Stop shooting shoplifters!

In the sick twisted progressive mind of Happy Warrior, people should tolerate shoplifting!

Looters OK

Well people, Happy Warrior has given permission for anyone to rob from him!

Dangerously paranoid, angry and unhinged…

It’s a slow night, so I decided to don the BRC wetsuit (yeah, it still smells like ISTE no matter what we do to disinfect it) and stole a small sample of The Swamp. Those idiots are amazing.

1507018 LGF Dopiness 1

Huh. Four updingys on the incomprehensible illogic by long-time lizard-lapper Freetoken. Republicans are segregationists? George Wallace was a Republican? Whatcha smokin’, Freetoken?

But it gets even stranger.

150718 Kragar 1

Happy Warrior has always been a naive dimwit, but he’s outdone himself with Comment 70.
Then Kragar (proud to be kafir) tossed the bombshell that he served in the military for 8-1/2 years. For which country? I don’t recall him mentioning his service before, let alone which branch, but this comment struck me cold:

150718 Kragar 2

Dangerously paranoid, angry and unhinged… and he’s armed.

Gus shows his anti-Catholic colors

LGF is an anti-Catholic blog. Posters like Aloutte, Happy Warrior and others trash Catholicism on a daily basis. Gus is part of the Catholic hating crowd and displays his bigotry by mocking confession.

Gus insults Catholics

Gus would never dare insult Islam in this manner and Charles would ban him if he did.

Sergey Romanov accuses Israel of a hostile act against the US!

Long ago LGF was known as a blog that supported Israel against Islamic Imperialism. That was then and this is now. Sergey Romanov, who is one of many pseudo intellectuals at LGF but in reality is just a Leftist drone, accuses Israel of a hostile act against America. His claim is based on the fact that Israel’s Vice-Premier Moshe Ya’alon sent a video taped message to an anti-Jihadist gathering. That’s right and Israeli sending a video tape to supporters of that nation is a hostile act according to the infantile wannabe intellectual!

The infantile wannabe intellectual, who is not even an American, thinks this is hostile. How the hell is sending a tape to a gathering of people who support Israel’s fight with Islamic aggression hostile? One could argue Obama’s support for the Palestinians, Islamists in Libya and Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt is a hostile act. Nope/ In Sergey’s world, Jews standing up to their enemies and reaching out to their friends is bad. This is really an evil twisted inverted logic! But he gets really intellectually dishonest!

That’s right, being against Islamic aggression is like being a member of the KKK. Sergey is OK with Muslims killing Coptic Christians in Egypt. But if you point this out, you are a Klansman!

The resident trust fund baby, Happy Warrior, chimes in. He fantasizes that a Muslim will be President of America one day!

Dream on trust fund kid, it will not happen.

The resident worm, who lives in his sisters garage, calls an Israeli official sending a tape to supporters incitement.

Sending a tape to supporters is incitement. But promoting an audiotape that led to death threats against me is not. That is priceless logic on the part of the garage living unemployed Gusanao (Worm).

Neither San Francisco Zionist, Lawhawk or Alouette were around to defend Israel. Charles Johnson didn’t chime in as well. Boy has LGF really changed! Israel is now evil and Islamic Jihadists are good.

LGFers OK with Dogs being eaten

The losers at Little Green Footballs defend Obama no matter what. It’s come out that Obama ate dog meat when he lived in Indonesia. Rather than be grossed out by it, the Loozards come out and defend eating dogs!

This really is called being brainwashed. Then again Happy Warrior is the type who would have made a good Nazi or Soviet. He’s a true believer and self righteous.

JasonA thinks eating Dog meat is OK and better than putting your Dog on the roof of a car. I’m not a fan of what Romney did, but to say that’s worse than eating a dog is intellectual dishonesty.

Charles Johnson’s online pet then chimes in.

Yeah eating Dog is nothing to the pet mountain lion.

Big Papa thinks the story of Obama eating dog meat will help win him re-election.

This is just insane!

These LGFers are fanatics and can never bring themselves to criticize Obama. They even excuse him for eating dogs. As of this writing Charles hasn’t commented on this. But judging from Charles evil nature, he probably supports Obama even more for eating Dogs. Heck I would not be shocked if Charles Johnson ate dogs.


