On 21 October 2016, The US Government Declared Little Green Footballs DEAD.

A short history is in order. By 2007, Charles Johnson was already preparing for his infamous hairpin turn to the left, and the signs were there. Some spotted the clues, others didn’t. For those who did and mentioned it, Johnson threatened his LGF members/critics with the phrase:

“If you don’t like it, start your own website.”

Many in the gated community called Little Green Footballs recognized what was coming down and decided to take the suggestion. LGF 2.0 made its debut in 2007.

Current and former “lizards” showed up at this experimental site, and it became popular for those who would rather post and discuss current events without Johnson’s ban stick hanging over their heads, without interference and dogpile tactics, his threats of censorship, and without his manipulation/editing of commenters’ posts.

Johnsons’ reaction was typical. He referred to this new website as “The Stalkers” and often claimed that the site was infested with viruses (with no evidence at all – it was a WordPress site) in order to discourage his followers from reading criticism.  LGF 2.0 operated in similar fashion to LGF, but without the squelch, and posters enjoyed mocking Charles Johnson from beyond his reach. This inflamed the vindictive blogger, and Johnson made a move that was noticed by LGF 2.0:  he filed for trademark protection with the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office, presumably to protect his “brand” and to shut down his critics on LGF 2.0.

During the process, Johnson probably learned that you can’t trademark initials, but several hundred dollars and approximately eight months later, he was granted a trademark for the name “Little Green Footballs.”

Meanwhile, he’d flashed his cards enough times that LGF 2.0 morphed into The Blogmocracy.

So what’s the point of all this? Aside from the USPTO, two people knew about this. One was Charles Johnson. The other?  Internet Septic Tank Engineer, aka BRC Engineer No. 1.

On 21 October 2016, the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office declared Little Green Footballs DEAD.

Here’s a blow up of the screen cap with little red boxes added for emphasis.


What’s coming next? I don’t know, Babs, but I do know this. Charles Johnson needs to pony up some more clams before someone in Pyongyang scoops up Little Green Footballs and starts charging him royalty fees.

Or he can wait and see…


231 Comments on “On 21 October 2016, The US Government Declared Little Green Footballs DEAD.”

  1. Pakimon says:

    Can you imagine the head explosion of Chunkles the Clown if someone were to pick up that trademark and start charging him royalties?

    I doubt he has the cash to refile much less pay royalties so I’d bet he’d just pull the plug on the tattered remnants of his blog.

    He’s all about being a Twitter attention whore nowadays anyway. 😆

    • Bunk X says:

      The BRC 2.0 has been eyeballing this for months now. Film at 11.

    • Arachne says:

      Actually, we never had to change the name of Blogmocracy. If Fatso had really tried to get ornery over the use of LGF, I would simply have sent a well-placed email to the Legal Department at Lion’s Gate Films and said “lookee who thinks they have a market on your corporate initials” and he could have wet his pants.

      And yes, Chairman Widebody, I DO have the email addressesses of the Lions Gate Films legal department. You can speculate on how that might be.

  2. Bunk X says:

  3. coldwarrior says:

    BWAHAHAHAAAAA!!!!! i talked to iste about this some months ago and swore i would not leak!

    OH SNAP!!!

  4. Octopus says:

    Bit of a comedown here, from his days starring in “Twin Peaks.” 😆

  5. Octopus says:

    “Hoodwinked” is fun to say. Another good one is “scuttlebutt.” 😆

  6. Octopus says:

    Still finding the scratch to party every night, even as Old Man Winter clears his throat to deliver the next icy blast. BRRR!! 😆

    Shorts one. Tall ones.
    4 hours ago
    4 hours ago
    What’s going on.
    4 hours ago
    God I love this.
    4 hours ago
    Mother, mother.
    4 hours ago
    Fuck I love this part.
    4 hours ago
    Used to dance to the music.
    4 hours ago
    Get wild.
    4 hours ago

    • rightymouse says:

      Maybe they cut his dick and or balls off.

      • Octopus says:

        That would do it. 😆

        • KGB says:

          Octo, were you still in Buffalo when Harv was the preeminent concert promoter in town? Pretty much every big act that came through the Queen City was a “Harvey and Corky Production”. UB rescinded his honorary degree a couple weeks ago.

