Happy Columbus Day! Charles Johnson’s Magical Jazzy Ponytail rocks the internet.

LGF sycophant HappyWarrior thinks that The Natives were a volcanic island nation somewhere east of Culver City and west of St. Louis that was conquered by Mennonites in 1923 during the pre-Cambrian Period. But we’re not here to pick on ignoramuses like HappyWarrior because

OH WAIT… That’s exactly why we’re here.

Charles, define a “Native American.” Isn’t it someone like you who was born (or whelped) here?

Okay, try this. What is an “Indigenous American?” A potato? A chile? Tobacco? A hot tomato? Mountain Dew? If we limit the definition to humans, there’s still no *ahem* consensus on which group of uncivilized murderous pagan barbaric tribes showed up first. According to modern anthropology and forensics, the first humans to settle in the Americas likely didn’t come from Mongolia over the frozen Bering Strait, but from somewhere far southwest of Culver City.

Once corrected on his ignorance, Johnson attacks and dismisses the polite woman  as “pedantic.” Charles, you’re not the brightest bulb in the garlic patch. By your own definition, you’re a typical European white supremacist fascist who spent his entire life co-opting the contributions of other ethnic cultures, but at the very least you can listen to this.

Mark Levin did some simple research (that Johnson didn’t bother with) and came up with this amazing concise monologue:

Charles, PLEASE call into Levin’s radio show and display your superior Magical Jazzy Ponytail intellect to the world.

We’ll buy you a parakeet. Promise.

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  1. Octopus says:

    Once you start hearing songs as possible Tom Waits covers, the world is your oyster. 🙂

  2. Octopus says:

    Today’s Mugshot: Your New Celly!

  3. Octopus says:

    Still getting ripped to the tits every night, despite his homeless plight…thanks, GoFundMe!

    2 hours ago
    Oh fuck.
    2 hours ago
    2 hours ago
    2 hours ago
    Yo soy.
    2 hours ago
    I don’t care about your burqa.
    2 hours ago
    Oh shit.
    2 hours ago
    2 hours ago
    2 hours ago
    2 hours ago

    • Pakimon says:

      Only $60 in the last two weeks.

      Gus’ gofundme begging bowl is looking pretty grim.

      Look for Gus’ plaintive Twitter bleats to get more shrill and self-pitying as “eviction o’ clock”. creeps closer and closer.

      Will Gus spend what little money he has on weed and booze while hoping for a last second firehose of cash into the gofundme tin cup?

      Will he take matters into his own hands, get off Twitter and get a job?

      We all know the answer to that. 😆

      I imagine Gus has to be out of the garage by the end of this month so I’m looking forward to a hilarious Halloween night of Twitter squeals as Gus moves his meager possessions into a sturdy GE refrigerator box while costumed pranksters and dudebros hurl eggs and toilet paper at him. 😆

  4. Octopus says:

    What, pray tell, is “so creepy it beggars belief” about retweeting your daughter? She is tweeting about the big stock market rally — again, how is this creepy at all?

    Chunky, you’re nuttier than a VW bug full of Olbermanns. 😆

  5. Octopus says:


    “It’s only a Category One.” — Bunk

    Oh, okay. Nothing to worry about, then. 😯

  6. Octopus says:

    Sure hope Weinstein makes good on his vow to sue the NYT! Imagine the discovery. Imagine the stories pushed in the media!
    Sadly, this lawsuit will never happen. Empty threat. 😦

    • Minnowredux says:

      This Weinstein story is the latest right-wing nothing-burger on the internet!!

      /Charles off

      • Octopus says:

        The Nothing-Burger comes with Artisanal Cheese. It’s on the Menu-board, next to the Macaroni and Cheetos.

        • Minnowredux says:

          You mean down there at that Nazi rally in Tennessee? Where they fly them Nazi flags? Down there? tell me more??

          • Octopus says:

            Nazis, Nazis everydamnwhere! Flags of many different designs, intended to pass as state flags under casual scrutiny (screw-TINY).

  7. Octopus says:


    Pam is absolutely right. We cannot trust the FBI, which has been turned into a political advocacy group during the last decade of insanity. What they did in the Texas Mohammed Drawing Incident is tantamount to treason, and the stories just get worse from there.

    • Octopus says:

      I promise you we will get a tweet from Fatass today shrieking hysterically about Pam’s intelligent, fact-filled article. He can’t help himself. Needs a long stick to wipe his ass, too. 😆

  8. Octopus says:


    I can’t decide which is funnier, between the initial defense of Weinstein and victim-blaming of the original statement, or the hastily slapped-together retraction when the shizzle hit the propeller.

    Oh, there’s plenty more of this kind of stuff to come — we have yet to hear from Shrillary, who is holed up with her honey Huma trying to figure out how to finesse this bad boy. 😆

  9. Minnowredux says:

    Swinestein headed for jail!!!?? One can only hope. What a total dick that guy is.

  10. Octopus says:


    The New Yorker pauses from its non-stop parade of Trump-bashing stories to detail some of Weinstein’s exploits. Then, back to the Trump-bashing! 😆

    Note: They have nothing on Trump, besides the pussy-grabbing comment. He has never raped or assaulted anyone, unlike Weinstein, Bill Clinton, Bill Cosby and other Hollywood execs to be named soon.

