The Magical Jazzy Twitterverse of Charles Foster Johnson

A commenter downstairs opined that Charles Johnson’s reported 37.7k Twitter followers are mostly bots, so we decided to look into it. The results so far: I don’t know Babs, but I do know this. As of January 2013 9.5% were fake according to TwitterAudit.

To run a current survey we’d need to sample and vet 200 random Twitter followers just to get a margin of error of about ±7%. Nah, I’ll pass on that drudgery. Then there’s this.

FollowerWonk compares the stats of different Twitter accounts and messes with them a bit. I took her for a free ride, plugged in @green_footballs and @gus_802 and got this:

The colors have been changed to green for Johnson, blue for Gusano; the data has not been altered. Meanwhile, Johnson’s original Twitter account, @lizardoid is still active, but was scraped of all tweets and responses. I wonder why…

Note that the @lizardoid account still has 11 followers. Hey Charles! Who are you sending DMs to via this account, and why? Who do you think you’re fooling? LMAO.


From the Lions, Tigers & Bears Department:

The Trump Administration Is Full Of Vampires,  Zombies, Evil Scientists, Nazis & Assholes

Propublica? Yeah, sure. No reporting bias there.

If that is true, it means that Gusano and Johnson missed the filing deadlines to apply for the positions of Ingeniero Sanitario de la Embajada de Argentina and Internet Fair Practices Enforcement Monitor and Nazi Detector Czar in a timely manner.

OMG! DEATH PANELS! Not all of Johnson’s TwitterRats buy into his hysterical bloviating bullcrap:

Charles, how many times can you pants yourself on the internet before you realize that you’re the joke of the butt?

Happy New Year!


To all you Stalkers, Mockers, Linkers and Lurkers, have great New Year from everyone at
Diary of Daedalus

May the new year bring you health and prosperity. Oh, and humor. And lots of ground Chuck. And @Gus_802. Bring us lots of @Gus_802 and @Green_Footballs and humor. And a new gravatar for Charles Johnson. And more Twitter meltdowns and stuff.

This is going to be a fun year.

Gus_802 is having a change of heart

Gus_802 has been one of DoD’s top targets over the years. His shilling for Charles and attempts to out people’s identities has made him one of the most hated people online. Recently Gus_802 has been having a change of heart on political matters. He no longer comments at LGF and now attacks the Left regularly on Twitter. He mocks the latest progressive talking point that inequality led to the rise of ISIS.







I found more anti-Progressive tweets by Gus.





It looks like Gus has left the cult.

@Gus_802 Addresses… Someone. [Update: We Got Chumped.]

Gus Story

Yep. That’s Gus Ignatowski from 2010.


@Gus_802 quit Twitter in 2013 (yeah, right). Meanwhile, A Little Birdy sent us this. It contains an odd message:

Gus 802 Spazzout

Here’s the unedited graphically-enhanced version for your viewing pleasure:

GUS Twitter Header Enlarged

Bizarre. Was Gus sending a message to a fellow Lizard, was he referring to himself, or was it an impulsive cagey crit of Charles F. Johnson? Either and/or any way it’s been deleted, and you got our attention again, Gusano.

[h/t @SemperBanU. Related posts here.]

[Update – Apparently we got chumped by @SemperBanU who scotched Gus_802’s Twitterheader without letting us know it was a hoax. Give us a headslurp next time, Semp.]

Gus questions the Left

Gus_802 is a very odd person. He spends his whole day tweeting from his couch pro-Obama and Leftist themes. However, Gus made a very truthful observation


This sentiment should make Gus reconsider his support of the Left. I doubt he will since he loves living off the government dole.

Unemployed parasite from Argentina uses anti-Semitic catchphrase “Likudnik” to sanitize his Jew hatred, Mr. Toot concurs with him

Where do we being? First off Gus (a week ago) called for a “one-stae” solution to the Middle East. For those of you not in the know it is in essence  a euphemism for the destruction of Israel by having millions of people who claim to be “Palestinians” and who have been radicalized by decades of violent anti-Semitism and genocidal dreams to be given citizenship where they can vote Israel out of existence all the while engaging in Iraq/Afghanistan style terrorism. As for “Likudnik” – that is a slanderous term which tries to make a parliamentary party  – which by the way signed the Camp David accords with Egypt and foolishly withdrew from Gaza – into a party beyond the pale. Benjamin Netanyahu is not a racist or a maximalist, he is a democratic parliamentarian who builds coalitions (even with left-wing parties) and there is nothing fascistic or totalitarian about him. Likud has lost elections, won elections, and been part of many coalitions. When they have lost elections they surrendered power as required and went back into the opposition camp. On the surface why “Likudnik” has become a term of  opprobrium is perplexing – but not really. I first recall it being used by scum bag Jew hater Pat Buchanan, then by the demented Andrew Sullivan and even Barack Obama has used it, trying to make like there is a difference between the “good Israel” of Golda Meir as opposed to the “bad Israel” of Menahem Begin and Benjamin Netanyahu, somehow I doubt that if he were old enough back then,  Barack Obama would have been a fan of the Israel of Ben-Gurion,  Sharrett,  Eshkol, Rabin, Peres, Dayan, Eban, and Meir.


As for Mr. Toot – all one can do is shake ones head as he moves into Glenn Greenwald, Justin Raimondo, Andrew Sullivan, and Jim Clancy territory and I do not know if I should pity  or hate him. Charles and Gus  are two of a kind.  Both are on public subsistence even though  they are physically capable of working, both are shut ins who live on twitter where they become emboldened through a keyboard, and both are massively ignorant and embittered.


Little Green Footballs once won the “pro Israel blog Award” many, many years ago – now it has become a pale imitation of the loathsome “Mondoweiss”, “Electronic Intifada”, “Firedoglake” in its genocidal wishes for the Jewish nation. As for the Likud Party being allied with neo-Nazis – Gus and Toot are fucking nuts! Menahem Begin was opposed to Israel establishing diplomatic relations with West Germany in 1965 (he was wrong and later admitted he was wrong).