Charles Johnnson’s Little Green Footballs Reacts to the Mid-Terms: “Think there are any shivs in pockets in the West Wing today?”

Yeah, these are screencapped comments from Little Green Footballs, unadulterated.


Charles Johnson and his Little Green Footballs is openly promoting the assassination of a duly elected U.S. President, and Johnson is silent…

202 Comments on “Charles Johnnson’s Little Green Footballs Reacts to the Mid-Terms: “Think there are any shivs in pockets in the West Wing today?””

  1. Bunk X says:

    Wonder if the Secret Service knows about this threat.

  2. dezzez says:

    Has anyone told these imbeciles that the IRS already has Trumps tax returns?

  3. Octopus says:

    One guy who won’t get a chance to shank the Prez is Jim Accoster-of-Women, who got his press pass yanked yesterday. 😆

    The level of discourse at LGF is deemed “juvenile and off-putting” by Antifa recruiters.

  4. Octopus says:

    Hmmm…why not? Instead of turning 60 in February, I just identify as 40. Start hitting the clubs again, like we did in the early ’80’s. What could go wrong?

  5. Octopus says:

    A Hollywood Lefty comes out strong against Farrakhan — will wonders never cease?

  6. Octopus says:

    Fatass is spiralling again. 😆

    • Bunk X says:

      That’s essentially the same thing he said about Obama prior to The Conversion.

      245 Charles Wed, Sep 26, 2007 6:25:24pm

      Obama. The quintessential empty suit.

  7. Octopus says:

    This is a great thread of Idiot Left butthurt and unicorn dreams. 😆

    I really hope “Beto” runs for President in ’20. I suspect he’s got some rattly old skeletons in his closet. Just something about him. The stupid nickname, for starters.

  8. Octopus says:

    Chunky is either writing Gus’s current posts for him, or Gus should be sued for plagiarizing him. 😆

    P.S. Gus, you are not a “Good American.” You’re a bum. 😆

    • Pakimon says:

      Gus is deathly afraid that the bad Orange Man is going to force him to get a job. 😆

      • Pakimon says:

        With the economy roaring like it is and unemployment at an all time low, Gus is running out of excuses. 😆

    • Chunky looks like Pizza The Hut says:

      Gus’ only affliction is he dropped out of the human race decades ago in supposed protest and is now pissed off that he survived this long to become a gimpy old loser temp telemarketer with an empty bank account and drafty two room 3rd floor walk up apt. DJT has nothing to do with his idiotic situation. But rather just the latest target of Gus’ impotent frustrated rage. It wasn’t that long ago it was Denver yuppies that were the supposed “affliction”.

  9. Pakimon says:

    That NPC meme is still giving Chunkles a case of massive stinging butthurt.

    Time to hit the DEFLECT button! DEFLECT! DEFLECT! DEFLECT! 😆

  10. Chunky looks like Pizza The Hut says:

    Bot not for me!

  11. Chunky looks like Pizza The Hut says:

    I guess i’m Not allowed to top comment today

  12. Octopus says:

    Tucker’s show should be good tonight. Keep it up, Idiot Left!

  13. dezzez says:

    Chuck, you simple fat twit, on average, how many frames are dropped when converting to a GIF from an AVI?
    Acosta is a self promoting circus clown, the only real differences between you and him are that he can afford a decent lifestyle and can show his face in public without causing projectile vomiting in the crowd.

  14. Chunk is stuck on the couch and can't get up! says:

    Chunky’s double standard is more pronounced than his abdominal double pannus.

    The simple fact is by anyone’s standards and by the standards of today’s MeToo movement Accosta should have never touched that young lady. And should have instead relinquished the mic to her. Sure, the right’s probably over-reaching in claiming he “karate chopped” her because I don’t think he intended harm. But I don’t think Lewandowski meant to hurt that chick either. The left sets the rules of Fake News and now must live by them.

    Seems ironic too after Accosta lecturing the President to call on a woman during the recent Fake News Blasey-Ford fakery. If he and CNN believe his bullshit then why not replace him with a woman reporter in the WH pool.

  15. Chunk is stuck on the couch and can't get up! says:

    So the Demcraps will try to harrass the President with a bunch of superfluous subpoenas.

