The Uzbeki threat!

For many years, Charles was obsessed with the Flemish. He would claim Flemish snipers were coming for him and linked all politicians to the Flemish party, Vlaams Belang. A new boogeyman might replace the dreaded Flemish menace. Charles is now claiming that hacking attempts on LGF are originating from Uzbekistan.

We will keep an eye on Charles and see if he starts ranting about the Uzbeki threat!

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  1. Pakimon says:

    The poor hamster that keeps Chunkles’ server chugging along is in mortal peril!

    I’d bet those hackers in Uzbekistan are planning to use discarded Soviet cyber-technology to turn Chunkles’ power source into some sort of Borg-Hamster programmed to assimilate all of Chunkles’ Cheetos and Mountain Dew! 😆

    • Arachne says:

      Oh please, hack for what?
      Content there is so thin you’d think it had an eating disorder.

    • Be a dick for Jeezuz says:

      Resistance is….totally POSSIBLE!

        • gizbot7 says:

          Too cute! I loves the hamsters! As a kid one of those little guys managed to escape from his death trap of a huge cage with water and food. 🙂 Of course, my kid mind freaked out and sent the whole house on a wild hamster chase. My moms friend eventually found the little guy in the heating vent with his poor little paws slightly burned. Said hamster was eventually put back in his cage and got many hugs and kisses – all of which he surely hated.

  2. kingkuffa says:

    “Several thousand hack attempts” against you…sure fatboy.

    Meanwhile, actual threats to the political process via the funding and organizing of violence against Trump supporters.

    • rightymouse says:

      Drudge, Rush and Hannity are all over this. Watch the Donks freak out and scramble to keep this from becoming mainstream.

  3. Be a dick for Jeezuz says:

    OMG. That’s so frickin’ sad. They’re coming for you Stompy!

  4. Be a dick for Jeezuz says:

    Wikileaks: Ecuador Cut Assange’s Internet, Dumps More Podesta Emails

    Someone who has real powerful actors against him and isn’t some dumb git lame guitarist with a pitiful web disaster no one visits except to mock. I think he’s been waiting for this, though. Dead man codes don’t mean he’s dead. They just mean he’s demonstrating he can go scorched Earth at any moment.

  5. Be a dick for Jeezuz says:

    @americanarena @ESQPolitics This is why I wrote “a very old German nationalist slogan ALSO used by Hitler.”
    12 hours ago

    So you’re saying you’re an Aryan white nationalist? And you called our black Preezydunce ignorant. Y u b so racist Stompy Chubs??

  6. Be a dick for Jeezuz says:

    @2844108wl Would you please do me a favor and say hello to my block button?
    12 hours ago

    Would you please do Jack Donkey a favor and Tweet something, ANYTHING that someone cares about? Because no one cares that you blocked the 9 zillionth person that called you a dumbass.

  7. Be a dick for Jeezuz says:

    A pulsating gif Stompy won’t appreciate or steal.

  8. Be a dick for Jeezuz says:

    Is anyone else getting outrage fatigued? He wrote something in chalk. Chalk. Which means the rain will wash it away. But he apologized profusely anyway. Still waiting for our apology for them stealing all of their reverse engineered modern technology from the freedom loving West, and mostly from the US.

    • Octopus says:

      Somebody should go over there and spray-paint “YUGE ‘GYNA” on the stupid wall. The idiotic wall that failed to stop the barbarian hordes from conquering the other barbarian hordes on the other side. And no, you can’t see it from space. That’s a myth.

      • ISpeakJive says:

        Heard a new word today: “Vagenda”. I like it.

        • Octopus says:

          Very sexist! But it’s a good word, anyway. 🙂

          “The poor man was surrounded by women his entire life, with four older sisters and a passive-aggressive mother, followed by working in an office filled with grumpy women for decades, and coming home to a house run on an unsparing vagenda of misandry headed up by “the little missus” and two princess daughters. It’s a wonder he didn’t throw in the towel and go “Caitlyn” at any point on his journey.”

          –“My Story,” an unauthorized autobiography of an internet octopus

  9. Be a dick for Jeezuz says:

    Oh man. If only they’d had a hoax theory to capitalize on. They coulda made a bundle!!!

