The Weekly World Johnson: 7 December 2016


Dude’s nailing it on all fronts. Can’t ignore Chuck C. Johnson, can’t ignore a dead man, can’t come up with anything original and can’t comprehend what’s going down without being told what to say.

Charles, you’ve become your own echo chamber.

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  1. Bunk X says:

    • Octopus says:

      Oh, he’s a giddy little boy now. Noticed, at long last. Surely, this will reverse the tide of ignominy and irrelevance he’s been drowning in for the past 7+ years.

      But sadly, no. Nothing can fix what’s been so irreparably broken. By your own hand, too. You can’t escape yourself, no matter how much you thrash and holler. It was you who threw away the great gift of Fate that was your hugely successful blog. Blaming everyone else, banning everyone who disagrees with you. Blockety-blocking and stomping your chubby feets like a deranged Brobdingnagian toddler hasn’t worked for the past seven years, and it will never work.

      It was you, Charlie. It was you all along.

  2. Octopus says:

    😆 😆 😆 😆

    It’s the panhandling life for you now, Chunky. That’s all that’s Left.

  3. Octopus says:

    Down in the dumps, is Poor Gusano. Freezing to death in the dark, railing against everything, from Trump to hipsters to bike lanes to himself. These are the Bad Times, mayhap the Worst Bad Times for our garage-bound hero.

    Fuck your shit.
    5 hours ago
    Don’t play with me. You’ll lose.
    5 hours ago
    Moscas, En la casa.
    5 hours ago
    I know, but.
    6 hours ago
    Just more bullshit.
    6 hours ago
    No one fucking cares.
    6 hours ago
    I am a big asshole.I am a big douche. Film.
    6 hours ago
    I am a big asshole.
    6 hours ago
    What a waste.
    6 hours ago
    Nope. As usual.
    6 hours ago

    Perhaps a few words from the Bard will help lighten his angsty load. You’re not the first human to find himself truly fucked, Gus. It was all your own doing, same as your Tubby Master. Perhaps you can tweet your way out of this mess.

    (from Richard II, spoken by King Richard)

    No matter where; of comfort no man speak:
    Let’s talk of graves, of worms, and epitaphs;
    Make dust our paper and with rainy eyes
    Write sorrow on the bosom of the earth,
    Let’s choose executors and talk of wills:
    And yet not so, for what can we bequeath
    Save our deposed bodies to the ground?
    Our lands, our lives and all are Bolingbroke’s,
    And nothing can we call our own but death
    And that small model of the barren earth
    Which serves as paste and cover to our bones.
    For God’s sake, let us sit upon the ground
    And tell sad stories of the death of kings;
    How some have been deposed; some slain in war,
    Some haunted by the ghosts they have deposed;
    Some poison’d by their wives: some sleeping kill’d;
    All murder’d: for within the hollow crown
    That rounds the mortal temples of a king
    Keeps Death his court and there the antic sits,
    Scoffing his state and grinning at his pomp,
    Allowing him a breath, a little scene,
    To monarchize, be fear’d and kill with looks,
    Infusing him with self and vain conceit,
    As if this flesh which walls about our life,
    Were brass impregnable, and humor’d thus
    Comes at the last and with a little pin
    Bores through his castle wall, and farewell king!
    Cover your heads and mock not flesh and blood
    With solemn reverence: throw away respect,
    Tradition, form and ceremonious duty,
    For you have but mistook me all this while:
    I live with bread like you, feel want,
    Taste grief, need friends: subjected thus,
    How can you say to me, I am a king?

  4. Be a dick for Jeezuz says:

    Demboski Says at Anchorage Assembly She Has No Reason to Apologize to Muslim Family
    51 minutes ago

    Because she did nothing wrong. And because people are rightly concerned about Muslims. Because Merry Christmas.

  5. Be a dick for Jeezuz says:

    LOL! Poor Stompy. Must be very jealous with his little miniscule Twitter followers that seem to suspiciously never be reading any of his Tweets because they don’t RT or like except in the exact same or less number that are active on LGF. Which is 11 or 12 max. Usually more like 1.

  6. pineapple says:

    Carl Palmer is the only one left now.

    R.I.P. Greg Lake

    • Arachne says:

      Think when Fatso does his tribute to him, mentioning his connection to ELP, he’ll publish a photograph of Emerson this time?

    • My favorite band from 1972 through today, along with Yes. I had the pleasure of seeing these guys several times during my exile in Mexico City during the 90s. the last venue they played was a 3,000-seat theater. I sat in the first row, audience left, right in front of Keith and that awesome Moog set-up.
      Greg’s voice had recovered quite a bit — it was shot dead in the early 90s [just listen to Black Moon and The Hot Seat], but you could see Keith was struggling [ 😦 ].
      The show was superb.
      I think a lot about how ironic it is that the band that played stadiums in front of 1,000s during the period in which I idolized them, would play in venues inside my other tierra, right damn in front of me. I must have done something to merit that!

  7. Just a reminder, since Google ate my domain, I’ve had to move to:

  8. rightymouse says:

    Harry Reid is done. Thank God. He’s crazy.

  9. rightymouse says:


  10. Arachne says:

    Godspeed John Glenn……

  11. Be a dick for Jeezuz says:

    I like how a alt-right guy gives a speech at Texas A&M and it’s “horrifying”.

    But a Somalian jihadi guy runs 11 people down and gets out and starts stabbing them at OSU and it’s……crickets.

  12. ISpeakJive says:

    This guy is interesting. He thinks the Saudis are trying to reform Islam. I wonder if it’s real.

  13. Be a dick for Jeezuz says:

    Obungle tells huge whoppers to troops. Then encouraged them to be insubordinate to Trump. Nothing new from the lying treasonous scumbag.

    He actually said terrorism is caused by global warming and the second amendment. It’s stunning how he strings together lie after lie and the MSM comes along and declares it the truth. And instead claim the actual truth are lies.

  14. Be a dick for Jeezuz says:

    Getting a kick out of the people who see Alex Jones’s Bizarro World “fake news” list and tweet, “WHAT THE FUCK IS LITTLE GREEN FOOTBALLS!!?”
    52 minutes ago

    Well you see it’s an amoeba on an infected pimple on the ass of the giant, corrupt, lying MSM/DNC/Obungle Whitehouse ugly beast.

    • rightymouse says:

      It’s some obese 63 year-old stoner with a greasy ponytail, wearing an unwashed/stained black top who thinks he’s a journalist.

  15. Be a dick for Jeezuz says:

    We’re all pretty stoked at LGF headquarters. @tracedominguez @LittleGreen1

    We? Headquarters? Has Gus finally moved in with Stompy so they can pool their poverty?

    • Minnow-redux says:

      Sure Charles. We believe you. LGF Headquarters? That must be where your “office” is – right?


      You independent, fake journalists lead such an exciting life of adventure and intrigue. Let me ask you, did everyone show up for work today? Anybody need to stay at home and cry into a towel for some reason?

      Charles, you are a complete fake and a phony. It is laughable to see such an a-hole (as you) pretend to the world that you have (somehow) achieved a level of normalcy and accomplishment.

      Wow, they even have a headquarters. I mean, how could THAT be fake??

      You are such a poseur Charles. And an asshole.


  16. Be a dick for Jeezuz says:

    The Donald might end up saving Jack Dorky’s ass by showing how powerful Twitter can be in the right hands. But you can tell the little fucker REEEEALLY wants to ban him bad.

  17. Octopus says:

    ICYMI, this wailing, teeth-gnashing rant by Head Moonbat Kos is good for some belly-laughs, and a snootful of schadenfreude. What an ignorant, clueless twit he is! 😆

  18. Minnow-redux says:

    Okay. I get it. According to Hilliary, if someone else spreads “fake news”, or fake anything – – why, then… it is horribly bad and it affects normal people’s lives who are trying to go about their lives, contributing to society. Evil fakeness.

    But, when Hilliary spreads fake news and falsehoods (that is, outright lies), it should be considered the Truth.

    Hahahahahahaha. Hilliary, you washed up two bit liar. It is never YOUR fault is it Hilliary?

    In the words of the immortal fat, mentally diminished 65 year old little girl, “Kindly go fuck yourself!”

