Still running away from the Breivik ties

Despite being cited in Breivik’s manifesto, Charles still denies this connection. Many Berniebros rightfully point out the ties Charles has with Breivik. He still goes into denial over this established connection.

Someone was not buying the ageing hippie’s excuses.

Charles can run, but he can’t hide from the Breivik ties.


Beware of Moderates! Update: Charles still denies ties with Breivik

When the Left claims a person is moderate, beware they mean that the person is just slightly to right of Hugo Chavez. Our favorite nasty person, Happy Warrior calls Obama’s judicial nominee a Moderate!

Garland is ModerateBeware of the term Moderate!
Update: Charles still denies that Breivik had ties to LGF.

Sam KnightBreivik cited Charles Johnson and Little Green Footballs numerous times in his manifesto. Charles can lie all he wants, but Breivik was a fan of his.

[Updated: Corrected spelling of Breivik and added link to Diary of Daedalus’ archive.]

“A Far Right Racist Website”

Whenever the LGF link to Breivik gets mentioned, Mr. Toot goes into denial mode. Rather than try to counteract the fact Breivik mentioned LGF in his manifesto, Charles smears The Diary of Daedalus as “a far right racist website.”

LGF and Charles Johnson are mentioned in Breivik’s manifesto. The chart we posted is accurate and anyone can search for mentions of LGF or Charles Johnson in Breivik’s manifesto. Mr. Toot can deny all he wants, but Breivik mentioned him (even quoted him) and no amount of spin nor smears can change that.

[Updated: Here’s a link to the DoD Breivik/Johnson Archives. It’s complete with CJ meltdowns, Breivik’s own words,  Breivik’s links to specific articles on Little Green Footballs, and unadulterated statistics. Scroll and enjoy. – Briareus]


Stalk much, Charles?

Charle Johnson's Stalking Obsessions thru 1 March 2015

Heh. Charles has been harassing Glenn Greenwald since 2006, and he’s still cranking on about a dead man and an updated bar chart.

Charles, you so funny.

Charles demands apology from Greenwald

Charles still refuses to admit that he was cited by Brevik. the 61 year old Hipster tweets out a whining plea for Glenn Greenwald  to apologize for tweeting out that LGF was cited in Breivik’s manifesto.

Charles, needs to stop denying he was cited by Breivik.

Flashback! [Updated]

The graph made amended by The Boiler Room Crew that documents how many times Charles Johnson and Little Green Footballs were cited in Anders Breivik’s manifesto still leaves a sting. Charles is tweeting his article attacking Greenwald for linking to the graph produced by the BRC.

Charles keeps claiming it was a fake graph, but any person who scans Breivik’s manifesto can see that LGF and Charles were cited in his work. No amount of denial by Charles can change the facts.

[Update: The BRC did not create the original bar chart of Breivik’s influences, but modified the one dispersed by Think Progress which omitted Charles Johnson and LGF from the tally. Here is a pie chart using the same figures provided by Think Progress, previously posted here:

Breivik Influences graph

There’s no question that Charles F. Johnson was No.3 on Breivik’s Admiration Hit Parade after Robert Spencer and Bat Ye’or. Breivik’s Manifesto may be safely downloaded as a .pdf  here:

Download it, click “select all,” copy it into MSWord and do a word search.


Why is this so difficult for Charles Johnson to admit?

There’s been a resurgence in interest about mass murderer Anders Breivik’s  Manifesto recently. Someone (we won’t say who)  just can’t accept facts, but his initials are Charles Johnson, projectionist extraordinaire. We heard a rumor that he changed political views a while back, and now he’s a radical Lutheran collecting Jello/milk/fruit mould recipes. Johnson’s been stamping his feet and flailing his pudgy fists on Twitter and LGF,  screeching that he was never mentioned in Breivik’s deranged screed even though the facts prove otherwise.

The Magical Jazzy 61-year-old ponytailed guitarist who hasn’t recorded anything significant since the 1970s, who falsely claims Buckhead’s and Jeremy Chrysler’s work on Rathergate as his own, who ran his profitable blog into the ground while backstabbing those who helped him along the way, is now in his fourth day of whining about a link tweeted by Glenn Greenwald on 16 April.

We decided to simplify the graphics for the pro-ponytail crowd. We’ve stripped away the most quoted source in Breivik’s diatribe (Robert Spencer’s Jihad Watch) to show the other references. We used the numbers posted by ThinkProgress and included the (omitted) number of times “Charles Johnson” and “Little Green Footballs” were mentioned, not counting footnotes. Screeching colors don’t lie.

Breivik Influences graph

The point is that Charles Johnson cannot claim that he was an insignificant influence in the mind of a madman, yet Johnson used those same numbers to attack others, as if they were directly responsible for the Oslo Massacre.

If that’s not simple enough, try this:

Breivik on Charles Johnson

One of the graphics is a fabrication, the other is an illustration. No matter which one you choose, Charles, you owe a bunch of apologies before you demand one from Glenn Greenwald – and it’s doubtful that Greenwald owes you anything after all the au gratis attention he’s thrown your way,  you #Rumpswab.