Albusteve sighted…

right here in our comments section!


March 5, 2012 at 1:37 pm | #30

apologies for going off topic, but I don’t hang out much…
heysoos is albusteve, no big deal…
I did not flounce from LGF, that has no interest for me…the fact that I was banned is just as uninteresting to me…it was what it was and Walter had absolutely nothing to do with my dismissal…anyone who ponders otherwise is mistaken, it was just a cigar….

I have no reason to troll, hide my identity or need to know who other people are….some nics I recall of course…I know Walter personally because I wanted to meet him, it was nothing to do with LGF…and Walter knows better than anyone here that I am not likely to be influenced by such nonsense and actually do not need the attention of some silly subterfuge…the mongers at LGF can think whatever they want, makes zero difference to me

Charles Johnson bans Albusteve over a Cheeseburger comment

Albusteve mocks LGF Paranoia!

Albusteve is putting up the good fight at LGF. Charles had a thread about a loon who planned to kill an abortion doctor.

Clearly his arrest is a good thing. However there is no mass campaign to kill abortion doctors. The backup guitarist is giving the impression that this is the biggest danger facing America. As usual, his minions chime in!

Seeing the crazy hysteria of these Sociology Majors, Albusteve mocks them!

Albusteve totally clowns the Loozards! The sad part is many of them probably would believe this to be true if Charles wrote it. Clearly, they didn’t pick up on the mockery. Then again, we are not talking about the brightest bulbs here.

The Machiavelli of our times then blames attempts to defund Planned Parenthood as the reason for this attempted murder.

So if any attempts on the lives of  Pam Geller, Glenn Beck, Ron Paul or Sarah Palin are made, Charles should be held responsible. After all by his own words, this is where rhetoric leads.