Charles Johnson sees Nazis under every bed and around every corner. This paranoid attitude has rubbed off on his minions. Happy Warrior who claims to be a Richard Nixon expert, calls Pam Geller, a Nazi!

The Nazis are everywhere!

Ron Paul did good in 2008?

Charles Johnson has brainwashed his cult followers with his loony conspiracy theory that Ron Paul is behind some global Nazi plot. When discussing the prospects of Michele Bachman presidential 2012 run, Happy Warrior thinks she will do well. He is also under the impression Ron Paul did well in 2008!

The reality is Ron Paul got 5% of the 2008 GOP primary vote and just 35 delegates.The Philosopher King’s Ron Paul paranoia has filtered down to his disciples. Clearly reality is not a strong suit for the LGF cultists.


Silly Douche brought this to the attention of Diary of Daedalus. Hey Chuckie, did your correlator tool break down this morning? Better take a look at it, pal.

I’m telling you, “The Stupid, IT BURNS!!!”

Little Green Footballs’ Independence Day Celebration 2019

So yesterday I decided to put on the waders and wander into The Swamp Of The Lizard Lappers to see how they celebrated Independence Day. I found no surprises. The place is a cesspool of irrational hatred.

[Hey, HappyWarrior, you’re an idiot, and Little Green Snotblobs is a great place to display your ignorance. It’s intuitively obvious to the casual observer that everything you know about Jefferson came from here.]

Then they went on to bash Ivanka Trump with photoshops. What that had to do with Independence Day is a non-sequitur, but they completely missed the irony of the image posted by “Gocart Mozart”:

Breaking News: The Pie Overlord, aka Alouette, aka  @viciousbabushka is still suspended from Twitter. 😀

We’ve Got LGF Stats! (and they ain’t pretty)

Last month, we noted that teh Johnson decided that the figures in the long-standing LGF “statistics” sidebar widget were apparently becoming too embarrassing to continue featuring, so he decided to quietly make it disappear (then make it reappear once we noted it, only to make it disappear again after a few days, we assume for good).


Luckily, it’s not hard for our BRC engineers to track those missing comments/day numbers ourselves. In fact, we’ve been able to do one better, and break down who’s leaving the comments, and how many are being left on front-page articles vs. in those sleepy user-authored “LGF Pages”. And as DoD regulars can recall, we can track those meaningless “karma” scores, too.

Before we present last week’s results, we’d like to present a flashback to a related LGF thread, wherein Charles took serious issue when NY Times columnist Jonathan Dee wrote the following:

L.G.F. still has more than 34,000 registered users, but the comment threads are dominated by the same two dozen or so names.

Enter the main underlying reason for CJ’s disappearance of the “statistics”, as Engineer No. 5 finds that Mr. Dee’s assessment is actually true as ever:

Some old fashioned weekly LGF commenter stats:
For the week Sat-Fri, 5/12-18/2012
Front Page comments: 7822
LGF Pages comments:   761
Total comments:      8583
75% of comments were made by 32 individuals
50% of comments were made by 13 individuals
25% of comments were made by  4 individuals

Most Active Commenters

1. Gus 802          789    10.1%
2. ggt              477     6.1%
3. b_sharp          411     5.3%
4. sattv4u2         288     3.7%
5. HappyWarrior     287     3.7%
6. Kragar           274     3.5%
7. Decatur Deb      258     3.3%
8. Dark_Falcon      243     3.1%
9. Sergey Romanov   188     2.4%
10.darthstar        186     2.4%
11.Obdicut          174     2.2%
12.freetoken        168     2.1%
13.Targetpractice   164     2.1%
14.Killgore Trout   156     2.0%
Most Net ‘Karma’ (at least 70 posts)
1. Charles         +6.1/comment
2. Lidane          +5.1
3. Obdicut         +4.4
4. jaunte          +4.3
5. WindUpBird      +3.8
Least Net ‘Karma’ (at least 70 posts)
1. Dark_Falcon     +0.4/comment
2. Killgore Trout  +0.5
3. sattv4u2        +0.9
4. NJDhockeyfan    +0.9
5. ProLifeLiberal  +0.9

Look at Gus! Ten percent! Where would LGF be today if Gus had actually made good on last October’s mini-flounce?

Update (from panoftheforest)
I don’t want to bury Chen’s thread but just add the Monday Evening Mocking ‘toon (because I’m proud of myself this time!) May I present to you “Chuck’s Play”.