A Week’s Worth of Little Green Footballs Headlines: What’s Missing?


[Hint: It’s round on the ends and high in the middle.]

A Charlie Johnson Thanksgiving, Now With More Pam


Oh, shut up about Pam Geller. She’s equivalent to Nazis? How do you reach adulthood with that level of blind їdiocé, Charles? On Thanksgiving? Bet you’re a fun person to be around during holiday get-togethers with family (and friends, if you still have any).

At least there’s some funny on the thread:


What’s the percentage of sites that load faster? 69%?

Bonus: Some wag threadbombed the Pamtrum Convo already.

Charles Johnson Attacks A Dead Man. Again.


Yeah, let’s check this out. WOT tags AppNexus with a yellow caution flag, and there’s usually a good reason for it. In this case, the owner of the web advertisement company is a dick according to Forbes. No wonder Charles Johnson admires him.


Charles Johnson likes to use descriptive words that start with the letter V, like Vile, Vicious and Virulent. On the other hand, I’d describe Johnson as Vain, Voluminous and Vapid, and all with a capital VaJayJay. So what does Alexa have to say?

161122-little-green-footballs-alexa-statsNo surprises there, but how does Little Green F-Balls compare with Breitbart? Visualize a dead snake on the asphalt. Now imagine contrails. Rock on, Charles.

Charles Johnson Celebrates Twitter’s Takedown of “White Supremacist” Accounts, Posts Image of Democrats


I don’t follow white supremists like Charles Johnson does, so I can’t comment on the accuracy of his list. What I find ironic is the photo Johnson chose.

In 1951, photojournalist W. Eugene Smith was allowed into a Klan rally in South Carolina and that was one of his shots. In those days South Carolina was a One-Party State (with Jim Crow Laws) and everyone in that photo was a Democrat.

Johnson doesn’t understand the irony, and there’s no racism at Little Green Footballs either.


Hey, Charles. Your front porch needs sweeping.

Charles Johnson’s Brain

Anyone who watched the election results coming in last Tuesday knew that something big was happening, and Charles Johnson was no exception. The Magical Jazzy Ponytail was headed for a meltdown when he posted this image before the fireworks even began:

2016-election-open-threadCheck out the caption:


Heads up to Captain Peepo: See-saws don’t go back and forth.

So we took a core sample, plugged it into the BRC Brute Force Cybernetics controller to see what would happen.


The test bot self-destructed, but the last message on the printout was, “GET IT OFF ME.”


Charles blames the Far Left for the Trump win

The election is over and we can resume our regular Charles bashing. Today he blames Hillary loss on what he deems the Far Left.


Charles is far Left by any standards, so this group he is talking about must be Stalinist.

How did Charles Johnson react to the Election? By going scooters.

little-flat-green-footballToo much whiny hyperbole over at The Swamp today to choose from, so we lifted a short Twitter convo instead.

2016-election-cj-2 2016-election-cj-3

Angry, despondent and they’re eating their own. Maybe it’s because of the steady drumbeat of garbage like this: