Our Gus Is An Awesome Gus

From his first post at Little Green Footballs to today, El Gusano has been an enigma,. One minute he appears to be un cognoscente, the next minute he’s bashing his head on worn Naugahyde and comes back with a double-barrel load of stupid.

That’s El Gusano’s first comment on Little Green Footballs. For several years after, he proceeded to spam the LGF comments at a rate previously unheard of [60 posts per day average].

But that was then, and this is then, too.

No he didn’t, Gus, and there was no agreement, Gus, but it’s a step in the right direction, Gus. Nothing pleases our Gus because our Gus is a miserable sack of Gus.

Our Gus is an Awesome Gus.

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  1. Bunk X says:

  2. Bunk X says:

  3. Octopus says:

    If you just mentally substitute “Gus” for “God,” this song works perfectly to capture the way I feel about Garage Boy.

  4. Octopus says:

    Chunky dutifully retweeting this dork’s hysterical take on Trump’s massive historical breakthrough with the Norks. See how quickly the Left adopted the “Trump is in love with evul dicktaters”-meme, provided by Media Matters the night of the signing?

    Seems the cartoonist has been fired for refusing to tone down his vicious and deranged takes on our President. Aw, poor baby! We only like it when conservatives lose their jobs for clashing with their bosses’ political positions! 😆


    • Octopus says:

      Sorry about the double-take — there are some fine examples of this cretin’s work at the HuffPoop link. Here’s one of his gems from before the hammer-blow of Trump’s win in November 2016 — it’s fun to watch the libturds joke around before Trumpageddon:

    • Chunk is stuck on the couch and can't get up! says:

      Still unresolved after my being fired, that is. LOL! The guy’s a fevered libturd loser who should be taking Gus’ handy overflow traffic behind the 7-11 dumpster.

  5. Octopus says:

    Awesome Gus went OFF on his Leftist pals last night! Boy, he’s swinging back and forth these days. 😆

    Fuck your bullshit.
    2 hours ago
    Seriously. Get bent. Not my fucking problem.
    2 hours ago
    You’re a fucking hoodlum. Get bent.
    2 hours ago
    That’s why you won’t get photo ID. It’s because you’re a freaking criminal. Fuck off.
    2 hours ago
    If you can’t get voter ID it’s because you’re a felon on the lam. Odd are you’re a criminal.
    2 hours ago
    Fuck your voter ID bullshit excuses. Seriously. Get fucking bent.
    2 hours ago
    LOL! 40 dollars! That’s like what? 4 six packs? Get a grip. twitter.com/TomthunkitsMin…
    2 hours ago
    Tired of the BS excuses.
    2 hours ago
    That’s Democrats do is complain. They can’t even get 2 million people to vote for them.
    2 hours ago
    Democrats have nothing but excuses.

  6. Octopus says:

    Chunky refers to this obscure podcast, which once had him on as a guest before the death of its “funny” half, and never since, as LGF’s “podcasting affiliate.” How’s that, Fatass? You don’t do podcasts, and they don’t do you. Cesca won’t return your calls. It’s as hopeless as your GoFundMe. 😦

  7. Octopus says:


    This time we really mean it! Trump is going down, and Mueller is going to put his ass in jail!

    Colbert: The Mueller Probe Is About to ‘Hit the Fan’
    Charles Johnson483
    Humor15 hours, 17 minutes ago • Views: 4,254


    Is Michael Cohen’s legal staffing shake-up the calm before the storm? Because hardly anyone is staying calm about it.

    And… he’s ranting like a loon again.

    Donald J. Trump

    Now that I am back from Singapore, where we had a great result with respect to North Korea, the thought process must sadly go back to the Witch Hunt, always remembering that there was No Collusion and No Obstruction of the fabricated No Crime.

    11:08 AM – Jun 14, 2018
    26.9K people are talking about this
    Twitter Ads info and privacy

    Donald J. Trump

    So, the Democrats make up a phony crime, Collusion with the Russians, pay a fortune to make the crime sound real, illegally leak (Comey) classified information so that a Special Councel will be appointed, and then Collude to make this pile of garbage take on life in Fake News!

    11:08 AM – Jun 14, 2018
    47.4K people are talking about this
    Twitter Ads info and privacy

  8. Octopus says:


    “I’m cool, son. No, really — lots of people think so.”