  19. Octopus says:

    Butthurt Moonbat Bimbos Are Cutting And Dying!! 😯

    Their hair. In chic, very expensive DC salons. Oh, the humanity. 😆

    December 5, 2016
    12:58 p.m.
    The Post-Trump Haircut
    By Heidi Mitchell

    For the past 20 years, Julianna Evans, the director of marketing for the Lumberyard, a contemporary performing-arts company based in New York City, has had the same flowing brown locks. Her stylist in her hometown of Washington, D.C., has been trimming her hair every 12 months for as long as she can remember, and always colors it the same medium-brown shade. Then came the November 8 election upset, and Evans fell into a downward spiral. “I cried for three days,” the Atlanta native, 45, recalls. “I felt like it was the worst thing, politically, that ever happened in my lifetime. It was catastrophic.” By Friday she noticed grays growing in, so she put on her big-girl panties and dragged herself to the drugstore. “Literally without thinking, I grabbed the Natural Black box by Garnier,” she says. “I was like, f** it! The election deadened my soul. I think I wanted to do something defiant to feel stronger.”

    That sense of malaise is spreading across D.C. As women stare up at that glass ceiling still hanging over them and contend with a pussy-grabbing kleptocrat moving into the nearby White House, they are collectively — however subconsciously — making their own statements of rebellion by challenging traditional notions of beauty. Just ask any hairstylist in the Beltway.

    “When you see that much blonde hair on the floor, you know something is going on,” says Nicole Butler, creative director and master colorist at Daniel’s Salon in Dupont Circle. During the notoriously slow month of November, her salon received a startling number of bookings, with at least three women a day sitting in her chair and asking for a drastic change, like cutting off six inches, going black, or going platinum. “Usually stuff like this is planned for weeks and put on the books after several consultations, but this was very spontaneous,” Butler says. “It was like a mass declaration of independence.” Clients, especially those over 40, expressed a feeling of loss and uncertainty, says Butler. “Maybe this is some kind of compensation for not getting what we wanted in the election. By changing our hair, we can control the outcome.”

    Marion Jacobs, a former professor of psychology at UCLA and the author of Take-Charge Living: How to Recast Your Role in Life … One Scene at a Time, believes the phenomenon is a way for women in D.C. to feel powerful in a moment where a stranger has seized the steering wheel. “When people experience a change that is so opposite from their value system, that’s very unnerving,” says Dr. Jacobs, who has a private practice in Laguna Beach, California. “People will use all kinds of coping mechanisms, and cutting their hair and changing their look is one way to show or feel that they are doing something over which they have control.”

    Over at Georgetown Salon & Spa, one of the most exclusive salons in D.C., much-sought-after colorist and stylist Mariangela Moore has witnessed this “take control” movement daily for the past month. “One of my clients said, ‘Think of Melania Trump and go in the opposite direction,’” she says. “She said, ‘I don’t want to be that person people see as sexual, I want to be seen as strong.’” Another professional woman cut her hair into a flattop. One client got rid of the blonde highlights she maintained forever, “because she said she never wants to be seen as cheap. I don’t know where that idea came from, but maybe that’s what she’s hearing.” A move away from the look of political parrot Kellyanne Conway, perhaps. In the comfort of Moore’s salon chair, D.C. women are expressing their anger and frustration, and taking a stand with their hair: Many have gone dark and lopped off length. “I don’t know if it’s that their right to choose could be in jeopardy, or that the glass ceiling is still there, but [since the election], I’m seeing more professional women, from all walks of life, changing the way they look.”

    George Washington University teaching instructor Dr. Kristian Henderson had been battling with her hair for years, but after the election, she finally took off her weave and cut it all off. “The election results felt like an attack on minorities, women, and marginalized people in general. Having long hair was my attempt to fit into society, so after the election, I felt a need to exert my ‘uniqueness’ and not tie my femininity to the length of my hair,” she says. Vegan chef Mya Zeronis — who says she’s “a minority in almost every way possible: immigrant woman of color and LGBQT person” — clipper-cut her brown hair on November 18 “to send a message to the Trump presidency.” But it’s not just liberals making female-empowerment smoke signals at the hair salon. “I have clients who were so heavily criticized for not voting for the ‘right’ candidate, so they came in for a big change,” remarks Georgetown Salon & Spa’s Moore. “The way they style their hair is a message they can control.”

    Julianna Evans likes the narrative she’s commanding, and says she’s keeping her goth look, though her stylist has added some more natural lowlights. “You have to live here to understand that we are immersed in politics every day,” the mother of two explains. “For many of us, with this election, it’s like your boyfriend dumped you in a really shocking way with no explanation and then moved in next door.” She is resigned to fighting against what she sees as a mandate for sexism through her own style choices. “Now, I feel like my hair says you can’t bring me down. This misogyny will not persevere. The bumper sticker for me is, ‘I am woman, hear me roar.’”

  20. Octopus says:

    Schadenboners at half-mast, folks. This next one will make you fall down laughing. A full-Schad could hurt you or an innocent bystander very seriously.

    • JimboXL says:

      I can’t tell if that story is complete BS or not because the sjw’s make it difficult to tell anymore these days, but thanks for the laugh.

      • Bunk X says:

        “I really had no idea of the horror that was in store come election night.”

        • Bunk X says:

          Note: Post contains sensitive content regarding suicide.

          I found out Donald Trump had won the Electoral College while midstream in providing a urine sample for the emergency psychiatric staff of a New York City public hospital. The unlockable bathroom door in this unescapable wing was ajar, and I could hear the victorious Mike Pence’s sinister Sunday-school baritone taunting me with the truth from the hallway television.

          Amazing that people like this even know which end to wipe.

          • Octopus says:

            This buttmunch had a good run as the life of the party before the horrible reality set in, though. 😆

    • Octopus says:

      Which was, “An internet video caused Benghazi protests which accidentally turned violent.”

      Get that bitch in jail, or an Old Folks Home with bars on the windows. 😆

    • JimboXL says:

      LGF is already parroting the talking points and keyword “fake news” for anything they don’t run through their filter where they distort the news.

  21. B a dick 4 jeezus says:

    Me-Again Kelly called Pam Geller a Muslim hater. When she has a foundation to reach out and help abused and oppressed Muslim girls and women. I guess Me-Again thinks it’s ok for Muslim men to treat their wives and daughters as their property. And she’s a shallow dim bulb that missed the point of the whole cartoon drawing exercise which proved it’s point when jihadists showed up with machine guns.

    • Octopus says:

      Last part of the article: “Drop Kelly and replace her with Tomi Lahren. Two birds, one stone. We the people get our kind of gal, and the Murdoch idiots get a millennial icon.”

      Huzzah to this! Lahren is kicking ass and taking names. Kelly is a dumbass moonbat with an ego and a haircut. Do it, Fox.

      Unfortunately, as Geller points out, Fox is currently being run by Murdoch’s libturd kids, since Ailes was forced out for attempted pussy grabbing.

  22. Pakimon says:

    Chunkles must’ve clicked on one of those penis enlargement or sex toy ads that permeate his blog.

    What a dumbass. 😆

  23. Octopus says:

    Here’s how you do it, Gus. Baby steps. Don’t try to get too clean all at once — the shock could kill ya.

  24. Octopus says:

    This guy might be on the freebase, I don’t know. My hands are all sweaty now, almost as clammy as Chunky’s when he made his fumbling advances on Pam that fateful night…

  25. Octopus says:

    Hollywood: “We didn’t make a big enough flopzilla with the all-female anti-comedy ‘Ghostbusters’ so we’re going to make a movie about Barbie starring a fat unfunny chick. We still hate Trump!”

    • B a dick 4 jeezus says:

      There’s a big dilemma about my big leg Amy uh huh, oh yeah. She was mah steady date until she put on weight uh huh, oh yeah.

      • Octopus says:

        Truth to tell, she isn’t that fat. She’s also not as “hot” as her PR team is trying to make out, in an effort to cross-sell her as a leading actress. She’s okay-looking for a female comedian. Sub-par for Hollywood.

  26. KGB says:

    Milo goes to Memories Pizza to apologize on behalf of normal gays for the injustices visited on it. This was much less bombastic than most Milo pieces and was actually heart warming in a way. Note that it was live-streamed so you can skip past the first 3 or 4 minutes.

    • Octopus says:

      Good people with religious beliefs are persecuted by the PC Police, but it’s Islamophobic and racist to desire vetting of the hundreds of thousands of Islamic (ist) refugees. Oh, yes…are they still confused about why Trump won the election?

  27. Be a dick for Jeezuz says:

    Sherriff Clarke is a warrior for truth.

