The Master debater!

The master debater shuts down dissent once again!

Such great intellect on display.

Block Early and Often

The debate crusher has a suggestion on what to do with people you disagree with on Twitter.

What great debating skills.

LGF August 2002: Whatcha hidin’ Charles?

Deleted Comment 47

What could have been posted in LGF Comment 47, Article 3881 that was so offensive or out of line that would cause Charles to not only delete it, but to block all comments on that Little Green Footballs post from 24 August 2002 from public view? Mr. Paranoia strikes again.

113 Charles Sat, Aug 31, 2002 1:17:13pm

A Disappointed Whiner wrote:

And furthermore, had I asked the question “Do you support allowing people to post obviously bigoted and inflammatory comments about JEWS on this web site?” I can guarantee I would have gotten a very different response out of you.

I had a feeling if I let you go on long enough, eventually your agenda might slip out.

To answer your question, “Do you support allowing people to post obviously bigoted and inflammatory comments about J-E-W-S on this web site?”

Why yes, as a matter of fact.

Odd that all those embedded links now redirect to the current front page of LGF and that the comment section for that thread is blocked from public view. Wassa talmbout, Johnson?

[Post updated with screencap courtesy of The Boiler Room Crew.]

Christian Prayers are bad

Only in the world wide world of chucky is someone wanting to pray for him, considered bad.


Charles defends $400 Million ransom paid to Iran

Charles, once a staunch supporter of the State of Israel, sees no big deal in giving $400 million to Iran. He gets mad at conservative criticisms of this abomination.

Palestinian father tries to get his son shot by IDF troops but the soldiers just shake the little boys hand. Remember when Mr. Toot would refer to this as “Palestinian Child Abuse”?

In days long numbered with the past, a certain gas bag blogger would prominently feature this story to illustrate the nihilism of the Palestinians. Not any more. All credit to the Israeli soldiers (actually I think they might be border policemen). I wish they would have plugged the father and taken the child (who appears to be no more than 4 years old) to Israel so he could be brought up civilized.


Hilarious Photoshop of Charles

A Trump supporter makes a hysterical Photoshop of Charles.

Funny Photo of Charles.

Too funny!


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