Creeps come out at night

Playing the man under siege role, Clinton loyalist Charles Johnson is complaining about Sanders’ supporters being mean to him.

Charles attracts weirdos because he is a weirdo!
Update: “When I see this familiar pejorative pop up from the keyboard of CJ, I can’t help but wonder just how many times Johnson has flung it out there. I mean, is there anyone he hasn’t referred to as a ‘creep’?”ChenZhen 11 June 2011
Update 2: Seems to me we reviewed the LGF “incest” justification a while back.

120413 LGF on Incest 0.1

They both got updings for that, but what a coincidence – The Incest Monologues appeared on the same thread as Killgore’s Redemption.

Killgore's Redemption

Alouette On Top!

This second entry in the 2014 year end statistics series is a look at the most prolific commenters for the year.  As the title of this post has already revealed, and for the first time since 2010, Gus was NOT the top lizard.  Though Gus and Alouette both posted thousands fewer comments in 2014 than 2013,  Gus’s notable Twitter obsession may have cost him the top spot this year.


Of particular note:

  • Charles continues in his quest to dominate the comment section of his own blog, climbing 4 spots up to 5th this year.  The two newcomers (both joined in 2013) more than doubled their post count in 2014, but the rest of last year’s leaders seem to be losing interest.
  • Dark_Falcon might be tiring of getting slapped around and forced to recant whenever he offends the hivemind.
  • Obdicut, a Top 6 commenter for 3 years (2010-2012), dropped to 46th.
  • ProLifeLiberal seems less interested, dropping 39 spots to 70th.
  • HoosierHoops, since moving to Northern Wisconsin last December, has had much less to say about his love life.

Obdicut claims to have PTSD

I never knew Obdicut served in combat.


Getting stabbed in the butt does give a person PTSD. This clown is a liar and insulting people who really have this condition.

Obdicut defends Hamas

If anymore proof is needed that Obdicut is a Jihadi apologist, this exchange with Killgore should erase all doubts!

Obdi likes Hamas

Obdicut should move to Gaza and see how hip Hamas is.

Obdicut’s self-righteous rant on Israel

Now that Charles has come out of the anti-Israel closet, his minions are now more open about their true feelings about that nation. Islamist sympathizer Obdicut comes out against Israel’s military actions in Gaza. He goes on a self-righteous rant that Israel is making a mistake fighting Hamas, ISIS, Islamic Jihad and al-Qaeda.

Obdicut-Israel Obdicut-Israel2

LGF is now an openly Pro-Jihad blog that is against any resistance to Islamic aggression.


Obdicut contradicts himself

Anti-Christian bigot and Jihadist sympathizer Obdicut contradicts his assertion that Muslims love Jews.

Obdicuts ignorance Obdicuts ignorance2 Obdicuts ignorance3 Obdicuts ignorance4

If Muslims were so tolerant of Jews like Obdicut claims, how can they be wildly anti-Semitic? Not only is LGF a Far Left hate blog, its a blog full of historically ignorant people.


Stalking 101 – The Johnson Method

CJ Stalking 1

GASP! Abby Martin caught memory-holing tweets? Who would even THINK to do such a thing? Charles Johnson would never stoop to that level of dishonesty, right Charles? Charles?

From the DoD thread “Extreme Irony Alert” 3 August 2013:

✔  Nearly 300 front page posts flushed down the Memory Hole…   Check.
✔  Over 260 thousand comments tossed down the Memory Hole…   Check.
✔  Over 6 million other comments blocked from public view…   Check.
✔  Archive access to LGF through the Internet Wayback Machine blocked…   Check.

For a trip down Memory Hole Lane, here’s a link to DoD’s Archive of Charles’ Erasure Crumbs. What a #Rumpswab.


UPDATE (Briareus): They completely miss the irony.

CJ Stalking 2
Heh. Obdicut, you wouldn’t know shit journalism if it stabbed you in the ass with a fork. (Astroturf Wiki lately?)