On The Streets Of Culver City

#BOMY. Black Olives Matter, Y’all.

[By request.]


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  1. Octopus says:

    Purple hair, white face and lookin’ like Kathy Bates more than herself. Great tribute, JIm!

    P.S. Prepare thyself for the backlash. 😆

  2. Octopus says:

    Now THAT’S what I call a tribute!
    It’s mesmerizing. 😆

  3. Chunk is stuck on the couch and can't get up! says:


    Gretchen Carlson Denies Claim She “Silenced” and Bullied Miss America

    LOL! Who did she bring down at Fox again? Was it Ailse? or O’Reilly. I forget. Then she gathers her feminist dignity and dives into the Miss America pageant milleu. She got $40 mil to go away I believe for what? An off color comment or something? Now she’s showing what a big fat moron idiot boss she can be herself by ignoring and belittling the underling pageant winners. Win for Women!!!!

    Steve Doocey is about to rape her here. So courageous.

    • Abu penis penis penis lol says:

      Milyo! I’m lmao over here. Been a while. I’d link it but I still have not solved the i-Pad.
      The fuckin’ thing didn’t come with an instruction booklet. No. Referred me to a website.
      How’s that gonna help a guy who has learned on written, portable instructions his whole life?
      Prime bathroom reading.

  4. Chunk is stuck on the couch and can't get up! says:


    Sharpton tries to attack Trump in defense of Omarosa (of course). Even black people hate her. Anyhoo he tries to link the recently died Aretha’s ’70s hit Respect. But fails sadly by mispelling R-E-S-P-E-C-T. Everyone laughs. I doubt he can pronounce it either.

  5. Chunk is stuck on the couch and can't get up! says:

    So much badness in America right now. How do we pull out of this tail spin?
    8 hours ago

    What “badness” is he talking about? Rampant shootings in Chicago? The wave of opiate overdoses and addictions overwhelming law enforcement? Terrorists kidnapping and training children for Jihadi attacks on our schools??

    No he’s talking about this.

  6. rightymouse says:

    That’s ok. Al Sharpton can’t spell ‘Respect’. I dare you to pick on him too.

  7. Octopus says:

    The level of Libturd Butthurt in this thread is off the Rectum Scale. 😆

  8. rightymouse says:

    Here’s an idea, Gussy! Get off Twitter, take a shower, shave, brush your teeth, put on a nice set of clothes and GO OUT TO LOOK FOR A JOB!!! Take resumes around to head-hunters.

  9. rightymouse says:


  10. Octopus says:

    Let’s take a closer look, and see if we can’t cipher some shit out:

    If you watched that all the way through without ff’ing, you’re made of sterner stuff than I. Gawdalmighty, that’s some sorry shit.

  11. Octopus says:

    Fatass shows once again he doesn’t have the vaguest clue about what “science” means. He still thinks it’s something that is “settled,” once you have enough motivated “scientists” and Bill Nye preaching to the choir. 😆

    • Chunk is stuck on the couch and can't get up! says:

      By sheer virtue of his being one of the last holdouts we can be assured it’s complete crap. Unlike Chunky, the average person does care about the actual truth. And we’ve all been watching the whole decades long train wreck of Global Warmening to Climate Disruption (that one didn’t last too long) to finally Climate Change (an idiotic catch all that resulted from their having no significant warming to point to). People can clearly see they re-brand merely to distance themselves from their own failed and hysterical pronouncements and predictions. And that it’s too coincidental that the progressives that want to destroy capitalism and promote international socialism just so happen to be the keepers of the sacred Climate narrative. And of course left wing academia is all too happy to keep the good times rolling.

    • Chunk is stuck on the couch and can't get up! says:

      That’s great! LOL! “Don’t forget YOU FUCKING RETARDED WHITE FUCKERS. Fall is just around the corner!

  12. Chunk is stuck on the couch and can't get up! says:

    Hot damn!

    Scientists create battery that refuels electric cars in seconds


  13. Chunk is stuck on the couch and can't get up! says:

    Wow. Iran’s “The Mouse that Roared” moment thanks to Obungle, Shrillery, Kerry and other’s coddling. I think I sat in one of those up at the air force museum at Wright Pat in Dayton. Trust me. An F35 or F22 would incinerate this fucker and be home for bologna sandwiches for lunch. I think our POTUS would sum it up as “Not pretty”. LOL!