    • Trump is Teh HORROR!- Chunky McDumbth, #1Olberdouche Fan Boy. says:

      I’m sure he’s completely learned his lesson. Send your daughters over to audition.

  7. mfhorn says:

    Damn. Wish I had the money to snag LGF from Chuckles.

  8. Octopus says:

    • Trump is Teh HORROR!- Chunky McDumbth, #1Olberdouche Fan Boy. says:

      Didn’t Ginger get banned from Twitter for wanting to “take out” BLM jaggoff Demarcus something? The latter having taught classes in social justice looting of innocent people’s stuff, mind you.

      • Arachne says:

        Yes he did. And used in the same context. He was asking for donations to his website. The only way that could be construed as threatening is if anyone could make the case it was to hire a hitman.

    • rightymouse says:

      Rush thinks that they’re doing this to ultimately cover up Hillary, Bill & Obama’s involvement with the uranium mess.

      • Octopus says:

        I’ve seen way too many investigations of the Clintons, Obama, and their minions evaporate into thin air in the past few years. I’ll believe there’s going to be real action when I see real charges being laid, and people wearing jailhouse jewelry.

  9. Trump is Teh HORROR!- Chunky McDumbth, #1Olberdouche Fan Boy. says:

    Another story showing the entertainment industry having devolved into a hedonistic and pimp mindset that’s dangerous to girls, boys and women. It makes you realize the parents are also culpable. If the child is going to be doing payed business then there needs to be an HR entity they can appeal to for protection. Not just some amoral mogul fucker that can only see $$$ signs and pussy and trap you in an office with a hard on. I suspect some of the parents are simply pimping their talented kids out for the big bucks.


  10. dezes157 says:

    So this fat lazy white trash has the nerve to call Kelly a coward.

    • Octopus says:

      Fatass can only hold his breath for three seconds before the wheezing, coughing and fainting begin. Not in good condition, our big bouncing baby boy. 😦

    • Minnowredux says:

      -and a liar!!??? Charles, General Kelly has more character in one baby toenail than you will ever have. He is a man of honor, valor and accomplishment. You on the other hand?

      You get a stiffy when you use the word “craven”…. and that is about all you have going for you.

      You are a sad, sick man Charles, and no one likes you. No one.

    • Bunk X says:

      “Craven” is another adjective Johnson likes to throw around.

  11. Octopus says:

    I gotta be honest. I never thought, when the Fascists finally came to destroy this country and take away our constitutional freedoms, they would be this…gay. NTTAWWT!

  12. ISTE says:

    Go Astros!!!!!!!!

    Was told on Saturday afternoon that I had to cheer for the Houston Astros as that was my local team and they had a very important game that evening.

    I said “OK I will, but I do not normally watch basketball”

    Oh dear….


    • Octopus says:

      Baseball is similar to cricket, except there’s no bouncing the ball on the wickety-pitch. Games are concluded in mere hours, rather than days. The striking club is rounded, rather than flat. Aside from that, cheerio and away we go!

      Root for Justin Verlander, who toiled mightily for the Detroit Tigers for many a season, without sipping from the championship pimp-cup. He’s won every game he’s pitched for the Astros since being traded there at the start of September. Had he not been traded, he’d be doing nothing right now but sitting home and watching baseball on TV, in between leg-wrasslin’ sessions with Kate Upton, his fiancee. Kate is nice, but she’s a shy, rather homely thing…

      • ISTE says:

        Now, and I do not want to upset any of my American friends but “Baseball” as you call it is actually a sport that was invented in England and is played by GIRLS!!!!!!

        It is called Rounders, Bat and ball games…..

        Men play cricket.

        Women play Rounders.

        I attach a short video. You will see the comparisons. Baseball and Rounders are strikingly similar. ( I made a funny… striking. )

        However the girl version is different in just one respect. They use the bat one handed.

        Other differences are no face, head and nuts protection. Just like rugby and American football differences. No body armor.

        Enjoy a fast moving women sport with no timeouts just continuous action.

        (and no spitting and nut scratching)

        • Bunk X says:

          Where are the black girls?

        • Octopus says:

          I once saw some English girls playing a version of rounders on the beach in Clearwater, FL. They were using a piece of driftwood for a bat, and a beachball. Some girls were in the water, while the batter was on the beach. There was a lot of whooping and cheering and splashing about. It was very entertaining. My wife I thought I was too entertained, but I enjoy the spectacle of sport. It’s not like I volunteered to be an umpire.

