A few weeks ago everyone noticed that the “Quote” button went missing in the comments section, and that the comments were no longer numbered. Kind of an odd bizarre drag, yet we adapted. Meanwhile, we contacted WordPress to suss the problem. They’ve got great tech support, but couldn’t forward a viable solution until we asked if it might have something to do with the template we’ve been using. BINGO.

WordPress offers a variety of templates (Themes) as part of the package. Pre-formatted modifiable graphic layouts save the layman the trouble of writing html script to create a visual “cage” for a website such as Diary Of Daedalus. The pre-scripted Theme is usually chosen based on the purpose of the website and the image the website owner wants to project.

After talking with WordPress, we learned that the Theme we’ve been using is no longer supported by WordPress, and indeed some html code was stripped out. The solution is to choose a new Theme and reinstall Widgets. (Widgets are the things that populate the right side bar.) Changing WP Themes is easy, but Widgets are tedious things that you set up and leave alone, at least for me, so I deferred to the more confident Admins to make the changeover. I’d shove a stick through my front wheel spokes if any of the valuable widgets got vaporized accidentally, because they provide such great subliminal ambiance to Diary Of Daedalus.

As for the present *ahem* Theme, consider it a preliminary test. We need a more solid Theme than “WhisperingFooFoo,” and it’s being taken care of by The Duchess of The Mothership.

[Update:  Okay, we’ve tried several new WP Theme templates, and none had the Quote Button or numbered comments that we’re looking for, let alone a cool comment-formatting toolbar. This contradicts what the WP techs said.  It appears that although the Themes are offered at no cost, some template authors demand some bucks to allow us to customize the ugly out of them. Before we cough up bucks, we need to verify that purchasing a Theme template does what we want it to do. Film at 11.]


Charles whines about the Citizens United case

It’s pathetic when Charles Johnson tries to act like some great legal mind. In reality, he comes across as an idiot. He links to an article that fear-mongers about Citizens United. It claims some small group of rich people are buying the election.  This is a fraudulent charge. Rich Donors always gave more money, now they are allowed to donate as much as they want. This has helped even the odds against the Democrats for Republicans. Hence what Charles is really angry about!

OMG Charles its a conspiracy! Maybe those donors are Nazis! Save us Charles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

@Lizardoid Now Tried/Convicted of “Tribalism”

I plugged my nose and finally finished reading the internet ass taco’s spittle drenched rant on “tribalism” at TPM (thank you wingularity for keeping it out of the memory hole).

The Round Mound of BeClowned, irrelevant blogger, and hysteria monger thought this at the time he scribbled the 5 yr. old’s rant:

But there’s also a new type of right wing tribalism at work today, enabled (as so many things are) by the Internet and social networking technologies. This new tribalism is an extremely effective means to propagate persecution politics. The speed at which memes can be generated and disseminated throughout the networked tribe means that the tribe is able to come up with talking points and counter strategies almost immediately in response to any situation — and these strategies often involve casting the tribe as victims of persecution by the outsiders.

A lot of the messaging that goes on within this networked tribe is remarkably illogical and even dimwitted; if you’ve ever followed Twitter’s #tcot feed (Top Conservatives On Twitter) during some kind of breaking news, you know what I mean. But following #tcot can also show you these tribalist defense memes percolating up from the right wing base in real time.

This from the guy who took a day out to tweet about vaginas? The guy who ran with clearly false stories about Zimmerman (blindly following Think Progress over the cliff)? What a moron, but it gets even better. If we carefully compare Charles’ TPM screed to his actions on Twitter, he’s reached parity with everything he accused “far right wing” of doing. Let’s take this theory for a little spin, shall we (at the expense of the internet’s most throbbing assclown). Let’s start here:

A lot of the messaging that goes on within this networked tribe is remarkably illogical and even dimwitted; if you’ve ever followed Twitter’s #tcot feed (Top Conservatives On Twitter) during some kind of breaking news, you know what I mean.

Exhibit A, just a few random tweets form @Lizardoid’s TL show a narrative in place, to be parroted regardless of truth:

Yikes, dipshit. we’re starting to see a little pattern here. Dare we wade into the puddle of Johnson’s screed some more? sure why not.