    Hollyweird Exec: So why would they do that?

    Writer: I don’t know.

  16. Chunk is stuck on the couch and can't get up! says:

    What a joke. I thought Jews were supposed to be smart. Spare us your parenthetical bullshit weasel words you bigoted biased asswipe. You simply hate Trump and anyone on his team so you’re going after a smart professional woman and trying to thuggishly knee-cap her. This is America bitch. You can’t hide from us.

    I condemn harassment and threatening conduct of any sort (shame on the protesters who showed up at Tucker Carlson’s home and made threats); however, after leaving office, she deserves none of the niceties normally accorded to others in her position. (In the past, we would have said that she has not earned the right to be included in polite society.) No responsible news outlet should hire her; employers making hiring decisions have every reason to shun her.

  17. Chunk is stuck on the couch and can't get up! says:

    Hmmmm. So they go from RINO McCain to a Taliban sympathizer. And are rejecting a real patriot and veteran woman. I guess this is the real Arizona. Good reason to never visit there.

    • Chunk is stuck on the couch and can't get up! says:

      We should keep a completely open mind because she doesn’t remind of this other woman with dead eyes and no joy or kindness in her face at all. To think otherwise would be racist er something.

    • Chunk is stuck on the couch and can't get up! says:

      Because to be a devout female person you have to want to murder everyone who disagrees with you.

      OH WAIT. YOU DON”T!!!

  18. dezzez says:

    I think Chuck would be less hostile if he just admitted his deepest desires and came out of the closet.

  19. ISTE says:

    Lucy’s cat is not happy.

    Fuck this shit, I need to move to a civilized country and take my cats with me.

  20. Chunk is stuck on the couch and can't get up! says:

    Wow. When you’ve lost Larry King….

  21. Chunk is stuck on the couch and can't get up! says:

    This is what the left thinks is cool. Keep in mind Calvin’s rapper creds came from from the fact that he’s a Crips gang member first and foremost and rapped about his actual gang exploits. Namely sticking guns in people’s faces and likely murdering rival gangsters to prove himself. Oh and to him women are just bitches. Now he tries to pretend it wasn’t him and he’s a good guy who coaches Pee Wee football and tells the kids to “stay out of trouble”. Meanwhile he still has a Glad bag full of weed in the trunk of his car.

    Two felons making pot brownies.

  22. Octopus says:

    Uplifting. I LOVE furriners who appreciate America. Almost as much as I despise the loser-shitheels who do nothing but bitch about how awful we are, and always have been.

  23. Octopus says:

    Imagine what you and your morbidly-obese master would have time to accomplish, if you stopped living on Twitter every waking hour. 😆

  24. rightymouse says:

    It sneauxed here this morning. 😯

    • Octopus says:

      Still sneauxing here. Teh Cooling!

      • rightymouse says:

        Wore my winter coat for the first time this year. Gorebull Warmening SUX!!

        • Abu penis penis penis lol w/ xtra penis says:

          31 with a light dusting of sneaux on my lawn this morning. Sneaux still there. Still 31.

          Early request for Sunday football: since Octopus’s Lions visit my Bears can Paki bring back the magic of cheerleaders as only you can? Sorry to beg but… cheerleaders.

          Your artistry would soften the blow if Detroit wins after giving up 10 (ten) sacks last week to the Minnesota Ellisons.

          • Octopus says:

            The Lions are one good kick away from throwing the season, Abu. I know they’ve been beating your Bears like rented mules of late, but this team is in disarray currently. Bet on your Bears to extract some revenge in this one.

          • Pakimon says:

            Pakimog say see down thread! 😀

  25. Chunk is stuck on the couch and can't get up! says:

    Because Lakeisha done found the missing ballot box with the winning votes! It was just in the closet and we done forgetted it.

    • Chunk is stuck on the couch and can't get up! says:

      Sheesh. I’m glad nothing ever happens here in N. Ky. No fires, no droughts, no hurricanes, no flooding (my street is on a ridge), no earthquakes. Even the tornadoes seem to bounce right over us and never touch down in this area. We do get some bad winter weather at times.

    • rightymouse says:

      OMG!! 😯 I hope Bunk’s ok!!

