Charles Johnson plays the “Yes, But” Card, claims Tucker Carlson, his wife and children, and others deserve violent mob harassment.

CNN’s Brian Stelter agreed with Neil Patel that the threats to Tucker Carlson, his wife and children, at their own home, are far beyond peaceful protests, and amounts to domestic terrorism.

Charles Johnson disagrees, and falsely accuses others of doing exactly what he was doing just a few years ago, while citing NO examples.

What a load of crap.

Charles, you yourself doxxed many innocent people who posted regularly on Little Green Footballs in good faith, some of whom even hit your Tip Jar. Because of your doxxing, some came under threats of violence. Hell, Patterico was the victim of a SWATTING attack thanks to you and your doxxing buddies.

Charles, go have a three-way with yourself (assuming your left hand is still in town and your right hand doesn’t have a headache). You’re a two-faced, back-stabbing, vapid, ignorant, obese 65 year-old pony-tailed lying-ass bitch #rumpswab.

259 Comments on “Charles Johnson plays the “Yes, But” Card, claims Tucker Carlson, his wife and children, and others deserve violent mob harassment.”

  1. Bunk X says:

    And according to Charles Johnson it didn’t happen.

  2. dezzez says:

  3. Chunk is stuck on the couch and can't get up! says:

    Oh Jeez. Chunk is just a fat broken down craven liar who won’t leave his house. He stands for nothing and never gave a flying shit about illegal immigrant’s kids and certainly doesn’t now all of the sudden. Hey Chunk why don’t you take your bike you no longer ride and take it down to the illegal kids who are being held because their parents broke a limb falling off the wall and are now in hospital? Why not go to Costco or Walmart and buy a bunch of toys for those kids? Oh right, because you’re just a lying scumbag who cares for no one but yourself and trying to scam money from the internet.

  4. Octopus says:

    I guess God came through for the lady. Phew!

  5. Octopus says:

    At least one person didn’t phone it in on Halloween:

    • Chunk is stuck on the couch and can't get up! says:

      That is so cute. So I assume that’s Dad in the large compartment. I actually have an original copy of Mechwarrior downstairs. It’s a cool game.

    • windbag says:

      That’s awesome. My son and I used to play Mech Warrior together. If I had been a better parent, I would have built something like this for him.

    • rightymouse says:

      What a great Dad!! 🙂

  6. Octopus says:

    Hilarious the way Gus is back to ripping on Libturds/Progressives now that the mid-terms are over. Remember how feverishly he was attacking conservatives then? 😆

  7. Pakimon says:

    Funny how the fat ponytailed blogger can rip Tucker Carlson yet he conveniently forgets his own pants-shitting hysterical reaction to The Ginger Chuck taking a photo of himself in front of Chunkles’ (alleged) Culver City dwelling.

    Who could forget The Chunkster’s loud Twitter squeals of peevish rage? 😆

  8. Octopus says:

    Watched your team run out of time last night, Pak. Tough loss, but at least they competed, unlike the Sissycats of Day-Twa.

  9. windbag says:

    How come these brave SJWs never show up at the homes of people like Ted Nugent, Dana Loesch, Kurt Schlichter, or Dan Bongino and starting breaking down the front door?

  10. Chunk is stuck on the couch and can't get up! says:

    RT @RepSwalwell: Trump’s European Vacation was as bad as the movie. He wimped out of honoring our fallen troops because of a misting. He mo…
    13 hours ago

    Macron should have consulted with his school teacher Mommy wife before attempting to define the difference between Nationalism and Patriotism. Of course Chunky foolishly embraces any criticism of Trump no matter how ignorant.

  11. Octopus says:

    White Guy Lies About Something Else! 😆

  12. Chunk is stuck on the couch and can't get up! says:

    Geez, and they claim Trump’s whiny. This guy’s been governor twice and still passing the buck and blaming “deniers” for a well-known problem in his state. Claiming the climate has changed and it’s someone else’s fault is just assinine.

    • Bunk X says:

      Manmade climate change prevented the Forestry Department from clearing dead wood and underbrush in fire zones. FACT.

      • Arachne says:

        Earth First drove the timber industry out of Northern Calfiornia, with Brown and the Democrats’ blessing. Meanwhile, they would have cleared out those dead and dying trees and planted five new ones for each.

  13. dezzez says:

    Start crap, play victim. Check.

  14. Chunk is stuck on the couch and can't get up! says:

    Hollyweirdos that have never honored a single soldier in their lives mindlessly curse on Twitter at the President for skipping an armstice ceremony. He truly lives in their addled heads.

  15. rightymouse says:


    • Abu penis penis penis lol w/ fauxbal warming says:

      How did Twitter survive, Guuuus?

      Reminded me: any Beeeed sightings, er, posts?

    • Minnow says:

      Welcome to old age suckah…..

    • Bunk X says:

      So El Gusano admits to falling asleep drunk in his chair, just not this time.

    • Chunk is stuck on the couch and can't get up! says:

      I don’t even know WTH he’s talking about. I fall asleep in my chair too which is a giant recliner on the end of a giant leather couch with another giant recliner on the other end (my wife’s chair). And I can fall asleep for hours in “my chair”. The reclining mechanism is electronic and comically slow. And we have this comical routine when the phone rings or someone’s at the door where we’re pushing the unrecline buttons and the servo motors are agonizingly slow. You can’t just hop up! You just have to sit there helplessly holding down the button until you can get your feet on the floor. We had this joke where we were pretending my wife was getting her workout by just pushing the recline and unrecline buttons. Guess you had to be there. LOL!

  16. Bunk X says:

  17. dezzez says:

    No Chuck, Spiderman is nothing like you, he never stole from anyone, he is likable, he is not a liar, he is not a beggar, he is not a backstabbing douche-tanker and he is not a morbidly obese twitter troll!

  18. Octopus says:

    This whole sex-robot thing is looking better and better, especially for college guys. 😯

    At the very least, observe the rules of the matrix:

    • Octopus says:

      Penis penis penis LOL!

    • Chunk is stuck on the couch and can't get up! says:

      I think the guy’s mistake was not feeling the crazy coming on in her. I had an experience in college. My girlfriend and I had been together for about a year and a half. Very intense, sexual relationship. At some point she developed a crush on some violinist named Chris. I think the guy was closet gay because he just seemed effeminate and when I saw him after he acted like I was going to beat him up. Which of course I do not do such things. I’m not Ernest Hemingway. So I’m sick as a dog in bed with a sore throat and trying to sleep it off and she wants to blather at me about how she’s not sure she loves me anymore and she wants me to leave. Really? You pull this shit on my now? I took about 20 minutes of this drivel and then got up, got my shit hardly saying a word and went back to my place which I shared with “Dave” (a concert bass trombonist, now with the Reykjavik symphony in Iceland) and went back to bed. I tend to be a happy warrior in love and figured whatever. She came crawling back whimpering about a week later. Like I said I don’t think Chris was interested so I doubt anything even happened.

    • Octopus says:

      Can you stand it? The screeching. The sound-bites of Clintonian bullshit. Her stumbling around, being tossed into vans and carried up steps. The unending media coverage, painting her as “America’s Last Best Hope,” until she inevitably screws up and blows another election.

      I’m not sure I’m up for it.

      • Chunk is stuck on the couch and can't get up! says:

        Kellyanne’s reaction says it best:

        ‘Dear God, Please, Yes’: Kellyanne Conway Mocks Prediction Hillary Clinton Will Run Again in 2020

        I would love to see it. She squandered a billion dollars of Demoncrap lefturd money.

      • rightymouse says:

        My gut sez she’ll be too sick to run.

        • Octopus says:

          My gut sez she’ll be too sick not to. You see what I did there? Because she’s sick in the head, sick in the soul, sick of not being IN CHARGE OF THE WHOLE DAMN COUNTRY GODDAMMIT!! (heavy lamp sails across room, just missing Bill, nailing Chelsea in the face, slightly improving her looks)

    • Arachne says:

      Wonder what she’ll do this time around when she realizes the DNC won’t be rigging the primaries for her or getting her all those Super-Delegates like they did the last time. I have a feeling Beastie is going to be taken aside in the next 12 months or so and told “step away, lady, you’re done.” This time, she’s not going to be facing just an idiot socialist and an unknown governor from some state.

  19. Octopus says:

    What the hell to do? This guy is a ticking time-bomb, but hasn’t done anything yet besides pop off on the internet, and slash a tire. He’s been released into the wild, and won’t be monitored especially closely. If he does eventually go postal, there won’t be an end to the finger-pointing and red-faced screaming.

  20. Octopus says:

    Too True To Be Satire:

  21. Octopus says:

    Penis Penis Penis LOL!

  22. windbag says:

    Other possible “Yes…but” comments:

    Yes, but how was the play, Mrs. Lincoln?
    Yes, but how was your reception in Dallas , Mrs. Kennedy?
    Yes, but did you find the weather in Moscow to your liking, Napoleon?
    Yes, but were you seasick at all, Kunta Kinte?

    Animals like Chuckles have surrendered their humanity when they deliberately defend and excuse mob behavior these spoiled brats engaged in at Carlson’s home.

  23. Octopus says:

    The shitbirds rule the roost in Portland.

    • rightymouse says:

      So glad I don’t live there!

    • Chunk is stuck on the couch and can't get up! says:

      Once again, like that video you posted awhile back of that guy filming an undercover cop processing a crime scene, I would love to see some normal people run through and grab phones, cameras, backpacks and signs out of their hands and just keep running. While the amused cops stand there looking at them. LOL! Sorry. I’d love to help but I have to go home and beat my wife.