    America’s Worst Hurricane Season – 1886

    The US was hit by seven hurricanes in 1886, including one during this week 130 years ago. The October, 1886 hurricane caused a massive storm surge at Sabine Pass, Texas – then moved north to the Great Lakes causing storm surges on Lake Michigan and Lake Erie. A great gale was also blowing along the southwest coast of England and Ireland.

  10. Be a dick for Jeezuz says:

    Hysterical climate Chicken Littles = The Earth’s warming, the poles are melting!!
    Actual data = Nothing new under the Sun.

  11. Octopus says:

    Check it out, Fatass! A man who actually makes things change with his investigative videos, against the avalanching bias of the self-identified liberal MSM. A man with courage and integrity. A man, quite frankly, who is the complete opposite of your failed ass.

  12. Octopus says:

    Except for the fact that the dirty cop at the top of the FBI is going to be fired and possibly face legal difficulties for his complicity in the cover-up, as well as his refusal to indict an obviously guilty Shrillary. Isn’t that crazy, Chunky? 😆

  13. Pakimon says:

    I finally picked a prize out of the catalog my employer had sent me (along with a spiffy certificate and a nice cash bonus) for 10 years of loyal servitude.

    I was waffling between a home theater system and a chronograph watch with all sorts of incomprehensible dials and buttons.

    After much indecision, I opted for the home theater system instead of the “man-bling”.

    It’s being shipped to me via UPS so I’m hoping for delivery in the next couple of weeks.

    Heh. I feel like a kid waiting impatiently for the “x-ray specs” to come in the mail. 😆

  14. Be a dick for Jeezuz says:

    I guess some people at the FBI don’t like not being taken seriously anymore.

  15. Octopus says:

    They actually call themselves “The Shadow Government.” They are Shrillary’s Fixers.

    “Shut up about the non-story!” 😆


  16. Be a dick for Jeezuz says:

    RT @ericgeller: BREAKING: Ecuador admits it cut off Assange’s internet due to his use of it to interfere in the U.S. election.…
    1 hour ago

    Because we don’t want the truth about one of the candidate’s corruption “interfering” with an election. Unbelievable how shit-headed progs are.

    • Octopus says:

      How easy was it for the Clinton Slush Foundation to wire a tidy bribe to the tinpot dictator and get Assange’s wi-fi cut off? 😆

      • Be a dick for Jeezuz says:

        Lou Dobbs pointed out he’s a big socialist commie lefitst too. Whom I’m sure lives in a big house and gets driven around by people to fancy restaurants and functions and what not.

    • JimboXL says:

      Foundation cash I wonder. We already know from the emails, Clinton would ban free speech if she didn’t agree, they basically admitted it when they wouldn’t get a certain radio show host off of Britain’s ban list because it could look hypocritical when they do it themselves.

      • Be a dick for Jeezuz says:

        I think we may be done already. She’s winning all the polls with 3 weeks to go and they just gave the Internet to the UN internationalists which are all socialist liars and criminals. Breitbart’s days may be numbered and they already knee-capped Ailes with bimbos. Looking at this orchestrated attack on Trump it’s hard not to suspect Kelly, Tarantos and Carlson were all along libturd moles put in place to take down Ailes who was an able adversary. If they weren’t incahoots then they better think long and hard now about whether it was worth it to destroy a man who helped their careers over one comment or too long of a hug. He’s cooking popcorn now with an extra $40 mil and they’re wondering how many prima donnas CNN can hold at one time in the stable.

        • JimboXL says:

          When he entered the race and was clearly going to steamroll through to be the candidate I told people that in the weeks before the election the crooked media would probably have polls with him down by 20 points because, why not? The polls flip 10 points because he burped and Hillary did nothing so I can’t see how that is real. The LA Times poll is really the only one I’ve been looking at, since it seems to shift in line with what is actually happening in the race vs change 10 points in a day for no reason, but who knows, the media so obviously possessed with hate and crooked this election and openly shilling, it is tough to say.

          We’ll see on Election Day of course, if it just comes to turnout there seems to be a way higher enthusiasm for Trump than against him or for eww Hillary who is kind of like a much worse John McCain, a default you vote for as a Dim while you’re there, but won’t bring you to the polls if you have other things going on.

