How was Charles Johnson’s Thanksgiving? (The Internet wants to know.)

Everyone in the blogosphere wants to know how Charles Johnson’s Thanksgiving went. It went like this:

At 11am he posted a music video on LGF, then went silent, presumably to prepare a grand Thanksgiving Dinner. Then 3-1/2 hours later:

On our tradtional Day of Reverence, to be grateful for what we have – good fortune, good friends and family – and to remember those who are no longer with us, Charles is a miserable hateful person.

By 5:55pm, his bird was still not done, so let’s run the numbers. Say the prep for the turkey is one hour before you shove it into the oven, and if the rule of thumb is 15 minutes per pound, Charles bought a 24 lb. Butterball. For himself.

About a half hour later, the “big freakin’ bird” is done, and Charles has already consumed so much food he’s sleepy.

Does anyone buy that story given the timeline?

Charles didn’t go anywhere, didn’t have any friends or family over to his place, and didn’t eat it all in 20 minutes.

Or maybe he did.

LMAO Chuck. You’re more transparent than Claude Rains ever was.


Idiot Wind [Updated]

In 16 years Charles Johnson mentioned only his mother and his brother. Now he claims to have relatives that could have perished in the WTC attacks, but they didn’t, and any one of us could claim the same damn unprovable thing.

That’s some amazing unfettered idiocy right there.

I never cared much for Bob Dylan. He was talented but too pretentious for my taste. On the other hand, I hereby dedicate this song, on behalf of The Diary of Daedalus, to Charles F. Johnson & Viscous Bouche, aka Alouette.

Update: Apparently a lot of people took notice of Johnson’s Idiot Wind, including Weasel Zippers and The Washington Times. Many (of the 38k+ banned) ex-lizards ressponded in the comments sections of both. Enjoy.

Update 2: The Daily Caller also picked up the story [h/t ChenZhen].

For new visitors to this site, don’t miss The Breitbart Project, aka “The Ruse And Fail” series. If you’d Rather not wade through a concise history of Little Green Footballs, at least read this.



Charles thinks passport was planted, round up the usual suspects (creationists, Right-wingers, Vlaams, Belang, the Mossad – fill in the blanks)

Despite the terror attacks on Paris by ISIS, Mr. Toot continues to harp on the reaction against the attack. Many Americans oppose bringing in Syrian refugees that ISIS has infiltrated. Charles attacks them and even claims that the Syrian passport belonging to one of the terrorists was planted. He insinuates the Right planted the passport. As for Alouette and her idiocy regarding the 9/11 hijackers passports being found in the wreckage of the World Trade Center (memo to Leah: the planes pretty much disintegrated.  I guess she believes teh treasured fable so dear to the syphilitic minds of the Internet about the “dancing Israelis” who were spotted celebrating the WTC attacks, as well as  the story put out by Hezbollah TV that 4,000 Israelis were warned to stay away from the WTC on 9/11 (or was it just 4,000 Jews?)  “Hey David Greenberg, this is the Mossad, listen don’t go to work tomorrow, yeah something big is going down at the World Trade Center, and do not under any circumstances tell your non Jewish friends and family members who work there too”).  I will bet that Fart Man will soon adopt the standard Justin Raimondo/Glenn Greenwald/Max Blumenthal/Alex Jones technique of “I am not accusing anyone, I am  just asking questions” to cover his palpable Jew hatred.  As for the self-proclaimed and not so  scholarly lawhawk – you sure write long winded stream of consciousness posts but you actually say nothing.





Sergey Romanov show sanity by disputing the idea that a Syrian passport was planted to smear the refugees.

Passport5Alouette displays her stupidity.

Passport6After Sergey’s call  out, Charles claims it could be the terrorists.





Lawhawk chimes in with a long rant that says absolutely nothing.


To top off this stupidity, Charles goes on rant about the opposition to taking in refugees.


It is because ISIS kills Christians that these Governors do not want Syrian refugees who have been infiltrated by this organization to be allowed into their states.


I’m doing great, screw you!

LGF’s resident Kapo ignores the terrible economic reality for most Americans. Wages have declined, most jobs created pay under 30,000 and GDP growth has averaged 2% during this alleged recovery. Alouette works in Auto industry that received a government bailout that helped put them back on their feet. She is under the impression everyone else is doing great!

Aloutte Im fine

Alouette should have a conversation with Gus on how great the economy is.

Alouette gets deep

I never would have considered LGF’s resident Kapo Alouette a deep thinker.

Deep thoughts

Stupid tweets by Alouette and Darthstar

Yesterday there was a shooting in a movie theater in Louisiana. As expected, the LGF crew jumped on this to bash gun rights. Two of the embittered losers, Darthstar and resident Kapo Alouette tweeted out some stupidity.

What stupidity!

Alouette Shows Her Ignorance About Uber

Economic literacy is not prevalent among the LGF’s band of losers and Alouette is one of the top ignoramuses when it comes to economic issues. Blinded by a devotion to Stalinist dogma, the resident Kapo attacks Uber.





The reason Uber is successful is due to market forces. In some localities, taxis are very oppressive due to government regulations or monopolies and Uber provides an alternative means of transportation. As a user I find it to be very convenient due to shorter waiting time and lower prices. If Alouette was really concerned about the taxi industry, she would push for deregulation that would allow taxis to lower their prices. The Kapo is just jealous that people are making money.

In a typical hypocritical stance, Alouette is OK with a similar service to Uber, this time involving apartments that benefited her. It’s not Rand Paul that views us consumers as peasants, it is Alouette and her Stalinist ideologues at LGF.