  24. Chunk is stuck on the couch and can't get up! says:

    Sure! They’re suing to prove men should be able to put their hands on women in the workplace. And defy their bosses without consequences. The double standard is so insane. When people like Roger Aisles and Bill O’Reilly were drummed out for just words. This fucker’s pushing an intern around while the POTUS is saying “That’s enough, that’s enough, that’s enough” and the left trash have no problem with it. They’re just garbage and everyone can see it.

  25. Chunky looks like Pizza The Hut says:

    I’ve watched two series shows over the last couple weeks I highly recommend. They’re on Amazon prime.

    Mr. Robot, a psycho-hacker drama with great young actors but also featuring the now excellent Christian Slater. Who has seasoned into like our generation’s Harvey Keitel. It’s about a young schizophrenic super hacker.

    And Sneaky Pete. His super power if you will is he is a master con man. Both protagonists are anti-heroes of course which gives so much more and rich plot material. In this one is the great Bryan Cranston (of Breaking Bad fame) as a really nasty thuggish gang boss. Check ‘em out if you have time!😀

    • Octopus says:

      Mr. Robot — Season 1, very good. Season 2, very bad. Just my two cents.

      Haven’t seen Sneaky Pete yet. We just binged the fourth season of “Better Call Saul,” the wife and I. Dang, that was good. Threw us for a loop in the finale. Can’t wait for Season 5, which looks like it will take us right up to the point where “Breaking Bad” started, which will make me want to watch that series all over again.

      • Bunk X says:

        Better Call Saul is more entertaining than Breaking Bad, and Breaking Bad was awesome.
        The missus and I are catching up on Season 8 of The Walking Dead.

        • Octopus says:

          We started watching “Lodge 49,” last night. I like “offbeat,” but this one might be too off even for me. We’ll give it a couple more episodes — I do like the characters, so far.

        • Chunk is stuck on the couch and can't get up! says:

          Breaking Bad was riveting. Better Call Saul is too. Look forward to continue following it. I can’t stand waiting a week for the next installment so I’m just going to wait until I can binge it some more. I’ll checkout this Lodge 49.

    • Arachne says:

      Haha…..Harvey Keitel IS my generation’s Harvey Keitel.
      Are we gettin’ the young whippersnappers here at the Playpen when my back was turned?

  26. dezzez says:

    Another day of Chuck hoping someone will pick up on his keen intellectual brilliance.
    Forget the fact that South Korea had already talked about this.
    Forget the fact that North Korea never agreed to fully disarm.
    Forget the fact than there is not a single signed agreement to anything.
    Forget the fact that Trump never called this story fake news.
    Forget the facts Chuck, it’s not like you have a reputation to protect.

  27. OLT's Ring Given Freely says:

    Carlson took it easy on that creep in the bar that felt the need to sexually harass his daughter.

    I’d have let any of mine kick his ass right there.


    Just Kidding! I would never let Daughter #2 loose in anything less than a zombie apocalypse. Too much violence!

    • Octopus says:

      My older daughter would have shredded him verbally. My younger one is into weightlifting these days, and is strong lak hell. She would probably just push him away, sending him flying into the next room. Through the wall.

  28. Chunky looks like Pizza The Hut says:

    Why is she still commenting on this? As far as I know the Shrillbeast has never really acknowledged it. And naturally would like the nasty details to be buried and forgotten. And it must be even more humiliating hearing that she walked around and attended an official event with his splat on her as some kind of trophy. Because I find it hard to believe a 21 yr old wouldn’t know and would instead attribute it to spinach dip. She knew and wanted all the other women to know where that came from. She was and still is a weirdo infatuated with Preezydunce Grab Azz. She’s trying to cover up the fact she made an ass of herself naively thinking that she was a special girl. How many other women’s eyes must’ve rolled with the knowledge Bubba hits anything that holds still. For all the women who protested there’s probably about 10 who didn’t.

  29. Octopus says:

    Irony not dead, after all. 😆

  30. Octopus says:

    Hmm…reminds me of somebody. Or something.

  31. Bunk X says:

    Charles. There’s no “Conservative Movement” that condones or encourages any such violence against abortion clinics and/or synagogues. Did CAIR pay you to say that? If not CAIR, who did?

    • Bunk X says:

      And what’s this “tacitly” bullshit, Charles? Didn’t you “tacitly” approve Killgore’s Midnight Run? Didn’t you “tacitly” approve astroturfing Pamela Geller’s unpublished book reviews on Amazon? Didn’t you “tacitly” approve of haranguing Mandy Nagy after it was known that she’d suffered a debilitating stroke?

      Charles, you’re a miserable excuse for a 65 year-old calcified dog turd.

      • Octopus says:

        He’s one of those old dog turds that turns white. That must be the calcification process at work.

        As always, Fatass projects his own thoughtcrimes onto his current enemies list. He hates women and Jews more than anyone.

        • Arachne says:

          I have to ask …. is that idiot site of his still around, even? If so, how many comments does he even get a day?

