‘Sup, Charles. Ready to go all stompy feets?

There’s a common phrase that’s overused, misused and misunderstood. It’s called “begging the question.” It doesn’t mean, “This question suggests a follow-up question.”

It refers to a classic logical fallacy. When the premise of a question is false, the question itself is null and void, and the answer to the question is moot. “When was the last time you beat your wife?” is the typical example. In Charles Johnson’s case it goes like this:


So what else does Our Boy have to say on Election Eve? Not much, but he’s gushing over Martin Sheen, a washed-up actor who once played the role of President in a sitcom or something.


Yeah, Charles spent some time Googling “Affadavit Ballot” but still missed the point, that someone wearing a Boy Scout tent with no identification could be given an affidavit ballot to vote as Huma Abadin without question.

A half hour later (in case anyone missed it on LGF and Twitter)  he crapbombed YouTube using his PlasticFantastic LegalKleagle Badge hoping to generate drive-by traffic.


(“I rarely do this”) = (“I do this often”) in Charlespeak and he does it all the time. What’s MediaMatters gonna get you to dance to tomorrow, Chinocchio?