Nazis took over!

Charles is now crowing Nazis took over the Republican party.


Except for the alt right who are Nazis, the Trump led Republican party has gone Hugo Chavez style socialist, not Nazi. You would think Charles would applaud that!

Oh, brother.

Wow. Breaking news: Obama’s father was a muslim, so Obama’s half-brother is a muslim. Brilliant sleuthing, Charles.

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Oh, brother.

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Oh, brother.

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Oh, brother.

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Oh, brother.

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The Uzbeki threat!

For many years, Charles was obsessed with the Flemish. He would claim Flemish snipers were coming for him and linked all politicians to the Flemish party, Vlaams Belang. A new boogeyman might replace the dreaded Flemish menace. Charles is now claiming that hacking attempts on LGF are originating from Uzbekistan.

We will keep an eye on Charles and see if he starts ranting about the Uzbeki threat!

Q: Can Charles Johnson Get Even More Inane? A: YES

Somebody’s losing his Scheiße. I won’t say who, but his initials are Charles Foster Johnson. Check out the Twitterbabble we recently culled from his feed bag:


Can anyone decipher that brilliant stream of superficial mental magic? Does anyone even care? It’s obvious that Charles Johnson hasn’t a clever original thought left in his ponytailed Coleman Cooler.


Chuckie gets a job

Could it be that the gaseous, unemployed, public assistance addicted, jazz guitarist has found a job (that is not at McDonald’s)?  Oops sorry, it is his Doppleganger Charles C. Johnson aka “Ginger”. Never mind!


Charles Johnson Pwns Himself on The Presidential Debates

Just like everyone else in the Blogosphere, the first thing on my mind was,”What’s Charles Johnson’s take on the Town-Hall-Style Manufactured Debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton?” I considered collecting his live Tweets, then I thought I might screencap his comments on Little Green Footballs instead, since he always reposts them there for kudos from his little green lizard lappers.

So I put on my BRC wading boots and ventured into The Swamp. What I found was not surprising: three back-to-back threads, posted as if the comments were coming in too fast for the little green chubby stompy feets to keep up with them, and I realized there was not much point in going further. It’s all right there up front in all its glorious vapidity.


Aside from Johnson’s predictable gross misrepresentations, does anyone really believe that 11,583 people watched it on a Little Green Footballs thread, or that another 3,194 people stuck around for Charles Johnson’s Inane Wrap Up?

Little Green Footballs is nothing more than a parrot site, and Charles, you’re a ignorant mess.

Charles has a good day

With the bad news piling up against Trump, the miserable shut in and fat overweight blogger is having a good day.

Charles is a miserable soul who can only have a good day at someone else’s expense.

Charles, nobody wants to pinch you.