          • Octopus says:

            It’s still there, dumber than ever. The moonbattery is off the charts. I don’t think he gets any traction at all in the blogosphere, the way he’s constantly begging for money and fawning on Twitter over every moron who actually has followers. He buys his followers, remember. 😆

    • dezzez says:

      Wait, What?
      Did I miss a news cycle or is Chuck flailing around hoping for hits to the tip jar again?

  32. Octopus says:

    The Left owns California, and they’re doing awesome!

    I wonder if Asshat Jack will follow through on his threats to leave SF. Any thoughts on that, Californians?

  33. Octopus says:

    I guess this story resonated with me because I’ve been thinking the country is in a dark place of late, with everyone hopelessly divided over dumb reasons, mass murderers popping up like poison toadstools on a weekly basis, the media’s continued descent into idiotic partisanship, etc. People seem to really hate each other on the internet, and people spend WAY too much time on various internet platforms — the hate bleeds over into meatspace, more and more. The Left will tell you it’s all Trump’s fault, but of course that’s the Left being idiotic — Trump is the inevitable (and wonderful) reaction to the horrible Unicorn Messiah’s reign of Shit Midas Error. And they hate him for telling the truth. Tell a story of somebody helping you when you needed it. I’ll tell one myself, later.

    Having a bad day, week, month? How about my colleague Don’s recent travails: mother died suddenly, and he suspects his brother’s wife of foul play. His great pal, a dog only 8 years old, is dying of some kind of rare dog cancer. His knee gave out suddenly, and he needed surgery immediately, and now is in great pain trying to rehab it. Yesterday, his wife called him at work and told him his best friend had shot and killed himself, after battling prostate cancer for three months — the guy had completed his chemo, and was supposedly in recovery. They had just had dinner together this past Friday, and the man was in good spirits, or so it appeared.

    I’m trying to think of something nice to do for Don, besides words of consolation. What can you say? Life sucks sometimes.

  34. Octopus says:

    Why would he be sulking, Fatass? I think you’re projecting again. Get out of your fetid bunker!

    • dezzez says:

      Yeah Chuck, you stole a billionaires will to go on.
      You broke him, his life is over.
      You stupid fat bloated snack pimple, Trump is laughing AT YOU!

    • Chunky looks like Pizza The Hut says:

      Um wasn’t this when he visited the war memorial to make up for missing the previous day’s ceremony? What is he supposed to look like? Jovial? The left are just idiots.

  35. Chunk is stuck on the couch and can't get up! says:

    I don’t understand why this continues to be a news story. This has been known for decades. Unless an interplanetary space ship has a lead lined living area room where astronauts can hide from solar and cosmic radiation it’s going to be too dangerous to send people. And I would imagine sending lead out of our gravity well would be insanely prohibitively expensive. It’s why I spotted Elon Musk’s idiotic boondoggle proposal (to go to Mars) immediately. There was no mention of this problem because the carnival barker was simply trying to whip up his ignorant fanboys and drive up his already over-inflated stock price.

  36. dezzez says:

    “Everything that does not support my narrative is faux news”
    Chuck the fossilized turd Johnson

    • rightymouse says:

      I saw that and wanted to go smack the boys around & then go find the parents & give them an earful. What a bunch of a-holes!! So glad my autistic son went to private schools.

  37. dezzez says:

    Keep trying Chuck, any day now Colbert is gonna see your constant attempts to get attention and shower you with cash and lavish praise on your website and Twitter wisdom.
    Or sue you for copyright infringement.

  38. Chunk is stuck on the couch and can't get up! says:

    Seriously, how did this guy get to be Pope?

    • rightymouse says:

      No idea. He’s no Pope John Paul, that’s for sure.

      • Octopus says:

        He’s the dumbest SJW they could find, lolling about in the Vatican passion pit with the altar boys. Yeah, I’m a lapsed Catholic, converted to Greek Orthodox Christian when I got married. We have our own scandals, too. 😆

  39. dezzez says:

    Hey Chuck, you know that creepy p0rn lawyer you fell in love with?
    He is in the news again and I know you will wanna post the song from Bette Midler song.
    “Did you ever know that you’re my hero”

  40. Chunky looks like Pizza The Hut says:

    Well he had a perfectly good excuse. She hit him first! 😂. Question is will CNN have him on to tell his side and call Trump a misogynist?

    • dezzez says:

      Chuck is doing his part to try and pretend he wasn’t in a full blown love affair with Avenatti while keeping the loons in his follower list happy with howls of “He was set-up”

  41. Octopus says:

  42. dezzez says:

    And that was all it took to get the fat boil to fit in the rabbit hole.

  43. Octopus says:

    Teh Warmening, Cont. — It was 17 when I took George out for a run this am. One of the coldest November days of all time, around here. Tomorrow the snoo begins around 10 am, with around three inches expected. I put off raking the leaves too long again…Monday’s the last day for yard waste pickup. Might have to rake some snoo in with the leaves.

