A Visit To The Swamp

Not much original content found at The Swamp these days – it’s all cut and paste echotropes from the leftwing feed troughs. It used to be fun to see what the most downdinged comments were, but since downdings are now verboten, those gems are rare, and all we have left to check the pulse of the Greatest Blog In History are the most updinged posts. They produce similar results, at least for the purposes of our own mockery, like this inanity:

Yeah, that’s what Little Green Footballs is all about these days. No sentient discussion, no original thought, all echos and unsubstantiated political tropes and stereotypes. Congratulations, Charles. You’ve completely purged your website of any recognizable form of intellect.

Now update your avatar.

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  1. dudebro says:

    After being exposed to that witty analysis, I wonder why chuckles gofundme is such a bust!

  2. Bunk X says:

    If we contribute negative dollars, does that mean he has to pay us?

  3. sven10077 says:

    The unmitigated gall of those moonbats in denying the left had a cult of personality going on with Ogabe.


    There are no elementary kids singing paeans to Orange Toupee Weasel….

  4. OLT's Don't Fear The Reaper says:

    What fucking country was “DesertDenizen” in during the “Obama era”? Because it wasn’t this one.

    Did you seriously miss the worship? The Greek columns? The fawning praise? The fucking pictures with HALOS around his head?

    Are you stupid, son, or just dishonest?

    Sure, you can be both. You just can’t be very good at both.

    /serious dishonesty takes some smarts, that’s how I know Obama and Hillary really are smart people

  5. Fatso's commie eat those vs Trump's knee-highlism says:

    Chunky is such a clueless idiot. He was still trying to make the Devin Nunez thing the BIG STORY yesterday when everyone else was putting the pieces to the real puzzle together.


    It’s just the MSM won’t report it until Trump forces them to with a Tweet. Acutal story:


    Rice who already infamously purveyed lies about Benhazi on 5 national news shows. It’s doubtful this former cabinet post holder and National Security Advisor to the former POTUS would be making these unmasking orders without the knowledge of the Obungler in Chief himself. Who btw is still mysteriously on vacation sans the fam writing his memoirs or what will later be termed “a composite” of his experiences aka a bunch of PR pre-tested horse shit.

  6. Fatso's commie eat those vs Trump's knee-highlism says:

    And now, our regularly scheduled rage-tweeting binge from the so-called president. @realDonaldTrump twitter.com/realDonaldTrum…
    2 hours ago

    Chunk proves how far he’s come from the old days. From rational to unhinged un-American dickhead denying the POTUS his rightful title.

    Hey Donnie? You don’t have to tweet to the FBI. You can use your iPhone to call them now. @realDonaldTrump @FoxNews @FBI

    Chunky impotently Tweets immature insults to “Donnie”. Of course, after railing continuously about Trump casting immature insults on Twitter.

  7. Octopus says:

    Oh, my aching ass! 😆

    • rightymouse says:

      😆 !!

    • rightymouse says:

      I hope your aching ass is having a great time in Florida!!

      • Octopus says:

        We definitely are, even though it’s hotter than blazes so far. Coming out of the snow into 93F temps is a bit of a shock, but we still got in some good touristin’ today. Just the wife and me this time, for a nice change. Got just a little sunburn, and had some fine people-watching in Hollywood Studios, Disney.

        Just pool, reading and napping scheduled tomorrow. Maybe some fireworks later. Indoors or outdoors? We’ll just have to see how we’re feeling.

        • rightymouse says:

          Explore the pleasures of being together! 🙂

        • Bunk X says:

          The missus were in the area on our honeymoon, got the inside scoop on EPCOT.
          Get there early, take the ferry across the pond and mess around in the pavilions before the pedestrian crowds arrive and watch the time. Be at the German pavillion by 11am. That’s when the Rathskeller opens and serves beer and bratwurst.

          • Bunk X says:

            When you get to the Seas Pavillion, check out the rear entrance to the sponsors’ restaurant (next to the monorail) and be amazed at my 3D hand-calculated trigonometry spirals.

  8. Fatso's commie eat those vs Trump's knee-highlism says:

    And talk about butt hurt LOL!

    LA Times Pulls No Punches in New Editorial Series: “Our Dishonest President” lgf.bz/2nBsrFb https://t.co/tPX24DRL5d
    20 minutes ago

    Sure, whatever. Guess he only had to be less dishonest than this idiot.


    Why Can’t Hillary Stop Fudging the Truth?

