@Lizardoid Breaks News: From 2006 (ROFLocopters Ensue)

Boy do we love it when Big Boy beclowns himself, and all we have to do is tell him. It happened again yesterday. “What?” you ask? Oh, well CJ did a stampede on his pecker on Twitter. Of course, you know we’re here to tell you all about it.

trolololol @Lizardoid, right?! A two tier beclowning of the fat man. He gets one for taking Bill Nye seriously as a scientist not antagonist, and then another for linking to a story that predated Twitter! LOL (well, if it did..I dunno)

See, the problem with blocking everyone on Twitter is that when someone actually pitches in to help, you’re the last one to know. And much to the fat man’s chagrin, he was the last one to realize he’d done another Riverdance on his pecker.

@ChenZhen tries to help the bitter old man out, but it falls on deaf ears:

Chen is a little more malevolent (<—that's sarcasm) than the rest of Chuck's mockers, helping even Chuck's followers out. Were Chen not blocked by the fat Wildebeest, he might've seen that Chen was actually coming to his rescue. Nope, instead Charles hurls the "stalker" label (not realizing that Chen was actually helping one of his followers NOT look like a fool).

Then, another one of @Lizardoid's toadies (apparently in good enough standing to not be blocked) points out to the fat buffoon that he's running a story he hasn't bothered to read:

Gawd, what an idiot! (shakes head) However, don't underestimate how thin skinned and transparent he is. The stumbling idiot runs back to his site in a flash to try to cover the mess. Chen was already there to greet him. When the dumb shit tried to scrub traces of it from his website, we were there to record the hilarity.

Sidebar before (LOLOLOL)!

Sidebar after chuckie’s magic show!

I know what you’re telling yourself “What a lick spittle dipshit! Doesn’t he know we’re watching him?” Well, there’s no clear answer to that. If he does think no one is watching him, or that he’s sly…LOL!

See, there’s another part to this that is even MORE LOL worthy, if you can believe it. See, after the fat clown called Chen a stalker for pointing out the clownish error of 6yrs. old “breaking news”, then a minion daring to squeak up and tell him he was wrong, he went back to update his post.

No, you didn’t read that wrong, the pathetically hopeless dipshit didn’t bother to click through the link one of his flying monkeys sent to him, going off of the first link he clicked through. LOL, the best part? Chen did the work for him, and had he not blocked him would have known in one tweet.

you can’t make this up people. This guy desires to be a “relevant” pundit, and this is the shit he pulls? Imagine if Dana Loesch or Mandy Nagy pulled a stunt like this?

Gawd, is he painful to watch sometimes. LOL!

I was trying to be nuanced and leave it to the dear reader, but let me just say it (we’re taking on some Twitter folks here). What I was getting at with the update is that he even got that wrong the date says 2009! That’s the date of the “link” that he saw. If you click through that link you’ll find the date is actually 2006 LOL! Yes, he’s a detail oriented control freak, alright!

More Conclusive Proof @Lizardoid Tied to #Twittergulag

The Round Mound of BeClowned has become fascinated, as of late, with the Twittergulag. He admits to regularly sweeping the hashtag for material for his blog and mocks conservatives for “suspecting him of being an evil genius in a plot to silence conservatives.” If any of you can infer from people’s musings, one might assume CJ revels in this status.

His minions that participated in the #gulag remain fairly silent, and CJ’s done a little finking around his account, carefully deleting incriminating comments and associations.

One thing CJ didn’t count on, though, is something that will now add to his legacy and cement him in with underhanded internet trolls; further diminishing his reputation as a “news aggregator” to “internet troll with a script.”

This all started around April 3, 2012 when Chunk made a new buddy on the internet.
Chuck later went on to delete all of this association (one can only speculate why the blogosphere’s Captain Eunuchorn would do such a thing) and to deny, repeatedly his involvement in the #Twittergulag. However, there are more ways than one to document his behavior change post Apr 3, 2012.

Friendly blog, the trenches recently posted a piece on Johsnon and his involvement in setting “reply traps”, a technique where you’re goaded into, or enter into someone’s time line by hitting the “reply” button. I won’t go through the whole thing just peek at the article (http://thetrenches.us/2012/06/the-reply-trap-a-twittergulag-tactic/) Chuck not only denied this, but mocked the idea that this could be possible.

Now, let’s revisit the tweet heard around the world here. The pecker trample of all pecker tramples, that @Lizardoid can never live down.

