willis and your well deserved smackdown. Maybe we’ll just post something innocuous and innocent from Little Green Footballs, like this:


“Rural America can go fuck themselves.” That pretty much sums up Charles Johnson’s Little Green Hate Site these days.

Saturday Night Karma – A time lapse of Charles Johnson

Bad Karma Day for Charles Johnson
1st Car: Diary of Daedalus;
2nd Car: The BRC;
Result: Menuboard destroyed.

Meanwhile there have been some requests to repost LGF oldies, so since it’s Saturday Night,  let’s rip it up and tear it up. From July 2007, here’s an LGF post about an obnoxious girl with bigger balls than Charles has.

CJ on Wonkette 2007

Okay, Charles. You gonna walk back that Wonkette attack, or you gonna eat what she scrapes off her bathroom floor?

CJ Hawaiian Shirt 2007

Nekama’s Troll Hammer Revisited

“Peace will come when the Arabs will love their children more than they hate us.”
Golda Meir 1957.

Nekama’s classic post on Little Green Footballs appeared in the thread below. Note the number of comments Charles gathered in 2003, pre-Rathergate.

Hurl a Rock for Peace

[Nekama’s Troll Hammer below the break.]

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Alouette defends Helen Thomas

Alouette once again demonstrates why she is LGF’s resident Kapo. The Vicious Babusha, who is really just some insecure hateful hag, defends admitted Jew Hater Helen Thomas.

Helen Thomas

Here is what Helen Thomas thinks of Israeli Jews.

Alouette is defending a vile woman who hates her own people to please Charles. Not only is Alouette a Kapo, she’s a pathetic excuse of a human being.

(Hat Tip: LGF is Putrid)

“Great mentality you’ve got going there”

LGF is a bastion of anti-Christian bigotry and Pro-Islamist sentiment. Resident Kapo and Christophobe, Aloutte did a thread attacking Dearborn Michigan for apologizing to Christians for arresting them at a Deaborn festival. Resident online Jihadi ProBosniaLiberal advocates silencing these Christians 1st Amendment rights. A poster named Thomaslite calls him out for his hypocrisy.

Freedom for Christians Freedom for Christians2 Freedom for Christians3

ProBosniaLiberal is your typical Islamist fanatic. He hates the Kuffar and belives they should have no rights in criticizing Islam. This loser can’t get over the fact we have freedom of speech. If he does not like it, he can move to an Islamic country.

Bonus: ProBosniaLiberal calls for the end of Israel by declaring the 2 State solution dead.

End of Israel

And NO ONE challenged him on it.

To Memory-Hole or Not To Memory-Hole? Eclectic Infidel Gets Whacked

Due to the 95% homogeneity of The Swamp these days we haven’t seen the ban stick in a while, so this caught our attention. This LGF Page, posted by Eclectic Infidel, was up for almost 9 hours before it was memory-holed by one of the monitor lizards Thursday morning, long before The Big Green Load rolled off his crusty futon.

Eclectic Infidel 1

Nothing spectacular about that LGF Page except that it bothered the Lizardim enough to downding the hell out of it, but not for its content. Indeed, they didn’t even touch on the topic of the article [linked here] until many hours later.

Eclectic Infidel 2

Brilliant comment, Varek. Khaled Abu Toameh is an Arab Muslim.

Eclectic Infidel 3

Yep. Geert Wilders. Fjordman. “Eclectic Infidel, y’all gone bean aheepa trubble when Mister Charles sees dem broke eggshells all roun’ yer crib.”

And *poof* the Page was gone.

Then *poof* the Page was back, and *poof* Eclectic Infidel was gone.

Eclectic Infidel 4

“Lemme tell you something. You know, them chains ain’t medals. You get ’em for making mistakes. And you make a *bad* enough mistake, and then you gotta deal with The Man.” – Cool Hand Luke

Got that Lizards?

As a related footnote to Charles hypocrisy, Fjordman departed LGF with a +689 Karma rating, 3531 comments. Before ’05 he posted as “Norwegian kafir”, his first comment appearing in the archives on Jul 8, 2003, and went on to post on hundreds of threads under that nic.

Rescued from Memory Hole: The Lost LGF “Fjordman” Articles
Fjordman – Case Study # 14 – LGF BANNED AND BLOCKED
Fjordman’s flounce from LGF

[Fjordman links courtesy of The BRC.]

Update (ChenZhen):

First, for those unaware, Eclectic does use the Twitter machine, and we can see that he/she tweeted this Page:

Then, I’d noticed that this Page was spiking the ol’ LGF twitter counter, to the point where it actually made it to the top of the “tweeted pages”:

lgf page eclectic tweet sidebar

The clicks were coming in! But from where? Well, upon a closer review:

eclectic bitly stats

Oh my!

(CJ has since reset the tweet counter, for some reason)

[Update – Eclectic Infidel posted a response to the LGF crapfest.]