    I notice this guy is completely ignored by Stompy. A black defender of law and order doesn’t fit the narrative of pissant progturd scum.

  28. Be a dick for Jeezuz says:

    Megyn Kelly on Trump and the Press: “We’re in a Dangerous Phase Right Now”
    24 minutes ago

    Stompy’s a Me-again fan all the sudden. Uh Stompy, I’m pretty sure by we she means herself, careerwise.

  29. Octopus says:

    I know it’s sexist as hell, but Me-Again might benefit from a little ol’ fashioned discipline. Is Roger Ailes still available? 😆

    Chunky quoting Kelly is the kiss of death for her career, btw. Jeez, it’s happening faster than I thought.

  30. Octopus says:

    Because Soros is really innocent of all of it. 😆

    Except for, well, this stuff:

  31. Be a dick for Jeezuz says:

    Comedic post at Jim Hoft’s GWP site. Jim put it best “The protesters were met with snow and 4 inches of snow on Thursday morning. They want the US to abandon fossil fuels and freeze to death.” LOL!

    But the big question for us here at DOD is since this is in Colorado….WHERE WAS GUS?

    He probably didn’t want to get close to these brain dead yuppies and their snot nosed kids and their electric cars and what not. He’s very particular.

    • rightymouse says:

      • Octopus says:

        I’m afraid Gus’s messages from the garage are going to go down a very cold, dark road this winter. Think Charles Dickens’ “Bleak House,” without the satiric leavening. The feral cat is looking for warmer digs, not to mention cleaner. Without Sis’s dishwasher handy, it gets a little fragrant around our counteruncultured hero.

        I wonder if Hoosier Hoops still has that sweet deal going with the Secluded Winter Cabin Hideaway, where he invited Gus to sojourn several bitter-cold seasons ago. By now, the two of them could be wrestling comfortably in front of a nice warm fireplace, in their tattered undershorts, three sheets to the wind and not giving a flying fuck about America or the politics.

    • Octopus says:

      These imbeciles are freezing their asses off with outdated signs featuring Obama symbols. Keep it in the ground, indeed. Save it for the New Machines, who will inherit the Earth from us filthy animals. 😆

      • TreBob says:

        And they probably drove to the protest in their SUVs. The red-head on the left certainly has her kid in a car seat safely in the back seat of some behemoth.

  32. Be a dick for Jeezuz says:

    Geert Wilders, Dutch Far-Right Leader, Is Convicted of Inciting Discrimination
    1 hour ago

    So just because they guy collects guns and flags they label him a terrorist? Isn’t this discriminatory?

  33. Be a dick for Jeezuz says:

    Why would he need a special probe? Haven’t the Dems and the MSM already declared the election was tampered with by the Russians, including the Wikileaks emails? They have “experts”. Or was that just fake news?

    • Octopus says:

      I still have to wonder how the Russians managed to infiltrate Michigan and dick around with our paper ballots, to the tune of this comfortable margin of victory for Trump. Pretty advanced hackery. 😆

  34. rightymouse says:

    It’s snowing in NE Ohio. We have total global warmening. 😦

    • Octopus says:

      We’re expecting multiple inches of snow this weekend, ranging from four to ten inches by Sunday night. I can’t wait! I need a good snow shovel workout. 🙂

    • Minnow-redux says:

      It snowed here last night in the Pacific-ish Northwest-ish area. Only 3-inches…. but, it was enough to make everything beautiful. It is about half gone now and will probably be gone by tomorrow morning because rain.

      But, this morning, all the evergreen trees were covered…. the ground was covered…. the frozen pond was covered….. the dogs romped… Trump will be President…. it is great to be alive in such a beautiful place that provides so much freedom and opportunity!

      And Hilliary pissed away over a billion dollars on her misconceived campaign.

      Further proof that there is a God in Heaven!!

      Oh hey Charles….. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.

    • ISTE says:

      With luck Calo will get a couple of inches tomorrow

  35. Octopus says:

    We did shout, Fatass. We shouted from the rooftops. We said, “Fuck you, Self-Identified Liberal MSM and your anointed pre-approved candidate who murders on occasion. We want this crazy-hair businessman to be our next President. Now shut up and go away.”

  36. kbdabear says:

    Maybe @jack thinks people are more interested in what Trump says than a washed-up shut-in’s yammering about his personal boogie men.

    Or maybe @jack doesn’t want Trump’s IRS, Labor Dept, or SEC taking a special look at Jack Dorsey, Twitter, and Square.

  37. ISpeakJive says:

    Is Chunky getting bombs and reactors mixed up again? What’s wrong with exporting nuclear technology? He wants to reduce CO2 but I guess only that produced by evil white Americans, or something.

  38. Pakimon says:

    And dudebros.

    Dudebros who give unemployed, Argentinian, garage-dwelling stew bums atomic wedgies. 😆

  39. ISpeakJive says:

    Chunky’s lodestar, Media Matters, LOL. Chunky’s been parroting “fake news” from these guys for years and everybody knows it. Oh, the irony.

    View at

  40. Bunk X says:

  41. Octopus says:

    Speaking of fake news, check out this glurge from the Minneapolis Red Star. So heart-rending. So full of shit.

    Black students in suburban schools find strength, safe spaces together

    Throughout the Twin Cities, black student unions help to confront recent incidents on campuses and talk about race in their mostly white schools.
    By Beatrice Dupuy Star Tribune DECEMBER 9, 2016 — 11:35PM

    A nasty message in a Spring Lake Park High School bathroom sent the Black Student Union into action. Members and their friends posted messages like “You are loved” around the school rotunda to drown out the words of hate, “Go back to your home,” scrawled in the girls’ bathroom.

    Throughout the Twin Cities suburbs, students are turning to black student unions to confront recent incidents on their campuses and form safe spaces to talk about race in their mostly white schools.

    Black student union leaders are meeting with school administrators, hosting “blackout” days and offering support to other students at a time when Black Lives Matter protests and post-election hate crimes are exposing the nation’s racial tensions.

    “Our role and our overt actions have become so much clearer to people in the school,” Eemanna Rivers, president of Edina High School’s Black Student Union, said. “We have to be very intentional about everything we do. People are really watching the club right now as a leader of what to do next.”

    Following the Nov. 10 Spring Lake incident, students in the Black Student Union held a meeting to discuss their fears for the present and concerns for the future, said Baher Hussein, the club’s co-historian.

    At Robbinsdale Armstrong High School, the new Pan-African Student Union held its first meeting on Dec. 1.

    Edina High School students of color first banded together in 2014 to talk about the police shooting of a black man in Ferguson, Mo., that helped the Black Lives Matter movement. English teacher Sarah Jarrett became the group’s adviser.

    Jarrett, who moved to Minnesota from Southern California, said she noticed immediately that the school had no cultural clubs for its minority students. But students in the club have made their voices heard in the school.

    “Instead of staying in their own little area, they are now joining up with Student Council and with other groups to be leaders in the schools as whole.”

    Black students make up 7 percent of the high school, white students 79 percent. Edina’s Black Student Union now has more than 40 members who serve as a support group for students of color.

    “The group really benefits … the black students because it is a space where we can be ourselves after a long day of code switching,” said Guled Said, senior and Black Student Union vice president. “We can go in the space and feel safe.” The Black Student Union supported Edina High School football players who knelt during the national anthem in September, part of a national trend among athletes to show opposition to police mistreatment of minorities.

    In November, members went to school administrators after a photo spread on social media showing a white Edina student with a white robe and hood drawn on him with the letters, KKK.

    “It was a very difficult time at our school for all kids,” Principal Bruce Locklear said. “But we have relied heavily on the BSU for guidance and leadership, and administratively we tried to provide as much support as we could.”

    The Black Student Union then held a schoolwide Blackout Day, encouraging students to wear black to show a united front against racism. The club participated in a school assembly on Tuesday where students unveiled a post-election creed ensuring a welcoming and inclusive environment at the school. The group is now planning the annual “Sundown to Sun Up,” a community event that showcases the students’ artistic talents and black culture. Last year, the group invited Minneapolis NAACP President Nekima Levy-Pounds to speak.

    Officials in Edina and several other school districts denied requests by the Star Tribune to attend black student club meetings.