    This story cracked me up. I mean, Farrell invented Lollapalooza, and now his son is embarrassed to be seen with him there. You can’t be cool with your adolescent kids, Dads, no matter how hard you try. May as well embrace the fun of embarrassing them, as I did at that stage. Sing in public, wear the wrong clothes, put on your wife’s sunglasses and wave to their friends when you drop them off at the friend’s house — use your imagination. 😆

  9. Chunk is stuck on the couch and can't get up! says:

    Our Gus is a Gassy Gus.

  10. rightymouse says:

    So edgy, Gusman. 🙄

  11. Chunk is stuck on the couch and can't get up! says:

    Yeah… so, hard to make this shit up. This is a real book (group of books actually) sold by Amazon. According to them it’s just weird and funny.

    Secret Pizza Party Hardcover – September 3, 2013

    “Rubin and Salmieri are two of the weirdest, funniest guys working in kids’ lit today. The team lets its geek flag fly in an obsessive how-to guide for would-be dragon taco party hosts. Why a taco party? As Rubin explains, ‘The only things dragons love more than parties or tacos, is taco parties.’ If further proof is required, Salmieri—whose poker-faced watercolor, gouache, and color pencil drawings set a benchmark for oddball observational humor—shows one odd, scaly creature with a carryout bag from ‘Taco Cave’ and another beaming with anticipation as it eagerly circles the date for a taco party on its taco-themed calendar. But beware: even if all the tips and rules are followed to the letter (on quantity:’The best way to judge is to get a boat and fill the boat with tacos’), all will be for naught if spicy salsa makes its way into the taco filling. In fact, the dragons will bring a whole new meaning to ‘housewarming.’ Off-kilter fun for those who like their picture books (and salsa) zesty and fresh.”–Publishers Weekly, starred review.

    “Dragons Love Tacos is a heaping helping of silly. Little kids will relate to the anti-spicy bias and chuckle over Salmieri’s watercolor and gouache cartoon illustrations showing literally boatloads of tacos and all sizes of dragons enjoying their favorite food at pool parties, costume parties and, well, taco parties.” –San Francisco Chronicle

    Uh huh. Maybe I’m just a dirty minded old fool who doesn’t understand kids. But is anyone else seeing a BLATANT double entendre with the “Taco Cave” and how the dragon has taco party dates circled on his calendar. And judging tacos on taco filled boats (sounds like a Jeff Epstein/Bubba Clinton outing). And the tacos are only bad when spicy salsa is in them? Only a pervert like me I guess is thinking penises, vaginas and menstruation and I’m not sure what else.

    Most of the comments are bewildered housewife/mom types who’s kids hated the books and sense there’s something wrong with the author.

    And then one of the reviewers found this interview of the author.

    1.0 out of 5 stars
    A few facts
    January 4, 2017
    Format: Hardcover|Verified Purchase
    The author Adam Rubin was asked by Saya Weissman in an interview on Digiday, “As a single, childless male, why [write] children’s books?” He answered, “There is … a subversive element that appeals to me. In fact, before I started writing [the first children’s book] ‘Those Darn Squirrels,’ I was working on an X-rated comedy show at the Annoyance Theater called ‘Dr. Amazing: Your Country Needs You.’ It was named the ‘Best thing to do in Chicago while high’ by Time Out Magazine. So, despite my mantle as a children’s author, my sensibilities are not exactly G-rated.”

    Elizabeth goes on……
    “The book is basically about two groups of people. The first group has secret parties doing secret things that the second group objects to. Those in the second group are spoilsports who try to stop the parties.

    There is an illustration with a slice of pizza on the raccoon’s crotch (see attached photo), which is currently a popular concept on the Internet.”

    I could see Chunky showing up to a kid’s birthday party with one of these books.

  12. Chunk is stuck on the couch and can't get up! says:

    @realDonaldTrump “Didn’t know Manafort was the head of the Mob.” LOL! Keep talking, gramps.
    30 minutes ago

    “Didn’t know Manafort was the head of the Mob.” LOL! Keep talking, gramps. twitter.com/realDonaldTrum…
    31 minutes ago

    Something inherently humorous yet sad about when you 1.) are 65 years old and calling a 72 yr old gramps. And 2.) repeating yourself 1 minute later.

    • Arachne says:

      He’s 8 years older than you, FATSO.
      And 200 lbs. lighter.

      • rightymouse says:

        And he has a beautiful wife, children, grand-children and billions in the bank. Fatso? Nothing but a bitter divorced man, no offspring, no job and has to beg for money from his posters.