Aside from what it physically states, the time stamp is really important here. Around this time, Twitter announced that they had modified their spam filters to catch a “new type of spam” involving replies. CJ actually commented on this (will put it here when I find screen cap) and then modified a behavior of his.

Remember the days long #brasnapping episodes with @Liberty_Chick, @Dloesch and the general pants wetting replies to @patterico (with new pal btw). well, that all seemed to change after he #twittergulaged mighty Xcitizen10. Don’t take my word for it, let’s look at some numbers!

Here’s the numbers by the week:

14 2012-04-01 206 172 127
15 2012-04-08 119 159 273
16 2012-04-15 43 42 173
17 2012-04-22 47 66 186
18 2012-04-29 74 146 219
19 2012-05-06 10 30 104
20 2012-05-13 16 30 146
21 2012-05-20 34 33 139
22 2012-05-27 27 41 157
23 2012-06-03 42 31 163
24 2012-06-10 25 29 150

Notice any behavior change after Fatty got Xcitizen10 sent to the #Twittergulag? I do. Right around that day (April 11), Bozo, for all intents and purposes stops replying (lines 14-16 show an almost 50% drop, week over week). No reply trap, eh?

What really happened is the big fat clown is so busted he might as well be the poster boy for the #Twittergulag, and as we got closer and closer to busting him, he thought he would mock his way out of it. Kinda like that uncomfortable answer you get from a thief when you ask, “hey, did you notice my money was gone off the table?” “Heh, no. Why?” is pretty much how CJ’s been acting about the whole affair. Coupling this with his deletion of association with Rauhauser, we’ve got CJ squarely lined up to trample his pecker. AGAIN!

Now let’s look at the April numbers by day to see some more information:

day(time) beginday REPLIES RETWEETS TWEETS
3 2012-04-01 0 1 1
4 2012-04-01 23 10 13
5 2012-04-01 49 46 47
6 2012-04-01 35 28 20
7 2012-04-01 99 87 46
8 2012-04-08 32 46 38
9 2012-04-08 34 19 41
10 2012-04-08 4 12 47
11 2012-04-08 12 24 52
12 2012-04-08 20 32 45
13 2012-04-08 15 18 33
14 2012-04-08 2 8 17
15 2012-04-15 7 3 14
16 2012-04-15 19 13 33
17 2012-04-15 1 9 26
18 2012-04-15 4 5 29
19 2012-04-15 2 2 25
20 2012-04-15 3 5 19
21 2012-04-15 7 5 27
22 2012-04-22 9 7 19
23 2012-04-22 6 5 28
24 2012-04-22 11 7 20
25 2012-04-22 13 13 29
26 2012-04-22 5 12 33
27 2012-04-22 0 7 32
28 2012-04-22 3 15 25
29 2012-04-29 4 13 30
30 2012-04-29 21 33 49

Interestingly enough, we can see CJ’s reply count plummet to almost nil (with the exception of a couple days-remember replies to friendlies are possible in those two instances). I first noticed it for myself after reading through Johnson’s TL. I saw that when you expand his comments, they rarely (nay, never) expand to show the conversation. They just look like little one offs, cryptic messages between people and him. Well, that”s because he’s being careful to not reply to people, but to cut the respondees out of the tweet and make a new tweet, thus telling twitter that this is an original comment.

Now let’s compare to March, before CJ met Rauhauser who taught him how to cyberbully:

As you can see in green, there are some #brasnappin’ spikes in replies, before CJ met Rauhauser. At the height of his trolling here in April (right around 1st week):

CJ was #brasnappin so much that his fingers were raw. Then poof. The rest of the month shows a dramatic decline in CJ’s replies to Breitbarts and other political superiors. Heck, he wouldn’t even reply lesser tweeps who probably couldn’t give him the stick to the ass.
Then, along comes May, where we can adjust to show CJ’s corrective behavior.

Here we see CJ is moderating his tweeting habits, trying to be careful not to tweet too much, and he’s only replying now to “friendlies.” Check it out:

As we can see by contrast from the March graphs, CJ’s done a 180 on #brasnappin replies and now just carefully responds to people he believes will not block and report him. All this time, of course, CJ denies the #Twittergulag and maintains that #Gulaging is done by a human moderator after you are reported (tsk, tsk, LOL).

As you can see by the dates attached, CJ was not only fully engaged in the Gulag, he was given a complete tutorial by Rauhauser on how to do it.

CJ, you’re too stupid to be sneaky. Just stop.