  11. Octopus says:

    My pet theory is that Shrillary is keeping quiet because Weinstein has the goods on her and/or Slick Willie. Prove me wrong, Shrill. 😆

  12. Trump is Teh HORROR!- Chunky McDumbth, #1Olberdouche Fan Boy. says:


    “He forced me to perform oral sex on him…I said, over and over, ‘I don’t want to do this, stop, don’t.'”

    I guess she didn’t know about the running gag of stop, don’t, stop, don’t, stop, don’t stop. Idiot. Get up and walk out wasn’t an option because she wanted the gig. Sounds like she got the job.

    So even Paltrow, Jolie and Streep are just one step up from porn whores, performing sex acts with fat hairy studio bastards for high paying parts in movies. Nothing more than prime ass for the Hollyweird exec pervs. Somehow I’m not even surprised since we’ve heard about the casting couch for decades. It’s not like they can actually act. And it’s an inside joke that they get used by old Jewish pervos to get the parts.

    • Minnowredux says:

      Wait…. what? I thought the chicks asked for it!!??

    • Trump is Teh HORROR!- Chunky McDumbth, #1Olberdouche Fan Boy. says:

      I know it sounds harsh but Roseanna Arquette says in this article her career was blocked because she didn’t go down on Weinstein. What does it say about the ones who praised him and got big parts. I’m guessing they “swallowed” their pride. It is a lot of money. And you get to be Hollyweird Royalty!!

    • gizbot7 says:

      Was with you until the “And it’s an inside joke that they get used by old Jewish pervos to get the parts.”.

      Let’s not assume that there are lots of Jewish “pervos” (even in Hollywood).

      This particular person is freaking gross (in all meanings of the word) man who may have been born Jewish, but clearly isn’t.

  13. Trump is Teh HORROR!- Chunky McDumbth, #1Olberdouche Fan Boy. says:

    LOL! Everyone knows the NY Slimes is just a worthless partisan rag but O’Keefe gets this moron scumbag to admit it on a recording. They target Trump’s businesses, his sons, and this fucker who is Jim Comey’s god son was an Antifa thug at Comey’s behest! The NYT is clearly part of the Deep State thuggery.


  14. Trump is Teh HORROR!- Chunky McDumbth, #1Olberdouche Fan Boy. says:


    Trump reaffirmed in an interview with Forbes that he believes reports that Tillerson once privately called him a “fucking moron” aren’t true. But in any event – just in case – a quick IQ test should be enough to repudiate any lingering doubts about the president’s superior intellect.

    He counterpunches, in this case firing a shot at Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, who reportedly called his boss a moron:

    “I think it’s fake news, but if he did that, I guess we’ll have to compare IQ tests. And I can tell you who is going to win.”

    And Chunk Johnson’s mediocre guitar player IQ would be a distant third which explains his cratered website, lack of internet business acumen, inability to write and pathetic begging popup. 🙂

  15. Trump is Teh HORROR!- Chunky McDumbth, #1Olberdouche Fan Boy. says:


    I’m not sure how I feel about it. It really seems to me reading this that everyone was complicit with the idea of selling young women’s bodies for chances to be Hollyweird starlets. Maybe a few naive idiots were hurt or shocked but kinda seems like everyone, including the libturd women execs were OK with Weinstein being a glorified pimp. He wasn’t that different from Hefner and that’s the kind of people we’re seeing in the movies. They clean up and wipe off in time for their big closeup! Sordid and sad.

    • rightymouse says:

      This is nothing new in Hollywood. The Casting Couch has always been used by the powerful men there to get laid. Bunch of pigs.

      • gizbot7 says:

        Agreed Righty and it’s disgusting! This should also IMHO lead to talks about how children are abused too. Corey Feldman said that’s an epidemic too and still no one is listening.

        • Octopus says:

          What a cesspool, our Hollywood. Kind of puts all their virtue-signaling and rabid support of every Leftist cause in perspective, eh?

        • Trump is Teh HORROR!- Chunky McDumbth, #1Olberdouche Fan Boy. says:

          That is really sad. The kids really are innocent and are not equipped to make decisions or know their options even. They look to the adults to help them and then they’re taken advantage of and forced to do things that make them feel dirty and guilty. And violated.

          • Octopus says:

            It’s just a lot of rape, in every way. Physically, financially, emotionally. And now the Left is being confronted with its own hideous face, in Hollywood, and they can’t handle it. They’re plotzing, big-time.

    • Bunk X says:

      I’d never heard of the perv, and I don’t care much about him. If he broke the law, nail him.
      Ditto Ted Kennedy.
      Ditto Bill Clinton,
      Ditto Hillary Clinton.
      Ditto [fill in the blank].

  16. Trump is Teh HORROR!- Chunky McDumbth, #1Olberdouche Fan Boy. says:


    But wait…watermelon is delicious! What if he brought buckets of scrumptious fried chicken? So many precious little snow flakes these days.

    • Minnowredux says:

      I read this too and was left shaking my head.Just what the fuck IS allowed??

        • Octopus says:

          The whole watermelon/race thing is about as touchy as the n-word, in some circles. The fireman brought a watermelon with a pink bow wrapped around it as a tongue-in-cheek present to his new, mostly-black firehouse — poor judgment in today’s climate of hyper-sensitivity to microaggressions. I know it’s incredibly absurd that he was fired for it, instead of reprimanded, but he should have known better.

