“You want proof? Look here. It’s on my blog.”

Not even Rolling Stone’s Matt Taibbi could come up with anything, because it never happened. Put on your Big Boy Journalism Pull-Ups, Charles, get out of your hovel, suss it out, and maybe you’ll be accepted as a big ‘ol honkin’ angry ponytailed fat white wonder at Daily Kos again.

Merry Christmas, Stalkers!

We love you, man

For Calo


Merry Christmas, Charles. You’re a mess.



Kinda self-explanatory, ya?

Charles Johnson’s Little Green Website Has Some Embedded Nasties.


There’s the screencap. Goodtime Charlie has some ‘splainin’ to do.

I think Lucy D. meant “pus-riddled,” but “puss” is close enough.

[h/t ISTE]

DARVO much, Charles?

darvo-charles-johnsonAmazing. A practitioner of DARVO accuses the right wing of practicing DARVO, and he’s even coopted the acronym by pasting a little green “it’s mine” tag at bottom right. Although it’s often attributed to Saul Alinsky or Cloward and Piven, it was psychologist Jennifer Freyd who described the tactic used by abusers to justify their actions.

Charles Johnson and his SJW comrades are pros at it. Hell, Johnson DARVO‘d all over Pamela Geller, Robert Spencer, Stacy McCain, Andrew Breitbart and many others. He eats, drinks and excretes DARVO.

Meanwhile,  Mr. VV stepped into a pile of Johnson:

What a cordial chump puppet you are, Charles.

The Weekly World Johnson: 7 December 2016


Dude’s nailing it on all fronts. Can’t ignore Chuck C. Johnson, can’t ignore a dead man, can’t come up with anything original and can’t comprehend what’s going down without being told what to say.

Charles, you’ve become your own echo chamber.