  13. Chunk is stuck on the couch and can't get up! says:


    Willie would know a thing or two about separating families. He’s had 7 children with 4 wives. Some of them overlapped a bit such as when his second wife divorced him when she found the hospital bill for a baby daughter he’d had with wife to be #3.

    Wife #2: Is this a bill for a baby you had with that bitch whore you’ve been running around with?


    • rightymouse says:

      Good Lord. Never knew about his messy life. Probably because his music never appealed to me.

      • Chunk is stuck on the couch and can't get up! says:

        He’s a good country singer if you don’t mind a high whiny kind of voice and had some crossover pop hits many years ago. He was orignally just a skinny kid with a guitar. He wasn’t anything special until he started dressing up like a Native American/Cowboy/Hippy with braided pony tails, headbands and other leatherish kinds of adornments and grew a kind of scraggly biker beard. Ya know, selling the sizzle and the PR and then put on a good show for the peeps.

  14. Chunk is stuck on the couch and can't get up! says:


    Obungle appointed judge and clearly another anti-Trump crook in on the harrassment of Manafort. Naturally none of this has to do with Trump or Russian collusion.

  15. Chunk is stuck on the couch and can't get up! says:

    LOL! It’s like shooting fish in a barrel.


    President Donald Trump responded on Friday to an anonymous text from an FBI agent who described Trump’s supporters as “all poor to middle class, uneducated, lazy POS [pieces of shit].”
    “I have the greatest supporters in the world. By the way, they are the smartest. They’re the hardest working. They pay taxes. They’re incredible. They’re loyal,” Trump said.

    The president responded in an interview on Fox & Friends to the controversial text that was included in the Justice Department Inspector General report released on Thursday.

    Trump said he had the “bikers” and “construction workers” as supporters, including rank-and-file FBI agents.

    “The real FBI,” he said, “not the scum on top, not Comey and the group of people that are total thieves.”

    • rightymouse says:

      Those arrogant texts from FBI Hillary supporters will only serve to make Trump supporters more stubborn in their support.
      Also, keep an eye on the wonderful Diamond & Silk as they go around on their current tour to the cities to connect with black voters. Am praying that the midterms clobber the Donkeys in more ways than they could ever imagine.

  16. ISTE says:

    Friday night in Houston and I started to update my profile on LinkedIn. For those not in the know it is basically a site where you list your work experience and you get job offers!

    You list the places where you have worked and your academic achievements and most importantly where you currently work.

    I have a problem….

    If I list my current job responsibilities then it will expose the current predicament that the company I work for is in.

    My job is…

    Telephone switchboard operator
    Mail room clerk
    Goods receiving operative
    Production supervisor
    Assembler of through hole component printed circuit boards
    Hand assembly of surface mount boards ( they are usually done by a machine, but I have skills )
    Sales support
    Testing of circuit boards
    Repair of circuit boards that fail when tested
    Quality control
    Quality control supervisor
    Research and Development
    General office manager
    Manager of janitorial services
    Janitor ( cleaned the rest room this afternoon )
    Shipping manager
    Shipping person ( proficient in UPS Worldship )

    Also responsible for maintaining an adequate supply of beverages and beverage containers for any visitors ( coffee and styrofoam cups )

    Now you know why I take my cat to work. Someone to talk to.

    • ISTE says:

      She is my friend

      Um not Lucy…


    • Bunk X says:

      I do a lot of that stuff myself, and what I don’t want to do I fuck it up by accident and delegate so I can spend my time on pure awesome.

      • ISTE says:

        Lucky you.

        I have no one to delegate anything to.

        I am the fuck things up and also the unfucker.

        I am a perfect candidate for the first Mars mission.

        • Bunk X says:

          I have a knack for finding minor problems, inflating them to dangerous proportions, and then dispatching them with a pin prick.

          It takes talent to allow the mistakes of belligerent jerks to happen and then solve them in the blink of an eye. The opportunities are infrequent, but they’re kinda fun when they happen. Sometimes it even pays off. Yeah, I know it’s borderline unethical, but it’s fun when it happens.

  17. Bunk X says:

    Got a notification from WordPress recently, and it’s legit. I’m guilty of blasphemy.

    Dear WordPress Team,

    I am writing on behalf of Web Analysis Team of Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) which has been designated for taking appropriate measures for regulating Internet Content in line with the prevailing laws of Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

    In lieu of above it is highlighted that few of the webpages hosted on your platform are extremely Blasphemous and are hurting the sentiments of many Muslims around Pakistan. The URL’s mentioned are clearly in violation of Section 37 of Prevention of Electronic Crimes Act, 2016 and Section 19 of Constitution of Pakistan.

    The below mentioned websites can be found on following URL’s:-



    You are requested to contribute towards maintaining peace and harmony in the world by discontinuation of hosting of these websites for viewership in Pakistan with immediate effect. We will be happy to entertain any query if deemed necessary and looking forward for your favorable response at your earliest.

    Web Analysis Team
    — END NOTICE —

    WordPress has blocked the post, but visitors from outside of Pakistan are not affected.
    The Pakistan Blasphemy Police didn’t have a problem with this one. Go figure.

  18. Bunk X says:

    Did I post this previously? If so, so what.

  19. rightymouse says:

    We love ya, Gussy! 😆

  20. rightymouse says:

    Gussy locked down his account again. 😆


  21. Octopus says:


  22. Octopus says:

    …next to your rusty old bike, no doot. 😦

    • rightymouse says:

      Way back when in the mid 80’s-early 90’s when I worked for Wang labs & Data General, we thought Macs were tinker toys. Of course, Apple is still around and those other companies aren’t.

      • Octopus says:

        My first pc was a Mac Plus, with a black-and-white monitor. I loved the word processor, and a few rudimentary games I was hooked on for awhile. No internet. No bewbs. 😆

        • Bunk X says:

          Apple IIe for me. In Junior Hi we created some games in Basic, saved them on rolls of punch tape.

          • Octopus says:

            My bro-in-law had an Apple IIe. We used to spend hours trying to beat its chess game, by cheating and whatnot. 😉

          • Bunk X says:

            I donated an Apple IIe to my boss’ wife who needed a word processor. Her “computer-savvy” neighbor couldn’t figure out how to boot it up. (Hint: Insert the floppy boot.)

          • Octopus says:

            I threw away several boxes of floppy disks a couple of years ago, that probably had the answers to several perplexing human dilemmas contained in their code. A lot of stuff I thought worth saving, much like my cassette music collection, which I refuse to throw away even though I don’t have a cassette player at the present time.

        • Pakimon says:

          My first pc was a Commodore 64.

          Giant floppy discs and the disc drive sounded like a rabid beaver trying to chew down a redwood tree.

          Good times… 😆

  23. rightymouse says:

    Hubby is conducting tonight so am off for the evening. First I need to get in my sparkly clothes. 🙂

    • Octopus says:

      Enjoy the musics, ‘Mouse. I’m having a Father’s Day dinner at my favorite Italian restaurant soon — a day early, because why wait?

      • Bunk X says:

        The missus leaked that Bunkessa is bringing me In-N-Out Burgers tomorrow. YAY! *urp*

        • Octopus says:

          I had an awesome salmon special tonight, and tomorrow I’m grilling up some ribeyes on the Weber charcoal grill. FOOD FOOD FOOD!!1! 🙂

          • rightymouse says:

            Ribeyes. Yummy! Am taking the hubster, his eldest son & preggers wife to a lovely Indian restaurant. Need spice. 🙂

  24. Octopus says:

    The door is open!

  25. Dezez157 says:

    Oh hell, that’s all? only 10,000 dangerous murdering psychopaths.
    Lets all just quit worrying then.
    Oh and Chuck, you really are one stupid tub of grease.

    • Octopus says:

      That’s about 3X as many as there are American Nazis, so-called. And yet the Left wets themselves silly over them, along with a similar number of KKK members. Probably some overlap in the two groups’ numbers, too. 😆

      • Dezez157 says:

        Chuck and his lackeys are more than happy to watch people raped, robbed and murdered to garner votes for democratic despots that promise free everything.

    • Bunk X says:

      MS-13 is not the only dangerous gang operating in the US. What about the Zetas? Vatos Locos? The Latin Kings is the largest hispanic gang according to Wiki, and they’re not saints either.


      • Octopus says:

        Bloods and Crips still motorvatin’, too. Never mind the multitudes of inner-city drug gangs, who kill more people than Chunky eats Cheetos. Okay, that was a slight exaggeration.

  26. Dezez157 says:

  27. Octopus says:

    The season-ending episode of “Family Guy” ventured into Chunky territory, in a most-disturbing way: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5BGDIeBANM0

  28. Octopus says:

    Re-tweeting John Legend: The Last Refuge Of Couch-Fused Scoundrels 😆

    Again, the Left is pretending PDT invented the system that has been in place for at least the last two administrations. Do they have no shame, to go with their complete lack of integrity?

  29. Octopus says:

    Read thread and be amused. 😆

  30. Octopus says:

    Stupid asshole human sketch-pad preaches the anti-vax, and takes a well-deserved ass-whuppin’. Vegan, meet Negen. 😆


    • rightymouse says:

      She’s off the charts, but I do understand some of her comments. When I was at the hospital in labor with my son, the nurses kept wanting to give me an epidural. Finally, I asked my doc to throw them out of the room (I was going to birth naturally) & she called in the resident midwife who stayed with me until I was ready & then my doc came in. As for vaccinations, my son was fine until an MMR he had before 2 years old. The doc seemed rather clueless about the dosage but injected him anyway. I’ve kept his hair and baby teeth just in case. Otherwise, I support vaccinations. We were given them when we were young – cholera, typhoid, polio, etc.

  31. Octopus says:

    Sweet haunch! 🙂

  32. Octopus says:

    Sometimes, people mean well. They have the best of intentions, and they really try hard. Still, nothing good comes of it. This was one of those times.

  33. rightymouse says:


  34. rightymouse says:

    Saw this & had to post it. Liberals believed the lies in 2016 and they believe them more than ever.

  35. Octopus says:

    I think there’s an argument to be made that without Breitbart showing how it’s done, our great current President wouldn’t have hit upon the only strategy that defeats the self-identified Liberal MSM, which is mockery and the bypassing of these corrupt gatekeepers. Here’s a nice sample of Andy’s work:

  36. Octopus says:

    And then there’s this flea-bitten old libturd, whose career was saved by PDT the same way Colbert’s was. In today’s increasingly-fragmented market, you only need to carve off a tiny slice and hang onto it for dear life — the Demonization Of Donald is perfect for this purpose.

  37. Octopus says:

    From The Other McCain:
    The Democrat Immigration Agenda
    Posted on | June 17, 2018 | 10 Comments

    The White House sent me this press release:


    “We must restore integrity and the rule of law at our borders.” – President Donald J. Trump

    CONGRESSIONAL DEMOCRATS’ FAMILY SEPARATION POLICY: Too many American families have been permanently separated from loved ones lost to illegal alien crime.

    · Open border laws and policies are responsible for the permanent separation of too many American families whose loved ones have been lost to illegal alien crime.

    · President Trump has met with family members whose loved ones have fallen victim to illegal alien crime.

    o Juan Pina was permanently separated from his daughter after she was strangled, raped, and murdered by an illegal alien.

    o Laura Wilkerson was permanently separated from her son, who was brutally murdered by an illegal alien classmate.

    o Jamiel Shaw, Sr. was permanently separated from his son, who was tragically murdered by an illegal alien gang member.

    · Congressional Democrats have repeatedly voted against common sense immigration legislation that would help make our communities safer.

    o In 2017, 174 House Democrats voted against legislation that would have helped ensure aliens associated with a gang are not admitted into the United States and would have empowered officials to more effectively remove those already here.

    o In 2017, 166 House Democrats voted against Kate’s Law, named after Kate Steinle who was killed by a previously deported illegal alien with a lengthy criminal history.

    o In February 2018, Senate Democrats blocked legislation that would have cracked down on dangerous sanctuary cities.

    OPEN BORDER POLICIES: American communities have suffered from illegal alien crime and illegal drugs flooding our country due to open border policies and immigration enforcement loopholes.

    · Drugs have flooded across our porous borders, poisoning our communities, and costing American lives.

    o The Southwest border is a major source of illegal drugs entering the United States.

    o Most heroin entering the United States is produced in Mexico, and production levels there continue to rise.

    · A total of 57,820 known or suspected aliens were in Department of Justice custody at the end of the first quarter of fiscal year 2018, 60 percent of whom were aliens with orders of removal.

    · A 2011 report by the Government Accountability Office (GAO) found nearly 3 million criminal arrest offenses tied to incarcerated criminal aliens, including 25,000 homicide offenses.

    · Transnational gangs, such as MS-13, take advantage of our open borders and the loopholes in our immigration system.

    o MS-13 and other gangs have bolstered their ranks by exploiting the influx of Unaccompanied Alien Children entering the United States.

    Democrats and their media allies are portraying President Trump as responsible for the suffering of innocent people, This is dishonest propaganda, intended to shift the blame away from Democrats, who did nothing to solve the immigration problem during the eight years of Obama’s presidency and seek to scapegoat Trump for their failure.