The Definition of an Unsolicited Tweet (Aka-Why do I give a shit about the Twitter Wars)

Hey peeps, tweeps, and creeps. I know it’s been a while and I’ve neglected my duties here as an author, but I’m back. Life intervened in my posting schedule and I had to rise to the occasion. I thank all of the BRC for the patience allowed for me to handle my business.

To all of our LGF audience, I also bid you a hello (please remember it’s pop up free to comment here-just give it a shot). I extend the olive branch to anyone there (trust me, that place is going south sooner than later) to any lurkers there. You will be welcomed.

I’ve noticed that some of our audience is not engaged in the twitter wars, and some of our posts have become disengaged in some of our Twitter War posts. Please allow me to explain why Twitter is important. Not only for the DOD, but for this election.

See, shortly after the Portly Proletariat met Rauhauser, he began stifling his critics on Twitter. No big deal, right? I mean it’s only Twitter. Wrong, the fat goon didn’t know it, but he’s found himself tangled in a web of liberal tactics to stifles conservative speak during an election year.

Look, he’s stupid and we all know it. This site is dedicated to showing that he’s a moron who Riverdances on his cock ad nauseum. However, he’s really got himself in some deep shit this round. We can usually speedbag the fat clown pretty good, but he’s in pretty deep on a conspiracy to silence conservatives that is now transcending Twitter. I know many of you don’t believe in the power of keeping the #Twittergulag as apparent as the holocaust museum, but I do. We ARE witnessing, in REAL TIME, the stifling of conservative speech, and the oppression of opposing views due to the “free media forum”.

Fight back. It’s as simple as that, and fight back at the fat bastard while you’re at it. This country is as much mine as it is the forces that SWAT me, criticize me, ban me from Twitter, and try to intimidate me. Rodan, Chen, Zappa, et al…We’re JUST bloggers, right? Take a look at this Malkin video:

Yup, we’re just bloggers! However, twerps and evil people like Johnson that inspire people like Breivik are doing the work that media will not. since I’ve joined this site, I never realized that an internet troll like Johnson would conspire to collude with low brow behavior as banning from Twitter. Look, this is now A MAJOR ISSUE (notice the Cheetos reference in the video).

In particular, the person with the most balls here is @Liberty_Chick, who has stood firm against this criminalization of conservative speak. We need to stop being pussies and start standing up.

The point of this is that we think there seems to be some form of civility to be adhered to on Twitter. We think there is some form of manners on the internet, in general. charles already sold his soul to Satan right here.

It doesn’t exist, and getting SWATted, getting banned for speaking, for defending our families and our country, stand by Malkin. We are here to speak out, and it is our job to speak up about this.

Hey, if our irrelevant “Twitterwar” has reached Palin and Malkin, we are in the battle of our lives. You may have glanced upon this site, but you are here. You count.

There’s Sarah Palin calling for the SWATting to stop at around 30 mins. This really is a battle, and I hope all of us stand up.

Now, as for the unsolicited Tweet…Chuck is full of shit. As with many endeavors, Chuck has done the Riverdance on his penis. His idea of “blocking and reporting” someone for spam, means anytime someone speaks to you on Twitter something you don’t like, it’s a banning. that’s fucked up. Compadre, @Angryblacklady views it the same way, except here’s the problem..When Chuckles the fat clown decides he’s going to interrupt someone’s feed because he’s angry, he can. You can’t, but he can. Get it?

We now know the reply trap and “block and reporting” but Chuckles and liberals demand that when they want to invade your TL, suck it up. I call bullshit. I say block and report too, if you want. Just as the fat clown tweeted out to someone who probably never would interact with the obese clown, we should be just as vigilant in reporting speech we do not like.

His rules, our game.

@Xcitizen10 On The Horn with Kris Holt about @Lizardoid & His #Twittergulag

It’s always an interesting day on @Lizardoid TL. One can see convicted felons, internet terrorists, and even the occasional curious reporter! Kris Holt humbly tweeted Johnson today after reading through the #Twittergulag hashtag (funny how when you search that hashtag he just pops right up!).

Well, the mighty one pounced on the chance to do some PR for the fat clown! He and SemperbanU (of Twitter tantrum fame at defunct and slow loading littlegreenfootballs.com) were chomping at the bit to do the Round Mound of BeClowned a solid and represent for him!

to which Kris eagerly followed and responded:

Oh, and yes he and the mighty one did exchange some EYE POPPING emails. I’m sure Kris will check under his bed at night now that he knows the names of some of the bottom dwellers that inhabit Chuckies swamp, and just who (cough-Anders Breivik-cough) has cited Chuckie as influences over the years (moreso that he deleted and obstructed his posts-further damaging the victims in the crime).