    Students spurred to action

    These student unions are having to evolve, said Keith Mayes, associate professor of African-American and African studies at the University of Minnesota. Students who joined protests such as Black Lives Matter marches are returning to school and organizing their clubs to tackle incidents of racism in their schools and in their cities,

    “Certainly, we see a lot of high school students who partook in these movements within the last two summers here in Minneapolis,” Mayes said. “There is a heightened consciousness that is propelling these students to act.”

    Robbinsdale students were inspired to form their Pan-African Student Union after meeting members of the Edina Black Student Union during a civil rights research trip held during spring break by the West Metro Education Program.

    As with the local Black Lives Matter organizations, black student unions are having to decide how — and whether — to invite the support of white students who want to show solidarity by joining. For now, Edina’s Black Student Union is not inviting white memberships.

    “As much as allies are critical in these movements,” Rivers said. “We didn’t want the space to … become untrue or edited for whiteness so that is a big part of what we are working on now.

    The Edina union allows Samira Kalmoi, a 16-year-old sophomore, to have discussions that are not happening in her classrooms.

    “There is a place where I belong,” she said. “I am able to come to the BSU, and feel safe and wanted in Edina.”

  42. Octopus says:

    So very whore-ish, but you know, $2M is $2M. Like she says, most girls give it away for free to some lunkhead in a moment of drunken abandon. Well, she didn’t say all that, but it’s quite often the case.

    The buyer is the real creep in this scenario, imho. He could hire the best escort in the world for mere thousands, and get a much better bang for his bucks. He wants to deflower a virgin kid. Yes, it’s consensual, but it’s still creepy. YMMV.

    • rightymouse says:

      My house too!!! 😆

      • Octopus says:

        I think we should have fireworks, too. Make it a block party. 😆

        I have a couple of neighbors, including the young ones next door, who won’t be celebrating unless they’ve changed their minds since the election. Only two Shrillary signs on my street, before that most excellent day. They are welcome to come and imbibe, though. I will have some kind of Special Snowflake Tears cocktail on hand.

        Perhaps something like one of these:

        (thanks, Ace)
        Hillary’s Bitter Tears

        2 jiggers absinthe (wormwood liqueur)
        1 jigger grapefruit shrub
        1 jigger 180-proof gin
        Angostura bitters
        Celery bitters
        tears from an old sow

        Combine all ingredients in a pewter goblet. Do not stir. Drink while weeping.

  43. Octopus says:

    OSU Stabber also a victim! Oh, me achin’ ass. I can’t take these shits anymore. 😆

  44. Minnow-redux says:

    Hey Charles. Trump won the election fair and square. Hilliary conceded.

    Now, be normal and act like a three year old.

    Hey Gus. Sorry Gus, I am too busy working for big bucks today to be bothered by your whiny little ass.


  45. Octopus says:

    Oooohhh, the CIA! Sounds so official and true, right, Fatass? We are nearly as impressed as McKayla was with the silver medal. 😆

    This latest round of Media Matters bullshit is going to be all over the libturd media this week. So sad and desperate. Yes, the CIA bigwigs are appointed by and beholden to the current president, who is still the Unicorn Messiah for 40 more bleak days and nights. Then, big party with fireworks. 😆

    • Minnow-redux says:

      Like clockwork……. 🙂

    • kbdabear says:

      Don’t forget that the Russkies are constantly trying to hack the Zombie Blog but the ever vigilant Toot keeps fighting their attempts off singlehandedly!

      • Octopus says:

        The Russkies can hack the US electoral system in near-perfect secrecy, get their boy Trump elected, and then plant all kinds of fake news stories that make everybody go crazy…but they can’t hack Chunky’s bugfuck blog! Nope, no way, Ivan. The Correlator Tool got you all in check. 😆

    • JimboXL says:

      Parrot, squawking the corrupt lying media news. Hilarious.

  46. Octopus says:

    Fatass in his idiotic glory. 😆

  47. Octopus says:

    Heheh…I’m on Esquire’s emailing list, which I signed up for a long time ago to read some dumb article on their site. You should see the daily flood of fringe-Left garbazh they put out! It’s funnier than The Onion, and even left of the likes of Salon and Slate. Naturally Chunky’s on board. 😆

    • JimboXL says:

      They can’t handle the epic win, it’s just so epic their minds can’t comprehend it so making up fake news is their new coping method.

      • Octopus says:

        They really are beside themselves. 😆

        One of these days, this shit-eating grin is going to wear off my face. Not anytime soon, though.

  48. Octopus says:

    Here’s the only Election Results Map you’ll ever need:

    We Are Flyover Country™

    • JimboXL says:

      Hillary didn’t win the popular vote. It’s BS like the fake polls and their fake made up Russia interference. It doesn’t match up with the reality everyone saw with their own eyes. It’s obvious the vote count inflation is just coming from corrupt areas of corrupt states. If she really had won the popular vote she would not have lost Democrat held states, sorry, just more BS. We saw before the MI recount was shut down that indeed ballots in Dim areas were being double scanned and Hillary campaign was arguing that Bernie votes were actually votes for Hillary. Trump won in a landslide both electoral and real popular vote.

      • Octopus says:

        I agree, Jimbo. But even if you let them have their silly whining point, the heartland stood up and said, “No. No fucking way, bitch.” 😆

        I’ve never been prouder of my country.

        • JimboXL says:

          Indeed, this election should earn its place in history as one of the times enough people connected and acted together to overcome historic level propaganda, corruption and collusion.

          • Octopus says:

            😆 😆 😆 😆

            Chunky’s on board!

          • Larry Dismang says:

            No Chucky, that’s now how elections work, you don’t keep getting do-overs till you get the results you want.

  49. Minnow-redux says:

    I think Rudy has disconnected from the Trump Administration so that when the time is right, Congress can appoint a Special Prosecutor to investigate Hilliary and the DNC AND THE MAIN STREAM MEDIA and they can conveniently select the man who will nail her fat ass to the wall. That being, Rudy.

    And Trump can rightfully claim disconnection from Rudy and the entire process.

    Yea good guys!

    I hope I am right.

    And, oh yeah, fuck you Charles you mentally diminished, has-been failure.


  50. ISTE says:

    Having an argument with a crazy person.

    I say elfs wear pantyhose, she says they wear pants.

    I ain’t going to be the only elf in the mall wearing pants.

    Pantyhose or I ain’t doing it!

    • calo says:

      That’s a leprechaun.

      • ISTE says:

        Says ELF!!!!!

        If I cannot wear pantyhose then I cannot get into character.

        First kid that walks up to me and says “You are not a real elf! You are six feet tall and… you are not wearing tights” I will refer them to you.

        • ISTE says:

          Ok, ok…. So I spend eight ours in the mall as “Frosty The Snowman”

          Nobody will see my legs.. Not doing it unless I can wear black pantyhose underneath..

          • Abu penis penis penis lol says:

            I agree. Black is slimming.

          • Octopus says:

            “Elf” and Jim Carrey’s “Grinch” have been on our Christmas Eve schedule since the kids were wee uns, and they still want to do it every year. I know both movies by heart, and we all throw out quotes from these gems when appropriate throughout the year.

            I went to the mall with my daughter the singer this evening, and she insists on singing loudly and off-key whenever she hears a song she likes. I sometimes sing along, but tonight I wasn’t in the mood, and told her “There’s no singing at the North Pole.” So she did the rest of that scene. “I’m singing! I’m in a store and I’m singing!” She’s a little tetched, but we love her.

  51. Octopus says:

    Here’s a nice rant about “the ass-douches,” aka The Special Ones. Teh Snowflakes. Oh, is life going to teach them a few things. 😆

    I used to listen to Carolla’s podcast all the time, then I got tired of him. I thought he got a little too full of himself, for awhile. Hey, it happens. I think I’m going to give him another listen and see how he handles the early Trump days.

    • B a dick 4 jeezus says:

      Yeah I don’t know if Adam has it all figured out but he’s definitely in the hunt! He has a good BS sniffer when it comes to PC nonsense.

  52. Octopus says:

    This is true. You must maintain a strong presence in the public square.

    I have no photoshop skilz, so you must use your imagination to feature the Unicorn Messiah and Shrillary in the stocks.

  53. Octopus says:

    This is my favorite Christmas song. Get a l’il tipsy, and rock it. 🙂

  54. Octopus says:

    Raw Survival takes center stage, and Gusano flips off all other concerns!

    The dude is freezing his cojones off, out in the garage. I keep telling him every year to stock up on space heaters at summer garage sales, but he is too busy tweeting about important stuff to go browsing. One multi-plug surge protector and a few cheap-ass heaters, and he’d be toasty right now, instead of “To Build A Fire” desperate. See below, for the winter classique from Maestro Jack London.