          I wonder what would have happened if he’d shown up with a couple of cartons of Extra-Spicy Church’s Fried Chicken? Probably been the most popular boy in the house. Or maybe lynched, who knows?

          • Trump is Teh HORROR!- Chunky McDumbth, #1Olberdouche Fan Boy. says:

            I agree the guy SHOULD have known. But I have a feeling he was just clueless. You and I (and everyone here) are up on all this cultural stuff but not everyone is.

  17. rightymouse says:

    Gussy. Get help. Stop whining and take care of yourself. The reality is that NOBODY is going to do this for you.

  18. Octopus says:

    Listen to that generic glurge! 😆

    Shrillary had NO part of writing this. Huma handled it, while Shrill guzzled straight from the bottle. She fears the repercussions….

  19. Bunk X says:

    Windows10 is a virus.

  20. Octopus says:

    If you had any brains, Fatass, you’d know that Eminem was always reflecting and echoing the misogyny and homophobia that has always been front and center in the hip-hop world he embraced and came to dominate. His fatherless, drugs-and-alcohol-addicted single-mother upbringing was the same as most of theirs, too. Why don’t you get all brave and go after black rap artists? Heheh…because you’re a lying, broke-ass hypocrite with a history of stealing from black people yourself. 😆

    • Trump is Teh HORROR!- Chunky McDumbth, #1Olberdouche Fan Boy. says:

      Well said. And when you can’t help yourself calling pretty conservative women “Crazy Eyes” and other demeaning hateful and dismissive put downs you really have no place judging others.

  21. Octopus says:

    If this keeps up, and it will, we’re going to need lots of Dramamine to get us through the Rocky Mountain Winter this year. 😆

    The only end.
    3 hours ago
    This is the end.
    3 hours ago
    I would rather die before I would allow the feds to “save” me.
    3 hours ago
    I am a rock. I owe blood. I will be hammered to pieces to get drops of blood before I die.
    3 hours ago

    • Trump is Teh HORROR!- Chunky McDumbth, #1Olberdouche Fan Boy. says:

      Dramamine is what they used to take on the cruise ship to ward off sea sickness as I recall. Thank God I never needed it. I remember a country banjo performer Ronny Jackson out of Bakersfield CA who would come from puking off the poop deck in high seas, and then do his act flawlessly. The crowd never knew he was sick. That was around 1989. His claim to fame was being part of Buck Owens and the Buckeroos group which was somewhat glamorous. And he’d been on Hee Haw with them. But one of Ronny’s legs was shorter than the other so he had a limp. And he had a cute glam girl friend too with the predictable name of Darlene. 🙂 But he was a class act and was kind and friendly to we lowly side men. Later I read online that he wrote an historical book about country music .

      On the cruise ships down in Fla I loved going out on deck in thirty foot post hurricane seas and watching the flying fish skimming and the spray in your face. A few years earlier around ’85 I was on a Carnival ship called Mardis Gras. Very beautiful ship on the inside. I bought a fancy Aiwa cassette radio and would get fantastic Miami Cuban and Latin Jazz sitting out on deck. I think I paid $150 for it at one of those store front camera tech places but it was well worth it.

      Also the Jamaican musicians were very much fun. One time a little black dude came out of the shower and said “you white guys want to know why we like big girls?” and then dropped his towel and revealed a huge dong!! Everyone cracked up. Good times!

  22. Octopus says:

    Why there’s still hope for humanity, despite everything you’ve heard: https://www.wimp.com/father-3d-prints-functional-bionic-arm-for-his-two-year-old-son/

    • Bunk X says:

      A teacher posted that he had an old 3-1/2″ diskette sitting on his desk and a student said, “You printed a 3-D “Save” button? Cool.”

  23. Trump is Teh HORROR!- Chunky McDumbth, #1Olberdouche Fan Boy. says:

    Thinking of banjo playing made me think of this guy. A clearly very bright high IQ string player and Ukelele virtuouso. I don’t mean to slur their intelligence it’s just there are so many idiots that play guitar it’s pulling their IQ average down.

    Back to banjo though some of these guys are amazing. Ronnie would approve.

  24. Trump is Teh HORROR!- Chunky McDumbth, #1Olberdouche Fan Boy. says:

    Does anyone watch the show Comedy Bang Bang? It’s very funny! I only just found out about it a few months ago and have been binging on it. It’s a mock talk show with Scott Aukerman as host. Originally the “bandleader” (one man band) was Reggie Watts. Very funny guy. Then in season 4 (I think) a rapper guy named Kid Cudi took over and was equally good. Finally in season 5 Weird Al Yancovic has taken over music. But good sketch comedy and NO POLITICAL BULLSHIT. Just fun silliness. Each week they bring in a big name comedian such as Sarah Silverman or Jake Galifinakis (or however you spell it). They also bring in slightly lesser but equally funny comedians to play hilarious characters such as Andy Daly (MAD TV) or Thomas Lennon of Reno 911. In the last couple seasons they have a character called Slow Joey who’s supposed to be an idiotic intern. It’s actually Haley Joel Osment, the former child actor in such big movies as AI Artificial Intelligence and Sixth Sense (I see dead people). He has great fun playing an idiot!