          I also love when Brits mock the Americans for being “padded-up sissies” playing our sports. For the record, we have plenty of young fools playing rugby over here, without benefit of pads or teeth. I just wish we had more Irish hurling, which is a lovely sport that doesn’t get its proper due. That steel-banded club is a handy thing, on and off the field. 🙂

          • KGB says:

            Good friend of mine near Atlanta coaches a team of girls in hurling. He’s in his mid 40’s and they’re mostly in their twenties. Oh boy, does it ever work out for him. From what I’ve witnessed, the girls are very appreciative of his coaching.

        • OLT's Stuck in Irak says:

          If it ain’t got nut scratching or wedgie-picking (for the ladies of sand volleyball, LOL), it’s just not a SPORT.

      • Bunk X says:

        Kate Upton, Katy Perry, what’s the difference.

  13. ISTE says:

    Totally off topic.

    When anyone mentions the first amendment I think of this movie clip.

    The first amendment allows anyone to do as the character Bruce Willis played in “Die Hard: With a Vengeance”

    The first amendment allows “free speech” It does not PROTECT you from the consequences of that speech. You may have a “right” to say things. The first does not say anything about what happens if you do. Other laws then come into play.

    In this example the character had the undeniable right to wear the billboard. If he had been murdered for that act then of course the person who murdered him would be subject to the full force of the law. As it should be.

    Take a more mundane example. If I am at work then I can speak to whom ever I want, however I want. But, the first amendment does not protect me from the consequences of my actions.

    Other laws then come into effect. If I am fired because of my free speech at work labor law takes over. Was it unfair dismissal etc. I had the right to say what I said and my employer has the right to fire me for it.

  14. rightymouse says:

    The crap may be hitting the fan regarding the Clinton and the Russian uranium deal.

  15. Bunk X says:

    • Octopus says:

      Clooney and Damon’s interview was too sick-making for me to watch. These two libturd-asswipes should be subpoenaed and interrogated, as this Weinstein thing develops.

  16. Octopus says:



    Mean-spirited, that’s me.

    • Pakimon says:

      That video reminds me of Chunkles’ longing for the “Reddit firehose”.

      Be careful what you wish for… 😆

  17. Minnowredux says:

    Today I will make a point of finding all of my Stevie Wonder albums and CDs and tossing them in the trash.

    A real shame that his brain has turned to mush.

  18. Trump is Teh HORROR!- Chunky McDumbth, #1Olberdouche Fan Boy. says:


    I can’t find video of him but I remember seeing a black NASA astrophysicist in the ’70s with a huge fro on a TV report. He was labeled “astrophysicist” and he was clearly on one of the Apollo teams and spoke eruiditely. This dumbing down has to be very insulting to high functioning, bright minorities. Especially when there are so many dumb whites around who can barely tie their shoes like me. 🙂

    • Minnowredux says:

      Likewise, I saw recently a lot of hoopla (well deserved) about a black female mathematician who ALSO was a key contributor to the Apollo moon program.

      As I understand it, these mathematicians got us to the moon by conducting long mathematical formulae that made them feel good about themselves and the people around them…. which is so much of what math truly is…..

      Could I get some beans and rice with that?

      • Octopus says:

        I hate math. Never promoted my white privilege worth a damn. 😆

        • Minnowredux says:

          Math is my life. It is very unforgiving – just like Nature. I have been an engineer for 35-years.

          These SJW types think they can make the Laws of Physics adhere to their World View. They are in for a very unhappy surprise.

          There are three truisms I live by:

          1) Don’t fuck with Mother Nature
          2) You can’t fool Father Physics
          3) You will never win against Uncle Economics

          These people who think they can out yell the next guy in a discussion do not have a clue.

          • Octopus says:

            I recognize the importance and beauty of math, but I just couldn’t bring myself to study it. Maybe I needed stricter parents? I understand the Asians don’t accept the idea that some people just aren’t good at math — study harder, and the stuff sinks in. That’s what I heard from an Asian Tiger Mother, anyway.

          • Minnowredux says:

            I got, at best, Cs in math all the way through High School. Then I meandered in college for a couple of years. Then, I found that (suddenly) math made sense. It is as if a switch was flipped. Don’t ask me?