    Email-gate is only the latest instance in a 25-year habit of dissembling.
    By TODD S. PURDUM July 24, 2016

  9. Fatso's commie eat those vs Trump's knee-highlism says:

    You look at FLOTUS’s official portrait everything is in sharp focus but then you get glaucoma when you look at the lower part of her face.
    15 minutes ago

    Like on cue Chunky leaps at the chance to COMPLAIN about the FLOTUS’ excellent official portrait. Fatso probably IS getting glaucoma due to his advanced age, rapid IQ decline and lack of an exercise regimen.

    Hey Fatso, no she’s not all toothy and smiley like Michelle O’s official pic. Because she’s an EX-SUPER MODEL and knows how to have her exquisite and exotic Eastern European features photographed. But please Tweet some more mindless dumbth that no one will agree with or reTweet

    • rightymouse says:

      Melania is so beautiful!

      • Octopus says:

        She’s not my exact type, but I appreciate those thoroughbred lines. She’s a smart cookie, too, which I find just as attractive. I wonder if she’s the Last Trump Wife, which is kind of a mean thing to wonder, but Trump has a history, and she’s nobody’s fool.

        • rightymouse says:

          I suspect she’ll be a fabulous FLOTUS & is committed to POTUS because of their son.

          • Bunk X says:

            I think she should re-introduce junk food to the school lunch curriculum. Twinkies, Hostess Cupcakes, cheeseburgers and fries, in that order.

          • rightymouse says:

            Pizza, chicken nuggets, chicken fingers, boneless wings, sloppy joes, chocolate cookies, et., etc., etc.

    • windbag says:

      I’ve said it a thousand times before, but I’m so glad we get to look at this instead of the Hildebeast for the next four years.

  10. Fatso's commie eat those vs Trump's knee-highlism says:

    When Trump Tweets out that it’s Susan Rice and that MSMs knew but wouldn’t report it it will be another round of egg on libturd face. Once it’s officially out Obungle will be outed as the vindictive unAmerican bastard exPreezydunce who virtually tried to torpedo his successor with felonious surveillance and unmasking before leaving office.

    Chunky hates this guy. Heh heh. And of course GP aka Jim Hoft himself.

    Now this.
    According to activist and author Mike Cernovich the leaker and unmasker is Susan Rice.

    We know it’s you @AmbassadorRice. Bloomberg and NY Times both sat on the story to protect Obama. Have a nice time before Congress. https://t.co/8vx9SqYffK

    — Mike Cernovich 🇺🇸 (@Cernovich) April 2, 2017

    It is now widely accepted that Barack Obama spied on the Trump Transition Team.

    Obama may be the first POTUS brought down by a scandal after he left office. Every major outlet had this scoop, none would run it. https://t.co/LvPEGqJxtk

    — Mike Cernovich 🇺🇸 (@Cernovich) April 2, 2017

    BREAKING NEWS! Susan Rice requested unmasking of incoming Trump administration officials.

    — Mike Cernovich 🇺🇸 (@Cernovich) April 2, 2017

    Susan Rice made a name for herself when she said the Benghazi massacre was a protest and when she defended deserter Bowe Bergdahl for ‘serving admirably.”

    UPDATE— Mike Cernovich has more on the story at The Medium.

    • Arachne says:

      Also it appears Beastie asked to receive classified information AFTER she left State. Why was she allowed to?

      I have a feeling there are a lot of OBLAHBLAH operatives getting very very VERY nervous right now. Because you see, Beastie was supposed to win the election. And they’d be safe. And she didn’t, and they are seriously vulnerable. To criminal charges.

      And I am going to LOVE it if Flynn goes before Congress with a grant of immunity (and who WOULDN’T after what they did to Scooter Libby) and totally charbroils the Obama administration.

      As Dorian Gray said over at the Mother Ship – no wonder he’s hiding out in Tahiti.

    • rightymouse says:

      No mercy!

  11. OLT's Don't Fear The Reaper says:

    Am I REALLY being asked if I prefer an alleged gold digger over an alleged beard?

    Do I HAVE to care, Stalker Charles?

    Serious question – if you need an answer, I’ll give you one. I’d prefer a little more class in your butthurt, personally.

    You just let me know, pal.

  12. Fatso's commie eat those vs Trump's knee-highlism says:

    So maddening to see cable channels now starting to treat the bullshit Trump “surveillance” accusations as if they’re genuine.
    22 minutes ago

    As if a FISA judge were genuine or something. As if Obungle security officials went on TV claiming that they and other WH officials were told to get as much info on the incoming Trump Admin and hide it from them. As if a high level well known Obungle official signed off with their signature unmasking US citizens being recorded which is a felony unless clearly warranted for law enforcement purposes.