          • Octopus says:

            Several of the “major polls” have been accused of bias and sample error, with more Dim-bulbs being polled than RethugliKKKans. Never has the media been more in the bag for a particular candidate, than they are for the screeching harridan. Nevertheless, I and millions of others can’t wait to send another big middle-finger to the Liberal Elites. I think it will be a close election. I also think Trump needs to finish very strong, with a clear win in the last debate and maybe one last October Surprise the haggard harpy can’t quite bury in the last couple of weeks.

      • Arachne says:

        Citizens United was all about stopping a movie critical of her that was released before the 2008 election. Contrast this with no one stopping Michael Moore’s piece of crap Fakenheit 9/11 before the 2004 election. And no one went to court to stop his movie.

        Yes, she would stifle free speech any way she could.

  17. Be a dick for Jeezuz says:

    Somebody please tell me the media aren’t going to fall for YET ANOTHER scam by con man James-O’Keefe and his “Project Veritas.”
    48 minutes ago

    LOL! Stompy’s having another Vancome lady moment.

    • Octopus says:

      Chunky wants to ban the same self-identified liberal media that has been wholly supporting the Unicorn Messiah and Shrillary’s campaign, not to mention every hare-brained liberal trope to come dancing down the catwalk. Ban everyone! 😆

  18. Pakimon says:

    Rut Roh!

    Butthurt and peevishness approaching critical mass!

    Duck and cover! 😆

  19. JimboXL says:

    The perfect example of how much Dims and the DNC don’t care about anyone or anything but themselves.

    I can’t believe any normal human that cares even slightly about their own wellbeing would vote for these pig Dim candidates.

  20. Be a dick for Jeezuz says:

    Twitter: no prob

    • Octopus says:

      She would, too. The Left is more batshit than Chunky’s wildest dreams of Vlaams Belang Uzbeki Chapter.

      • Be a dick for Jeezuz says:

        They’re scary fucking vicious and he’s all for it as long as no one finds out where HE lives or beats HIS ass somewhere in public. The worst kind of fat old white man coward leftist progturd.

  21. Be a dick for Jeezuz says:

    Smithsonian shits on Supreme Court Judge Clarence Thomas. 0 people surprised.

  22. ISTE says:

    Great news!!!!

    Today I started the process of buying 1.2 acres of America.

    I am crazy.. trying to pay it off as fast as I can. Two year mortgage thingy but trusting spreadsheet and if I quit paying hookers $300 a week I can pay loan off bin a year!!!.(14 months actually)

    And I can still smoke like a chimney and drink like a fish!

    • Be a dick for Jeezuz says:

      Great investment plan ISTE! Although I do feel for the hookers. But they keep slapping my hands away until I produce some money.

      • ISTE says:

        I have never wanted anything this much ever in my life.

        Strange thing is, owner will not transfer mineral rights with property,

        Seems it is what happens now in Texas.

        Discussed it with my air mattress patch kit and repair testing friend and she says fuck it, we cant afford a house and an oil rig so why worry,

        Texas, I am 20 days away from owning a part of you…

  23. Be a dick for Jeezuz says:

    You know you’re in trouble when even Howard Stern won’t co-sign. @KatyTurNBC…
    23 minutes ago

    Way to wiff Fatso. Stern’s not providing more mindless salty banter meant for entertainment value that means nothing. IOW Stern (as I’ve always suspected) clearly knows right from wrong. Trump’s not a sex pervert like Grabby Azz Clinton. He’s a normal family man which is why his kids don’t look like Webster Hubbell and he more than the required one.

  24. Be a dick for Jeezuz says:

    Why Did Vote-Rigging Robert Creamer Visit The White House Over 200 Times During The Obama Admin

    Gosh have no idea.

  25. Bunk X says:

    Dude’s got a good attitude.

  26. Bunk X says:

    Wow. Look at all the attacks from Uzbekistan directed toward a small nothingserver in Culver City California. Oh wait. The site uses Nordic symbols…

  27. Octopus says:

    Thanks again to the Leakers! What we always knew was going on, is proven true by leaked emails. It’s about control, not science.

    Memorandum: “Climate: A unifying theory to the case“,
    Emailed from John Podesta to Chris Lehane, 28 January 2014.

    This memo was emailed to Podesta (a senior White House official) from Lehane (partner in the strategic communications firm Fabiani & Lehane, dissolved in Nov 2015). We have it courtesy of Wikileaks — and whoever leaked it to them.

    John Podesta was Chief of staff to Bill Clinton and Counselor to the President for Obama. He is Chairman of Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

    Chris Lehane – When an attorney in the White House Counsel’s office, he and his current business partner Mark Fabiani called themselves the “Masters of Disaster” for their work as a “rapid-response” team responding to the many scandals of the Clinton Administration. Lehane co-authored a book on damage control titled Masters of Disaster: The Ten Commandments of Damage Control. Jim Jordan, Kerry’s former campaign manager, called him ”a master of the political hand-to-hand” for his work as a political strategist.


    “Thank you for asking us to share some ideas for a holistic approach to climate. Per your direction, the goal is to unify policy, politics, and communications to help the Administration best execute an informed plan over a multi-year time period. …this document is intended to provide some food for thought as the Administration refines its thinking on climate. …{it} addresses the four components that the Administration may want to consider as it seeks to lead on this issue.

    Three-Year Framework. …
    Right v. Wrong. Make the case that climate must be approached as a challenge of historical social change where progress will depend in part on successfully casting the issue in moral terms of who is right and who is wrong …
    The Big Idea. …{It} could drive an Administration-wide approach to climate for the next three years. …
    2014 Action Plan. …
    “To achieve victory, we must treat climate change as an issue of historic importance that is worthy of a true political social movement to create change. This political social movement must be founded on moral principles with stark definitions of who is right and who is wrong, and it is important to outline the historically negative, irreversible implications if we were to not succeed.

    “By pursuing this as a political social movement, President Obama and his Administration will best be able to assure that his legacy includes his unprecedented leadership on climate that initiated the shifting of the country’s political tectonic plates to enable transformative climate change policy, before it was too late.

    “…At the end of the day, given the powerful and entrenched interests that are opposed to climate change policy, one needs to have an organizing platform that defines the Administration as being morally on the right side of the issue and, equally important, defines the opposition as morally responsible for an issue that threatens the health and welfare of the American people. …

    “Define the issue as between those who believe in the science, and therefore are taking steps to respond to the scientific findings, versus those who do not believe in the science. The power of this approach is that it puts the opposition in an indefensible box (the vast majority of people believe the science that climate is changing); it fits into what we call the Troglodyte Narrative(anti-women; anti-Latino; anti-gun safety; anti-common sense fiscal policy; and anti-science) that is raising basic trust issues for the Republican Party – especially with electorally decisive voter cohorts. You either believe in basic science or you are against basic science — in which case you fail a basic requirement for being capable of occupying public office. …

    “The Winning Principles
    “The Big Idea will need to be animated by three principles that the wedge political policies would connect with (think of FDR’s Four Freedoms or TR’s Three C’s). In the context of being informed by various campaigns (candidate and ballot initiative) in which climate was deployed as a decisively winning political issue, there are three issues that really stand out as wedge principles that could undergird the Big Idea (whatever the Big Idea may be).

    “Health/Safety. The opposition is engaged in practices or holding positions that are demonstrably imperiling the health and safety of our people. This ranges from macro issues like extreme weather to local issues like drinking water, air quality and rail safety to micro issues like children’s asthma. People care when the health and safety of their families are implicated.

    “Pocket Book. People care when climate impacts them economically. On the positive/aspirational front, this principle can be about whether new green jobs will be based here or overseas or how citizens are able to save money by paying less for energy. …

    “Accountability/Responsibility. Follow the money. Who is accountable/responsible for the bad things that are happening, and how are they rigging the system to benefit from the bad things? …

    “2014 Action Plan
    “…Establishment of an extreme weather SWAT team prepared to work together and engage when extreme weather happens — including response; local outreach; media; science information about historic nature of the event; and coordinating possible principal travel (POTUS, FLOTUS, VPOTUS, Cabinet).”

    ———————— End excerpt. ————————


    The most important thing about this memo, obvious almost three years later, is its complete failure. Few Americans consider the environment our most serious problem. It is a minor issue in the presidential election, seldom even mentioned. Climate change isn’t among our top 10 fears.

    The approach is pure politics, with little mention of science. For example, the SWAT teams {as we have seen} blame all “extreme” weather on climate change — ignoring that extreme weather is normal, occurring before any anthropogenic effects. The IPCC has repeatedly explained this, not just in their regular Assessment Reports but also in the 2012 report “Managing the Risks of Extreme Events and Disasters to Advance Climate Change Adaptation” (SREX).