  25. Trump is Teh HORROR!- Chunky McDumbth, #1Olberdouche Fan Boy. says:

    Another review. If you’re a fan of the Norm MacDonald podcast one of the latest is with Jim Carey. I had a bit of a revelation watching it because I’ve been a JC fan ever since In Living Color, the Ace Ventura moves, Dumb and Dumber, The Mask, and Liar Liar. And he has gotten political recently which turns me off. In a recent interview he said comedians are our conscience or some bullshit. What I realized is JC is simply not very deep. I won’t say not bright because his comedy instincts are exquisite. But he tries to say insightful things and brings up trendy topics like tantric sex he thinks makes him sound smart and it doesn’t. Or he says Jim Carey doesn’t exist. That he’s just some societal construct the latter two words he could not muster. Norm did his best to draw out whatever he could but it was clear Carey’s weird frenetic energy wasn’t lending itself to a fun talk show format. Compare instead Norm’s interviews of say Gilbert Godfried or Dana Carvey (both of which are a total laugh fest.) Norm also had a good recent outing with Jerry Seinfeld. I will still watch Carey in movies because his talent is undeniable but the man himself leaves me somewhat wanting.

    • OLT's Stuck in Irak says:

      I saw a portion of a documentary on Jim Carrey’s art.


      The man possesses genius-level talents; which doesn’t make him sane or wise. In fact, I’d describe him by saying he’s several degrees off level. I think he has some insights that come from a completely different perspective that probably put him at odds with reality a lot of the time.

      OTOH, I was blown away by the talent he displays in addition to comedy and acting. I can admire that without treating him like a moral guide.

      • Trump is Teh HORROR!- Chunky McDumbth, #1Olberdouche Fan Boy. says:

        Thanks for that! I had not seen this. You’ve restored some of my respect for him. Some of those images he has painted are truly dazzling and show a keen inner mind. I think Jim has a brilliant inner mind but some of his comedy comes from slightly flawed social skills. He wants to convey something but ends up being absurd and goofy. So he goes with his strength. My kids and I used to love Ace Ventura. When he strolls through the African village and leans over to a guy confidentially “Your balls are showing”. And the guy balancing on the pole. After shaking the pole he says. “He’s good alright. With my help, he could be the best”. A family friend is a very good artist and my girls pointed this out. We all collapsed in laughter when I stated. “With my help, she could be the best!” It’s just a great line probably not Carey’s originally but good corny fare from our shared cultural experiences.

        Have to commend him for being creative instead of just getting drunk like a lot of comedians who succeed. And end up destroying themselves like Chris Farley or Greg Giraldo.

    • Trump is Teh HORROR!- Chunky McDumbth, #1Olberdouche Fan Boy. says:

      And I think a lot of people are big fans of these because Norm has great interviewer instincts. I remember when he had on Andy Dick who had recently gone through some troubles with the law because he got drunk. And did his sort of gay/bi schtick and ended up grabbing some woman’s boobs which she did not take kindly. I think she called a cop. Andy was a little defensive at first thinking Norm’s some hyper male jerk. But Norm showered him with love and admiration. I too love the guy and think he’s hilarious. He just made a mistake and needs to curb his drinking. But Norm treats everyone with respect. Even Russell Brand who’s a hilarious fun jack ass!

  26. rightymouse says:

    Lol! Check out Twitchy:


  27. rightymouse says:

  28. OLT's Stuck in Irak says:

    Dude, Stalker Charles stopped winning YEARS AGO.

  29. Octopus says:

    The desperation is palpable, as Chunky’s now tweeting out the begging bowl multiple times per day. I’ve never seen anything like it on the internet, not even from that con-man Stranahan. Even Gus, as pathetic and dire as his situation has become, lets others plead for him and never tweets out his GoFundMe, which was set up for him by someone else.

  30. Octopus says:

    I had a great laugh over this beauty. How does anyone at this place keep a straight face, assuming anyone does? I mean, even the horses must be nickering a bit sarcastically. 😆
    10/11/2017 5:29 PM PDT

    Harvey Weinstein has just taken off to get treatment for behavioral issues that include sex addiction … TMZ has learned.
    The fallen mogul took a private jet from Van Nuys Airport bound for Arizona. He’s set to land in the city of Wickenburg near the highly respected Meadows rehab center.
    Our sources say some people on his team wanted Harvey to receive treatment at The Meadows facility, but we are getting conflicting information as to whether or not that is the place he will be receiving treatment. We have confirmed, however, he will be getting treatment at an inpatient program.
    TMZ reported on Tuesday that Weinstein was set to leave the country for rehab. We now know the destination was Switzerland, but the plan changed and he and his team decided he would get treatment in the United States.
    If he is receiving treatment at The Meadows, the facility is equipped to handle behavioral issues and sex addiction.
    The Meadows has a program called Gentle Path … a 45-day inpatient rehab with sex addiction issues. The program includes equine therapy, expressive arts therapy, meditation, yoga and intensive counseling.

  31. ISTE says:


    Some people should not have access to stuffed animals.

  32. Bunk X says:

  33. rightymouse says:

    Hillary calls president Trump late one night:

    Trump: What is so important it couldn’t wait until the morning?
    Hillary: Justice Ginsberg has died and I would like to take her place.
    Trump: Well it’s OK with me if it’s OK with the funeral parlor.

    • Octopus says:

      Then Bill got on the line…

      “Well, do you think I could have a few minutes alone with Ruth, before they seal ‘er up?”