    Just a distraction from Trump peed on some ho’s and picture of Obungle in a Russian hotel room partying with his buddy Puty.

  13. Fatso's commie eat those vs Trump's knee-highlism says:

    RT @BraddJaffy: Watch this handy explainer from the Jeremys, Jeremy Bash & @jwpetersNYT, on Susan Rice & why unmasking is quite routine. vi…
    4 minutes ago

    Looks like we’re careening forward into the trusty “everybody does it” mode.

    • Arachne says:

      No it isn’t quite routine, Fatso. In fact, unmasking is unethical. If not illegal. By the way, if you believe the NYT, you’re nuts. But we knew that already.

      Is it me or are these “Surveil-ers” starting to sound even more deranged and crazy than the Birthers ever did.

      They did perform surveillance on Trump. They have ADMITTED it. They unmasked indivdiuals. They have ADMITTED it. They leaked the information. They have ADMITTED it.

      But keep holding on, Fatso.

  14. Fatso's commie eat those vs Trump's knee-highlism says:

    Same skuttlebutt, more detail. http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-04-03/confirmed-susan-rice-unmasked-trump-team

    Turns out Rice just lied about it on PBS last month.

    Making matters worse, Rice appears to have lied: while she has not spoken directly on the issue of unmasking, last month when she was asked on the “PBS NewsHour” about reports that Trump transition officials, including Trump himself, were swept up in incidental intelligence collection, Rice said: “I know nothing about this,” adding, “I was surprised to see reports from Chairman Nunes on that account today.”

    And in a Clintonian feat of mental and moral compartmentalization Tweeted this stinker:

    Ironically, it’s the same Susan Rice who two weeks ago tweeted the following:

    Susan Rice: When the White House twists the truth, we are all less safe. Why veracity matters to our security. https://t.co/eqkReeBIsG
    — Susan Rice (@AmbassadorRice) March 22, 2017

    First comment on Zero Hedge 🙂

    aloha_snakbar Apr 3, 2017 12:32 PM
    She looks like Eric Holder in drag

    Where is the Kenyan Teflon Faggot, Barky Sucktoro?

    me – LOL!

    • Arachne says:

      The fact that the Democrats work overtime to discredit Nunes, especially Adam Schiff-tless, tells me that they are effing TERRiFIED of what’s about to come out about surveillance. Interesting that when Comey advised Congress that he began an investigation into Trump in June of last year (BEFORE he had the nomination), NO ONE asked him “what made you commence an investigation of Trump before he’d even won the nomination? WHO ordered it?”

      My guess from the furious backpedaling? Rice requested the investigation, on orders from Jarrett. Just as I have always believed that it was Jarrett that gave the “stand-down” order the night of the Benghazi attacks.

  15. dezes157 says:

    I wonder if Chucks name and addy are on the isis kill list, that woulld be so sad. https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/3240665/pro-isis-united-cyber-caliphate-kill-list-targets-uk/

    • Bunk X says:

      What a stick through the bicycle spokes that would be, but I doubt he’s on the list. On the other hand, I’ll bet he’s on the “super secret unpublished list.”

  16. mfhorn says:

    Didn’t most, if not all of the pictures taken during the Obama nightmare commemorating important days (Veteran’s Day, Memorial Day, MLK Day etc) involve Obama doing something? Even at the center of attention, rather than those being honored?

    • rightymouse says:

      WH tweets, etc. all showed Obama. Even when Mendela died, it was all about Obama. Sickening.

  17. rightymouse says:

    Wouldn’t it be great if you could be on the right side of facts, once again, Fatso ,and realize that some Donks (i.e. Rice) are finally going to get fried?

    • Arachne says:

      Maybe because they ARE, you dim-bulb. Once again, on the wrong side of the story. Hey, will the FBI be releasing their analysis of that audiotape that you went batshit crazy about in the Michael Brown case. The one that you said would prove irrefutably that the officer had shot him in cold blood? I’m sure you’re still stupid enough to be waiting for the release of that information.

      Your biggest contribution to that story was to appropriate a picture taken by someone else and not even give them credit when the photo was published elsewhere and credited YOU. Oh, and going apeshit because Jim Hoft didn’t use the right xray.