    Worse, the binary framing (“the vast majority of people believe the science that climate is changing”) ignores the key issues of how much change is likely from anthropogenic sources — and when. That is the area of debate among climate scientists (there is as yet no consensus), and the necessary input to make public policy decisions.

    Describing climate change as a moral issue probably seemed like a sure winner to Lehane, especially with academia, journalists, and most NGOs as supporting players. But that prevented political compromise or any rational discussion of costs vs. benefits — both essential elements of successful public policy. It polarized the issue so that America has taken few measures to even prepare for the repeat of past weather (as Hurricane Matthew reminded us).

    Worse, Lehane does not mention what he relies upon as the authorities for science. The IPCC? NOAA? The alarmists that journalists love for their exciting soundbites? The climate scientists who write the IPCC’s Working Group I reports devote great effort to explaining their state of knowledge — and the large uncertainties in much of it. There is a large gap between the certainty of warming since the early 19th century plus the large role of anthropogenic forcings since 1950 — and the massive unknowns driving climate during the 21st century. All that is lost when the issue is defined in purely moral terms.

    So they lost. Clinton’s probable win (in March I predicted a landslide) Lehane and his fellow activists a second chance. Will they learn from their failures in the 28 years since James Hansen’s 1988 testimony to Congress ignited the movement? Or will they have sufficient political power to push through their agenda despite their weak political support and ineffective plans?

    There are better ways to handle major public policy issues. Climate change, our mad foreign wars, and our mishandling of so many other key challenges — these show our dysfunctional politics in action. We can do better.

    • ISpeakJive says:

      Their impulse is to turn it into pre-digested baby pablum, because we are all too stupid and shallow to comprehend any complexities or subtleties or details. Which we are.

      So you get stuff like “CO2: BAD FOR AMERICA” and it becomes a religious crusade. Black/white fanaticism. And the most amazing thing is this is by design. They WANT people to think of it as a moral issue. No wonder we have soldiers like Chunky explicitly doing the dirty work for these people. He thinks he’s sincere when he’s been manipulated into promoting their agenda. He’s too dumb to realize it. Wow.

      And Climate Swat team? Boy, you troglodyte Republicans better not elect a rep who is pro-fracking, or else the next hurricane is YOUR FAULT.

      How idiotic.

  28. Be a dick for Jeezuz says:

    Yeah. Bunch of horseshit anyone could see through. This was their doubling down after being completely discredited when there was no significant warming. And the model predictions were all wrong. And Al Gore’s Chicken Little lies about mass starvation, extinctions, poles melting, drowned polar bears, perishing penguins, scorched Earth USA, a tropical Canada, coasts washed away were all just a bunch of moron idiot leftist lies to start with. What to do next? What would Saul A. do? MAKE THE LIE BIGGER!! From the Preezydunce on down call “climate” the greatest threat to mankind. Call every run of the mill seasonal storm system and wildfire PROOF! And anyone who doesn’t think that is a stupid racist greedy a-hole.

  29. Be a dick for Jeezuz says:

    Trump Is bringing Obama’s estranged half-brother to the debate – and he happens to be a Hamas sympathizer
    1 hour ago

    Uh….Hamas are proxies of Iran whom the Preezydunce just gave $billions. And in cash so the money can be easily laundered. So they can give it to proxies like Hamas and extend their power and influence. Stompy didn’t have a problem with that and defended it vigorously. And so evidently supports Hamas himself.

    Hamas is a militant and political organization currently in power in the Gaza Strip. According to Mahmoud Abbas, President of the Palestinian National Authority, “Hamas is funded by Iran. It claims it is financed by donations, but the donations are nothing like what it receives from Iran.[4] Iran also supplies Hamas with military weaponry.[5] Technologies provided include Fajr-5, M-75, and M-302 rockets, as well as drones.[6]
    Aid to Hamas increased after Arafat’s death in 2004 and Israel’s withdrawal from Gaza in 2005. Following the Hamas victory in the 2006 Palestinian elections, foreign aid dried up, leading Tehran to send significant financial aid to support the nearly bankrupt, Hamas led Palestinian National Authority.[3]
    In July 2015, a senior Hamas official reported that the organization was no longer receiving aid from Iran, possibly due to Hamas’s support for the rebels in the Syrian Civil War, as well as its improving relations with Saudi Arabia.[7]