    Fuck Twitter. Fuck the far-left and fuck the far-right and fuck Denver.
    49 minutes ago
    Time to block The Intercept.…
    51 minutes ago
    Time to block your stupid self.…
    53 minutes ago
    Bye USNHistory!
    1 hour ago
    Bye CJTFOIR!
    1 hour ago
    This year in NORAD track Santa. Me: Who gives a fuck.
    1 hour ago
    Unfollowing military and government accounts.
    1 hour ago
    Rex Tillerson must be opposed.
    2 hours ago
    Trump is assembling a cabinet fill with 1980s corporate villain Hollywood caricatures.
    2 hours ago
    Not knee jerk against the petrol industry but I must say I find the notion of Rex Tillerson as Secretary of State to be disgusting.
    2 hours ago


  55. Octopus says:

    The Libturd Warmening Freaks keep pushing their unsubstantiated claims, while the “Winter Is Coming”-folks stock up on road salt and new shovels. Because we know the white stuff is coming, as it does almost every year. For us in southeastern Michigan, we’re getting our first shovels-full tomorrow. After that, nobody knows. It might be a light snow season like last year, or a freaky record-breaker like the one we had two years ago. It takes a confluence of factors to land a heavy snow on us Michigan Under-The-Bridge Trolls, but it happens regularly. Not as regularly as my birthplace, Buffalo, NY. They get clobbered nearly every year in the early winter months with lake-effect snow.

    Anyways, Teh Warmening. Gus, you should know by now, not to believe this particular brand of bullshit.

    • ISpeakJive says:

      A good one from the WSJ this morning:

      “A new study from Arthur D. Little finds that, over its lifecycle, an electric car will generate just 23% fewer greenhouse gas emissions than a gasoline-powered car. If every car on earth were electric, this translates into a mere 1.8% decline in total emissions.

      Yet even a small electric car will cost its owner $20,816 more to own and operate than a comparable gas-powered car, and its total “human toxicity”—mainly due to heavy metals and graphite—will be three to five times greater.”

      • Octopus says:

        The revelation that “green cars” aren’t really green is one of the ginormous fissures for the snowflakes to cross, on their way to Really Cool Land. Wait until they find out about the rest of it, like the fact that none of the windmills will ever earn back their costs in fossil-fuel savings. And Gore is going to come out with the horrible, fictitious sequel to his first glurge-you-mentally, this year. Gird thy loins.

  56. Octopus says:

    I was going to go for the full sidebar, but then I realized I had nothing more to say. So, sayonara, suckers!

  57. Octopus says:

    Ri-Ri’s getting into the deep cuts on her “Anti”-album by now, and these aren’t the most commercially oriented joints. These are the strong ones that will stand the test of time, though. This one is a classic, imho. Hey, did I mention that I love Rihanna? 😉

  58. Octopus says:

    A few years ago, they released a big old trove of vocals-only from the Motown stable. I had that on my old PC, and listened to those things a lot before my old laptop died. This is one of my favorites. How masterful is Gladys on this thing?

  59. Pakimon says:

    Only when he says, “Fuck unemployment” and “Fuck being a useless leech” will his life take a better turn. “lol:

  60. Pakimon says:

    The ponytailed fat man is all ragey and peevish because Richard Spencer’s Twitter account was not only reinstated but verified.

    A liberal follower has the temerity to suggest to Chunkles that the 1st amendment and free speech aren’t such a bad thing (albeit in the usual leftist pontificating manner.)

    Kenny Kirwan ‏@Kennykirwan2323 9h9 hours ago

    @Green_Footballs @ColMorrisDavis @RichardBSpencer is a useful follow in the aggregate. You learn more about that which harms intellect than
    3 replies 0 retweets 7 likes

    Kenny Kirwan ‏@Kennykirwan2323 9h9 hours ago

    @Green_Footballs @ColMorrisDavis @RichardBSpencer you lose in the easy and transparent effort of his to dumb down the gullible.
    1 reply 0 retweets 5 likes

    The ponytailed fat man will have none of it. To him, it’s all about blocking…and reporting! 😆

    Charles Johnson ‏@Green_Footballs 9h9 hours ago

    Sorry, but you’re just wrong. Allowing these people free rein is an absolutely terrible policy. @Kennykirwan2323 @ColMorrisDavis
    3 replies 7 retweets 69 likes

    Kenny Kirwan ‏@Kennykirwan2323 9h9 hours ago

    @Green_Footballs @ColMorrisDavis free reign is only free if it’s free of objection. Speech is combated by speech.
    3 replies 0 retweets 6 likes

    Charles Johnson ‏@Green_Footballs 9h9 hours ago

    You’re wrong. We’ve already seen what happens when Twitter allows Nazis in. They drive away decent people. @Kennykirwan2323 @ColMorrisDavis
    2 replies 14 retweets 73 likes

    Kenny Kirwan ‏@Kennykirwan2323 9h9 hours ago

    @Green_Footballs @ColMorrisDavis I very well may be. But my weapon to combat the vulgarity granted under 1A is to counter it with 1A
    7 replies 0 retweets 4 likes

    The “debate” isn’t going Chunkles’ way. His peevishness grows…

    Charles Johnson ‏@Green_Footballs 9h9 hours ago

    And how well is that working? You’re being extremely naïve and playing right into their hands. @Kennykirwan2323 @ColMorrisDavis
    1 reply 2 retweets 29 likes

    Kenny Kirwan ‏@Kennykirwan2323 9h9 hours ago

    @Green_Footballs @ColMorrisDavis whose hands?
    1 reply 0 retweets 0 likes

    Charles Johnson ‏@Green_Footballs 9h9 hours ago

    If you think you’re going to “win on the merits” with someone like Richard Spencer you’re dreaming, dude. @Kennykirwan2323 @ColMorrisDavis
    2 replies 3 retweets 26 likes

    Kenny Kirwan ‏@Kennykirwan2323 9h9 hours ago

    @Green_Footballs @ColMorrisDavis then you’re not great at expressing the strength of your position of the moral high ground.
    1 reply 0 retweets 0 likes

    Rut Roh! A minor criticism of King Chunky! He begins to snivel…

    Charles Johnson ‏@Green_Footballs 9h9 hours ago

    Go argue with Richard Spencer then. I’m sure your excellent moral high ground will convince him. @Kennykirwan2323 @ColMorrisDavis
    1 reply 3 retweets 29 likes

    Kenny Kirwan ‏@Kennykirwan2323 9h9 hours ago

    @Green_Footballs @ColMorrisDavis what would you have me do as a liberal other than argue our case?
    2 replies 0 retweets 1 like

    A good question. How will the all knowing and all powerful bloated Twitterwarrior respond? Let’s find out…

    Charles Johnson ‏@Green_Footballs 9h9 hours ago

    So go ahead then. Let me know how it turns out. @Kennykirwan2323 @ColMorrisDavis
    1 reply 0 retweets 10 likes

    Kenny Kirwan ‏@Kennykirwan2323 9h9 hours ago

    @Green_Footballs @ColMorrisDavis again, as a liberal, what is my alternative?
    2 replies 0 retweets 1 like

    Charles Johnson ‏@Green_Footballs 9h9 hours ago

    Please report back and let me know the results of arguing your “moral high ground” with Nazis. @Kennykirwan2323 @ColMorrisDavis
    3 replies 3 retweets 19 likes

    The idealistic young Leftist isn’t going to let the ponytailed fat man off the hook so easily.

    Kenny Kirwan ‏@Kennykirwan2323 9h9 hours ago

    @Green_Footballs @ColMorrisDavis if you disagree with someone what do you propose you do about it? You’re a liberal. As am I.
    6 replies 1 retweet 1 like

    s jones ‏@webgenie01 9h9 hours ago

    @Kennykirwan2323 @Green_Footballs @ColMorrisDavis You oppose fascists everywhere.
    1 reply 0 retweets 4 likes

    Kenny Kirwan ‏@Kennykirwan2323 9h9 hours ago

    @webgenie01 @Green_Footballs @ColMorrisDavis I oppose all who oppose Liberty
    3 replies 0 retweets 1 like

    Chunkles’ peevishness is reaching critical mass.