  34. Trump is Teh HORROR!- Chunky McDumbth, #1Olberdouche Fan Boy. says:

    Remember when she wanted to do Bill Clinton? Apparently her hero Shillery didn’t matter when it comes to her perverted desires.


    • Trump is Teh HORROR!- Chunky McDumbth, #1Olberdouche Fan Boy. says:

      And when you say publicly as a famous attractive woman that you want to fuck a famous guy (who’s a total horn dog) can you honestly think it didn’t happen? I think it absolutely did happen.

      • rightymouse says:

        Liberal women…

        “In a 1998 essay for Mirabella, Burleigh described an occasion aboard Air Force One when she noticed President Bill Clinton apparently looking at her legs. The piece led to her being described as “the Ally McBeal of former White House reporters” by columnist Ellen Goodman. Approached by a Washington Post media reporter to discuss the Mirabella article, Burleigh stated, “I would be happy to give him a blowjob just to thank him for keeping abortion legal. I think American women should be lining up with their Presidential kneepads on to show their gratitude for keeping the theocracy off our backs.”[50][51] Referring to the comment in a 2007 piece for The Huffington Post, Burleigh wrote, “I said it (back in 1998, but a good quote has eternal life) because I thought it was high time for someone to tweak the white, middle-aged beltway gang taking Clinton to task for sexual harassment. These men had neither the personal experience nor the credentials to know sexual harassment when they saw it, nor to give a good goddamn about it if they did. The insidious use of sexual harassment laws to bring down a president for his pro-female politics was the context in which I spoke.”[52]”


  35. Trump is Teh HORROR!- Chunky McDumbth, #1Olberdouche Fan Boy. says:

    And now it’s Ben Afflect being castigated. Look I hate the guy. But after the entire world celebrates him for being the hottest dick on the planet and 900 women willingly pull their titties out for him, I’m supposed to care that two didn’t want him to do that?


    I’m getting tired of the whole thing. Ladies get good math grades and stay away from Hollyweird if you want a career AND dignity. Because you’re just not going to get both there.

  36. Trump is Teh HORROR!- Chunky McDumbth, #1Olberdouche Fan Boy. says:

    Just another Late Night Liberal = not funny = I’m not watching.


    Schoolgirls on trampolines on the Man Show.

    • Octopus says:

      Kimmel and Fallon are jumping on the Libturd Limo because it worked wonders for Colbert, who was on the verge of being fired before he started focusing nightly on Trump Derangement Syndrome. It’s hilarious, how low these clowns have to stoop to try and keep their jobs.

  37. Octopus says:


    Just imagine if Weinstein was a RethugliKKKan donor, how the media coverage would be just slightly different.

    Weinstein’s Wife Leans on Huma Abedin Amid Intensifying Scandal

    BY: Katelyn Caralle
    October 12, 2017 7:49 am

    Since Georgina Chapman announced that she is leaving her husband, Harvey Weinstein, after multiple women came forward with sexual assault allegations against the movie mogul, she has been leaning on fellow scorned spouse Huma Abedin.

    A source told Page Six that Chapman reached out to Abedin, the soon-to-be ex-wife of confessed sex offender and former New York congressman Anthony Weiner, as the scandal involving her husband intensifies.

    “One of the people Georgina has reached out to is Huma, who has been through this kind of scandal and media storm, and survived with her dignity intact,” a source close to Chapman said. “They are both mothers, they have both been in a situation where their husbands turned out to be a different person than the man they thought they knew.”

    Chapman and Abedin, Hillary Clinton’s former top aide, got to know each other because of Weinstein’s fundraising efforts and events for the former presidential candidate. The Clintons also rented a house in the Hamptons next door to Weinstein and Chapman’s estate for three summers, Page Six reported.

    The source said that Abedin and Chapman have remained in contact outside of their husbands’ political involvement and friendship.

    Besides Abedin, a separate source told Page Six that Chapman has also reached out to multiple crisis advisors and public relations professionals over the weekend.

    • Trump is Teh HORROR!- Chunky McDumbth, #1Olberdouche Fan Boy. says:

      I have little sympathy. Both Weiner and Weinstein were publicly horrible people aside from the sex stuff. They’re both well known to push people around and scream irrationally at subordinates. Both these broads knew that and thought it was fine.

  38. Trump is Teh HORROR!- Chunky McDumbth, #1Olberdouche Fan Boy. says:

    I tell you what the issue with all the liberal elite celebs regarding Trump. The REAL issue they have with Trump is he successfully made the transition from frivolous celeb to actually wielding real power. They’re simply jealous. They all have gigantic egos and want everyone to listen to them and pay attention to them and do what they say. Seriously who gives a flying shit what Jimmy Kimmel thinks? Did he even finish high school? Has he read a book? I seriously doubt it. I’m sure he honestly thinks when they started paying him a $million a month to be a smart ass that he must be a fricking genius. You’re supposed to be clown boy a-hole. And interview bimbos and pretty boys from the movies. Who the fuck tunes into late TV to see some lecture on the health insurance industry? They must be idiots.

  39. Trump is Teh HORROR!- Chunky McDumbth, #1Olberdouche Fan Boy. says:

    Wasn’t it Paltrow who asserted if Bush were elected rape would become legal? That would have been right around the time she was getting groped by Weinstein for parts at Miramax. LOL!