But following #tcot can also show you these tribalist defense memes percolating up from the right wing base in real time.

It took me ten seconds to see why Charles was leg humping this story in #tcot

But wait, there’s even more to see. It’s like this article was Johnson’s manifesto of his own behavior on the internet:

Within the tribe there’s no need to be concerned with facts or accuracy; if the goal is to demonize a hated opponent, for example, anything and everything goes, including smears known to be false. That’s because the objective is not to convince an impartial observer — it’s to reinforce the tribal bonds, the sense of belonging to something, with its own shared reality.

Hmm, I think I saw a recent example of this?

So much for that one Chuck. You’ve been found guilty of being an internet tribalist. You’re not impartial, you only care about the hive mindset, and you seek to do this to your detractors (from the other article):

Daedalus is an anti-Muslim bigot. On some level, he probably knows that and is ashamed of it. It matters little to him if a liberal calls him a bigot, but he thought that Johnson was an ally, a member of his tribe. Johnson’s repudiation thus threatens his delicate worldview, and that threat is unforgivable.


In essence, that article that Johnson penned was more of the beginning to his autobiography of life as a liberal “pundit” (tsk, *snicker*), an omage to the King of Assclowns, Charles “Icarus” Johnson. Once again, CJ. You’ve been pwn3d by your own article, you Wizard of Dipshits on a Unicorn.

Daedalus Addendum:

For anyone who didn’t know I thought I would leave the official Urban Dictionary definition of assclown (very apt, and so there’s no confusion about my use of the term).

One, who, through the fault of his parents conception, is a skid mark in society’s collective underwear.

Pretty much sums it up.

Update II: I wonder what Israel supporters like Lawhawk, San Francisco Zionist, Alouette and Dark Falcon have to say about Charles Johnson’s new Islamic ally?

Mohammed Ansar is part of the Muslim Council of Britain. That organization is connected with Islamic Militants. Nice friends you have there Charles!

(Hat Tip: ISTE)

Update: Commenting Changes (the Slightly Less Confusing Version)

It’s been a few days, and it appears that is committed to this new login requirement for commenting with Gravatar and accounts (filling the commenting form with phony and non-registered email addys still works the same, and gives you the auto-generated avatar).

I’ve been watching this FAIL in slow motion, and the main thread on the support page is now over 200 comments worth of confusion and outrage. It seemed clear that the people in change over there were gone for the weekend, but now I’ve seen a slight improvement (but still a FAIL). Now, if you try to comment with a gravatar/wordpress-registered email addy in the comment form, the error message looks like this:

(I think this is at least the 3rd incarnation of this error message)

So, even if you’re not given a login form underneath that message, or given a link to a login page (either of which would have seemed to make more sense), you CAN hit that “back button”, and you shouldn’t be forced to re-enter the content of your comment. So…

Hit the “back button”, and then click the “W” icon in the comment form:

This will open a login window. Fill out the username/password, and you should be able to return to your comment and click the “post comment” button without having to re-enter anything.

I’m embarrassed to say that I forgot about the “W” icon in our previous instruction thread (as admin, I had always used the link in the sidebar, since it took me to the DoD dashboard), and this should be a little easier for our visitors.

For the time being, I’m placing the reminder message above the form, so hopefully you guys/gals will make sure to log in first and save yourself the extra steps.

Update:’s Clumsy Changes to Commenting was a Knee-Jerk Attempt to Block a Single Impostor? FAIL

As more and more bloggers (like us) begin to realize that their commenting system has had a surprise and unwelcome shot to the foot, the confusion and discontent is spreading rapidly. For the moment, we sit here at the mercy of the people at, hoping that our instruction thread has limited the damage, and alleviated a lot of the confusion for our readers.