  14. Chunk is stuck on the couch and can't get up! says:

    Wow. I already knew Hart’s not that funny. I watched a movie with him and Will Ferrell and was wondering where the laughs went while looking at the credits at the end. I guess his balls are owned by old red headed Hollyweird D lister skanks. Several months ago he was taken to task and shamed by Kathy Griffin for not shitting on Trump. http://www.foxnews.com/entertainment/2018/06/14/kathy-griffin-calls-out-kevin-hart-for-not-attacking-trump.html

    Even more sad, he now belatedly caves pathetically. Here’s a hint Kev. Had you been hysterically funny ALWAYS this wouldn’t have been a dilemma to start with. You were correctly reticent initially. But you let your little head dictate your big head after Freckled Kathy shamed you and you fell for it. Which means you just torpedoed a large chunk of people who might still have given you a chance.


  15. Chunk is stuck on the couch and can't get up! says:

    And here we go. Down the slippery slope. S. Africa heads toward Zimbabwe. The pattern is clear, as soon as the gov’t approves white farm seizures the blacks begin mass murders, rapes and thievery of white property. Then they have no idea how to farm the land they’ve stolen. Mass starvation ensues and blacks fall upon blacks. It’s ugly. Modern liberal society calls it fair. Most people with common sense see it as two wrongs don’t make a right. Stealing from and murdering white people who never hurt any blacks does not help anyone. Blacks keep trying to figure out how to get what Whites have without adopting their culture. Just taking their stuff doesn’t seem to be the answer.


  16. Octopus says:

    Just wrap some of that neck-flab around it, Chunky…there ya go!

  17. Octopus says:

    Can’t help but think you’d feel a lot less squirrelly if you’d get off your giant keister and did something worthwhile with your life. Like collecting the free gum off the scorching sidewalks of LA.

  18. rightymouse says:

    Here’s the Warrantless Arrest Affidavit on the lying SOB murderer Christopher Watts. Ass-hole was also cheating on his pregnant wife. Hope the bastard fries.


  19. Abu penis penis penis lol says:

    I hate to go off topic so soon but Octo’s Detroit Tigers are hosting my Murder Capital Cubs for the next two evenings. since the AL has 5 great teams, at least, can youse guys just roll over?
    Asking for a friend.

    • Octopus says:

      I wish the Tigers would lose every game from here on out, in this lost season of rebuilding hope. A couple of guys didn’t get the memo about us wanting the number one pick, and continue to compete every night. Idiots! 😆

  20. Octopus says:


    America: “Trump cheated on his wife and a guy he hired briefly during his campaign cheated on his taxes. No evidence of collusion, except on Democrats. Please pass the salt.”


  21. Octopus says:

    Dolly Parton put the capper on this meme last night, imho:

  22. Octopus says:

    Quivering mounds o’ butthurt!! 😆

  23. Bunk X says:

    Heh. Just tried to open a Fresh New Twitter Account and I find that I’m Prebanned. Charles, you win.

  24. Chunk is stuck on the couch and can't get up! says:


    Truly sad. President Trump was totally right. A beautiful sweet student going for a jog is murdered by a Mexican illegal murderer. And I’m sure he raped her before he murdered her. That’s who they’re sending us. Build the wall.

  25. Chunk is stuck on the couch and can't get up! says:


    Oh boy Trump has apparently lost the great actor …….? Michael Shannon? He’s evidently a fucking expert on the fucking constitution and shit and fucking shit.

    No seriously. Who is this guy?

  26. Octopus says:

    Because, hey, nobody has to work tomorrow. Par-TY! 😆

  27. Octopus says:

    Fuckin’ A right, Garage Boy! 🙂

    And there’s six years left to enjoy. WOO-HOOO!!1!

  28. Chunk is stuck on the couch and can't get up! says:


    Huh? I literally just watched Spectre last night! As long as DC is in the next one I’m happy. He’s the best bond ever.

      • Bunk X says:

        1st lesson in 6th Grade trumpet was “Don’t blow your cheeks out.”
        Ain’t no muscles there.

        • Bunk X says:

          I know that some here don’t care for Jazz much, but those guys were masters of the chords.

        • Chunk is stuck on the couch and can't get up! says:

          I studied with this guy in college.

          It’s true most teachers will advise you to keep your cheek muscles tight. However, guys/gals will sometimes find a sort of equilibrium that may involve some relaxing of the cheeks. Tim is one of those. Dizzy obviously did and was still a fantastic player. Scott Wendholdt is another great player who came thru Cinci (on his way to NY) when I was still playing that lets a little relax in the cheeks. Here’s a nice piece with Scott. The Dave Mathews version of Rachmaninoff’s famous piano concerto. Those of us from the ’70s will be thinking “When I was young, making love was just for fun…” and so on. Octo may actually NOT puke listening to this. 🙂

          • Bunk X says:

            Learning to play trumpet, advancing, then getting braces was a pain. I cut a little piece of plastic to keep my upper lip from being cut up.

