We’ve Got LGF Stats! (and they ain’t pretty)

Last month, we noted that teh Johnson decided that the figures in the long-standing LGF “statistics” sidebar widget were apparently becoming too embarrassing to continue featuring, so he decided to quietly make it disappear (then make it reappear once we noted it, only to make it disappear again after a few days, we assume for good).


Luckily, it’s not hard for our BRC engineers to track those missing comments/day numbers ourselves. In fact, we’ve been able to do one better, and break down who’s leaving the comments, and how many are being left on front-page articles vs. in those sleepy user-authored “LGF Pages”. And as DoD regulars can recall, we can track those meaningless “karma” scores, too.

Before we present last week’s results, we’d like to present a flashback to a related LGF thread, wherein Charles took serious issue when NY Times columnist Jonathan Dee wrote the following:

L.G.F. still has more than 34,000 registered users, but the comment threads are dominated by the same two dozen or so names.

Enter the main underlying reason for CJ’s disappearance of the “statistics”, as Engineer No. 5 finds that Mr. Dee’s assessment is actually true as ever:

Some old fashioned weekly LGF commenter stats:
For the week Sat-Fri, 5/12-18/2012
Front Page comments: 7822
LGF Pages comments:   761
Total comments:      8583
75% of comments were made by 32 individuals
50% of comments were made by 13 individuals
25% of comments were made by  4 individuals

Most Active Commenters

1. Gus 802          789    10.1%
2. ggt              477     6.1%
3. b_sharp          411     5.3%
4. sattv4u2         288     3.7%
5. HappyWarrior     287     3.7%
6. Kragar           274     3.5%
7. Decatur Deb      258     3.3%
8. Dark_Falcon      243     3.1%
9. Sergey Romanov   188     2.4%
10.darthstar        186     2.4%
11.Obdicut          174     2.2%
12.freetoken        168     2.1%
13.Targetpractice   164     2.1%
14.Killgore Trout   156     2.0%
Most Net ‘Karma’ (at least 70 posts)
1. Charles         +6.1/comment
2. Lidane          +5.1
3. Obdicut         +4.4
4. jaunte          +4.3
5. WindUpBird      +3.8
Least Net ‘Karma’ (at least 70 posts)
1. Dark_Falcon     +0.4/comment
2. Killgore Trout  +0.5
3. sattv4u2        +0.9
4. NJDhockeyfan    +0.9
5. ProLifeLiberal  +0.9

Look at Gus! Ten percent! Where would LGF be today if Gus had actually made good on last October’s mini-flounce?

Update (from panoftheforest)
I don’t want to bury Chen’s thread but just add the Monday Evening Mocking ‘toon (because I’m proud of myself this time!) May I present to you “Chuck’s Play”.

Happy Warrior’s Ironic Comment

Happy Warrior is the resident Richard Nixon expert at LGF. He never lived during Nixon’s Presidency, so his knowledge is all hearsay. Happy Warrior makes a very ironic comment.

Doesn’t he know WindupBird?

WindUpBird predicts demise of the GOP

There was a time on LGF where Charles Johnson would make election predictions. After his 2010 Midterm prediction fiasco, Chuck has given up. However, another LGFer has taken up the prediction mantle. Our favorite bird costume dresser makes a bold call!

To be honest, if the GOP doesn’t get its act together and continues to be Progressive, then this could happen. But I wouldn’t put any bet on it. Clearly, when you live in a bubble or a bird suit as in this case, one does get delusional.

The Long Lost “Hatchlings” of LGF

One of the neat things you can do with The World’s Greatest Blog Search Engine™ is stealthily plow through thousands of teh Johnson’s (or anyone’s) comments, looking for any keyword, phrase or quoted lizard that a creative thought might produce. And there’s kind of some interesting stuff in there. For example, type in “hatchling” (their term for a new user account), and you’re whisked back to a time long past, when registration windows were announced, and netizens poured through the gates like Black Friday at Walmart.

These days, @Lizardoid has a pretty tough time getting folks to sign up, announcement or not. In fact, the search revealed that CJ hasn’t mentioned “hatchlings” in the comments section in almost a year.

As a visual aid, engineer no. 5 once compiled a neat graph:

What’s probably more pathetic is that the vast majority of those who had signed up in recent years don’t appear to have stuck around very long. Were they all socks?


…since I have it on my screen, let’s take a peek at those lists that Johnson used to post, and you guys can tell me how many really would up being active participants:

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The Furry speaks of his TV habits

Animal dresser WindUpBird discusses his TV habits. He says he doesn’t keep up with current shows and watches mostly DVD’s.

We all know what kind of DVDs he has!

Then and Now

Furry Attack!

Last night here at DoD was a little more interesting than most, as we had a bit of an influx of, um… contrarians. Much of what was being posted was boilerplate troll droppings, so the admin. here decided to toss quite a bit of it into the trash. But, I figure that it might be OK to feature a few samples:


What’s wrong with not having a dick? Do you have something against woman?

PS. You don’t have to feed me. I’m already full of laughter. You fools look like you are talking to yourselves.


Oh give it to me baby. I love it when you talk homoerotic to me.

Nixons ghost

Fucker flipped on us and found Jesus

Or maybe not

(there are a few dozen more comments)

Now I wasn’t around at the time, so I didn’t realize where all this might have come from. But checking the stats this morning, I discovered that our friend Mr. WindUpBird took his plight (such that it is) to his support group, and posted a thread about us up on a furry message board:

So I made these crazy rightwingers mad on this blog holy shi

Personally, I’m not a fan of deleting troll turds; I’ve left much worse than that stay live on my own blog. But, hey, this ain’t my blog. I would hope that such a group of eccentric and sophisticated folks would have a little more to contribute, however.