3 Days’ Worth of “Great Content” from Little Green Footballs…

LGF Stats Inspection Time

Once in a while it’s kinda fun to check on the Decline of Little Green Footballs. Remember this one from 19 February 2010?


About a year later, on 9 February 2011, we posted this:


The Webworth.info site is now defunct as far as we can tell, but now there’s WEBUKA. Here’s the February 2017 estimate for LGF:


GAH! What a graphic abomination, and there’s not much we can do to fix it. On the other hand, the estimated numbers are relevant. In just six years, Charles Johnson’s website value has decreased in value by approximately 75%. So what does Alexa have to say about all this?

Since we last checked in with Alexa, it had been purchased by Amazon and a lot of the freebee stats are no longer available without a pay-to-play subscription. So what. This is all we need.


What happened in September 2016 to drive down his rank, and why did he get a bump once Trump was inaugurated? I don’t know, Babs, but I do know this: Little Green Footballs is STILL slower to load than 2/3 of all websites tracked by Alexa. Go figger.

[Sources: This, this and this.]

SitePrice estimates the value of a blog differently, and comes up with this number:


It also provides a graphic of the top 5 search terms that lead to Little Green Footballs:


No real surprises in that subliminal goatse, but how does “A. J. Delgado” make it to the Top Five with only 5%? Something smells like your socks, Charles.


The Original Little Green Footballs Logo


Nah. Little Green Footballs isn’t bug infested. “SecurityError: The operation is insecure build.min.js:194.”

2017-lgf-glitchesThat made me grin, snigger and stifle a guffaw. Even an amateur like me, with no background in Atari programming, can spot the trouble.

Rock on, Charles.

Charles Johnson’s Little Green Website Has Some Embedded Nasties.


There’s the screencap. Goodtime Charlie has some ‘splainin’ to do.

I think Lucy D. meant “pus-riddled,” but “puss” is close enough.

[h/t ISTE]

LGF supports oppression of women

It’s funny to see LGF which claims to support liberty for females, actually back the oppression of women. The hijab is a symbol of the oppression of women in Islam. Rather than condemn it, the hijab  is celebrated at LGF.



Islam’s oppression of women is cool over at LGF!


Most LGF BlogMockers are aware of Charles Johnson’s Sit-On-A-Culver-City-Sidewalk-With-A-Tin-Cup-Experiment [aka, the Little Green Footballs GoFundMe account]. King Lizard hopes to raise $10K in donations from saps while providing little to nothing of value, and since GoFundMe takes 5% of every donation, Charles is at 30% after almost 6 months of begging. A whopping 5% (about $600) came blasting in within the last three months according to the big boy himself.

A Little Birdy forwarded an email recently – a confirmation of a measly donation to Charles Johnson’s GoFundMe account, date/time stamped Thursday, October 8, 2015 9:55 PM from someone named “Hippy Potimouse.” [Click for larger image.]


BFD, right? Check this out.
If you choose to contribute to a GoFundMe account, you have the option of posting your name, avatar and/or a comment (like Lizard Lapper Daniel Ballard did) otherwise you can choose to be an anonymous donor. Hippy Potimouse chose the former:


Here’s a close-up of the comment:

GO FUND ME 3aCool. Some wag decided it was worth five clams to mock Charles, but in less than an hour, something odd happened. The comment done got disappeared.


Got that? How ’bout a Throbbing Donation? Here you go.

Throbbing Donation 1

So what does this mean?


GoFundMe is yet another place where Charles can do his blocking shit. How many more of the “anonymous” donations were not made anonymously but were things like “Hey Charles, here is $200. Spend it wisely but at your time of life you really should think about getting a real life” etc.. you get the idea..

Anyway we proved he is hiding negative comments but cheerfully accepting donations.

If I were Charles, I’d say, “I just got a donation with a nasty comment attached and I have accepted the money and donated it to (insert a charity)”

For only $5 we have some childish fun at Charles’ expense, and it still costs less than this:


Cheetos and Dew

Party-Size Cheetos, Mountain Dew, and a programmer. Charles Johnson is familiar with 2 out of 3.

P.S. During the preparation of this benign commentary, Charles Johnson decided to refund $15 to three donors and eliminate their comments entirely Rather (heh) than be poked in the ribs. Too late, Charles.