            Then, I applied to an engineering program and, amazingly, I was accepted. I struggled mightily to get through that degree program, but did. Then I had to spend about 20-years actually learning engineering.

            I always say that I have been an engineer for 35-years. In another 35 years, I might actually know something…..

          • Octopus says:

            You have something cool to live for, then. That’s a very good thing.

          • Chunky loves Pam says:

            Your story is so cool Minnow. Because I could never crack the nut. I too was a C algebra student. My teacher was disgusted with me. I went on lazily to music school at Cincinnati CCM. Later after failing at music I took a post-graduate class which finished my algebra and introduced calculus. I got a B-. LOL. And I really tried hard. I remember doing quadratic equations. I’m like what the fuck is this shit for? Because it produces two graphical coordinates. But it does have real life applications such as building bridges and. even launching space shuttles. That’s when I realized I’m just a moron LOL! So I went in the corporate world and everything’s been fine since. Because there people who try to do well excel against idiots who don’t try at all. So I’ve done well. LOL!

          • rightymouse says:

            I was good at Algebra in school but sucked at Geometry. One math teacher threatened to shoot me at dawn. That was at the Brit school in Bangkok.

    • Bunk X says:

      5th Grade: Flunking basic math, I realized that memorizing multiplication and division tables was important. I memorized the tables and didn’t tell anyone.

      7th Grade: Flunking algebra, but getting the homework correct. Parents figured out that I was terrified of taking tests. Once I realized that the teachers weren’t going to eat me, my grades went from D- to A+.

      High School: They had a strong math department with effective techniques. Geometry clicked because I could visualize the problems, and trig made sense to me. Geometry teacher had an incentive for us to learn fast – He was also the Secretary of the Magician’s Guild in Cincinnati, and he promised close-up magic shows if we got a chapter ahead of the other classes. He was great. One time he gave us impossible problems to solve, and at the top of the quiz was the instruction: “Read all questions before answering.” The last question read, “Ignore all previous questions, sign your name and turn it in.”

      College: Placed out of Geometry & Trig, got dumped into Calculus I & II with math majors. I hit the wall. A couple of Chinese chicks offered tutorials, but even with their help I barely passed with a D. I was happy. Physics wasn’t tough but it took time, and artichoke school was very demanding as they intended to weed us out. (300 down to 80 is some serious weeding.)

      Oh, and yeah, I still use the quadratic equation occasionally.

  19. Minnowredux says:

    So Hilliary paid for the Fusion GPS Russian Dossier on Trump. Color me shocked! NOT!

    What an asshole. Now on to the Uranium deal collusion.

    Hilliary gonna dance……

  20. Octopus says:

    Got a new TV show that’s grabbed my attention: “Mindhunter.” Three episodes in, and I’m totally hooked. Good stuff!

  21. Minnowredux says:

    For Charles and his sad sack life…. just a little advice by way of the lyrics…..

    • Chunky loves Pam says:

      That was so great from an era where a great instrumental could make the charts. Gotta love that sexy logo too showing a beautiful white girl’s tushy. I would sa

  22. Bunk X says:

  23. Bunk X says:

  24. Guggi says:

    Hi, everyone!

    I’m “in moderation” at “blogmocracy” (for what reason ever) please can my comments be freed?

    • Bunk X says:

      Buncha stuff had to be reset at The Mothership due to a malware attack, and now the dashboard has amnesia, thinks you’re a new commenter.

  25. Chunky loves Pam says:

    Have you guys/gals seen this show? Called Haters Back Off. The lead character is a comedic genius in the tradition of Carol Burnett and Lily Tomlin. You must see it. She’s like train wreck. You can’t take your eyes off her. If I weren’t on a fucking iPad I would make more commentary about why this so relevant. My girls (18 yr old twins) were so elated when I announced I had discovered this show. LOL!

    • Chunky loves Pam says:

      OK I’ll try. Years ago there was this guy Fred who was an internet comedy sensation.

      Then he got TV work. I think Colleen is similar. Except instead of being eternally positive she’s just the opposite. But she’s so dark and hateful and selfish. My favorite kind of comedy. Very wide and just wrong. You go Colleen!

    • rightymouse says:

      Looks interesting. I’ll tell my son. He does Netflix during his downtime on the road.