  40. Abu penis penis penis lol says:

    Anyone else watching the Cubs at Nationals later? Besides the Dodgers. Plus my Blackhawks host the Wild. And there is an NFL game I’ll be ignoring. Looks like I picked a bad week to stop
    Snortin’ Whiskey and drinking cocaine.

  41. Bunk X says:

  42. Octopus says:


  43. Octopus says:

    The Big Lie Movement, aka “BLM,” aka Black Lives Matter, is still stomping around in the dark thinking that Michael Brown had his hands up in surrender, while politely requesting the police officer to refrain from shooting him. The race-baiters turned the incident into a legendary symbol of White Oppression and Genocide, aided by the media and dim-bulbs like Dear Fatass.

    • Trump is Teh HORROR!- Chunky McDumbth, #1Olberdouche Fan Boy. says:

      The willful ignorance of this libturd group BLM is nearly depressing. Except then I remind myself no one buys their moron narrative. Astute non-hysterical people were actually paying attention to the details of cases/trials such as Trayvon/Zimmerman and Gentle Giant Michael Brown/Darren Wilson. In the latter case the officer’s gun actually went off in his car depositing a bullet in the floor, corroborating his story that 300+ pound Gentle Giant Brown tried to get his gun. And he (officer Wilson) had facial abrasions showing the Gentle Giant was trying to beat and incapacitate him. Two facts that will usually get you legally shot by the cops. To add to that there were evidently other witnesses that saw the altercation and refuted the liar Dorian Johnson, criminal compadre of Gentle Giant Brown that they were fleeing. The story is dispicable in several aspects. That Brown was a strong arm robber and unrepentant bully, that Dorian, a petty criminal was willing to lie about the details and send an innocent cop to prison possibly for life, that other blacks initially lied when they’d seen nothing because ya know…..PO-LEECE. And that Brown got shot in the front of his body because he was trying to assault Wilson.

      I will be the first person to call for the head of a cop who targets an innocent unarmed black man who’s say, an accountant minding his own business driving his BMW to the office and complied with all directives. But that’s never the case is it? Because those people aren’t idiots. It’s only idiot petty criminals, often desperate to avoid jail AGAIN that put cops so badly on the defensive that they take drastic measures to use their weapon.

  44. Octopus says:

    Projection! 😆

    How’s the begging bowl coming along, Fatass? Getting paid handsomely for what you do, resisting and whatnot? No? Shocked, shocked I am.

    • Trump is Teh HORROR!- Chunky McDumbth, #1Olberdouche Fan Boy. says:

      The business plan of insulting people who used to be your friends on Twitter for fun and profit isn’t paying off?? Who knew?

    • Bunk X says:

      It’s not 3D, it’s 44DD, Charles, and the POTUS is just tits. You and your swamp sycophants are the boobs.

  45. Octopus says:

    She dumped your sorry ass a long, long time ago, Fatass. Maybe it’s time to put it behind you? Grow up and be a man? Ah, forget it. I was just kidding. Put your diaper back on.

    • rightymouse says:

      Gussy’s take on Fatso & LGF..

    • Trump is Teh HORROR!- Chunky McDumbth, #1Olberdouche Fan Boy. says:

      Pretty sad a man 60+ years is hanging on every word of a -30 yr old. Chuck is definitely a weird egg but he’s a very young guy. He has some writing talent and I think he’ll get his thinking straight eventually. Fat old Chunk however, should hang it up. It’s never happening.

  46. rightymouse says:

    He wasn’t talking to you, a-hole. He was addressing people who have values.

    • Minnowredux says:

      Charles Johnson, the abject failure in all things EXCEPT shooting off his stupid mouth…. addressing the President of the US in such a manner of disrespect does not even realize this… but he is making a much more profound statement about himself than he does about the President.

      Charles, you are a completely predictable, unaware and bitter old man.

      Fuck you sideways Bitch.

      • Bunk X says:

        Everything Trump has done since his inauguration is within his powers as defined in The Constitution.

        What is a pandering pumpkin? A gourd pimp?

  47. rightymouse says:

    Get help & stop whining on Twitter!

  48. rightymouse says:

    Is it just me, or does anyone else think that the Nevada Mandalay Hotel killer had insider help?

    • Octopus says:

      I don’t know, ‘Mouse. The guy is so friggin’ insane, he might have perseverated the whole scene himself, like the Unabomber did. It bothers me a lot that ISIS continues to claim him as one of their hellspawn, too. I need more info.

    • Chunky loves Pam says:

      I’m not for or agin the idea. But did he need it? The security for that kind of thing is so lax in hotels in Vegas. We stayed at the Mirage and didn’t go through metal detectors and no one checked our stuff. And we were just middle class riff raff from back East. They just can’t guard against this. A rich guy bringing in all his bags, they probably got a cart and rolled all those guns up for him for a $100 tip. Hannity said he’s pretty sure that two room suite was comped. He’d made his gun conversions and merely had to shoot out the window and begin machine gunning an innocent crowd. Ugh. So many tragic deaths and horrific injuries for nothing.

      And shit hole Chunk Johnson reserves the word horrific for our President.

    • Bunk X says:

      Occam’s Razor says no.

  49. Octopus says:

    Something to lighten the mood? I mean, her story ends badly, but so does everyone else’s, at some point. She lived fast and died young, but left some beautiful memories along with the rest. This is a nice photographic retrospective of the massively-talented songstress.