    • rightymouse says:

      We had sleet this morning the passenger side headlight on my Jeep decided to crap out. This week has been yucky!

      • Chunky looks like Pizza The Hut says:

        Yesterday they said some freezing rain melting off by this morning. Instead it was a full on ice storm overnight resulting in our fruitless pear tree breaking in half and nearly hitting the house. It does that about once a decade (usually caused by high winds) and nothing could be done either way. But they really whiffed on the prediction. Here we are 1pm and all the trees are still encased in ice. Runaway global warmening sure is bite in the ass.

        • rightymouse says:

          You have a pear tree too? Awesome! We haven’t had any apples or pears in a couple of years now. We’ve had years before when we were overwhelmed by fruit. So strange!

  44. Octopus says:

    Googling for something else, I came across this old gem:

    Has Fatass tweeted about the vicious attacks on Stan Lee from his SJW compadres? No? You don’t say. Seems like a rich topic to explore, for such a woke joke of a wanker.

  45. Bunk X says:

    Well this is fun. Chanting the obvious attempts to make a point.

    • Octopus says:

      Wow. So eloquent and meaningful. 😆

    • Chunky looks like Pizza The Hut says:

      I hope the libtard progeny of those pols like Ron Reagan Jr. and Megyn McCain joined in gleefully at home! Yea!!!! I’m glad my dad’s dead because I didn’t agree with him politically!!! I hope he’s in hell with a pitchfork up his ass. I hope your parents die too if they don’t agree with me. Yea!!!! 😵

  46. Octopus says:

    Chunky was all over the “doctored video” kerfuffle, using his powerful 1995 Mac monitor to scrutinize the evidence. 😆

    Also, Trump is awesome in this clip. Keep fighting, The Don!

  47. Octopus says:

    Naturally, Millenials are triggered by the release of this high-larious version of Monopoly. Now, I do feel for the Millenial Plight a bit, because they are the victims of bad upbringing and bad educators, but you have to admit they are in for a real shock as they come to grips with reality in the coming decade. I’ve watched the process before, and gone through it myself — it’s heartless and cruel to one’s adolescent ideals and cherished myths about The Way Things Should Be. My Dad used to say, after patiently listening to one of my sophomoric opinions, “You’ll see.” Yes, I see now. 😆

  48. Octopus says:

    In other news, Fatass is still trying to beg for his initial modest sum — the self-priming hasn’t worked, the fawning is ignored, and there’s just nothing coming in. Solution? Maybe try Gus’s alley squeezin’. 😆

  49. Octopus says:

    Deranged, unhinged, and winning like blazes. WE set the fires, Fatass. Trying to light a fire under your lazy ass so you’d leave the bunker and look for a job, any job. If you had any brain at all, you’d be out helping people who are suffering the effects of this maelstrom — sheet, you could take pics and post them on your blog, showing people you truly care, as well as showing off your sleek, sexy surfer-body. 😆

  50. OLT's Ring Given Freely says:

    Hey, where all my #IBelieveHer peeps now that Michael Avenatti is guilty as all Hell?


    • Octopus says:

      That is SO two weeks ago, OLT. Not the New Hotness, which is #slapmybitchup.

      • OLT's Ring Given Freely says:

        My problem is that I was brought up eating Red Dye #2 and being told to act like a man, not eating Ritalin and being told to accept everyone.

        I remember things pretty well, especially hypocrisy and double standards.

        • Octopus says:

          You took the red pill, as did I. We tend to focus on the real. Which doesn’t tend to include men who decide they’re not men anymore so they can go in the bathroom with the little girls. Guys using new pronouns like “xir” and “xort.”

      • Chunk is stuck on the couch and can't get up! says:

        Yah I think there’s a new #SlapMeToo movement. And of course the nod to the greatest politician ever #BetterPutIceOnThat movement.

  51. Bunk X says:

  52. Bunk X says:

    Nah. Not enough “Trump is an imbecile” jokes.

  53. Bunk X says:

    This is not a hate crime.

    • Chunky looks like Pizza The Hut says:

      I watched this yesterday. It was definitely dirty and unsportsman like. It’s not the worst flagrant foul I’ve seen. The kid was OK. But what’s worrisome is this Platt kid is studying “criminal justice”.

      • Octopus says:

        He should get to study it from the inside, imho. That was criminal assault. Of course, we don’t know what led up to it, but you can’t do that in a minor college basketball game.

  54. Chunk is stuck on the couch and can't get up! says:

    Heh. Flash mob. See this is what scares black people. Beethoven. LOL!

    • Chunk is stuck on the couch and can't get up! says:

      Did you catch how the guy who walked up and put money in the hat turned out to be the director. How cool is that?

      • Octopus says:

        More cowbell, perhaps?

        I saw the young hipster complain to his friend Brunhilde, “Not another flash mob! Can ve just go to Starbucken and be ironic and sad for once?”