    • Trump is Teh HORROR!- Chunky McDumbth, #1Olberdouche Fan Boy. says:

      On a laptop now…I haven’t had a chance to talk to my kids about this show yet. Only texts but one of my daughters said in text Dad you now understand our humor. Which I thought was very compelling. They are bombarded with PC nonsense and told to accept any and everything and never judge anything. That mindset can create monsters like Miranda and ignore beauty and nobility like Emily (in the story). And of course we’ve seen entitled freakazoids like Trigglypuff. But it’s great the way Colleen turns it into wonderful wide comedy.

      Somehow I’m reminded of the movie Alien when Ash said he admired it’s purity. It’s structural perfection is matched only by it’s hostility.

      Speaking of structural perfection have a gander at circa 1979 Sigourney!

  26. Chunky loves Pam says:

    Mary Tyler Moore theme done by Joan Jett and the Blackhearts. Very sweet. Although Joan would probably kick me in the nuts for that. LOL!

    • Chunky loves Pam says:

      And notice they did the little chime flourish at the end which we all hear in our mind’s ear.

    • Octopus says:

      That rocked. I always liked Jett. Haven’t discussed politics with her, but I like a good simple punk cover. 🙂

  27. Trump is Teh HORROR!- Chunky McDumbth, #1Olberdouche Fan Boy. says:

    These are very important videos.

  28. Chunky loves Pam says:

    Imbecile lying ass Chunk Johnsuck calls our President Trump a “white supremacist” daily. Paul Joseph Watson destroys that stupidity with complete ease. Bad guitar riff fail transferred to attempted media relevancy wannabe via bully crap head dumbth. Try again in the next life Chunk.

  29. Octopus says:

    Greatest Tweet Ever is getting good and mocked at Twitchy. 😆

  30. Octopus says:

    I don’t know what’s funnier, or more sad, between Chunky trying to hobnob with nutty Olbie or his pathetic boasting about bassmen he’s supposedly played with, thirty years ago when he still played. Tragic figger of a man, is Dear Fatass. 😆

  31. Octopus says:

    Meanwhile, Gus is still trying to defend m’lady Shrilldabeast from the latest round of charges, which would mean life imprisonment for anyone not as shielded as she. Nice work, Gus. That’s much more important than seeking employment and a decent place to stay.

  32. Bunk X says:

    With RussiaGate, I want to see ALL the players indicted, not just the Clintons. If the conspirators (including top echelon DOJ, FBI and CIA) skate there will be a dangerous precedent set.

  33. Bunk X says:

  34. Octopus says:


    This reminds me of Gus’s situation: “Send cash, not food or job offers.” I mean, what could go wrong? 😆

  35. Octopus says:

    That and jailing Shrillary. Yep, that’s pretty much it, for this year. 🙂

  36. Trump is Teh HORROR!- Chunky McDumbth, #1Olberdouche Fan Boy. says:

    Wow. She’s just simply a terrible person. She had two abortions at age 16. The first one her parents paid for. The second they said fuck off you nymphomaniac cow, pay for it yourself. Who can blame them? So she “scraped” together the money (great word) for the second womb scraping. And to this day Google her name and tits and you can see she’s still acting out sexually. Picture after picture of her with her tits out and murdering her own potential children has done nothing to curb her behavior. I watched her show one time and she was flirting with a course thuggish rapper who could barely form a sentence. Later I read she admitted screwing him. How is it she’s learned anything other than to take the pill? Her opinions on abortion are merely justification for idiotic behavior and no one but her should have to pay for it.

    When I got pregnant at the age of 16, getting an abortion wasn’t the first idea that popped into my unripened brain.”

    That’s how comedian Chelsea Handler begins her recent essay in Playboy on her personal experience with abortion. Handler writes that she was having unprotected sex with her boyfriend at the time, who she describes as not someone she should’ve been having sex with, “never mind unprotected sex,” she said.

    When she became pregnant at 16, Handler’s parents brought her to Planned Parenthood. “Of course, the idea that I would have a child and raise it by myself at that age, when I couldn’t even find my way home at night, was ridiculous.” she wrote. “And when it was over, I was relieved in every possible way.”