    • Bunk X says:

  18. Chunko Eat Those Cheetos ethos says:

    One of my favorites. Dick VD shows his genius. Shows the childish libturd view vs and of course lampoons and ridicules the unglamorous informed responsible boring long-term view. Still great fun😆

  19. Bunk X says:

  20. Arachne says:

    Well, it’s 7:00 a.m. on the West Coast. Rage Tweeter 3-Chin Chuck and his 400 lbs. of baby fat are probably currently sleeping off a Cheetos high. What delusions await us today, my brethren? He will, no doubt engage in some of that incredible independent journalism for which he is so famous – by stealing everyone’s stories on the internet and giving them just enough credit in the small print to keep him from being called out. This will be in between engaging in incoherent stupid 140-character max screeches from time to time where he will proffer himself as an expert on intelligence gathering, surveillance regulations, and twist himself into a half-ton pretzel finding a way that Susan Rice’s unmasking of the Trump team was perfectly fine, despite the fact that she LIED a couple weeks ago about even having any knowledge of either such surveillance or unmasking.

    If it was on the up and up, Buddha Boy, she would have had no trouble admitting any of it and taking responsibility for same when she was asked about it. I can figure this out and I’m not even an independent journalist with a GoFundMe page. All I have is a 6-figure job and enough money in my bank account to buy all the Cheetos and Mountain Dew in the grocery display if I wanted to.

    • TreBob says:

      […] enough money in my bank account to buy all the Cheetos and Mountain Dew in the grocery display if I wanted to.

      That’s hitting Charles below the (size 4XL) belt. 🙂

  21. Fatso's commie eat those vs Trump's knee-highlism says:

    Seth Meyers: Flynn Asks for Immunity, Trump Tweets About Surveillance lgf.bz/2nDmJT2 https://t.co/xoQJpWCa8U
    1 hour ago

    In actual true form Chunkles approves of mocking a 30 year decorated war veteran who has done nothing wrong. And finds it amusing that Preezydunce Obungle and his minions have committed treason rather than transferring power responsibly for the good of the country.

    • Arachne says:

      Flynn SHOULD ask for immunity. Hee. They keep forgetting Flynn was a member of the intelligence community for years. He knew that phone was tapped and he’s about to skewer the Democraps with their own silliness. I’d ask for immunity as well, after what they did to Scooter Libby.

      BTW, they still haven’t released that transcript.

  22. Fatso's commie eat those vs Trump's knee-highlism says:

    Susan Rice did what with her security clearance? And then it got leaked where? Well I never.

  23. Fatso's commie eat those vs Trump's knee-highlism says:

    The new counter-culture. Sorry Charly. It ain’t progturds. And it’s especially not fat old hippies with greasy gray pony tails who stole from George Duke back in the ’70s.

  24. Fatso's commie eat those vs Trump's knee-highlism says:

    CNN continues to self-beclown trying to shout down the Rice unmasking story on air with guests and beginning show segments denouncing it as “ginned up”. No explanation that it perfectly explains why Trump said he was wiretapped. And no explanation that Rice umasked Trump, his family members, his transition team and then claimed to know nothing about such things. You would have to be an idiot to believe these craven liars. An idiot like Fatso Johnson who sits on Twitter all day pretending like he matters to anyone.


  25. Fatso's commie eat those vs Trump's knee-highlism says:

    So let me get this straight, per CNN and other libturds like Chunky it was a BIG DEAL that Devin Nunez went to the WH to meet with two officials. But now that he did that to confirm that Susan Rice directed the illegal unmasking of Trump, his family and transition team… this is a nothing burger that should be ignored and even unremembered and unthunk.

    Is anyone else confused?

  26. Fatso's commie eat those vs Trump's knee-highlism says:

    2/2 big yawn, of course, but they’re all determined to turn it into a distraction from Trump’s ever-increasing problems.
    1 hour ago
    1/2 The entire right wing universe is shrieking in unison again: BREAKING BLOCKBUSTER BOMBSHELL BREAKING NEWS about Susan Rice. It’s a …

    Trump’s ever-increasing problems? You mean that he’s super rich, famous, married to a super model AND gets to be POTUS?

    At any rate the good news here is now that Chunky has officially declared this no big whoop it’s absolutely certain that Rice and probably Obungle are in very hot water.

    Rice last month – I don’t know anything about that
    Rice this morning – It was standard procedure

    Not the sharpest knife in the drawer this Rice.

    • Octopus says:

      I was going to avoid political issues this week, but this Rice-A-Roni is just too delicious to forego. Even with the media attempting to stonewall the story, it’s coming out like floodwater through the proverbial dike…and Chunky’s fat fingers can’t seem to plug any of the holes. So he sticks the filthy orange digits back in his ears and yells, “NAAAAA-NAAAAA I CAN’T HEAR YOU THIS STORY IS LIES PLEASE GO FUCK YOURSELF EVERYBODY WHO’S TWEETING ABOUT IT!!1!”

