Golf Pro Lawyer Charles Johnson Calls Out President Donald Trump For Using Golf Tee Markers Not Approved By Golf Pro Lawyer Charles Johnson.

Awesome catch, Charles. You’re on the cutting edge of ignorance.


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  1. Minnow says:

    Charles, have you nothing better to do with your life? You have evolved into the pettiest, most bitter ass wipe on the internet. You should really pick up your game bra’…..

  2. Octopus says:

    Golf tees with presidential seal are illegal? FAKE NEWS!11! 😆

  3. Octopus says:

    Sweden is so, so f’d. 😆

    The Left wants to institute sharia here, too.

  4. Octopus says:


  5. Octopus says:

    It didn’t work for Gus, though. Maybe if he hadn’t been smoking so much ditchweed… 😦

  6. Octopus says:

    You had poop on you.

  7. Octopus says:

    Si, senor. Indeed, support for the Left is like a vast tapestry of lies and misinformation — pull one thread, and you’ll be amazed at how quickly the whole shebang falls apart.

  8. Octopus says:

    Trump engaging in more exercise in this photo than Fatass has enjoyed since 2008. 😆

    “Presidential seals are illegal”…this is how low Chunky’s gone. And he’s still digging!

  9. OLT's Ring Given Freely says:


  10. rightymouse says:

    We have a bunch of people showing up to install carpet and new kitchen counters tomorrow and SNOW is forecasted. UGH!! Just got the power back on Saturday night!

    • Octopus says:

      Hope the power stays on, ‘Mouse. We’re expecting another load of wet snow tonight, too.

      • rightymouse says:

        Thanks. Hope your power stays on too!

        • Abu says:

          My hopes are for uninterrupted power for da boat a youse. And for good looking men to do ‘Mouse’s install work. NTTAWWT. And not the thong-wearing hairy guys she posts here. Wait,…

  11. rightymouse says:

    Drink some of your night-time swill & smoke your midnight reefers early tonight.

  12. Octopus says:

    My wife’s cousin in California was shot during a robbery on Valentine’s Day. People have been very generous with their donations. Pray for his recovery — he’s still got a long way to go.

    It’s amazing how people respond, when there’s a real need present. Losers and bums like Chunky get nothing.

    • rightymouse says:

      OMG!!! Pray he will be ok!! It’s obvious he is loved by many. The same can’t be said about Fatass. He’s alienated himself by being a lying, opportunistic a-hole.

      • Octopus says:

        Our relative was shot while helping somebody, so at least Chunky is safe in that regard. Unless he gets shot helping himself to another Mountain Dew.

  13. Octopus says:


    Nobody tell him! Just let this go as long as possible, right up to the point where they start arresting Obama administration peeps.

  14. Octopus says:

    😆 I had to post this.

  15. rightymouse says:

    Lemme guess. Rob Kardashian ‘ s baby momma.

    • rightymouse says:

      Kardashians love fat asses.
      They should make friends with Charles.

    • Octopus says:

      Isn’t she something, though?

      The awful, lurid stories I could tell you about this person, gleaned from years of perusing the celebrity gossip sites. She’s an archetype. The butt is mostly fake, like the boobs. The hair is real, though, and purchased from the poverty-stricken young ladies of India like all the extensions and wigs popular in the African-American community are these days.

      • rightymouse says:

        She puts Kim’s ass to shame.

        • Octopus says:

          That was probably poor sick Rob’s attraction, in the first place. He hates his sisters and is incredibly jealous of their success. Chyna had beef with them due to prior entanglements with black rappers/baby daddies. She took him for a wild ride, got her anchor baby and is now suing the family. 😆

  16. ISTE says:

    The whole American legal system is going to collapse. I know what “power of attorney” means.


    The civil suit, filed in Los Angeles Superior Court and obtained by NBC News, alleges that her agreement not to disclose her “intimate” relationship with Trump is not valid because while both Daniels and Trump’s attorney Michael Cohen signed it, Trump never did.

  17. Dezez157 says:

  18. Octopus says:

    Seems like only yesterday Chunky McDumbth was crowing about Nunberg “blowing the whistle” on Trump. I don’t know what’s sadder, between Nunberg’s day of public humiliation, or Chunky’s 9 years of same. 😆 😦

    • Dezez157 says:

      With his constant hyperbole, a track record of being wrong and him being a smug dim-witted asshole, I find it impossible to feel sorry for Chuck.

      • Octopus says:

        I don’t feel sorry for him, as he’s done it all to himself with his pig-headedness, but I do recognize the enormity of his miscalculations leading to personal ruin. Same with Gus.

  19. Bunk X says:

    Yeah. Spotted the critter. Black, fast, and hungry for fresh peanut butter.

  20. Bunk X says:

  21. rightymouse says:

    According to, it’s supposed to be snowing right now, but I’m glad it’s not.

  22. Octopus says:

    Been snowing steadily all morning here, but not accumulating much. Supposed to snow on and off all day and night. Spring!

    • rightymouse says:

      I stayed home to help monitor the insanity. The carpet people are here. No sign of the counter guys yet.

      • rightymouse says:

        The bedroom carpet was cut too small. OMG! The installers had to call & yell at the carpet company. Oh, joy. Grrrrrrrr! Another piece is being expedited. I need a drink & it’s not noon yet.

      • rightymouse says:

        Still no snow. Not complaining. Trust me. 🙂

        • KGB says:

          It’s been snowing all morning up the Erie shoreline. Big wet flakes. The long range forecast is crap, too. In the 30’s for the next 10 days. All this snow that got dumped on us last Friday isn’t going away.

          I heard my brother-in-law the other day talking about how a friend of his put his snowmobile away for the winter and insisted that he has to do it a month earlier than he did a decade ago. This is patent nonsense. The winters fluctuate. Before this year, we had two mild winters in a row, but the winters of 2014 and 2015 were bitterly cold. This year’s definitely been below average and with the brief exception of a week near the end of February, I’ve had a pile of snow at the end of my driveway since the beginning of December. It looks like I’ll have a big pile there until the end of March, at least. It amazes me that people buy the AGW narrative and refuse to believe what’s right in front of their eyes. If things have become warmer, it’s certainly not to the degree that you have witnessed major changes in your lifetime.

          • Octopus says:

            There’s a phenomenon concerning people’s memories about the snow they experienced as children, in which the amount and frequency of childhood snows is greatly exaggerated. Checking the actual historical record surprises the hell out of a lot of folks. Winters are every bit as cold and snowy as they’ve always been.

          • KGB says:

            I totally agree. Like I said, it’s not helped by the constant drone from the Gorebull Warming crowd. The spring of 2012 was really warm here, record breaking warmth, and of course the papers were filled with articles and letters by Chicken Littles scolding everyone. “Now do you believe us!!??” Two years later, we had one of the 10 coldest winters on record and not a fucking peep. The subject disappeared for the time being.

        • rightymouse says:

          It’s getting grey out there, but still clear. Am praying things stay this way today. Cold, though.

    • Bunk X says:

      I’ve been snoring all night, too.

    • rightymouse says:

      Dems don’t care about late-term abortions because they don’t value human life and believe there are too many people on earth as it is.

  23. OLT's Ring Given Freely says:

  24. Minnow says:

    Kamala Harris is the biggest G.D. phony out there today.

    At a predominantly black event, she be all ebonics and shit. On MSNBC, she speaks quite eloquently (though couldn’t be more ignorant of the things she says).

    Let’s see…. do we know anyone else who has pulled this shit???

    (I ain’t no ways tahrd….)

  25. OLT's Ring Given Freely says:

    HAHA, MOAR dirt on the Clinton/Russian collusion probe … our Aussie businessman (Downer) who was so faithfully and patriotically reporting terribly bad things he heard while drinking with a Trump low-level staffer and basically helped start the whole “dossier” scam is not only a huge fundraiser for the Clinton Foundation (25 MILLION Aussie gubmint dollars for “AIDs”), he works for the Commie Chinese military front company Huawei, which ALL US intelligence agencies have warned against allowing entry into the telecomm market due to Chinese government spying.

  26. windbag says:

    Let’s get a jump on the weekend. How often do you get to see the keyboard player climb onto his rig in the middle of his solo?

  27. Dezez157 says:

    Because left-wing killers are cool as f**k with old fat Chuck!

  28. Octopus says:

    Just wow.

  29. Octopus says:

    You are a diabolical mastermind wunderkind, Gus. Had us all fooled you were some kind of pathetic, whining mooch, and now here you go saving humanity from Armageddon. Good on ya!

  30. Octopus says:

    Another great one. My family is split pretty evenly, but the Libturd side is way more vocal and angry. Just this side of hysterical, judging by their Facebook pages. Oh, well.

  31. Octopus says:

    I have to admit, I’m still pretty shocked that former pornstar and perennial party casualty Jenna Jameson has come out of the fog and is posting some of the wickedest tweets around, on the side of the Good Guys. And Maher’s pandering in this Haiti shirt is laughable. “Move there,” indeed. 😆

  32. Octopus says:


  33. Octopus says:

    Chunky’s been mostly absent from the Twitterverse in recent days, and now we know why.

    Spoiler: Frodo lives! 🙂

    • Dezez157 says:

      All that means is that the Mountain Dew bottle he tipped over soaked his Archie comics in week old piss.

  34. Dezez157 says:

    83,000 Canadian Doctors do not sign up for pay cuts, see how we can play that game too fatty?

    • Octopus says:

      Is that why you cratered your blog, Chunky? You wanted to avoid the pitfalls of excess filthy lucre? Okay, now it all makes sense.