            I could never handle the “tadica-tadica-tadica” of triple-tongueing, and the valve action of my 30’s vintage brushed silver-plated Velvetone slowed me down a bit, too.

  29. Chunk is stuck on the couch and can't get up! says:

    Um…..this is awkward.


    Christine Assange’s supposed admission caused many on Twitter to note that her son, Julian Assange, “heavily implied” that Rich was a Wikileaks source in an August, 2016 interview on Dutch television when he brought up Assange in the context of WikiLeaks whistleblowers, and then nodded his head when asked directly if Rich was a source.

  30. Chunk is stuck on the couch and can't get up! says:

    Wow. Hateful leftist “professor” could not care less about American girl murdered by illegal immigrant. Just some crap Fox News talks about. Maybe because the murdered girl was white?


  31. Bunk X says:

    Just realized that it’s Tuesday and I oughtta shave tomorrow.

  32. Chunk is stuck on the couch and can't get up! says:


    “I am the new Harriet Tubman,” she said on her way to the VMAs. When asked if she thought it was too far given Tubman’s slavery connections, Minaj repeated, “No, no, I am Harriet Tubman. Leave me alone.”

    Fur reel.

  33. Bunk X says:

    Charles’ favorite marxist knob polisher Kragar barks:

    • Bunk X says:

      Amaizing idiocy.

    • Chunk is stuck on the couch and can't get up! says:

      Kragar’s one who saw nothing strange about Chunky’s inexplicable lurch from common sense to far left libturd Idiotarian.

      Remember when he defended ISIS? https://thediaryofdaedalus.com/2014/09/10/kragar-defends-isis/

      The rise of ISIS is another of Obungle’s great accomplishments pustules like Chunky and Kragar pine for. They rose under Obungle’s laziness and lack of interest for protecting Americans and allies. He considered the American right to be a much greater threat because all he cares about is partisan political warfare. Of course, Trump crushed ISIS immediately.

  34. Chunk is stuck on the couch and can't get up! says:


    OK I’m starting to feel sorry for this lady now. Yes she screwed around with a young 17 yr old guy but this is really looking like a vicious shakedown. Wonder if it played a part in Bourdain’s suicide too. He (the kid) may’ve technically been a minor “victim” but he sure is looking more and more like a predator. Her lucrative career on American idol is now going to be wrecked because of the current no-tolerance climate. And how could he take post coitus selfies with warm glow smiles and then claim fucking victimhood and demand money. Should be illegal.

  35. Chunk is stuck on the couch and can't get up! says:

    Here was pretty much my favorite trumpet player back when I was studying jazz trumpet. He gets a very warm sound out of the horn with a nice post bop note selection. Not the crazy modern shit. He could get around the horn nicely. Died too young. Car accident on a rainy night on the way to a gig. Hence the Steely Dan reference “And die behind the wheel”. Although Brown’s wife was actually driving. Missed a turn in the rain which led to a steep embankment. All in the car died.

    • Bunk X says:

      I didn’t get Louis Armstrong at first because I didn’t understand what he was doing (I was fed a lot of Herb Alpert Songbook pop crap). Then I found Al Hirt due to a record set than my gramma had. Later on there was Bill Chase.

  36. Chunk is stuck on the couch and can't get up! says:

    One of my other favorite trumpeters. Freddie Hubbard. Only about 22 yrs old here. Sounds like a million frickin’ bucks. He studied trumpet with Bill Adam at IU for a short while before heading to NY. Adam was known for taking good players and making them great. Seems to have worked with Freddie. Many years later I also took some lessons with Bill A. He got me to play better but I was pretty much a project. LOL!

  37. Chunk’s pannus says:


    He also points out that Obungle committed campaign finance crimes. Just paid a big six figure fine over it yesterday. No one went to jail and he certainly wasn’t hounded through his entire lame-0 mediocre Preezyduncy of coddling our enemies and insulting our best allies.

  38. Chunk’s pannus says:

    A DOR A BULL!!! Gorgeous Aussie/NZ? doll tests a POS plastic trumpet. She’s so good she makes the thing sound good. She starts playing an Arban study about halfway thru and then some classical piece. Still amazing what they can do these days with plastics. Still good advice to go into for any graduate after all these years! Plastics!!