    Charles Johnson ‏@Green_Footballs 9h9 hours ago

    I don’t know why you’re saying that to us. Argue with Richard Spencer & let us know how it goes @Kennykirwan2323 @webgenie01 @ColMorrisDavis
    1 reply 1 retweet 16 likes

    The idealistic young Leftist suspects that Chunkles’ is a sniveling, timid, empty-headed poser and moves in for the kill while Chunkles wriggles and flails like ponytailed fat kid being swarmed by angry bees.

    Kenny Kirwan ‏@Kennykirwan2323 9h9 hours ago

    @Green_Footballs @webgenie01 @ColMorrisDavis who is us? I do not fear @RichardBSpencer. I’d welcome a debate. An opportunity to confront
    4 replies 0 retweets 1 like

    Charles Johnson @Green_Footballs
    So go ahead then. Confront him. Argue your moral high ground. Let me know how it goes. @Kennykirwan2323 @ColMorrisDavis
    2 replies 0 retweets 20 likes

    Tim Minter ‏@tjminter 8h8 hours ago

    @Green_Footballs @Kennykirwan2323 @ColMorrisDavis life’s too short to argue with Nazis. They’re impervious to logic and won’t change minds.
    2 replies 4 retweets 11 likes

    Charles Johnson ‏@Green_Footballs 8h8 hours ago

    Life is also too short to argue with naïve people who think they’re going to defeat Nazis with moral superiority. @tjminter @Kennykirwan2323
    3 replies 8 retweets 28 likes

    It’s time for the idealistic young Leftist to slay the bloated, Cheetos dusted TwitterBlob with a mighty stroke of the sword of truth!

    Kenny Kirwan ‏@Kennykirwan2323 8h8 hours ago

    @Green_Footballs @tjminter you’re a coward
    4 replies 0 retweets 1 like

    Too many fellow liberals are watching now so Chunkles can’t fart out his standard “Go Fuck Yourself” and instead selects the sniveling “butthurt” option. The idealistic young Leftist notes that in doing that, Chunkles only illustrates his point 😆

    Charles Johnson ‏@Green_Footballs 8h8 hours ago

    Sure, dude. Whatever. And you’re a brave hero. Bye now. @Kennykirwan2323 @tjminter
    2 replies 0 retweets 19 likes

    Kenny Kirwan ‏@Kennykirwan2323 8h8 hours ago

    @Green_Footballs @tjminter so you can’t fight a racist and you can’t fight a liberal. You’re a symptom. A gutless symptom
    2 replies 0 retweets 0 likes

    Kenny Kirwan ‏@Kennykirwan2323 8h8 hours ago

    @Green_Footballs has blocked me for actually speaking out against Spencer. That’s next level cowardice
    0 replies 0 retweets 0 likes

    Kenny Kirwan ‏@Kennykirwan2323 8h8 hours ago

    @Green_Footballs @ColMorrisDavis green footballs is the epitome of the cowardice that liberals are now combating among our own ranks
    0 replies 0 retweets 0 likes

    It’s going to a long winter for our favorite rotund ponytailed Blog/Twitter dickhead. 😆

    • Octopus says:

      That was excellent! 😆

    • rightymouse says:

      Fatso IS a coward & an asshole. And he runs his Twitter account like he was a member of the Gestapo Liberal Pussy Brigade. All authoritarian and no tolerance for different opinions.

      • Octopus says:

        He’s peeved to the limits because he can’t impose the same fascist measures on Twitter that he used to destroy his own blog. 😆

      • B a dick 4 jeezus says:

        To go from a classical liberal commenting on national security, anti-jihad and hawk against Demoncrap treachery to actually choosing and engaging in progturd treachery against even honest liberals is truly disgusting.

      • ISpeakJive says:

        His little kingdom is a blog. He’s a despot, an autocrat, an illiberal authoritarian.

        A dictatorial, undemocratic totalitarian, and pretty much any other synonym for “fascist” that is out there.

        Thank goodness he lacks sufficient charisma or smarts to have control over anything bigger than a website. He would’ve fit right in with the monarchy in the dark ages lopping off people’s heads for dissing the throne.

    • B a dick 4 jeezus says:

      That was a nice checkmate by Kirwin. I’m glad there are still some honest liberals who realize the progturd metasticism among their ranks of which Stompy is one most odious among them. I feel I could argue about policies with Kirwin without being branded or labeled. IOW a good man. Maybe he really can talk old Rich Spencer off of that white nationalist ledge.

    • B a dick 4 jeezus says:

      Also great comment and breakdown Pakimon! You da cave MAN.

    • osprey1 says:

      Fashy haircut trumps jazzy ponytail.

  61. Octopus says:

    Gus, Gus, Gus…no. You don’t make jokes. You are the joke. Stay in your lane.

  62. Octopus says:

    Because you found a half-full cup in the dumpster. Mmmmm!

  63. Octopus says:

    This is pretty good. It’s interesting that people like Oprah were curious about the Donald’s political ambitions way back when.

  64. Octopus says:

    Really, Unicorn Messiah? Have you been sleeping for the past 8 years?

    FAIL! 😆

    Little Rock, Arkansas, June 1, 2009. Abdulhakim Mujahid Muhammad shot and murdered one soldier, Army Pvt. William Andrew Long, and injured another, Pvt. Quinton Ezeagwula, at a military recruiting station in Little Rock. Muhammad reportedly converted to Islam in college and was on the FBI’s radar after being arrested in Yemen–a hotbed of radical Islamic terrorism–for using a Somali passport, even though he was a U.S. citizen. In a note to an Arkansas judge, Muhammad claimed to be a member of al-Qaeda in the Arab Peninsula, the terror group’s Yemen chapter.

    Fort Hood, Texas, November 5, 2009. Major Nidal Malik Hasan shot up a military base in Fort Hood and murdered 14 people. Hasan was in contact with al-Qaeda terrorist Anwar al-Awlaki prior to the attack and shouted “Allahu Akbar!” as he fired upon the soldiers on the Fort Hood base. After being sentenced to death, Hasan requested to join ISIS while on death row. It took six years for Obama to acknowledge the shooting as a terror attack instead of “workplace violence.”

    Boston, Massachusetts, April 15, 2013. Tamerlan and Dhozkar Tsarnaev set off two bombs at the 2013 Boston marathon, killing three and injuring over 260 people. The Tsarnaev brothers later shot and murdered Massachusetts Institute of Technology police officer Sean Collier. The Tsarnaev brothers were self-radicalized through online jihadist propaganda and through a mosque with ties to al-Qaeda.

    Moore, Oklahoma, September 24, 2014. Alton Nolen beheaded a woman, Colleen Huff, at a Vaughan Foods plant and stabbed and injured another person. While Nolen’s motives are unclear, he appears to have been another radicalized Muslim who was obsessed with beheadings.

    Queens, New York, October 23, 2014. Zale Thompson, another self-radicalized Muslim, injured two police officers with a hatchet before being shot dead by other cops. Thompson reportedly indoctrinated himself with ISIS, al-Qaeda and al-Shabab–a Somali jihadist terror group–websites and was a lone wolf attacker.

    Brooklyn, New York, December 20, 2014. Ismaayil Brinsley shot and murdered two police officers execution-style and his Facebook page featured jihadist postings and had ties to a terror-linked mosque.

    Garland, Texas, May 3, 2015. Two gunmen shot up the Curtis Culwell Center in Garland, where a Mohammed cartoon contest was taking place, and were killed by a police officer. ISIS claimed responsibility for the attack.

    Chattanooga, Tennessee, July 16, 2015. Muhammad Youssef Abdulazeez shot and killed four Marines and a sailor at a military base in Chattanooga and was believed to have been inspired by ISIS.

    San Bernardino, California, December 14, 2015. Two radical Islamists, Syed Farook and Tashfeen Malik, shot and murdered 14 people and injured 22 others at an office holiday party.

  65. Octopus says:

    A rational moderate exists at an American university. Luckily for him, he has tenure or they’d broom him out.

  66. Octopus says:

    Wear this tie to your next corporate gig. You will trigger some people. 😆

  67. Pakimon says:

    Holy crap!

    Chunky is grunting out a lengthy, multipart tirade on Twtter as to why Twitter should suspend “undesirables” and how suspending them permanently isn’t a violation of free speech.

    “It isn’t a violation of free speech because they can post their views elsewhere” is the gist of Chunkles’ “argument”.

    In other words, Chunkles wants Twitter to be an echo chamber and safe space.

    I think what’s happening is that “the powers that be” at Twitter are seeing the writing on the wall given the recent election results ant their stock being in freefall so they’re reigning in suspensions due to having non-pc thoughts and whatnot.

    Chunkles knows it’s going to be open season on Twitter for phony bloviating posers such as himself sooner rather than later and it’s making him nervous and peevish.

    Twitter’s position will be, “You’ve got a block button, just use that and stop whining”.

    However, Chunkles has come to think of Twitter as his own personal kingdom and in his shriveled little pea-brain thinks Twitter is an extension of LGF, therefore he is a god of that social media platform.

    Hilarity is going to ensue as his empty-headed posing is continually mocked by those on The Right but those on The Left as well.

    He can always snivel “Say hello to my block button” but as was demonstrated this morning, those on both sides view this as gutless and cowardly.

    The best part is Chunkles knows it. 😆

  68. Pakimon says:

    Chunkles has condensed his new Magnum Opus into one chunk over at The Bog.

    What will Chuckles call his new masterpiece?

    “Neo-Nazis and White Supremacists on Twitter are Warping Fragile Little Minds!!”

    More wordy than the title of his last “masterpiece” that still draws an occasional snicker and guffaw.

    I’d go with “Chunkles’ Chunk of Wisdom”.

    Pithy and to the point. 😆

    • ISpeakJive says:

      So I went over there to read that dreck. Ook, I feel like I need to wash my hands now.

      Chunky says it’s impossible for Twitter to censor anybody, because you can go other places and express yourself. Private businesses can censor you all they want except it’s not really consorship. Only the government can censor anybody. But they can’t because that would violate 1A, so there’s really no such thing as censorship. Or something. I don’t think he’s really thought this thru, LOL.

      I guess when Twitter, Facebook and all the rest shut you down, you can always go on your front porch and yell.

      • Arachne says:

        Fatso is lucky that the dicta in New York Times v. Sullivan still holds, or he’d be looking down his pannus at Libel suits – and LOTS of them.

  69. Pakimon says:

    Funny how Chunkles rants about Nazis and White Supremacists using Twitter as a media platform but says NOTHING about BlackLivesMatter stooges and Black Supremacists using Twitter as a media platform.

    The dreck put out by them is just as nasty and hate-filled as anything put out by Nazis and their ilk.

    Not only in Chunkles a coward, he’s a hypocrite as well.

    But we already know that…

  70. Pakimon says:

    It a beautiful Sunday night and Pakimog missed afternoon football.

    Pakimog’s Jaguars and Eagles both lost again which is inducing a football funk on this poor ol’ caveman.

    However, Pakimog not be total downer for rest of season.

    Pakimog congratulate Octo for his Detroit Lions coming back in 4th quarter yet AGAIN to get another win!

    With all these heart attack inducing Lions games every week, a doctor needs to be on standby.

    Meh… who needs a doctor? Pakimog made of sterner stuff!

    A nurse will do nicely! 😀

    Sorry abu that the Lions latest comeback was against your Chicago Bears.

    But buck up my friend!

    The Chicago Cubs winning The Series this year more than makes up for woes suffered by other Chicago sports teams! 😀

    • Octopus says:

      Yowsah on both of those babes! 🙂

      As for the Lions, I really don’t understand what’s going on, other than Stafford is playing his damn ass off every week. The defense bends like one of our old Saturday morning yoga gals but doesn’t break that often. Adds up to a 9-4 record, and a hammerlock on the division. A home playoff game. This is really unexpected, especially after the way they looked at 1-3 early on.

    • Bunk X says:

      Seems to me like there are a lot of Photoshop whiz kids who have never seen a human female. There is so much wrong with that CubsHEYLOOKATTHENURSE! YOWZA!

  71. JimboXL says:

    Twitter will eventually just lose to another platform that doesn’t censor if they keep acting like smacktards. They’ll just become the sterilized platform for stuffy corporations to get their boring ad messages out. They’ll go the way of MySpace and be replaced by a more open platform that is more genuine and organic.

  72. Octopus says:

    Listen to this fat fool perseverate! 😆

    Maybe you should take an intelligence briefing instead of watching TV about yourself, ya think? @realDonaldTrump…
    14 minutes ago
    It’s incredibly depressing that America actually elected this fucking malevolent clown, and it seems like there’s no way to stop it.
    25 minutes ago
    Have you ever noticed that stupid and lazy people are usually the first to brag about how smart and hard-working they are? @kurteichenwald
    32 minutes ago
    RT @kurteichenwald: It needs to be said: Only reason a prez-elect would skip intel briefings is not because he’s too smart. It’s because he…
    32 minutes ago
    3/3 damage he’s preparing to do to our government.
    45 minutes ago
    2/3 who voted for him or the GOP in general give a single flying fuck about honesty or hypocrisy. Focus on the corruption and the …
    45 minutes ago
    1/3 We need to get past pointing out Trump’s hypocrisy, even though it’s galactic in scope, because it’s very clear neither the people …
    45 minutes ago
    RT @Stonekettle: Doesn’t have the time or the attention span to sit through his daily intel briefing Spends hours watching news for mentio…
    1 hour ago
    And the Trump Horror just keeps getting more frightening. @Bencjacobs…
    1 hour ago
    One thing was confirmed beyond any doubt in this election: the Republican Party is just fine with white supremacism.
    2 hours ago

  73. kbdabear says:

    Yeh, we’ve noticed that Toot. That’s why this blog exists.

  74. Octopus says:

    He’s “genderqueer,” and he’s an “artist.” Also, he’s South African. Bring him over here, so he can live with Chunky. 😆

  75. B a dick 4 jeezus says:

    Assange already stated it’s not the Russians. And now the former Brit ambassador to Uzbekistan calls the CIA full of total bullshit. Yet the WaPo continues with the BIG LIE.

    • Octopus says:

      But Chunky is sure it’s a true story, so blockety-block. 😆

      That’s a great article. The stupid morons of the Left will never read it.

  76. B a dick 4 jeezus says:

    LOL! Millionaires who might as well have taken a cigar to their millions they gave her! So rich. They’re almost as pathetic as Stompy who gave his undying support to the old crook for virtually nothing in return, as well. Oh well at least they still have their OTHER millions and their mansions and big cars and what not. And Stompy still has his dumpy dilapidated old couch and his Cheetos and his Mac from 2005.

  77. Bunk X says:

    Where are our contributors? Place is dying…

  78. Bunk X says:

  79. Bunk X says:

  80. Be a dick for Jeezuz says:

    The Russians stole the election fake left wing news hysteria continues to fall apart.

    I have watched incredulous as the CIA’s blatant lie has grown and grown as a media story – blatant because the CIA has made no attempt whatsoever to substantiate it. There is no Russian involvement in the leaks of emails showing Clinton’s corruption. Yes this rubbish has been the lead today in the Washington Post in the US and the Guardian here, and was the lead item on the BBC main news. I suspect it is leading the American broadcasts also.

    A little simple logic demolishes the CIA’s claims. The CIA claim they “know the individuals” involved. Yet under Obama the USA has been absolutely ruthless in its persecution of whistleblowers, and its pursuit of foreign hackers through extradition. We are supposed to believe that in the most vital instance imaginable, an attempt by a foreign power to destabilise a US election, even though the CIA knows who the individuals are, nobody is going to be arrested or extradited, or (if in Russia) made subject to yet more banking and other restrictions against Russian individuals? Plainly it stinks. The anonymous source claims of “We know who it was, it was the Russians” are beneath contempt.

    As Julian Assange has made crystal clear, the leaks did not come from the Russians. As I have explained countless times, they are not hacks, they are insider leaks – there is a major difference between the two. And it should be said again and again, that if Hillary Clinton had not connived with the DNC to fix the primary schedule to disadvantage Bernie, if she had not received advance notice of live debate questions to use against Bernie, if she had not accepted massive donations to the Clinton foundation and family members in return for foreign policy influence, if she had not failed to distance herself from some very weird and troubling people, then none of this would have happened.

    The continued ability of the mainstream media to claim the leaks lost Clinton the election because of “Russia”, while still never acknowledging the truths the leaks reveal, is Kafkaesque.

    • Arachne says:

      I’ve always believed that the feeding of the information to Wikileaks was done by a Democrat INSIDER – that was so disgusted and fed up with what these shitbags were doing that he couldn’t take it any longer. Bernie supporter for sure.