  30. Be a dick for Jeezuz says:

    Why Did Vote-Rigging Robert Creamer Visit The White House Over 200 Times During The Obama Admin

    Earlier today we wrote about a new Project Veritas undercover video that uncovered several democratic operatives openly discussing, in explicit detail, how to commit massive voter fraud. One of the operatives was a person by the name of Robert Creamer who is a co-founder of a democratic consulting firm called Democracy Partners. Within the video, an undercover journalist details a plan to register Hispanic voters illegally by having them work as contractors, to which Creamer can be heard offering support saying that “there are a couple of organizations that that’s their big trick” (see: “Rigging Elections For 50 Years” – Massive Voter Fraud Exposed By Project Veritas Part 2″).

    Unfortunately, the embarrassing video caused Creamer to subsequently resign from consulting the Hillary campaign as he issued a statement saying that he was “stepping back from my responsibilities working the [Hillary] campaign” over fears that his continued assistance would be a distraction for the campaign.

    But voter fraud isn’t Creamer’s only criminal specialty. A quick look at Wikipedia reveals that Creamer spent 5 months in federal prison back in 2006 for a “$2.3 million bank fraud in relation to his operation of public interest groups in the 1990s.”

    So, with that kind of history, you can imagine our surprise when we discovered that a Mr. Robert Creamer showed up on the White House visitor logs 340 times beginning in 2009 when Obama took office and culminating with his latest visit in June 2016. Moreover, in 45 of those instances, Creamer was scheduled to meet with POTUS himself. Perhaps this is just two old Chicago “community organizers” hanging out?

    Because Preezydunce Obungle likes to know how things are going with his brownshirted knee-capper thugs aka community organizers. And because stealing elections begins at the top.

  31. Juan Epstein says:

    “Come at me with some James O’Keefe bullshit and you’ll be blocked so fast your head will spin. Don’t even bother, wingnuts.”

    Come at me? Blocked so fast your head will spin?

    Whoa there 63 year old internet tough guy.

    It’s not real. It’s Twitter. You’re yelling at nothing. You’re not being tough.

    Embarrassing really.

    • Arachne says:

      If I could upding this, I would.
      This is what passes for Fatso as a social life.

    • Charlatan can’t refute or deny the veracity of O’Keefe’s videos. He is not only intellectually dishonest, but morally bankrupt. If Charlatan had a fraction of the intellect of his opponents, he’d be burning up the ‘Shpere and the Intertubes with his arguments. But, as with many of his ilk, he has bupkes, zero, zilch, nada. Just another desperate, whinging, SJW creep.

    • Be a dick for Jeezuz says:

      What’s sickening is how eagerly he wants to be part of the false narrative and media blackout of Project Veritas videos. Just as the crooked “DNC head” Donna Brazile smeared O’Keefe as a convicted criminal, (because he was trying to gain access to get a story) and therefore no amount of Demoncrap self incrimination on his videos is valid, so Stompy jumps on this vapid brain-dead reasoning and leaps to the head of his motley parade of Twidiots and LGFers. Liberals used to be for video stings that reveal the truth of something such as 60 minutes used to do.

      And think what a lying little weasel he knows himself to be after countless times calling the Trump supporters violent. He wants to pretend the videos don’t show that it was paid “protesters” there to start shit.

      You have to be a very strange person to spend so long trying to reveal propaganda of the left and CAIR and the global jihad situation. To now just constantly repeating what anyone and everyone can see are outright lies. I really hope Trump wins because it will be fun to see Stompy’s stomping around Twitter mindlessly proclaiming a stolen election.

  32. Be a dick for Jeezuz says:

    Wow. This video is trending at #1 on YouTube. You know the one Stompy called a “scam” as he now pretends all O’Keefe videos are. Even when they show his fellow Demoncrap operatives incriminating themselves and admitting to inciting violence and chaos to disrupt Trump rallies. And to put forth a fake narrative in order to illegally subvert elections.

    • Note to Charlatan:

      If these videos are “scams”, why are these thugs resigning?


    • Bunk X says:

      I sent a link of the clip to Troll Lady, a far left person I know in real life, and asked her for her take. This is her [expected] response.