      The Streak Is Intact. 😆

    • Arachne says:

      What problems would those be? An asshole Democrat minority.
      I will concede that he should kick Reince Preibus to the curb. And SOON.

  27. Octopus says:

    The “straight dope” he’s asking you to check out, in order to “destroy the right wing outrage,” is Rice talking to Andrea Mitchell on MSNBC and lying her fool head off.

    😆 😆 😆 😆

    • Fatso's commie eat those vs Trump's knee-highlism says:

      I like how she deftly turned Mitchell’s direct questions to the Russia/Trump blob without answering them. Oh wait did I say deftly? I meant clumsily and ineptly. 🙄

    • Pakimon says:

      Captain Cut n’ Paste to the rescue! 😆

  28. Octopus says:

    Yes, it is. Just not in the way you intended, Fatass. 😆

    • Arachne says:

      Who’d you steal THAT article from?

    • Fatso's commie eat those vs Trump's knee-highlism says:

      No Chunky that’s just the 4 burritos slathered in hot sauce you gulped down for lunch making their way through your mountainous gut. Try this..

  29. Octopus says:

    Dang, another one washed up on the beach. Can we get some PETA people over here to keep hosing her down, until we can find a tugboat to yank her back out to sea?

  30. Fatso's commie eat those vs Trump's knee-highlism says:

    @DailyCaller This spin on “unmasking” is so stupid it’s hard to believe you’re pushing it. But your audience believ… twitter.com/i/web/status/8…
    26 minutes ago

    Chunkles is stomping and stamping at the Daily Caller on Twitter regarding this presumably.. http://dailycaller.com/2017/04/03/susan-rice-ordered-spy-agencies-to-produce-detailed-spreadsheets-involving-trump/

    Oh Chunky you have shamed them with your righteous indignation and renunciations. They will now skulk guiltily off and draft a nice story about Trumpy and Puty, sittin’ in a tree. K I S S I N G.

    Anyway why aren’t Chunky and the libturd MSMs demanding to know the crimes that the Trump family and transition team committed in order for the beyond questionable Rice to resort to the extreme measure of unmasking their names? I mean if she did nothing wrong then THEY must have, right?

  31. rightymouse says:

    OMG! FATSO IS BACK!! 😆 😆

    • Chunko Eat Those Cheetos ethos says:

      Cesspool must be desparate to have Chunkles on again. I guess he couldn’t find someone funny who doesn’t sound like Elmer Fudd. And what if he let’s one go in studio? They have to stop recording and open all the doors for 20 minutes to get the fat old man fart stink out.

      • rightymouse says:

        It’s been 26 days since anyone donated to Fatso’s GoFundMe scam. It’s almost 2 years since he started it, and so far as only raised $6,494. Pathetic. He would have done better asking for funds for a sex reassignment.

    • TreBob says:

      How many weeks of Charles begging to be back on the podcast did it take for Cesca to finally breakdown and say, ‘fine, we don’t have anything else, so you can come on again Charles.’?

    • Arachne says:

      Haha – 2 retweets and 7 likes.

  32. Abu penis penis penis lol says:

    How’s da vacation going? Sunburn sucks, homie.
    Mrs. Abu laid this on me 25
    yrs ago: Weather is here, wish you were beautiful.
    She lost a friend but elimated a rival 4 my affection.

    • rightymouse says:

      Honey, I hate to say this, but our beloved Octo may need to see an ophthalmologist. He posted a pic of a gal with NO boobs!! 😯

    • Octopus says:

      The vacation is going swimmingly, Abu. Took two dips in the pool, worked out in the gym, ate two large meals at nice restaurants, walked around the shopping extravaganza of Disney Springs and bought presents for all the kids, and the wife got her 10,000 steps in on her Fitbitch thingie. She does that every day now. It’s good, I guess, but kind of obsessive.

      I like Mrs.Abu’s line. 😆

  33. Pakimon says:

    It’s begun.

    Soon it will be “The Charles Johnson Show Starring Charles Johnson and featuring Bob Cesca in a brief cameo”.

    At least that’s Chunkles master scheme.

    But… we all know that usually turns out…. the hilarious spectacle of a raging ponytailed fat man squealing and bleating on Twitter and chock full o’ butthurt and peevishness. 😆

    • Chunko's Eat Those Cheetos ethos says:

      Good point. Fatso doesn’t work well with others. The falling out and the disavowing and forbidding of lizards tuning into it is inevitable if not imminent.

