On 15 April 2001 Charles Johnson claimed to be a victim of Islamic Extremism and he lived to tell about it.


Off by only a month, Charles Johnson claimed credit for spotting local jihadists. He knew what was coming down because his followers told him so, and Johnson always takes the credit for the work of others.

Johnson’s anecdote precedes the horrors of 911 by five months, yet his antennae were already twitching. At the time of the post, Little Green Footballs had little to do with politics (let alone islamic jihad) and a lot to do with bicycling and low-end computer programming. Back then, few people knew or cared who he was, kinda like now.

On the other hand, Charles Johnson has been shown to manipulate and edit his posts after-the-fact, so it’s possible that he changed the posting date to make it appear he was prescient. I don’t think that’s the case here – He was spooked by the event.  Johnson was 48 years old at time of posting, old enough to figure it out.

The screencap is not the product of The Official BRC Nil Stooge Template, it’s what the LGF cached post looks like today, with the new FatBody LGF Logo, Twitter links, and an appropriately round, decade-old image of Charles Foster Johnson.

Not so long ago, Charles Johnson was a racist according to his own standards.

Admit you said that, Charles, then maybe we’ll talk.

[h/t Trump is Teh HORROR!- Chunky McDumbth, #1Olberdouche Fan Boy.]

Charles Johnson Opines about GOP House Whip Steve Scalise.

Who gives a Johnson, really? But after the attempted mass murder of Republicans warming up for baseball practice for a charity game by a 66 year-old deranged Bernie Sanders supporter, Charles is suddenly quiet, and we all know why. He’s quietly smiling.

Were it not for the presence of Congressman Scalise, there would have been mass murder. No one was armed except for the gunman and Scalia’s own security team, and the local police who showed up after the firefight. As far as we know Charles’ has said nothing about the victims of the shooting.

So we decided to go #LGF dumpster diving to see if Johnson had ever commented about Congressman Scalise, and we found a pile of stupid. Google the titles and collect ’em all!

If you really need a heavier dose of LGF idiocy, click here.


Charles Johnson – Junior Constitutional Scholar

With a handful of live tweets during Jeff Sessions’ tribunal, Charles Johnson once again pantsed himself by parroting the Dem Senators who themselves are apparently ignorant of the Constitution and the separation of the three branches of the US Government, and who regularly violate the legal limitations of Congress with impunity.

I’m not a Constitutional Scholar, but those in the Senate should be, because they’re sworn to uphold it. So let’s look at Johnson’s stream of brilliance. Here’s Johnson’s breakdown in sequence.

Nobody heard an “angry attack” on Al Franken from Sessions.


In other words, “Listen to me, don’t listen to what I don’t want you to.”

Charles, an Attorney General is not required to divulge private conversations between himself and the President, and a Senator has no authority to demand it.

What “truth” are you referring to, Charles? There have been no substantiated facts to support this witch hunt. According to the Democrats, all this supposed Russian election manipulation happened under the Obama Administration. Why isn’t the Big O under the microscope? Why isn’t the Big C?

Dude. You’re completely ignorant of what “Executive Privilege” means and who is entitled to it.

Sessions didn’t snap at anyone, Charles. What were you watching?

Seems to me anyone would be happy to move on to speak with someone with a bit of intelligence.

He cheered up because finally there were some sentient questions.

[All this went down yesterday, 13 June 2017, prior to the latest atrocity, but we might as well post it for the record.]



LOL Indeed, Charles.

Johnson can’t debate, won’t discuss, makes fun of names and mocks the genetic physical features of others. Charles, you’re a mental defective who needs an in-house counselor during your waking hours. Call @Gus_802. He knows everything.

Yep, it’s time for a vote.

Charles Foster Johnson, UberMensch of the Internet, has provided us with much fodder for mockery for a long time now, and now the question is: Where do we go from here?

Do we continue to tear apart his Twitter feed one post at a time? Do we mock his Magical Jazzy Ponytail until it calcifies and breaks off into a punchbowl and poisons toddlers in Inglewood? Do we walk away from the Culver City Big Boy forever and become a recipe blog?

Nah. As long as we’re around, Charles will be arounder. We’re all about making mirth of his girth, his lack of mental depth, and his apparent ignorance of his own shortcomings as he touts his own version of reality. Rock on me bloogs.

Greatest @Green_Footballs Tweet of 2011

[This post by the legendary ChenZhen has been sitting silent in the bottom of the DoD drafts folder for years for unknown reasons, but since it’s the 6th Anniversary of Charles Johnson’s Johnson TwitterFail, we might as well turn it loose. –Briareus]

In light of Johnson’s recent, um, friskiness in the Twitterverse, and the fact that we kinda skipped the DoD awards ceremony this year, I’m going to go ahead and declare what would have been the winner anyway.

To be fair (not that we need to be), the tweet came during Johnson’s hilariously desperate attempts to defend and excuse Rep. Weiner while he was dealing with the bombshell that Breitbart delivered (in retrospect, perhaps we can assume that the fact that it was AB played a factor in the intensity of CJ’s efforts).

Frustrated, and convinced that he was fighting the good fight, he even added the trending hashtag to ensure that as many netizens outside his swamp saw this as possible: