The Johnson & Johnson Internet Flatulence Ignition Competition & PPL’s Bitchslap

While taking a casual wade through The Swamp today, I tossed a stone in a random direction to see where it landed. I found this:

CJs New Twitter Friend

Charles C. Johnson is a news-fabricating attention-whore moby at best, just like Charles F. Johnson. They’re two of the same cloth, and that’s why they despise each other.

Charles C. Johnson is trying to paint former Rep. Lt. Col. Allen West as the next Cosby, Libertarian political commentor Michelle Fields apparently denies the story, Charles F. Johnson is attacking Charles C. Johnson, and Ms. Fields is now following Charles F. Johnson on Twitter.
Big whoop.

But looky there – it’s that little comment hidey-hole button again.  I smelled a rain of downdings for ProLifeLiberal, and it began with a simple question:

PLL's Football Analysis 1

Here’s the link, and ProLaffLamebrain attempted to justify sending the Russian goalkeeper to the hospital with this brilliance:

PLL's Football Analysis 2

Almost everyone’s eyes rolled and ignored PLL’s idiocy, until fellow Lizard-In-Good-Standing Furious Burka showed up two hours later to smack the boy-chile.

PLL's Football Analysis 3

Morons attacking morons. I love Little Green Footballs.

Pic of the Day

Once upon a time, Johnson and the LGF blog defended one Ayaan Hirsi Ali quite ferociously (perhaps more than any other site on the ‘net). But like everything else over there, things are different these days, and CJ promoted a thread from Thanos for a 180° pile-on:

And the 1000-word pic of the day is….


And as an added bonus, from the World’s Greatest Blog Search Engine™:

4450604 Charles 2007-11-02 17:28:18

I also received an incredibly hateful email about Ayaan Hirsi Ali, that I won’t post here.


The drama continues. Here’s a recap.

Long time Lizard “Buck” (LGF Class of 2001) called out Charles Johnson for taking quotes out of context with regard to anti-jihadist Brigitte Gabriel on the CNN/President Zucker thread. Rather than debate differences in opinion, Johnson and the LGF hive descended with emotional vitriol and name calling, completely disregarding the facts.
[Ref: Buck Schools the LGFer]

In order to dismiss Buck’s argument, Johnson posted fabricated quotes attributed to Gabriel (just as he did with Rush Limbaugh) and linked to a NYT article attacking Gabriel written by Laurie Goodstein whose information came from Lebanese Hizbollah supporter Hwaida Saad. (Saad claims that Arab-Christian Brigitte Gabriel lies about her family’s persecution at the hands of muslim extremists.)

Back to the present.  Buck chose not to walk away quietly, as he knew he had facts on his side:Buck II

Buck was polite and to the point, but self-appointed LGF guard dog “wrenchwench” spotted the new comments and put out the alert:130422 Wenchwrench Finks On Buck

Charles Johnson can’t accept being shown he’s wrong, even when it’s done with polite respect and backed up by facts. It’s easier to demonize and kill the messenger at Little Green Footballs. MORE TO COME.


Update: We held off posting more as we fully expected a new swarm of dingwars, but there are so few Lizards willing to be marked and tracked by Johnson’s in-house stealth system (“spy mode” allows registered lizards to track and fink on each other) that they went silent in paranoia. Once the ban stick is taken down and bonked on the floor a few times, the eggshells get big, brittle and scary for the sycophantic lizard lappers of Little Green Footballs.

Buck III

We agree that name calling is childish, but once we post Charles Johnson’s own words and bust him on it, we’re only quoting the late Andrew Breitbart when we refer to the big boy cheap-shot cut-N-paste futon drama diva as “fuckface.”
Thank you Charles.

Ones of Fives of Tens of Thousands Threw A Hissy Fit

Tens Of Thousands

Okay, let’s look at that arbitrary round number in a minute. The very first comment on that inane waste of bandwidth was posted by the brave little green mountain lion himself, who boldly snurped at the figure.


Dork_F came out with some lucid smack, yet he weenied out as the resulting hive-mind dogpile downding frenzy reamed him a new Gus for even questioning the questionable 3.5 x 10k propaganda number.

However, the author of that promoted page, Loyal Lizard-Lapper Randall Gross, linked to USA Today, that linked to Bill McKibben, founder of

Bill McKibben

“This was the biggest climate change rally in U.S. history,” said rally organizer Bill McKibben. “By our count, 50,000 people gathered by the Washington Monument and then marched past the White House, demanding that the President do more than pay lip service to what one speaker called “the climate crisis.”

Google him/them if you wish, but meanwhile Anthony Watts takes the number down to about 5,ooo cold and wet protesters.

So here we go. If five thousand people can be erroneously estimated to be 50k, then maybe Watts’ number is mistaken as well, and there were only 500 people. Perhaps fewer. With such huge margins of error, we suspect that the Protest for Action looked more like this:

AGW Protest

[Update: Apparently Bill McKibben has something in common with Charles Johnson. He likes to make up crap.  These Amazon book reviews are interesting as well.]

“Shut up,” she explained. Curious Lurker Spins Out

Image By Curious Lurker of Little Green Footballs

Image By Curious Lurker of LGF

The LGF thread [Overnight Video: Johann Johannsson] was typically inane and boring, until Lizard “Stabby” earned the first downding, and the Lizards smelled blood.

CLFO 0.0
That is not remarkable in itself, but what happened later was. The usual idiots swarmed Stabby, but he held his ground. Eventually the topic morphed to religion, and when Stabby dared to opine that modern Christianity is not a violent religion but modern radical islam is, resident  convert and islamist apologist Curious Lurker politely provided an opposing view, presented here in its entirety below the break. Seatbelts on? Let’s go. Read the rest of this entry »

One Outsider’s Opinion

No, we didn’t build that. It was found here. Carry on.

The Ruse and Fail of Little Green Footballs: Part III – The Bannings

This is Part 3 of a monograph about a blog named Little Green Footballs and its founder Charles Foster Johnson. Click the links below for related posts. They will be updated as the series continues.
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Part 3 – The Bannings
Part 4 – The Flounces
Part 5 – The Turnaround
Part 6 – Current Events & The Future Of LGF

Bonus track: Revisiting Rathergate


Every blogger, regardless of the size or popularity of his/her blog, eventually will have to deal with a troll. It’s no fun when someone shows up with the intent to irritate everyone.[1]

[First banning, post-911, courtesy of The Boiler Room Crew]

No one would claim that Charles Johnson never banned anyone from trolling on LGF. Indeed one unpopular commenter was banned in April of 2005 for his/her continual “baiting” of other posters, often creating an incredibly hostile atmosphere. In addition, there were some posters who for one reason or another went overboard (especially when discussing Islam and the Middle East) and were told that they might be happier elsewhere. Fair enough.

Read the rest of this entry »