      • Arachne says:

        How many emails and phone calls did Fatso plague Cesca with, I wonder. It’s not like he brings anything to the table. It’s a downloaded podcast. It’s not even LIVE.

        And look….only 31 likes and 14 retweets. That’ll get the word out.

  34. minnowredux says:

    Bob Cesca, whether you know it or not, you have now entered the realm of “the little people”.

    It is now just a matter of time before you must surrender all things to your new Overlord “Big Chuck”.

    (that’s right he’s Big Chuck, he ain’t no Little Chuck – he’s the Big, Big, Big Big Chuck.)

    -and he’s comin’ to getchyu.

    • Octopus says:

      It’s a sorry excuse for a “show” that has a non-entity with no personality like Chunky on more than once. Even the junkie was much better…so sad. 😦

  35. Octopus says:

    Well, why don’t you just quit doing it? It’s not like there’s any great demand for your stupid, repetitive glurge. You could do something useful with all the extra time, like get a job, or do charitable work. I know, I know…go fuck myself. 😆

  36. Bunk X says:

    • Fatso's commie eat those vs Trump's knee-highlism says:

      I think he picked the wrong sport. Letsee…..step 1 Enrage a bull. Step 2 Expose one’s self to said bull with merely a cape as protection. Step 3 Further enrage said bull by stabbing it painfully with big metal pokers. Step 4 Get a check! Oh wait step 4 was GTF out of the way of the bull before it kills or maims you. Can’t forget that part. Step 5 Don’t EVER forget step 4. Step 6 Get a check and lay all the chicks.

      BTW when are they going to update this sport to Playing On The Freeway?

  37. Fatso's commie eat those vs Trump's knee-highlism says:


    Except it clearly says in the article

    Despite the move, Bannon retained his security clearance, NBC said.



    • rightymouse says:

      Rush just said that it may have been Bannon’s choice to leave the Security Council.

      • Octopus says:

        That seems pretty clear from the article:

        Bannon originally served on the committee as a check against Michael Flynn before Flynn was ousted as National Security Advisor, a top White House official told NBC News. However, Bannon only attended one meeting and felt he was no longer needed in that role after the selection of H.R. McMaster as national security advisor.

        McMaster, who Bannon wanted in the role, was given authority to reorganize the committee when he joined the White House, according to NBC.

  38. Octopus says:

    So, they’re going to go in and pick him up any day now, right? Slap the cuffs on Trump, throw him in prison.

    “When Crazy People Babble In The Street” 😆

    • minnowredux says:

      If a person looks at this loser Keith Olberdouche and doesn’t see a complete nitwit, then there is no hope for that person.

      If a person actually reads or listens to Keith Olberdouche and doesn’t hear a complete nitwit, then there is no hope for that person.

      There is no hope for you on any level Charles. You are just plain stupid.

      -and, have a nice day!

    • Arachne says:

      No, dumbshit. They don’t.
      They have nothing – they’re hoping innuendo will carry the day and dumb asses like you and Olberdork will continue to eat the shit sandwiches they’re serving up.

      So let me explain it to you. Schiff-tless was all over the place with “we got the goods” last week, without specific. Then he goes to look at the intel at the White House like Nunes did. And then shut the hell up and said “well, we still have to look.”

      You’ve looked everywhere. You got nothin’. On the other hand, Obama. Rice, Jarrett, etc. may have a SHITLOAD of explaining to do.

  39. Octopus says:

    It’s this kind of razor-sharp wit that really brings the chicks around, eh? Not to mention all the high-profile media gigs. 😆

    • Arachne says:

      Which is why they’re the highest rated cable network, your heroes at MSNBC and CNN are racing to the cellar, you are now the butt boy of a failed and disgraced reporter who’s relegated to part-time rants on Twitter and You-Tube and your only real contact with the outside world is phoning into a podcast that is listened to by fewer people riding on a BART train departing San Francisco at rush hour.

  40. Octopus says:

    This a fine Twitter thread. 😆

  41. Octopus says:

    This is the innocuous Pepsi ad that has Dindo Nuffins all over the place looking for a hot mic into which they can spew racist invective. Heheheh!!

    Headline of this story: “21 Savage Reactions to Kendall Jenner’s Infuriating Pepsi Commercial (Video)”

    “Savage?” Really? Were they brandishing spears and firing up the big black cooking cauldrons? 😆


    • Fatso's commie eat those vs Trump's knee-highlism says:

      “looking for a hot mic into which they can spew racist invective. Heheheh!!”

      Like at a Bernie Sanders rally?