    • Chunk is stuck on the couch and can't get up! says:

      BTW I was just kidding about the black people. There are tons of black orchestral players here in America who love the classical repetoire.

      • Octopus says:

        It’s actually the Jews who are scared of Beethoven. Wagner, too. (too soon?)

        • Octopus says:

          That reminds me — I was talking to a Jewish friend about politics, and said something about how most Jews I know are Jewish in name only, and don’t believe in the religion part anymore. Kind of a shallow comment, but hey, I’m not deep like Chunky Teh Philosopher. He responded with, “Well, the Holocaust killed off the idea of a God worth believing in for a huge number of Jews who survived.”

          There’s no good answer to that one.

        • Chunk is stuck on the couch and can't get up! says:

          Yes i agree in Wagner’s writings (and he was prolific) there were some anti-Semitic sentiments in terms of Jewishness in MUSIC and ART. He never said they should all be systematically murdered in gas chambers and incinerated. i think in that sense he gets a bad rap because he became a favorite of Hitler. This passage in Wikipedia seems to say it was complicated. He felt that many Jewish composers were not serious, but rather opportunistic in selling works and gaining popularity. And felt they should assimilate into German culture more. But it’s not really clear and we may never know whether he would have sided with Nazism or blatant anti-Semitism in the larger culture. I don’t think he said Jews can’t make great music or art. But it irked him when they chose not to while he struggled financially himself. It’s like an earnest struggling rock artist hating Barry Manilow. Sure you make the young girls cry but is that art?

          Prior to 1850 there is no record of Wagner expressing any particular antisemitic sentiment.[9] However, as he struggled to develop his career he began to resent the success of Jewish composers such as Felix Mendelssohn and Giacomo Meyerbeer and blamed them for his lack of success, particularly after his stay in Paris in 1840–41 when he was impoverished and reduced to music copy-editing. Ironically, at the same time Wagner did have considerable contact with Meyerbeer, who loaned him money, and used his influence to arrange for the premiere of Rienzi, Wagner’s first successful opera, in Dresden in 1842; Meyerbeer later expressed hurt and bewilderment over Wagner’s written abuse of him, his works, and his faith. Wagner’s first and most controversial essay on the subject was Das Judenthum in der Musik (‘Jewishness in Music’), originally published under the pen-name K. Freigedank (K. Freethought) in 1850 in the Neue Zeitschrift für Musik. In a previous issue Theodor Uhlig had attacked the success in Paris of Meyerbeer’s Le prophète, and Wagner’s essay expanded this to an attack on supposed ‘Jewishness’ in all German art. The essay purported to explain popular dislike of Jewish composers, in particular Mendelssohn and Meyerbeer, who is not mentioned by name but is clearly a target. Wagner wrote that the German people were repelled by Jews due to their ‘alien’ appearance and behaviour: ‘with all our speaking and writing in favour of the Jews’ emancipation, we always felt instinctively repelled by any actual, operative contact with them.’ He argued that Jewish musicians were only capable of producing music that was shallow and artificial, because they had no connection to the genuine spirit of the German people.

          In the conclusion to the essay, he wrote of the Jews that ‘only one thing can redeem you from the burden of your curse: the redemption of Ahasuerus — going under!’ Although this has been taken by some commentators to mean actual physical annihilation, in the context of the essay it seems to refer only to the eradication of Jewish separateness and traditions. Wagner advises Jews to follow the example of Ludwig Börne by abandoning Judaism. In this way Jews will take part in ‘this regenerative work of deliverance through self-annulment; then are we one and un-dissevered!'[10] Wagner was therefore calling for the assimilation of Jews into mainstream German culture and society – although there can be little doubt, from the words he uses in the essay, that this call was prompted at least as much by anti-semitism as by a desire for social amelioration. (In the very first publication, the word here translated as ‘self-annulment’ was represented by the phrase ‘self-annihilating, bloody struggle’).[11]

          • Octopus says:

            In Elie Wiesel’s “Night,” he talks about his first night in the concentration camp, watching guards tossing living Jewish babies ripped from their mother’s arms into pits of fire. That wasn’t the worst thing he was to witness, in his time under German detainment.

            I remember entertaining doubts about God’s existence after some of my prayers went unanswered, when I was about the same age as Wiesel when he was sent to hell on Earth. I lived a very comfortable middle-class existence. What a little bitch-ass n—– I was!

        • Bunk X says:

          Jews weren’t the only victims of the Holocaust.

          • Octopus says:

            That’s true, but they were the main targets.