    • Octopus says:

      Sloshed as hell, in poor health, she still out-performs the rest of her peers and almost any other singer in the past couple of decades. Amy was fire. It’s terrible she couldn’t be saved, her parents and others tried hard, but then, she joins that exclusive club of forever young musical artists. The price of admission is death.

    • Chunky loves Pam says:

      The tune is a big turnaround. But yeah she was a special talent. I cried. You can’t not.

  50. Octopus says:

    The kids who persevere always kill me. Also, hockey is the greatest sport, even though I’m still in mourning over the two-decade stretch of promise and results in Hockeytown that has ended, and now we face the painful rebuild. C’est la vie. Check out this kid! Forget us bitter old poops. 😆

  51. Bunk X says:

    In memory of Windup Bird’s “The Loathsome Sir.”

    • Octopus says:

      That was pretty clever. Here’s another shortie I found startling.

      • Chunky loves Pam says:

        Wow that was shocking. I don’t know how they do those effects so convincingly. I will say this though, as real as Jill getting hit by a car looked there’s one thing that could’ve made it more real. I was actually hit by a car one time when I was 12. The car was going about 35 or 40 and it was a similar situation as in the video. A bunch of us were hanging out on the street and I casually rolled into the street on my 24 inch banana seat without looking and a friends older sister was in a hurry.

      • Chunky loves Pam says:

        I wasn’t done yet but iPad fake keyboards fucking suck. Anyhoo my point was despite being in shock from being hit I noticed I had been knocked clean out of my shoes. They don’t stay on your feet when you’re hit that hard. So Jill should not have stayed in her shoes. Otherwise a great little exercise in film making. Oh BTW I was only badly bruised and had to stay home from school for

    • Bunk. You NEVER cease to amaze me.

  52. rain of lead says:

    hey y’all
    the mothership has been down since yesterday.
    spoke with coldwarrior last night and he is getting it fixed today

  53. rightymouse says:

    Decent people see her utter hypocrisy regarding Weinstein. Grow up, Gussy. You must think what she did to the women Bill abused was just fine. Jerk.

    • Octopus says:

      Gus hasn’t been laid since the ’80’s, so he’s a little peevish about the sex-thing. Feral Cat, watch out tonight. 😯

      • Bunk X says:

        His right hand always has a headache, and his left hand is a homo.

        • Octopus says:

          In fairness, his right hand is usually tired and crampy from the sessions with the regulars behind the Safeway. The left hand is actually straight and wants to play with vaginas instead of crooked dirty dicks. No vaginas want to play with it, however, because it is crusty and scabbed from scrounging around in rusty dumpsters looking for edible foodstuffs. Even in the half-light of the alley, it’s not what you’d call presentable.

  54. rightymouse says:

    Lena Dunham to take over ‘Glamour’ magazine as chief editor?


  55. Octopus says:

    Michigan had to squeak out a win in OT against a surprisingly tough Indiana. A win is a win is a win, though. We’ll take it.

    In other sporting news, it’s been oddly fun watching Justin Verlander pitching his butt off for the Astros, for whom he has won every game he’s pitched, and turned in a great relief effort in their first playoff game. Today he’s got the start, and he’s looking good so far. I’d love to see him win a World Series.

  56. mfhorn says:

    I’m blocked on the blogmocracy site

  57. Octopus says:

    Ramirez rocks. 😆

  58. Octopus says:

    YAAAS!! 😆

  59. rain of lead says:

    I seem to be blocked as well, the fix seemed to break something else

  60. Octopus says:


    Chelsea is a chip off the old blocks, for sure. Well-schooled to keep the scam going, but is the Public on to their game?

  61. Octopus says:


    Okay, you joined a group called, “The Pussycat Dolls.” Selling sex first, the music a distant second. There was potential for some misgivings. 😆

    Still, bring the popcorn. Turn over all the rocks. Let’s see what’s really going on with these libturded California freakazoids.

  62. Octopus says:


    Creepiest doc I’ve seen in a long time, maybe ever. “An Open Secret” was ignored by Hollywood, at the time of its release. Now it’s going to be a hit, thanks to the Weinstein Revelations, which were also the biggest open secret in the world, ignored completely by the libturd Left and the mainstream media, all in thrall to the Leftist-agenda that rules the entertainment world. That bankrolls the Democratic Party.

    • gizbot7 says:

      Watched it this morning and you’re right – it was creepy and disturbing. Cannot believe that they are registered sex offenders and are STILL allowed to and are working with children. Hollywood has a dark cancer that everyone knows about but does nothing. Sick f*cks.

      • Octopus says:

        *who bankroll the DNC and butt-loads of awful Dhimmi-candidates

        It’s an amazing doc, though. Had about as much impact on Pedo-Business-As-Usual in Hollywood as a fart in the Santa Ana winds during a forest fire, but the director laid it all out there. She can’t help it if nobody out there gives a damn about kids.

  63. Chunky loves Pam says:

    Talking about being hit by a car above. The teenage girl who hit me was distraught and so upset. I remember being lucid enough to assure her that it wasn’t her fault. Yes she was going too fast for a suburban platt street but I did not look. That’s a cardinal rule broken. No charges were brought of course. Some kid ran to my house to tell my mom and she of course thought I was mortally wounded. LOL! It was the ‘70s and my mom was a bitch on wheels. It was nice to get some pampering!