  42. Octopus says:

    Real Journalism Lives!!


    If only the shitlibs at WaPo still believed in unfettered, unbiased journalism that isn’t afraid to stick its nose into the dirty secrets of the DNC. Guess you have to get them before they’ve been indoctrinated at Columbia or Northwestern journohack school. 😆

    • Octopus says:

      Right on cue, Fatass!

      The Streak!! 😆

      • Arachne says:

        Not a crime, huh? So why was Nixon impeached then, DUMBASS? Why did they all co to JAIL?

        • Bunk X says:

          “I leaked nothing to nobody.” – Susan Rice, employing the double negative properly.

          • minnowredux says:

            that was my first comment! and then I thought it a shrewd move on her part. She be talking that ebonics shit and for anyone to call her out on that would be considered racissss….

            what horseshit.

          • Arachne says:

            And WHO leaked the info, Fatass. Who gave the intel to the Clinton campaign? Because that asshole Evelyn Farkas was not in the government – she was in the Clinton campaign – and apparently is so stupid that she goes on national television and said she “knew what they had”. HOW? It can’t have been part of the “intel” briefing because Trump would have had to know it as well.

            Oh, and did you catch Farkas claiming the Russians are monkeying with the videotape of her appearance. Uh dipshit – you were LIVE.

  43. Fatso's commie eat those vs Trump's knee-highlism says:

    Surprise, surprise. After lying and denying having any knowledge of surveillance and unmasking of Trump’s people just last month. Her new lie is that it’s just routine stuff that National Security Advisers do. However, per ex-officials with that security level it’s almost NEVER done.

    Fox News Reports:

    While Susan Rice is defending as routine her requests for the identities of Americans caught up in surveillance of foreign targets, others who’ve served in the intelligence community and at high levels of government say the former national security adviser’s requests were quite unusual.

    “From my direct experience dealing at this level, that is never done,” retired U.S. Army Lt. Col. Tony Shaffer told Fox News. Shaffer has experience in intelligence operations focused on foreign actors in which U.S. citizens’ involvement could surface.

    “The national security adviser person is a manager position, not an analyst position,” he said. “You have analysts in the intelligence community whose job is to sort through who is doing what with what. Susan Rice is a senior manager looking over the entire intelligence community. She should not have time to be unmasking individuals having conversations. It’s insane. It’s never done.”

    Ex-CIA analyst Fred Fleitz agreed in a Fox News op-ed.

    “Rice’s denials don’t add up,” Fleitz wrote. “It is hard to fathom how the demasking of multiple Trump campaign and transition officials was not politically motivated.”


  44. Octopus says:


    I loved this story about Hooverball, the game played with a light medicine ball to keep President Hoover and his men in shape. You have to love the guys playing with their hats on, too.

  45. Octopus says:

    There’s a fat old hippie with a gray ponytail exactly like Chunky’s staying at the resort here. I just missed getting a photo of him, as I hurried out of the restaurant and he waddled onto a bus. Maybe I’ll see him around again in the next day or so — it was an uncanny resemblance!

    • Octopus says:

      Of course I know it couldn’t have been the Real Fatass Johnson, as his dire-wolf-at-the-door poverty would preclude his flying to Florida, and his broken-down car would never make it. The guy looked like him, though. I wish I had caught him. 😆

      • rightymouse says:

        Take a pic if you see him. 😆

        • Octopus says:

          I’m going to hang around the “downtown” area for a while tomorrow and see if he shows up again. I have to say, there are a lot of very large people down here. I was worried about vapor-lock when I saw them huffing and puffing around the Magic Kingdom in 95F weather this afternoon.

          • Bunk X says:

            I spotted his doppelgänger in Santa Monica a couple of years ago. 60’s salt and pepper ponytail, portly, near a guitar shop.

    • Abu penis penis penis lol says:

      Does one need a pool to own this lovely inflatable item? Asking for Octo. He’s in Florida so I thought I’d help out.

      • rightymouse says:

        Probably not. You could inflate it and give it to your wife as an anniversary present or something like that. But I really don’t recommend it.

        • Octopus says:

          Dat asz! 😆

          You can’t escape it. It is everywhere. You have to give the girl some credit for…something. Something big and round. She owns it, and she also sells it. People buy it. You can’t deny it’s a big fat success.

    • Bunk X says:

      I like these inflatables better because they come with accessories.