So, DOD, grab your popcorn, add some extra butter and yell at the movie screen for Chunk to buckle up! Da Dancin’ Clown’s got another show to perform! I was a little ambivalent about where Holt might take this, but I thought “either way-it can’t hurt to present him the facts and see what conclusion he draws.” So that’s where we’re at. I’ve asked his permission to publish the contents of the email here (isn’t that nice of us? We show respect to others here), and if he gives the ok I will gladly post it for all of our netizens to see.

Until then enjoy the little Photoshopped ‘toon and HAPPY HUMP DAY!


BTW one of the big stories of today is that Eugene Volokh will be legal counsel for Aaron Walker in his frivolous lawsuit in Maryland….PRO BONO, FOR FREE, FOR NOTHING. Give the big fella some tweets and some love for defending the First Amendment, why doncha!


Charles Johnson (@Lizardoid) Throws Twitter Tantrum on #LGF

Discredited pundit and hysteria monger, Charles “Round Mound of BeClowned” Johnson suffered a smackdown on Twitter yesterday. It was so furious and quick he might be noticing some PTSD side effects this morning, as he rolls off of his couch and heads back to Twitter.

See, Zappa Would be Vomiting, (aka. @Semperbanu on Twitter) has been keeping Chuckles da’ Clown very honest over his connections to Rauhauser and his clown carnival’s subsequent use of Twitter banning. The day started off like any other, as Rodan points out below Johnson asks his cult congregation for self validation of his behavior:

After one of his toadies tells him his new clothes are a spectacle to see, he smacked his fingers clean of Cheetoh dust (or not), swigged the Code Red Mountain Dew 2 litre and got to work.

He meant business yesterday, and I can see the undermoob sweat Chuckles must’ve worked up writing a monster post titled “#Twittergulag When Wingnut Persecution Fantasies Go Horribly Wrong”. A verbose behemoth of a post for Johnson, requiring so much offensive output that some of it went below the fold. Very rarely do we see a post from Johnson that doesn’t fit in the 140 character slot, but this one had the big fat clown sizzling with passion.

Back to SemperbanU. See he and the mighty little XCitizen10 have been working diligently to archive the thoughts of #LGF’s Banana Republic leader, in fact there’s probably not a thing of @Lizardoid’s screeds that aren’t at the ready to be trotted out for the Twittersphere to see. In addition, a small and obscure #hashtag called #Twittergulag has become quite popular, and guess whose name is now pretty entrenched in that hashtag (thanks to the mighty little @XCitizen10’s attaching them through tweets)? Yep, you guessed it, and boy is he nervous.

Anyway, so Chuckles posts his furious screed about how ridiculous the assumption of a #Twittergulag is, and posits a theory as to why so many conservatives are marched off to the gulag:

Ok, so for the Twitter illiterate, Johnson is basically saying when he and his minions abuse the block and report feature with multiple reports of spam, it goes to a live human being who reviews the reports personally (yes, this wild eyed dumbshit wants you to believe that Twitter has millions of people monitoring thin skinned liberals block and reports-then determines “yeah you’re being a jerk, go to time out.”)

In addition, Charles “#Twittergulag” Johnson’s support for his claim? A blog post written in 2009, that doesn’t even say that

Charles weakly points to this part of a 3 year old document to convince others that block/report instances see Twitter’s Safety team immediately (they do just not the way he’s telling you). See, the safety team does review, but that’s after the spam bots are triggered by multiple b/r instances, triggering an auto-suspension. From there, you’re put into a dormant phase where Twitter effectively tells you “ok, now prove to a human being that you’re human” by filling out a support ticket for human review. The stupid fuck couldn’t even get that part right.” That’s why you go get into line, are issued a ticket number get a response that can take up to a week. That’s the human part of it. Johnson would have you believe there are millions of people watching twitter feeds and when he pushes a block/report button they’re instantly connected? Preposterous, but nothing is below Johnson these days.

