Charles is jealous of Chuck

Both Charles Johnsons are loathsome individuals that I can’t stand. But at least Chuck is a player on the political scene while the Ponytailed One is a mad man ranting on Twitter. Our favorite loser is complaining that Chuck C. Johnson was at the Republican convention.

Charles is mad he is getting no invite to the DNC.

CFJ & LGF on the RNC leads to ZZZ

Yeah, I did.  I wandered over to The Swamp to see what brilliant commentary I could find knowing it was a lost cause. I wasn’t disappointed, and the cause remains lost.

LGF GOP Convention 1

Amazing. So I decided to move to the following thread to see what Charlie The Chin Farmer was paying attention to:

LGF GOP Convention 2

“Look how stupid they are.”
“Yeah. OMG they’re stupid.”
“They’re REALLY stupid.”
“I’ve never heard anything this stupid.”

I couldn’t take much more as the rest of the comments were just as inane, sprinkled with Charles’ witty bitty Twittys, and his big buggy website kept crashing my plugin container. With content like that, it’s only a matter of time before Charles has to pay someone to buy his Little Green Footballs. Ride the Decline.

Electrotek’s main concern over the Nice attack

Terrorism struck again in France, this time in the southern city of Nice. There was a large crowd celebrating Bastille Day and watching fireworks. A truck plowed into the crowed and killed over 70 people. LGF commentator Electrotek is more concerned about how the French may view Syrian refugees than the terror attack itself.


The priorities of LGF commentators never cease to astound me.

Blocking is better!

Charles gets into another Twitter fight, this time with Progressives Today, a conservative blog’s Twitter account. As usual Charles looks like a fool.

At least he did not block you, Charles.

[Update: This just in from the Penis Penis Penis LOL Department:

LGF TrumpBump Down

Republicans to blame for Dallas shooting

Last night, Army reservist and Black militant, Micah Xavier Johnson ambushed 12 officers. 4 cops died as a result of this terror attacks and the police have 3 accomplices in custody. As usual the Left is blaming guns and the NRA for this shooting. Over at LGF, some are even blaming the Republican party.

GOP to Blame

I don’t get how wanting to prevent Iran from getting nukes has anything to do with the terrorist attack in Dallas.

Ludwig’s LGF2.0 Rant – A Retrospective

In 2010, the blogwars were in full schwing.

LGF2.0, aka The Blogmocracy, had already left a welt on the soft underbelly of Little Green Footballs, if only by existing and attracting ex-lizards who’d had enough of Charles Johnson’s fascist blogging style:

Yes, you can post comments and opinions freely here unless I disagree with them, and I won’t tell you when you’ve crossed the line or where the line is until you’re gone.

Ludwig Van Quixote was Charles Johnson’s darling when he penned an LGF Tutorial for new “hatchlings” and  gave his assessment of “The Stalkers” without having any idea who or what he was writing about. Here it is in its entirety.

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An LGF Social Justice Warrior

LGF has gone in full SJW mode. One of the commentator named mmmirele has been protesting some pastor.



Loser Protester Loser Protester2

This person should get a life.


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