  46. rightymouse says:

    A few thoughts here. Am mindful of the left’s vocal support for radical Islamic atrocities by their denial of criticism when said atrocities are committed. Are these the same LGBT rights that include being thrown off of buildings? Women’s rights? How about liberals turning a blind eye to genital mutilation and Islam’s view of abortion? Equal pay?? LMAO! Let’s look in your own back yard with the latest on Elizabeth Warren!

    • Octopus says:

      Can you spot the Moderate Muslima?

    • Arachne says:

      And Donald Trump would be Hillary Clinton if he supported abandoning American ambassadors to mobs, prosecuted White House staff for political reasons, and accepted bribes from foreign governments for access and favors.

  47. Bunk X says:

    • minnowredux says:

      I got this vibe from Twitter early on and that is why I quit and deleted my account (3-4 years ago?).

      These effing dolts are STILL falling all over themselves defending and protecting this alcoholic control freak insane woman.

      These children at Twitter must have had wonderful parents.

      And since when is “media” sensitive?

      Hey dumbass Twitter employee – PEOPLE are sensitive. Media is not.

      (I am sure this moron has a fine degree in nothingness from a very expensive school somewhere…. just like Charlie two-bits and his magnificent GED….)

      Fucking idjits.

      • Bunk X says:

        There are still some amusing wits and twits on Twitter, so I play for fun. I have a Gab account but I’m waiting for it to settle down. I got swarmed by #pizzagate idiots, and there’s a small but prolific neonazi / racist infestation.

        • Arachne says:

          Same here. I have a GAB account – mostly coming for the Milo party after he got banned from Twitter (while ISIS and other despicable shitbags get to KEEP their accounts). But yeah, it was pretty nasty there.

          I’ll leave Twitter when CounterMoonbat and Iowahawk departs for better pastures. Plus a few others

  48. Bunk X says:

    New tobacco taxes went into effect in California this month, and now a pack of smokes is about $7.50. Who wants to run some contraband from Kentucky and split the profits?

    • Octopus says:

      I’m coming out West in July, and I’ll be driving up through KY on Saturday. I’ll pick up a U-Haul load of Marlboro Reds and Kools. We gone be rich.

  49. Octopus says:


    An ominous piece from the Great Steyn. We’re up against it, folks. Are there enough brave people around to fight off the totalitarian nutjobs of the Left and Islam?

  50. Fatso's commie eat those vs Trump's knee-highlism says:

    @Gus_802 I’m completely at a loss for words. This is just scary.
    11 hours ago
    I’d like to wake up from this nightmare now, please. Seriously.
    11 hours ago

    Looks like Stimpy, I mean Stompy went to bed all a-skeered.

    • minnowredux says:

      For a man in his fifties, Gus sure doesn’t show much maturity. This is how he deals with problems? Spewing about his bullshit on line?

      Good luck with that pal……

      • Fatso's commie eat those vs Trump's knee-highlism says:

        That was actually Chunky’s tweet but he’s referencing Gus’ tweet.

    • Arachne says:

      Wonder if Fatso the Wonderblimp will tweet out how he met Rickles one time. Or, you know, walked on the same sidewalk as he did in downtown L.A.

      Eh, probably not. It would make him “unhip” with the millennials.

      • Octopus says:

        Rickles was unto himself, as a comedian and human being. I saw him live back in the ’80’s, one of the funniest shows I’ve ever seen, and full of heart as well as incredibly un-PC hilarity. RIP. 😦

  51. Octopus says:


    I cannot handle the irony. 😆

  52. Octopus says:

    The last thing we did at Disney today was ride the “Soaring” ride at Epcot — damn, they have improved that thing about 500%, and it was already uber-cool before. Best ride in the whole park, imho. Not exaggerating.

    Never saw Fatass’s doppelganger again, but there sure are a lot of 400-500 lb. men lumbering around these days. It’s incredible to me that people let themselves go to that extent, but you see whole families pursuing prodigious levels of mass. I feel bad for them, especially the kids, but goddamn it you have to make an effort.

    • Pakimon says:

      Morbid obesity is a cash cow for medicine. In the old days, doctors would prescribe exercise and a sensible diet.

      Nowadays, it seems that doctors are just enablers. They hand you a handicap placard for your car and a prescription for a scooter to ride around in.

      Then, as your girth increases exponentially from zero exercise, all sorts of side effects kick in like diabetes, heart attacks, etc. which means more doctor and hospital visits which equals lots of cash.

      Yes, I know that’s a cynical view but after seeing countless behemoths riding around on scooters, I have to think that not all of them have “a glandular problem”.

      I’ll have to be careful, such talk is what got Ludwig banned from The Bog. 😆

      Besides fat people on scooters can be hilarious.