    Handler wrote that when she became pregnant a second time that same year, she had to find the money herself to get an abortion:

    I didn’t have just one abortion; I had two in the same year, impregnated by the same guy. I didn’t have the money the second time. I had to scrape together the $230 to pay Planned Parenthood, but it was a safe abortion. Getting unintentionally pregnant more than once is irresponsible, but it’s still necessary to make a thoughtful decision. We all make mistakes all the time. I happened to fuck up twice at the age of 16. I’m grateful that I came to my senses and was able to get an abortion legally without risking my health or bankrupting myself or my family. I’m 41 now. I don’t ever look back and think, God, I wish I’d had that baby.

  37. Trump is Teh HORROR!- Chunky McDumbth, #1Olberdouche Fan Boy. says:

    This is Chelsea Handler’s latest shameless and thoughtless acts that just make her look worse and worse. Like Kathy Griffin she keeps doubling down on stupit.


  38. octopus says:


  39. Octopus says:


    Oh, Fatass. You’re a giant hungry hippo with hemorrhoids, and we love that about you. 😆

    • Bunk X says:

      Charles spoke about his brother, his late mother, but he never once mentioned his father. I always found that a bit odd.

    • Arachne says:

      It was a narcissic, stupid tweet a year ago, Fatso.
      It hasn’t mellowed with age. She wished HERSELF a Happy Birthday with the assurance that she was about to win the election.

      BTW, looking at her Twitter timeline, her claims of not knowing about the dossier are falling flat. You can see that she’s waiting for it to be released, more and more about Russia when no one is talking about collusion. You can almost see her getting impatient about where the “smoking gun” is.

      And personally, I can’t wait to see what that FBI informant has to say. Just like Benghazi, where there were three or four witnesses that were prevented from testifying so we never got the full story, it looks like Trump released the witness from his NDA so he could testify. And this guy is saying he has the goods – emails, etc., that show governmental cover up.

  40. poteen2 says:

    Exploding heads and apologies galore over this.https://article15clothing.com/products/all-lives-splatter-patch

  41. Octopus says:


    This beta-male fantasy of violence made me laugh pretty hard. YMMV. I mean, seriously, dude. 😆

  42. Octopus says:

    This is a bit longer than I had time to wade all the way through, but consider the tasty ingredients of this problematic stew: A straight black woman calmly and logically destroys the insane blathering of a disturbed white gay man who thinks he is a woman, and that anyone (and I do mean anyone) not sexually attracted to his kind is guilty of something called “cis-sexism.” He’s been skewered by gay men, lesbians, straight men and women who aren’t insane, and probably a lot of creepy dudes down at the local truck-stop. He’s in your little girl’s bathroom at Target. And now he’s in your head, talking an endless stream of demented argle-bargle. 😆

    Speaking of Target, I was shopping there last night and couldn’t help noticing their bathrooms were under reconstruction, and closed completely. Outside, they had three porta-potties set up. They were unmarked, but I have to assume they were all unisexual, unless one was meant for ladies, one for cis-bullies, and the last for Confused People Who Just Need To Pee.

  43. Octopus says:

    More proof that the real Nazis are on the Left.

  44. Octopus says:

    I guess there’s only one solution, Embittered Journolisters. Kill yourselves. Because we don’t believe your bullshit anymore.

  45. Octopus says:

    Today’s Mugshot is being called, “The New Hot Felon.” I’m not into tats, but she does have nice eyebrows. Do you think she’s hawt?

    Does her arrest story make her more or less hawt? I haven’t decided. I just haven’t dated a lot of dangerous criminals.


    • rightymouse says:

      Is she hawt? Do we still use the electric chair?

    • ISTE says:

      Women need to discover henna, stencils and invest in $100 of airbrush stuff.

      Women already understand makeup. It goes on in the morning. What goes on depends how they feel that day and it comes off at night.

      Personally I like to see my female friends on Sunday as they really are. No makeup, just them.

      Well Saturdays too. Today I had lunch with a very nice woman. But she seemed to have a hair problem. Always messing with it!

      We were eating at a burger place and half way through the meal she started flipping at her hair yet again!

      I laughed and said “Now you look like Daffy Duck!! ”

      Fortunately we discuss things. She didn’t stab me with a plastic fork. Umm they did not give us plastic forks. Maybe they new what may happen.

      It transpired that she had styled her hair that morning expecting the wind to blow from the East to the West. But as it happened the wind blew the other direction so it got in her eyes.