            Victims Killed Source
            Jews 5–6 million [1]
            Soviet citizens 4.5 million [2]
            Soviet POWs 2.8–3.3 million [3]
            Poles 1.8–3 million [4][5][6]
            Serbs 300,000–600,000 [7][8]
            Disabled 270,000 [9]
            Romani 130,000–500,000 [10][11]
            Freemasons 80,000–200,000 [12][13]
            Slovenes 20,000–25,000 [14]
            Spanish Republicans 7,000 [15]
            Homosexuals 5,000–15,000 [16]
            Witnesses 1,250–5,000 [17]

  55. Octopus says:

    What a doofus! I hear his new novella is all about a Trump-parody character. OOOHHH, I can’t wait. 😐

    • Chunk is stuck on the couch and can't get up! says:

      Said the guy who wrote a tween gang bang scene in one of his novels (IT). Even Hollyweird knew that shit can’t go in a movie. In the story it’s after they defeated the monster. And he takes the girl character and suddenly turns her into a pr0n dreamgirl for a bunch of nerd boys. All the kids are supposed to be around the age 13 (seventh grade) It’s disgusting on several levels and reveals what a sick fucker he is.

      But one controversial scene from King’s novel has dogged the book and subsequent adaptations. After defeating It, the kids get lost in the sewer tunnels on the way out; this is attributed in part to the fact that they’re losing their “connection” to one another. The solution is to bind them together, which Beverly — the only girl in the story’s main group of protagonists, called “the Losers” — says can only happen if each of the boys has sex with her. Where they’re timid and unsure, she’s confident and maternal. (King writes the first boy Eddie comes to her “the way he would have come to his mother.”) The sex is a “consensual” gang bang, with each of the boys losing his virginity, and thus entering manhood, through Beverly.

    • Chunk is stuck on the couch and can't get up! says:

      Trump-parody character.

      Resurrecting Randall Flagg? Time to retire Steve.

  56. Octopus says:

    Speaking of edgy…

    Do you think maybe you could read a new book, Fatass? Something written in the new century, perhaps? Check out Schlichter’s “Militant Normals” — he began this golden era of Trump as a Never Trumper, featured on CNN regularly laughing about Trump’s candidacy, and then he suddenly saw the light. Don Lemon had to cut him off mid-sentence, as Kurt refused to stick to the narrative. It’s quite a tale. I just wish he had had Ralph Steadman illustrate it.

    • Chunk is stuck on the couch and can't get up! says:

      Hey Chunky. The difference between you and HST is the latter had balls and talent.

  57. Chunk is stuck on the couch and can't get up! says:

    Things you watch in the middle of the night.

    Julia sets beget Mandelbot sets beget Fractals.

    Reminds me of the old conundrum of the guy who’s crossing the room to open the door. If you halve his distance mathematically infinitely he never makes it to touch the door knob.

    Hollywood Exec.: “And why would you do that?”

    Writer: “I don’t know”

    So there you have it. Math is stupid.

  58. Chunk is stuck on the couch and can't get up! says:

    Well welcome to the party Mr. William Michael Albert aka Billy Idol. Or is that welcome to the fray? Anyway welcome!

  59. Chunk is stuck on the couch and can't get up! says:

    RIP Roy.

    He was the Real Deal. The guy could play Chunkles under the table.

  60. Chunk is stuck on the couch and can't get up! says:

    Ya gotta love his impish Bennie Hill type smile.

  61. Chunk is stuck on the couch and can't get up! says:

    With phenom kid on Orange Blossom Special. A barn burner staple of country music. Really fun!!

  62. Octopus says:

    Good man! Takes a lickin’ From a cowardly creep, and still finds the good in the situation. 🙂

    • KGB says:

      We spent a weekend in Toronto last month and I wore my TRUMP hat the entire time. I thought for sure I’d trigger the odd Canuck but no soap. Not that I’m complaining. I’ll have to see what happens when we head to Pittsburgh in a few weeks. Locally, I’ve had nothing but compliments on it although some people only say so in hushed tones. One person even said that I had balls to wear it. Why? Because some Antifa-type might have a meltdown?

      Oh, BTW, I just got my CCP for New York. I’ll be heading across the border (45 minute drive) to the nearest county seat in PA to get that one soon. Just sayin’….

  63. KGB says:

    Good news on the disposable razor front. After being held hostage by the ever-increasing premium Gillette was extracting for its Fusion blades, I switched to Harry’s in 2017. Nice product and a much better price. Unfortunately, I went to reorder blades this fall and got slammed in the face with LGBT propaganda on their website. All they had to do was just sell razors. Take the profits and donate money to whomever you wish, just don’t couple it to the business itself. So Harry’s is now out. I thought about Dollar Shave Club but they make you become a member and they want to sell you lotions, salves, and what-not. Also, their products have mixed reviews. Well, it’s Wally-World to the rescue. They now sell Gillette knockoffs under their Equate label, 8 cartridges for less than 12 bucks. That’s roughly 1/3 what Gillette charges, the fucking chiselers! No memberships, no funding of left-wing organizations, no sticker shock.