While we wait and see if they’ll realize their mistake and/or change this, I believe I’ve stumbled upon what prompted this sudden move:

If I’m reading that right, it looks like my theory that this was intended to be a solution to nefarious gravatar/nic-jacking was correct, as this appears to have been done as a reaction to one case (!?) involving a victim of above-average influence on the net? Wow…

Even if it was properly executed (which it isn’t even close to that), it’s a boneheaded sledgehammer solution to a fly-sized problem. The thinking is still flawed, since anyone can still simply steal an image and apply it to their own gravatar account, if they really wanted to impersonate another netizen. Like with an IP, only the webmaster or admin would be able to tell the difference, and even they would not be able to verify which email addy was the legit one, right? To the rest of the world, the commenter is successfully impersonated. For example (simple demonstration, with one of my other accounts):

Or retweet this:

Look, people nic-jack all day long, on every corner of the blogosphere. But when it’s done to some big wig at Google, then the rest of us get hosed, I guess. Hopefully they’re smarter than this, and switch it back…soon.

Tech Note: Changes Commenting With Gravatars

It appears that the great folks at decided once again to change something without a proper announcement, and since our site uses their service, we’ve been affected as well. Many of our users are seeing this when they attempt to leave a comment:

Searching the WP forums, there’s a lot of confusion over it, but I finally found a post from one of the staff that appears to be an official explanation:


We’ve recently updated our commenting system.

Now if someone tries to comment with an email address attached to a account, they’ll need to sign into before they can comment.

If commenters have forgotten their password they can request a reset:

The little detail that this guy is leaving out is that this affects anyone with a Gravatar as well (WordPress and Gravatar have been affiliated with one another since 2007). I’ve already seen a lot of bloggers on the support boards pretty upset over this, and at this point we shouldn’t rule out the possibility that WP could make another change to it. So…

Anyway, for the time being, commenters who are using a phony or non-gravatar/wordpress email in our comment form are not affected. Your auto-generated avatars will appear and you can comment as you always have.


For commenters with a gravatar, you must now login if you want to comment here (or any blog). It’s lame, but here’s the easiest solution:

1) Click the “log in” link in our sidebar:

2) enter your Gravatar username and password* (and you might want to check that “remember me” box):

3) because the geniuses at haven’t quite thought this through, you’ll be greeted with a message like this (unless, of course, you’re logging in as one of the authors here):


4) But it’s OK! You’re logged in. All you have to do is go back and/or refresh our front page, and you’ll be ready to comment.

But wait!  Some folks don’t want their gravatar username to be the display name for their comments. Now that you’re logged in, you can change that:

1) in the comment box, click “change”:

Then clear out the box for the username, and enter the new one:


*for this example, I used “blogwarriorx”, which is one of the house gravatars that I created (located in our sidebar). So, I was able to do this because I know the password for this account. This recent change means that, unfortunately, these house DoD gravatars won’t be usable for visitors like they once were (by simply c/p the addy into the comment form). Since publicly posting up the passwords for these would be problematic, I think I might hand these out to people if anyone is interested (hit us up on the comment form, maybe after a week or so; let’s see if WP changes it back).

Where Walter Went

The theories and suspicions have been circulating behind the scenes here at DoD over the past few days, as we’ve seen some interesting emails from both Boiler Room engineers and “little birdies” alike with regard to the fate of the LGF netizen Walter.

At press time, Walter is past his “timeout” period (apparently), and is free to log in and return to the swamp… if he chooses.  But alas, there has been no sign of him anywhere.

Or HAS there?

You see, The Boiler Room Crew is made up of some really smart and resourceful people (I know I’ve said that before, but it’s true). It’s pretty tough to get anything past us. For another illustration, we’ll throw out a couple of screencaps, and then collect the high-5’s:

(note the timestamp; this was the day Walter received his TO)

Then, a little later, right here at DoD:

Search thru our own comment archives, and the admins here will tell you that KoTB has used the incredibly unique phrase “stupid-goo” another four times since then.

Coincidence?  We think…not. The overall style and some of the other statements were already a hint, but this pretty much seals it.

Now, with that said, we should remind everyone of some of the other interesting things that have been posted by the Keeper Walter:

So, were all these hints left intentionally? It’s certainly possible.  C’mon Walter, let’s have it!

(btw, I had Walter in the Dead Pool)