      • rightymouse says:

        Also I hope Arachne is ok!!!

        • Octopus says:

          Our power just went out. Won’t be back for several hours, they say. I’m off to Nodsville. Thank God for smartphones with built-in flashlights.

      • Bunk X says:

        I’m okay, but I’m concerned about Bunkessa.

        She’s evacuating elderly peeps from convalescent homes in danger to convalescent houses further south. Some of them are sentient, some are not.

        She’s made several runs from 1000 Oaks to L.A. County and back.

        • rightymouse says:

          Hope she’ll stay safe!!

          • Bunk X says:

            Sunset was fire red tonight due to all the smoke north of us. We can smell it.

          • Bunk X says:

            Bunkessa’s got some interesting stories. She drives Alzheimer patients on banal sight-seeing tours, and some of the people are non-communicative. She’s allowed to play music in the van but got tired of listening to classical music, so she slipped in a CD of Songs Of The West Vol. 4.

            When the 3rd track began, she heard a small quiet voice behind her singing along to Tex Ritter’s High Noon. “Do not forsake me, oh my darlin’…”

            The woman doesn’t speak at all otherwise.

          • Bunk X says:

            A few years ago I told Bunkessa that I used to hum her to sleep when she was very little. I hummed the Theme to Maverick.

            A light bulb went off in her head. “So THAT’S why I get drowsy whenever I hear that song!”


        • Octopus says:

          Stay safe, Bunkessa! I’ve seen some of those videos of people fleeing wildfires in their cars in California, and I know some of them don’t make it. I smelled the smoke last summer, driving up from LA to Portland — was burning my eyes a bit, at one point. Not a joke. I just read that the wildfire is completely uncontained, so more firenados are coming. Scary stuff.

  26. Chunk is stuck on the couch and can't get up! says:

    I keep seeing this attributed to Stalin.

    “It’s not who votes that counts. It’s who counts the vote that counts.”

    Why would Stalin be making puns in English?

  27. rightymouse says:


  28. rightymouse says:

    We’re with you, Gussy! Pelosi would still be AWESOME as Speaker!! 😆

    • rightymouse says:

    • Chunk is stuck on the couch and can't get up! says:

      And it’s a raucous caucus no doubt! 🙂 Let the self ingesting begin!!

        • Bunk X says:

          Got a real nasty comment on my blog recently, too vile to respond to, and all because I opined that Walt Kelly was a conservative.

          • Octopus says:

            Probably from one of Pappy Yokum’s inbred cousins—don’t pay it no mind.

          • Bunk X says:

            Here’s the innocent post:


            Here’s the screed:

            And the thin mask comes off once the facts start to drop.

            And yes, we know EXACTLY what your beliefs and opinions are. It’s what happens when your ilk gets flustered and drops the mask.

            The classic Marxism ploy is a dead give away of exactly what you are.

            The following is not for the one full of bunk, because he was never speaking in good faith to begin with, but for his intended targets, those who simply don’t know the history of what’s going on (yet) and as such make easy targets for bunk peddlars.

            Fascism and nazism can not come out of the same ‘Marxist pig sty’ because fascism is a far right reaction to progress of the left and an attempt to stomp it out. Fascism is combining the power of the state with the unregulated power of the corporate oligarchy. It’s weaponized capitalism, In response to the imminent threat of an emergence of a strong middle class thanks to the implementation of socialist policies. The nazi regime waged open war on their self appointed enemy of the Jewish Marxist and attempted a complete and total genocide of the population. Fascisms purpose is to kill socialists/communists/marxists and stop the rise of the middle class from becoming the dominant political and economic source.

            Fascism is the problem Marx foresaw with the capitalist economic model, and attempted to solve with his attempt at an economic model. Marx died before the first fascists began fomenting their plans, but history proved Marx’s fear of the abuse of capitalism birthing fascism very true.

            Marx’s communism was an attempt to stop fascism from ever happening. Of course intent and execution are very different things, but thats not the point. NOW would be a good time to Google these subjects yourselves if you are interested in the truth, there is no shortage of literature on the subject from very accomplished historical figures. I could provide links, but I find when a person has the actual intent of and puts in the actual effort and time (it’s very little of both, but the litmus test is expending any at all) discovering for themselves yields a far more potent truth than being led, as they aquire a set of most useful deduction tools to use against deception in the future.

            Those of you now seeing the situation as it is, may now be asking yourselves….. WHY? Why try to perpetuate and such an obviously and brazenly stupid lie? Something that is so blatantly…. well… Bunk?

            You will find the answer in a Nazi strategy called the big lie.

            And for this one I will provide, so as to spare you the embarrassment and possible cases of mistaken intent that would arise from trying to procure something like Hitler’s Mein Kampf in today’s era of encroaching American fascism:
            All this was inspired by the principle—which is quite true within itself—that in the big lie there is always a certain force of credibility; because the broad masses of a nation are always more easily corrupted in the deeper strata of their emotional nature than consciously or voluntarily; and thus in the primitive simplicity of their minds they more readily fall victims to the big lie than the small lie, since they themselves often tell small lies in little matters but would be ashamed to resort to large-scale falsehoods.

            “It would never come into their heads to fabricate colossal untruths, and they would not believe that others could have the impudence to distort the truth so infamously. Even though the facts which prove this to be so may be brought clearly to their minds, they will still doubt and waver and will continue to think that there may be some other explanation. For the grossly impudent lie always leaves traces behind it, even after it has been nailed down, a fact which is known to all expert liars in this world and to all who conspire together in the art of lying.”

            — Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf, vol. I, ch. X

            Bunk, you are disgusting, and Walt would punch you in the face himself if he could.

            I didn’t bother to respond to this deranged individual.

          • rightymouse says:

            ‘Progress of the left’. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! 😆 😆

            “Fascism and nazism can not come out of the same ‘Marxist pig sty’ because fascism is a far right reaction to progress of the left and an attempt to stomp it out.”

          • Octopus says:

            That shitbird needs to fly off to the island nation discussed on AoS yesterday, where all the sad hippie dreams come home to roost. Free universal healthcare, a “living wage” for no work, and little to no spending on the military. Peace, love, dope, people!

            They’d be eating each other in six months, tops.

    • Bunk X says:

      Rush called it. The millenial socialists don’t want a bag of dust representing the Dem Party.

  29. dezzez says:

    I think it’s fairly obvious Chuck didn’t read the story.

  30. dezzez says:

    The trap worked and Chuck has dinner.

    • Bunk X says:

      Frank Zappa was a conservative, said so in public numerous times.
      Charles Johnson is an idiot, said so in in social media numerous times.
      Zappa died and left a legacy.
      Charles Johnson is still an idiot.

  31. rightymouse says:

    Speaking of fat asses….

  32. rightymouse says:

    It’s sneauxing again! 😯

    • Abu penis penis penis lol w/ xtra penis says:

      Sad about your sneaux.

      On a happier front I found the Urban Accents Chicago Steak & Chop mix at my Jewels. Can’t wait but It won’t be till Monday, maybe Tuesday. Rats.

      Any tricks you’d care to share that aren’t on the label? 👩🏻‍🍳

  33. Abu penis penis penis lol w/ xtra penis says:

    DoD has fallen to #s 3&4 on google for penis penis penis lol. We were second for the longest time. Oh well.

  34. Octopus says:

    I read David Horowitz’s book, “Radical Son,” about six months after 9/11 when I was reviewing all of my libturd patterns of thought, drummed into me over years of reading authors and listening to lectures from people who thought exactly like David’s parents (and the young David) thought. It was a revelatory book for me. I have followed his career closely since, and watched the Left continue to try and destroy him and other apostates from their religion of Progressivism.

    Our enemies control our universities, presently. I don’t see that changing anytime soon. We have to find a way to fight back.

  35. dezzez says:

    Yes we know for the 10 millionth time, You are both low-life bottom feeders.
    Still it is easy to tell the two of you apart, you Chuck are dumber, fatter, uglier and smell much worse.

  36. Pakimon says:

    It a beautiful Sunday morning and Pakimog ready for some football!

    First on tap, the Jaguars after a promising start yet have backslid into The Realm of Suck&30153; play little horses from Indiantown!

    From expression on this cheerleader, she share sneering contempt for Jags disappointing woeful play.

  37. Pakimon says:

    In tonight’s matchup, The Superbowl Champion Eagles host Cowpies from Texas in NFC East showdown.

    Cowpies going to have hands full when QB Carson Wenz unleashes Golden Tate (newly acquired from Octo’s Lions) and this cheerleader knows it given her steely stare of resolve.

  38. rightymouse says:

    😆 😆 😆

  39. Octopus says:

    Thanks AoS!


    A successful rancher died and left everything to his devoted wife.

    She was a very good-looking woman and determined to keep the ranch,but knew very little about ranching, so she decided to place an ad inthe newspaper for a ranch hand..

    Two cowboys applied for the job. One was gay and the other a drunk. She thought long and hard about it, and when no one else applied she decided to hire the gay guy, figuring it would be safer to have him around the house than the drunk.

    He proved to be a hard worker who put in long hours every day and knew a lot about ranching.
    For weeks, the two of them worked, and the ranch was doing very well.

    Then one day, the rancher’s widow said to the hired hand, “You have done a really good job, and the ranch looks great. You should go into town and kick up your heels.”

    The hired hand readily agreed and went into town one Saturday night.

    One o’clock came, however, and he didn’t return.

    Two o’clock and no hired hand.

    Finally he returned around two-thirty, and upon entering the room, he found the rancher’s widow sitting by the fireplace with a glass of wine, waiting for him.

    She quietly called him over to her..

    “Unbutton my blouse and take it off,” she said.

    Trembling, he did as she directed. “Now take off my boots.”

    He did as she asked, ever so slowly. “Now take off my socks.”

    He removed each gently and placed them neatly by her boots.

    “Now take off my skirt.”

    He slowly unbuttoned it, constantly watching her eyes in the fire light.

    “Now take off my bra..” Again, with trembling hands, he did as he was told and dropped it to the floor.

    Then she looked at him and said,

    “If you ever wear my clothes into town again, you’re fired.”

  40. Octopus says:

    Nice opening drive, Bears! Don’t worry, you won’t need that missed extra point.

    I’m rooting against the Lions from now on. Maybe that will make Sundays more fun. 🙂

  41. rightymouse says:

    Am making corned beef with cabbage etc. for dinner. 🙂
    Son is in town again & will actually stay the night. Oh. Yeah. He needs his laundry done. 😆

  42. Octopus says:

    Best day ever on the farm! 😆

    One of the illegal protesters was British luvvie Emma Thompson, protesting fracking, one of the greatest boons to mankind since we discovered fertilizer.

  43. dezzez says:

    Did Chuck just waddle into lawsuit territory?

  44. Bunk X says:

    This is kinda fun.

    • Octopus says:

      Not bad. Everyone I voted for lost, and the evil weed is now legal here, but I’m still glad I voted. Maybe I’ll incorporate the cannabis into one of my homebrews. 🙂

  45. Octopus says:

    The Who HATED Woodstock, and had a terrible time there. The set they were supposed to do at 11 pm got pushed back to 5 am, the weather was horrible, the sound equipment was shit, and there was nothing to eat or drink that wasn’t dosed with LSD, which they didn’t want. They also had to threaten to leave unless they got paid, as the promoters had decided nobody was getting paid, due to the fans storming the gates and getting in without paying. Peace, love, dopes. The Who got their $11,000 check, which they needed for airfare to get back to England.

    Finally they got on stage, and the set wasn’t going great, for all the reasons listed. It was dark and cold, the fans were exhausted and wasted, and it looked like pretty much a lost cause until suddenly they started “See Me, Feel Me,” and the sun rose during the song. They came back to life and destroyed everyone with their powerful rendition.

    • Octopus says:

      Daltrey had a lifetime of trying to get Entwhistle to turn down his amps so he could hear himself and the rest of the band. He thought it was fun to have Ox play an acoustic bass solo with The Chieftains on his fiftieth birthday. Turned out pretty great, too. Entwhistle always played his bass like a lead guitar, which worked for me.

      • Chunk is stuck on the couch and can't get up! says:

        Nice they had the reel players on stage with the rock stars. Do you see what I did there? You see a reel is …. Oh never mind. LOL

  46. dezzez says:

    Who wants to bet Chuck is following Avenatti’s BS feed.