  39. Chunk is stuck on the couch and can't get up! says:

    Here it is.

  40. Octopus says:

    From Ace’s Teaching Gorilla:

    August 22, 2018
    Act of Love: Elizabeth Warren Declares That Mollie Tibbets’ Parents Should Focus on “Real Problems,” Like Illegal Aliens Being Separated from Their (?) Kids

    —Ace of Spades

    Asked about the murder of Mollie Tibbets, Elizabeth “Pocahantas” Warren counsels her family that they must focus on “real problems” like illegal alien “mamas being separated from their babies.”

    In unrelated news, Mollie Tibbets’ mama will never be able to see her baby again, because an illegal alien brutally murdered her.

    More: Mollie Tibbets is “just some girl from Iowa,” an MSNBC racist says, while a smugly corpulent Bill Kristol nods.

    Posted by Ace of Spades at 12:15 PM Comments

    The Morning Rant


    talking ape.jpg
    “So it looks like the Manafort trial wrapped it up yesterday. Turns out he’s guilty on the tax evasion counts, for stuff he did back in 2005. This has nothing to do with Trump or any supposed collusion with Russia. Not only was that stuff not on the table, it wasn’t even in the same room as the table. Also, Michael Cohen pled guilty to some campaign finance violations that were actually are smaller than Obama’s. And this is a civil, not a criminal violation for which the Obama campaign had to pay a fine of $375,000. Which, again, has nothing to do with Trump or any supposed collusion with Russia. But the progs are all hootin’ and hollerin’ and giving each other high fives while going ‘woo woo’ as if they fully expect to see Trump in handcuffs by the end of the week. They’re going to turn into tantrum-throwing two-year-olds when it finally dawns on them that it’s all a big nothingburger with a side order of nada and a 16 oz. cup of bupkis — with no straw. But by then they’ll be on to the next scandal, which is looking like it’s going to be some tape recordings Omarosa made of Trump burping after a meal. Of course, if she had anything really damning, she would’ve released it by now. My guess is that she’s trying to squeeze every last dime she can out of the time she was with Trump before people catch on that she’s got nothing.”


  41. Chunk is stuck on the couch and can't get up! says:

    Renowned trumpet virtuoso Al Vizzuti drops his horn at the end. Like a mic drop. After flipping the horn in mid-air while playing.

  42. Octopus says:

    Surprised Gus teh aviation expert didn’t seize upon this howler already:

  43. Octopus says:

    Haven’t seen this much wishful thinking in one thread since…Monday? 😆

    By cracky, we’ve got him nailed this time! All over but the swearing-in of Shrillary. Or maybe Fauxcahontas.

    • Bunk X says:

      At least “President Manbaby” doesn’t have a Magical Jazzy Ponytail with a #ANTIFA scrungie.

      Look at what “President Manbaby” has accomplished in less than two years in office.

      Reduced taxes.
      Increased employment.
      Created a booming economy.
      Chumped Iran and squelched their cash flow.
      Matched tariffs with those of other trading countries to get them to remove theirs.
      Increased military spending.
      Got out of the Kyoto climate accords.
      Booted NAFTA.
      Told NATO members to pay their percentage for military safety.
      Moved the U.S. Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem.
      Crippled the Russian economy with new sanctions.
      Deregulated fossil fuel production in the U.S.
      Called out the MSM as a propaganda machine.
      Appointed two outstanding Supreme Court Justices.
      Fired corrupt DOJ officials.
      Appeared on SNL with Jimmy Fallon.
      Ignored @Green_Footballs’ flagrant abuse of Twitter’s TOS rules.


      i’ve been keeping a mental list, but Rush reiterated most of them today.

      • Bunk X says:

        I forgot The Norks. Lil’ Kim’s about to get screwed, too, but he doesn’t know it yet.

      • rightymouse says:

        This is the longest hissy fit by liberals I’ve ever witnessed. I thought they were bad when Bush won both terms, but that was nothing compared to their reaction to Trump.

  44. Octopus says:

    Very interesting! Amazing how the angry young libturds find things to bloviate about ignorantly, no matter where you look.

  45. Octopus says:

    It’s the genie costume that makes this truly wonderful. That, and the Antifaggoo throwing his beer and scurrying away. 😆

    *Antifaggoo courtesy of Walt Kelly’s Polly-Ticks

  46. Octopus says:

    The ignorance is stunning. 😯

  47. Octopus says:

    Still can’t believe this is her real name. 😆

  48. Octopus says:

    Asswipe-NeverTrumper Allahpundit has turned into Gus. 😆