Well, SemperbanU, SlinkyBewmont, and Xcitizen10 delivered probably one of the fastest beclownings in DoD history. Xcitizen10 posted this message from Twitter:

A statement from Twitter support that the initial spam filter is automated, and is triggered by block/report instances. Then Slinky pointed out that a Rauhauser article written in 2010, contradicted the fat clown’s account itself as he was talking about code written for such antics. Then SemperbanU pointed out that the flimsy blog post Chuckles da’ Dancin’ Clown pointed to was written in 2009 (it’s like dog years on the internet) and might as well be considered Old Testament. Chuck’s shit was wrecked in minutes off of what was essentially one of his longest posts in weeks.

The question would become, “why is Chuckles so frightened of this?” Well, two things. One is that Chuckles has made statements like this:

A month ago that was no big deal, but now it’s a definite indicator that Chuckles was abusing the spam filter. See, when he gives and instruction like that to nearly 4000 tweeps and starts amping it up on someone he doesn’t like, even a fraction of those reports could suspend someone. Besides, he’s openly advocating that he wants those accounts to be suspended, and not because they’re spam. Should Twitter start investigating this issue, he’s probably one of the most famous and outspoken for the practice (even bragging about his association to get traffic).

Last night, @brooksbayne sent a tweet out to test a theory on block and reporting. He found a pedophile account named @panudedude, and blew the war trumpet on it to block/report (truly justified in this instance). It took almost an hour of reports but it was accomplished. Even further proof of Johnson’s tactics and motives, and yet another reason for him to worry. I’ve also received some tweets from Tweeps who tell me they have confident sources who explain Twitter is getting active. No word yet but they go very high up the food chain.

@Lizardoid changed his stripes recently concerning the matter. Some believe it might be due to investigation. It’s possible, but I believe there’s also this factor:

If you’re wondering why I left it blank it’s so we can all create our own memes and send it to the fat paranoid clown. It’s a blank slate to trot out for any moments like these, where the fat buffoon has trampled all over his pecker again.

Oh, and Cj? You just got Pwn3d again you pathetic, throbbing assclown liar. My how the fact checker has fallen. That is all.

TUESDAY Evening Mocking

Well, the bane of the Round Mound of BeClowned’s existence got out of the Twitter Gulag today, freshly manicured and primped up. The first thing the little mighty one did was venture on over to @Lizardoid to tell him to get his fuckin’ shine box out. “Mirrors, chuck, make ’em look like mirrors,” he proclaimed as Chuck felt that familiar pain betwixt his enormous ass cheeks.

During the midst of giving Chuckie moobie twisters and generally emasculating him at every turn, one of @angryblacklady’s spit dribbling goons chimed in with something you just can’t make up.

Witness an Epic beClownment from across the aisle. See, sometimes we can work together. LOL.

There you go, I didn’t even need to draw anything. Chuck’s continued beclownment is bein g captured on Twitter.

Tears of the BeClowned

If we’ve given Charles some bad days, this one has to be his worst. Our resident fat clown has been given a slap from the grave, as the Breitbarts delivered a bone chilling tale of “stalking” that should have the Round Mound of BeClowned shitting his Depends with fear. However, the brave and vigilant conservosphere (Arachne, can’t thank you enough for the post) picked up shields and stand in formation.

Tonight’s mocking theme should be in the vein of the man who started it all, Andrew. Guest on the blogmoc radio show and tutor to some of the ballsiest and badass reporters out there. Most famous to us for collaboration on #Weinergate, Andrew never met a liberal twerp he couldn’t poke in the chest. Charles can put his panties on in the morning and dance on his grave, but the Breitbarts and DoD put our shit kickin’ boots on and carry out his tradition.

Arachne, hotter than the bottom of a kettle, looked at the mountain tossed at her and got hit with a pebble. We are all in debt for that effort (btw Walked Away-thank you for the compliment but it is all the BRC that hits chuck in the nuts daily). She chronicled the diary of a mad man and conversation flowed. During that conversation @Liberty_Chick brought something up.

Today is the anniversary of “weinergate”, the event that before today stood as probably the most epic beclownment of CJ. EVAR. It was so fucking epic that it spawned the relationship between the DoD and Breitbart. It also made today happen, and Andrew, with balls of steel, reached up through his grave and punched Chuck in the nuts while he was doing happy feet on his grave.

So, let’s honor the big fella and have a good night of mockery at the expense of CJ. And to be sure of the event, I’m linking the tweet heard around the world. Chuck’s dick pic:

Happy Weinergate anniversary, and let’s hope Andrew gets to look into the Round Mound of BeClowned’s compound in Culver Shitty and Chuckle at the developments of today. R.I.P. Andrew, and fuck you Chuck.

Mock away!