    • rightymouse says:

      Your poor Mom!

      • Chunky loves Pam says:

        That woman yelled at me every damn day of my childhood. When she thought I was dead I got a respite for awhile. :). She was OK though. She did truly care for me. She just had a funny way of showing it sometimes. Like a slap upside the head. LOL! Just made me tougher.

  64. krunch717171 says:

    he y’all
    the blogmocracy is back up and running


  65. Chunky loves Pam says:

    I watched that video above about Hollywood fuckers grooming boys. The Nickelodeon kids and what not. It made me sick. I thank my lucky stars that I was not a super cute kid singled out by Hollyweird (I’m mercifully homely). I tell you it may have been OK for young men who were going to be gay. But the worst nightmare for a straight boy would be the indignity of being violated when you’re dreaming of all these beautiful women. I could’nt stop thinking about girls at that age and to have some fucker fuck me up the ass would have totally fucked me for life I think. It’s no wonder those victims are angry.

    On a lighter note. An old joke.

    A guy reminisces: “Ah I still remember my first blow job. Bastard made me swallow every drop”.

    Ba dump.

    • Chunky loves Pam says:

      I remember being in second grade. YES SECOND GRADE! Which is like what, seven? And this idiot was at our group table saying he noticed his dick gets swollen. And I remember thinking no shot Sherlock. Is this some revelation for you? And everyone at the table just dismissed his stupidity. But I remember even that early I had the biggest crush on a Hawaiian girl in my class named Kim Warnock. Of course she had no idea. You can imagine how sublime she was. She was smooth and brown and perfect and had glasses. I could barely talk to her. I was like Jim Carey in Dumb and Dumber. Ah Lahk you Ah Laht. She was like um OK. That went no where. LOL!

    • rightymouse says:

      I lived in the LA area for about 8 years or so. Hated it. Expensive & the traffic stunk. I remember one guy at work telling me that I would never be accepted by the ‘beautiful people’ there because I didn’t use drugs and was very vocal about it. Cocaine was big at the time. My response to him was “What? Are we in High School here?” I heard he committed suicide years later. Several customers hit on me & I was married at the time to previous husband. And the idiots were really offended when I turned down their overtures. Babies.

      • Bunk X says:

        I learned about SoCal manners and protocol early. As a noob from the midwest, a bunch of coworkers and I met up a at a bar. There was only one unisex restroom, and although my bladder was about to splatter, I let the receptionist hottie ahead of me in line. She turned and said, “My! Aren’t you the gentleman!.” Then she flipped me off and went into the toilet room.
        I was still learning about feminism.

        • Octopus says:

          I have never had a female express feminist displeasure at my opening a door, giving up a seat or picking up a check. Not once. And I spent about five years living in and around Ann Arbor, where the free range libturds run rampant.

        • Chunky loves Pam says:

          It’s depressing Bunk but I know what you mean. I went to music school and I started to sense that being nice to women of my same age is not going to pay off. So I went with aloof and mysterious and got laid all the time after switching my style. Really crazy. I WANTED to tell them they’re beautiful and magical but I knew that’s a turn off for them. Daddy already told them that. They wanted bad boy and rough and tumble. I’ve noticed too over the years at work the really super beautiful women were really bitchy and unfriendly when we were all younger. But once they have kids they suddenly say hi and want to be part of the community. I think women have complicated needs and also defensive mechanisms and you have to stand back like you did and try and figure them out.

  66. Chunky loves Pam says:

    And I also had a big crush on a girl named Jane Berberik. This all happened in second grade. She was the most popular girl. She would’ve been nice to me but she didn’t have time. There were just so many friend. She was exquisitely pretty and cool looking. We also had this guy named Sigmund Rothschild. LOL! He was forever in trouble for being a smart ass!

    • Chunky loves Pam says:

      And I just remembered we also had another guy who was always in trouble named Mike Cunningham. So we had Jewish and Irish smart asses. The best of all worlds!

  67. Octopus says:

    Love Haley. 🙂

  68. Octopus says:


    This article prompted a schadenboner worthy of Harvey Weinstein’s Dick at Starlet Spring Break, or anywhere else young attractive females trying to make it in showbiz might turn up. We are seeking medical attention, which promises to be painful and embarrassing. Thanks a lot, Liberalism! 😡

  69. Octopus says:

    Are you a racist or a sexist? Time to find out!

    Choose only one:

  70. Octopus says:

    I was wondering if Rose McGowan’s famous Un-Dress Incident was before or after the rape by Harvey Weinstein, so I did some googling. He raped and settled $100,000 on her the year before her hot date with Marilyn Manson, which occurred in 1998. You have to wonder about the mindset — was she trying to make a point?

    My googling turned up some fore and aft photos, which I include here merely to help clarify the
    story. Please do not ogle.

    You have to admit, Manson looks sharp on this night. The man knows how to rock a red leopard print, in Frankenstein shoes. Not his fault nobody noticed what he was wearing. 😆

    • Chunky loves Pam says:

      Yeah she pretty much checkmated stupid pig Harvey. He didn’t expect it from a girl with a goy name. That ass will make you stupid. Pay up fucker! As Veronica Vega says “It must be the money cuz it ain’t yo dick”. She says it many times for emphasis. LOL!

  71. Bunk X says: