R.I.P Al Jarreau 1940 -2017

Jazz legend and former associate of Charles “Icarus” Johnson has died at 76. Charles who was just a  backup guitarist to Jarreau has been estranged from the Jazz legend for years. Reasons are unknown, but my hunch is Icarus did something wrong.

Al Jarreau, famed R&B and jazz singer died Sunday morning … according to his reps.

The 7-time Grammy winner had been hospitalized recently in Los Angeles. Amid his medical battle … he announced he would be retiring. He’d been touring almost non-stop for 50 years.

A message on his website says he passed away while in the hospital. The announcement doesn’t say what he died from — but Al had fought through respiratory and cardiac issues in recent years.

Just last week, Al’s son said his father was singing “Moonlighting” to one of his nurses.

Rest in peace AL, unlike Charles people will always remember your musical talent.

A Call For Entries: The 2013 LGF Awards Awards

Yep, it’s that time again, and before 2013 fades to a small brown note in the symphony of life, let’s take a moment to review the thin content and slovenly talent of what’s left of The Swamp.

Stalkers and lizards alike look forward to this auspicious occasion with both amusement and dread. Lizards worry that they might be named and become fodder for mocking, both on and off Little Green Footballs, and stalkers root for their favorite ditzoids while enjoying copious amounts of beer and cake. So here are the categories:

THE BUZZSAW AWARDBuzzsaw blank100: Traditionally, this award goes for the best flounce of the year.  This year we’re going to expand the field of candidates to include those few daring and intrepid lizards who deliberately sat/stepped/stomped upon the LGF eggshells, who eschewed updings and who contradicted the gangrenous group-think hive-mind so prevalent in The Swamp.

THE IRISH ROSE AWARDIrish Rose Award 100: We love this one, as it gives due recognition to the greatest lizard-lapping suck-up sycophant of the year. No one’s ever topped the drooling puppy-eyed vicious loyalty of Paula “Irish Rose” Connell. Think Thank you Charles and you’ve got the gist of it. Suck like a Hoover. Blow like a hurricane.


THE JOHNSON AWARDThe Johnson Award 100: Prestigious as it may sound, it is anything but; it always goes to The Magical Jazzy Ponytail himself. It serves to illuminate and preserve the most inane post/comment/tweet composed by (as the late Andrew Breitbart fondly referred to him) “Fuckface,” so nominate your favorite clusterchuck here.


THE MILYOMILYO AWARD 100: This Award was added last year for the purpose of giving kudos to he/she/those whose efforts exemplified the highest quality of Johnson smackdowns, pwnage and shutuppery outside of Diary of Daedalus. This could be a tough one as Little Green Footballs drifts even further into obscurity and the blogosphere continues to ignore Charles Johnson.

Post your Nominations in the thread below, or send them to https://thediaryofdaedalus.com/contact-the-cast/ and we’ll compile the lists of finalists for voting.

Oh, and one more thing. We noticed that Charles dusted off his famous CalendarCamera and captured the essence of LGF. It’s a Little Green Fatblog featuring a bunch of pricks.

The Photographic Artistry of Charles F. Johnson

Charles, we’re not laughing at you. We’re laughing with everyone else who’s laughing at you. They just happen to be laughing with us.

The Pulsating Photographic Genius of Charles Johnson – December Edition

LGF Calendar December

Remember when The Greatest Mind of the Blogosphere bought a camera, took pictures, and presented them as magnificent works of Prescient Art?  The LGF 2010 Calendar is still for sale, and it ships in 2 to 5 business days.

It amazes me how Charles Johnson could sketch out a photo on a PostIt Note, and then find an exact matching scenario to photograph and post on LGF as “Overnight #Rumpswab.” Pure brilliance.

[Pulsating Photographic Genius Archive here; related posts here and, um, here.]

A Little Traveling Music

While Daedalus is going through decontamination and decompression from too many frequent forays into The Swamp, we’ll try and take up the slack.

Charles can’t stand to embed an anonymous poll from the reputable PollDaddy because he prefers to collect and control the data himself, so we thought we’d help him out a bit. Here’s a poll that is so easy you don’t have to log in to vote. As a matter of fact, we’ve voted on your behalf, and you’re welcome.

There’s little to report from The Swamp these days. The inanity continues with the meme that Obama is going to win by a landslide because Mitt Romney is going to outlaw The Constitution, declare war on everyone except for Utah, make homosexuality illegal, demand that abortions be performed with kerosene and coat hangers in the back alleys of Culver City, and kill all black people just for the hell of it. Good call, Chuck.

Here’s some trivia. While Charles is fighting troubles that keep swamping his servers (because he can’t keep from “fixing” LGF) guess what he was doing on 2 November 2008? The same damn thing.

Charles Johnson, Expert in Middle East Terrorism, Exonerates Al Qaeda From U.S. Embassy Attack.

Based upon a report by the well known and respected Conservative Voice of Reason known as the LA Times (authored by Ken Dilanian and Shashank Bengali) and backed up by objective reporting by the NYT, and ignoring surveillance videos, reports by the CIA, first-hand accounts by the military and locals, and other compelling testimony and evidence that the attack that killed non-combatant US Citizens serving on US land abroad due to incompetence by the current administration, it’s intuitively obvious to the casual observer that Charles Johnson is a mess.

Al-Qaeda hasn’t been pinned to the 9/11/12 attacks on the US Embassies yet, but so what. You think they didn’t have a hand in it Charlie? You think the various terrorist groups operate in a vacuum bubble like Little Green Footballs?

We’ll humor you, Chuck. It was just a benign protest in the streets with anti-American flags and puppets that went bad once people showed up to infiltrate a peaceful demonstration about a video that few had seen, with automatic weapons,  RPGs and cans of diesel when there is absolutely no evidence that it went down that way.

Chuck, play us another tune.

Oh, one more thing. That top image with the adverts was a screencap and not photoshopped. Thank you, Charles.

Daedalus Update: Charles Johnson’s latest post links to a story that contradicts his claims al-Qaeda was not involved.

“It was a flash mob with weapons,” is how the senior official described the attackers. The mob included members of the Ansar al-Sharia militia, about four members of al-Qaeda in the Maghreb, and members of the Egypt-based Muhammad Jamal network, along with other unarmed looters.

I thought al-Qaeda was not involved Charles?

[Updated: Revised awkward phrasing and minor typos in the original post. -Briareus]

Diary of Daedalus vs. Little Green Footballs?

Is that Daedalus?

Nobody cares who Stephen Bishop is anymore. Even fewer care about Charles Johnson, except for us. Carry on.

One Outsider’s Opinion

No, we didn’t build that. It was found here. Carry on.