      • ISpeakJive says:

        I think so, too. What was the last email date? Last spring sometime? They might’ve gotten them to try to get Bernie elected in the primaries, but when it was obvious that wasn’t going to happen, they saved them til the general just to get revenge on Hilldog.

        Everybody is like how on earth could anybody have hacked into Podesta’s email? Must’ve been serious Russian hacking, etc.
        I leave my computer on, and the email open all the time. Go to lunch and somebody could sit there and download anything they want on a thumbdrive. 10 minutes.
        It doesn’t have to be super-secret conniving by foreign powers at the highest levels for millions of dollars. Just one Bernie dweeb in the office.

  81. Be a dick for Jeezuz says:

    Long Before Trump, Kellyanne Conway Worked for Anti-Muslim and Anti-Immigrant Extremists
    1 hour ago

    Never mind that the people she opposed were anti-women. Just shut up Fatso. You back Muslims who view women as property. And who will beat women who don’t cover their hair.

  82. Be a dick for Jeezuz says:

    After getting his ass kicked by Kirwin, Stompy Chubbyfeet attempts to clarify why he wants other people’s free speech silenced on Twitter. I opted to waste some of my precious life breaths reading it. Thankfully it wasn’t much of a read. Here are his main points (really only points):

    1. Twitter doesn’t need to abide by the 1A because they aren’t the government. This of course, is true and mind-numbingly obvious.

    2. Twitter should censor white supremacists and neo-Nazis. (what he doesn’t say is he thinks the entire GOP and all conservatives and anyone who points out the dangers of Islam or BLM are white supremacists and neo-Nazis including especially DonaldTrump.)

    In the comments from Stompy:

    123 Charles Johnson
    Dec 11, 2016 • 4:59:11pm
    Don’t forget this: our president-elect routinely retweeted racist memes from neo-Nazis.

    — Charles Johnson (@Green_Footballs) December 12, 2016

    ReplyReply w/ QuoteImage
    One thing was confirmed beyond any doubt in this election: the Republican Party is just fine with white supremacism.

    — Charles Johnson (@Green_Footballs) December 12, 2016

    3. Stompy plays business advisor to Twitter and asserts these terrible right wingers make them look bad. He’s just looking out for Twitter’s reputation. Never mind they’re getting a bad reputation for censoring right wing views that aren’t Nazi at all, such as Milo (who’s gay) or Ginger (who merely speculated on why statistics show blacks are more likely to commit violent crime, but certainly no dedicated Nazi) and many others. I mean, Stompy thinks Pam Geller, a Jewish critic of Islam’s oppression of women should be silenced and censored.

    4. Lastly, he brings up the specious and self-serving argument that Dylan Roof was “inspired” by white supremacists (I’m not even sure he was, I think he was just psychotic and drunk) and so therefore they should be thrown off of Twitter. Which is comical considering he/LGF was mentioned among others 33 times in Breivik’s manifesto inspiring said lunatic to murder 75 people. Of course everyone else Breivik mentioned ARE responsible according to Stompy, but not Stompy himself for some unknown reason. In reality any idiot knows and certainly Twitter knows that an online poster who is not actively calling for mass murder of his fellow man is certainly not responsible if some whackjob claims to be inspired by their posts and goes berzerk. Except Stompy has to defend weak mindedly his idiotic double standard so he can blame other’s online opinions for supposed right wing violence. All while he ignores cops getting shot by people and white people attacked by those who read BLM and SJW propaganda.

    That about sums it up. As usual Stompy can’t argue his way out of a paper bag. And when given more than 140 characters comically proves only that he has neither reasoning nor writing skills.

  83. Be a dick for Jeezuz says:

    So….DJT is responsible for WS and neo-Nazi crazy talk.

    But Islam and the Koran are in no way responsible for the countless horrendous violent acts that occur daily in it’s name?

  84. Be a dick for Jeezuz says:

    LOL! As the MSM shitbirds continue with their fact-less Russian conspiracy theory, asserting it as fact (like Climate Hoax) the FBI steps up and calls bullshit.

    This will not please el-Chubbo and his butt hurt band of gullible moron commenters.

    • Be a dick for Jeezuz says:

      Saw that. He basically called her a crooked liar. Which she is.

      • Arachne says:

        She was. And frankly Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania should collectively send her a bill for any taxpayer-incurred costs on these hoaxes.

        Jill Stein should have to give an accounting of ALL monies spent. Any residual should be immediately divided between St. Jude’s and the Shriners’ Hospitals.

  85. Arachne says:

    Interesting – two “name” donations to the begging bowl totaling $125, followed by a $130 “anonymous” donation. BTW, why are people being anonymous – you’d think they’d want Fatso to know they GAVE.

  86. Be a dick for Jeezuz says:

    More bad news for Climate Hoaxers like Stompy and his addled band true believers who all threw out their coats and snow shovels. Last year’s record heat was caused by El Nino. The pause in warming is back. This is a great article that succinctly describes the total failure of the Climate Hoaxers to explain why global warming is real and out-of-control due to human activities when actual data shows it’s not even occurring.

  87. Be a dick for Jeezuz says:

    Russian Election Meddling Reports Should Alarm Every American, Says Group of Bipartisan Senators.……
    1 hour ago

    Right on cue Stompy, who doesn’t have a bipartisan bone in his flabby body waddles in lazily with the conspiracy hoax. Too bad Fatso, everyone’s already seen what lying, cheating scum the Demoncraps and MSM news are and that THEY are the ones that should be investigated for trying to steal an election.

  88. Be a dick for Jeezuz says:

    Narcissistic would-be dictator beclowns self with laughably wrong assertion. @realDonaldTrump…
    39 minutes ago

    Oh so laughably beclowny to say it’s difficult to catch hackers after the fact and why wasn’t it brought up before the election? I don’t see anything in that Twitter thread that explains why that’s so beclowny. One person says “It was brought up in the debates”. Yeah by Hitlery playing defense against his pointing out she committed multiple felonies with classified SoS email and documents. Stompy and his friends seem not understand that trying to perpetually steal the election back with moron lies (after feigning fake news concerns) coming from the MSM/WH and some Shrillbeast supporters at CIA is just going to piss Trump and the American people off even more.

    Here’s a great article from a Jew at Breibart that Steve Bannon and DJT supposedly hate. Most conspicuously the CIA unnamed source has no evidence of any hacking. They just kinda think it sounds like Russians.

    10 Ways the CIA’s ‘Russian Hacking’ Story is Left-Wing ‘Fake News’

  89. Be a dick for Jeezuz says:

    Although not quite far gone enough to approve of abortions, the Pope has gone far left moonbat Climate Hoaxer. And he wants all priests to follow him, as well. Although it’s not clear whether he’ll start throwing priests out if they oppose him on it a la Stompy O’Chubbyfoot. At any rate Catholic scholars immediately let him have it with how foolish it is to have the Church officially buy into politically motivated and unproven secular movements.

  90. Octopus says:

    Thinks this is witty. 😦

  91. Octopus says:


  92. Pakimon says:

    Hey kids! What time is it?! It’s time for…

    And another Leftist moonbat scheme blows up in their collective faces. 😆 😆 😆

    • Octopus says:

      SCHWING! 😆

      What’s the next fake news attack on Trump? Something about Nazis in his bloodline, is my guess. Hey, fuck ’em if they can’t take a joke. You’ve heard of “hanging chads?” Get a load of these raging Schads!

  93. Octopus says:

    How does this imbecile feed herself? I mean, how can someone this stupid be given a spot on a show that purports to discuss “national topics?”

    It’s a puzzler.

  94. Octopus says:

    Heheheh…Bjorn has more knowledge in his morning poops than you have in your whole morbidly obese carcass, Chunky. Not to mention integrity. 😆

    • Minnow-redux says:

      Here is further proof that Charles is an expert authority on all things, and all people.

      Never mind that Bjorn Lomborg has a resume about fifteen pages long – full of notable accomplishments and achievements, and who is recognized worldwide.

      And… then… there is the overweight dimwit Charles whose only accomplishment appears to be a pony tail, and “cleverly” telling people to go fuck themselves.


      • Octopus says:

        In all honesty, the ponytail’s seen better days. The thinning, graying, lifeless hank of greasy hair doesn’t help with the ladies. However, it is the only thing about him that’s thinning.

        • Minnow-redux says:

          I agree… and while I have a distinct opinion about grown men with ponytails, I would have to say that his ponytail is the least of Charles problems…..