      The point of this post?

      Women take a lot of time doing the makeup thing and making themselves look “nice”

      I have something important to tell women. It is what you are that is important. Not what makeup you put on or what you wear.I am attracted to the person inside that woman body.

      Also, sammich making capability is a must.

      • rightymouse says:

        I like men without makeup so I know exactly what you mean! 🙂

        • Octopus says:

          There’s good makeup and bad makeup. No need to go theater-pancake or Halloween-ish, ladies. Men, unless you’re transitioning or a drag queen, just leave it alone. You don’t need to make your pretty eyes pop. 😆

  46. rightymouse says:

    I miss not having kids around for Halloween.

  47. rightymouse says:

    I miss not being able to dress up my kids!

  48. Octopus says:

    For Posterity:
    Guaranteed: everybody in Trump’s inner circle knows who’s being indicted. lgf.bz/2zctPHA
    33 minutes ago
    RT @ashleyfeinberg: sebastian gorka has weighed in https://t.co/1pRIRj8Bd6
    38 minutes ago
    RT @EricBoehlert: i think they pre-taped Hannity tonight, pre-Mueller bombshell….it’s the funniest thing you’ve even seen.
    40 minutes ago
    Yes, I know it’s not likely at all. But dare to dream.
    57 minutes ago
    How awesome would it be if the indictment named Donald J. Trump? Just throwin’ that out there. 🙂 lgf.bz/2zctPHA
    58 minutes ago
    It can’t be a coincidence that the anti-Clinton rhetoric got so vehement in the past few days. This stinks.
    1 hour ago
    @seanhannity @HillaryClinton lolwut? twitter.com/seanhannity/st…
    1 hour ago
    The question is: who in the Trump administration leaked this to the right wing noise machine so they could crank up the propaganda?
    1 hour ago
    Now we know why the right wing media have been attacking Hillary like crazy: Charges Filed in Mueller Investigation lgf.bz/2zctPHA
    1 hour ago
    Most people didn’t expect it to happen this soon but CNN is reporting that charges have been filed by Robert Muelle… twitter.com/i/web/status/9…
    1 hour ago

    Everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, the fat beggar has been prattling on about for the past year is gone up in smoke, and boomeranged onto his vile Shrillary and her pack of hyenas. He lost his mind eons ago, but at least he still had this Alternate Universe, where lies about Trump ruled the MSM and their internet flunkies, along with the late-night losers. Now it’s all kablooey. Where do we go from here, Chunky?

  49. Octopus says:

    Nope, they don’t. How about you post a pic of yourself, a current one, right now? Get one of Your Master, too. We can compare and contrast. 😆

  50. Octopus says:

    Something to ponder, on a Saturday afternoon…

    Joe found Larry deceased in a one-room cabin. The cabin has four walls, a ceiling, and a floor. There are no windows, but there is a door, which Joe locked behind him when he left. Joe has the only key. When Joe left the cabin, Larry was alive and well, and alone. Inside the cabin with Larry is a small wooden table, which is intact when Joe returns. There are now pieces of broken glass on the floor. Nothing else is in the cabin. Larry is not cut, and no blood is found in the cabin. When Joe arrives and finds Larry dead on the floor, he wonders…

    How did Larry die?

  51. windbag says:

    It’s time Fat Face realized that his window of opportunity is gone.

  52. rightymouse says:

    Ohio state just won in an upset over Penn state. Woohoo !

  53. KGB says:

    I’m not a fan of drum solos or anything but this is insanely entertaining. Bernard “Pretty” Purdie played with Steely Dan. Charles “Icarus” Johnson? You’ve gotta be kidding me.

  54. Minnowredux says:

    Does it bother anyone else to be reading about indictments and possible jail sentences for Donald Trump Administration people when Hilliary and Obama are out free and walking about?

    Fuck you Charles you worthless piece of shit.

    • rightymouse says:

      Am praying that the indictment will be for Hillary.

    • Bunk X says:

      It bothers the hell out of me that the Justice Department is in collusion.

      • Octopus says:

        Same. I keep feeling there’s going to be a disappointing outcome, no matter how heinous the evidence turns out to be. The MSM is trying to pretend the DNC and Shrillary are innocent, and desperately trying to keep the Trump-Russia Collusion Myth alive.