    • Chunk is stuck on the couch and can't get up! says:

      Good luck with that. I stopped using razors about 10 yrs ago. I have a mustache goatee and I noticed all the cool kids were going with the unshaven two day shadow look. So I bought a Wahl trimmer and haven’t looked back. I can keep my facial hair trim and neat and use the trimmer with no attachment to do a plausible shave. It’s a great machine. I’m on my second one but well worth the cost which isn’t that much. And like you say they rip you off on those expensive blade cartridges. It comes out to be way more than the trimmer which lasts several years. And no nicks, no skin irritation, no shave cream. Ba da bing. I’ll never razor shave again.

  64. rightymouse says:

    Anyone notice the price of gasoline quietly going down? I have. Awesome!! 🙂

    • KGB says:

      It dipped below $2 a gallon on the rez. I’m going to gas up after work. I’m driving down to Erie tomorrow for some Christmas shopping. It used to be that PA was always 10-25 cents cheaper than western NY, but they’ve been at par for the last couple years. I don’t know what changed.

  65. Chunk is stuck on the couch and can't get up! says:

    I can’t believe they appointed this idiot as a judge. He couldn’t see on the video that Acosta pushed the girl’s elbow down so she couldn’t take the mic? Then he continued defying the President in his own press conference! Some fucking judge. Blind toothless idiot more like it. It will be fun to watch how Sarah HS deals with him now. Heh heh.

  66. Chunk is stuck on the couch and can't get up! says:

    Hopefully he just answered “I can’t recall” to all of them.” At any rate, hopefully they’ll just slow this whole thing down and say they’re still making preparations and necessary redactions because, ya know…national security. It’s what the Demoncraps and their Deep State cronies do on everything and never have to answer to anything.

    • Octopus says:

      It’s so insane that the absurdist witch-hunt is still going on. Whatever Mueller comes up with, the Left will try to spin as Positive Proof of collusion. Even if they come up with a pic of Putin on a bear.

  67. OLT's Ring Given Freely says:

    Easy fix: No press conferences at all.

    More fun fix: Jim Acosta gets no questions.

    The second option will be loud.

    And here I sit, wondering why in Hell Jim Acosta has a *RIGHT* to enter the White House and scream speeches at a President and I don’t.

    • Octopus says:

      “Freedom Of Teh Press?” I know it’s a stupid position, but when the Fourth Estate thinks of a popular president as “literally Hitler,” whose every word and deed, every day, is The Worst Thing Ever, retweeted a million times by Stump-Enders around the world…well, these are Different Times. Interesting Times.

      • OLT's Ring Given Freely says:

        These days, there are a lot of uncredentialed people easily more qualified than Jim Acosta to help the ignorant masses understand why they should hate Orange Hitler.

        Again, why is he endowed by the Creator that Dems say doesn’t exist with these special rights? After all, an asshole is an asshole.

        • Octopus says:

          “Pigeons on the grass, my ass.”
          — Gertrude Stein

          (I once had to read a big chunk of her awful writing for a college course, and this is my revenge) (served very cold).

  68. dezzez says:

    Can someone rush over and save that poor cat Gus trapped?

    • rightymouse says:

      Well, Gussy…hubby and I are going to settle in and watch Tucker and Hannity at 8:00. This is after a long day at the office, doing the grocery run after work and getting gas for son’s car that I drove today because the Hubster took my jeep to get the friggin’ headlight fixed. Get a job!!

      • Octopus says:

        His job is serving as an example, of how not to live. That’s all some people are good for.

        Me, I had a long and brutal day at work, and now I’m finally relaxing with a Bulleit Bourbon on the rocks. Tomorrow is our 34th anniversary, and we’re taking everyone out to celebrate. After the football, of course. First things first. 🙂

  69. dezzez says:

    I think Chuck will be defending this crazy S.O.B. real soon.

    • Octopus says:

      Eric The Red thinks the government is going to nuke the gun rights folks. What a great political mind. 😆

      Stop escalating the rhetoric, you complete morons.

  70. Octopus says:

    Ace has been killing it for the past couple of months. It’s why I have to keep stealing his shit — it’s better than anything else I see around the web, and it’s free, and I’m shameless. No accreditation! Plus, I catch him stealing all the time, and don’t say anything. It’s “curating,” the service we provide, and people should be grateful. If not grateful, then quiet. STFU, he explained. 😉

  71. Octopus says:

    Life is so unfair, sometimes. Most of the time, to be honest. You accept that fact, and move on, if you’re a grown-ass adult. If you’re a crippled Antifa loser, you run around in a Halloween costume breaking stuff. If you’re a morbidly-obese, failed soulless noodler on the geetar, you stay in your basement bunker and whine about everything, while begging for pfennigs from your worthless peers.

    If there was anything heavy in the Mueller report, it would have been splashed all over the media before the mid-terms. There’s no there, there. Except for this:

    • Minnow says:

      Hey Barry, that is teh funny!

      You are the only one who hasn’t figured out that about a year ago, everyone else KNEW it was a big nuffin.

      You dolt.