      Wouldn’t surprise me if there’s some truth to it: Having shills start trouble at your rival’s rallies is a REALLY old campaign trick.

      Doesn’t mean Hilary knows it’s being done or sanctioned it.

      (((sigh))) Hilary is not my favorite person. I don’t like some of the things she’s done and said: She is a lawyer and a career politician and I don’t regard it as a good thing.

      There is however a lot about her I can respect: she has worked hard and is probably one of the best prepared and most experienced presidential candidates the country has ever had. She doesn’t come from money (nor did Bill) she’s held jobs and was sole support of family for awhile – so she does at least have some understanding of what middle America is up against.

      And if you want to talk conservative “Republican-style” family values: she’s a far better example than Trump. She’s only been married to one man and didn’t dump him when his infidelities came to light.

      Why the Republicans couldn’t or wouldn’t field someone with some sense like – John Houseman – is beyond me.

      Instead they started with a clown college and went downhill from there.

  33. Be a dick for Jeezuz says:

    More crookedness pointing to the Shrillbeast campaign. This stuff reads like a movie thriller and is hard to believe what hard-ballers the libs are. If they will try and get a man put away for the rest of his life for something he didn’t do, is there any doubt they will hire someone to put a bullet in someone’s head?

  34. Be a dick for Jeezuz says:

    Why I Fear America Could Enslave Black People Again
    Tavis Smiley @tavissmiley Oct. 18, 2016

    This could also have been entitled “Why Tavis Smiley is a complete clown”.

    He’s also a total tool of the Demoncrap crooks who have kept blacks on the down and out, victim plantation for decades. And aim to keep them there.

    • OLT's Knows Who Did It says:

      One could make a fair argument that the USFedGov already enslaves quite a number of black people and it’s only gotten worse under Obama. Don’t think Tavis would sit still for that argument, though. Seems he’s more in fear-mongering mode.

  35. Be a dick for Jeezuz says:

    Wasn’t his first video about the callous GM execs moving GM jobs to Mexico to make more BIG BUCKS and screw the little guy workers? Does this sound like a familiar theme from a certain candidate that’s not Shrilldabeast? Don’t worry though, Roger Friedman’s not curious about that and so doesn’t ever ask.

  36. Be a dick for Jeezuz says:

    Trump invites Hamas supporter to his debate with Hillary Clinton. Is this an example of “extreme vetting?”
    37 minutes ago

    Second time posting this today. I don’t think Stomp’s is picking up on the fact that most of his lefty friends are also supporters of Hamas. They fight the good fight against the evil Israelis who kill Palestinian cheerdren.

  37. Be a dick for Jeezuz says:

    Good video recap of the Shrillery year long shitstorm. It’s hard to believe she’s even a candidate.

    • I can’t watch this shit without copious amounts of medicinal ethanol, and I have a meeting in two hours. It’ll have to wait …

    • ISpeakJive says:

      National Review, aka, a nest of #neverTrumpers did that?

      They’ve done everything they can do for a year to screw this election and NOW they come up with this?

    • rightymouse says:

      She has name recognition because her husband was President. That doesn’t mean she’s qualified. My husband is an orchestra conductor. That doesn’t mean I’m qualified to be one.

  38. Be a dick for Jeezuz says:

    @jessesingal Some of the biggest Twitter accounts spreading misinfo are doing it deliberately to bilk the credulous right wing audience.
    15 minutes ago

    RT @jessesingal: We live in a world where a large and growing group inhabits a parallel fact-universe. It’s horribly damaging…
    18 minutes ago

    Meanwhile LGF is currently featuring the Trump bimbos that mostly sound fake and/or reporting boorish behavior from a decade or more ago. And too suspiciously as an October Surprise. Something Demoncraps are infamous for doing. He walked into the dressing room! Hey that’s showbiz ladies. Perhaps the nunnery for you? Anyway he’s not running for Pope Stompy.

  39. Be a dick for Jeezuz says:

    @liamstack Star magazine commissioned a paternity test in 1999, and it proved Williams is not Bill Clinton’s son.
    22 minutes ago

    Misinformation from lying Stompy which he probably knows. Clinton’s buddy Robert Altman owned the STAR mag and made up the paternity test story. How would he have commissioned a DNA sample from Ken Starr’s investigation which is what he claimed. But if they had the best they could have done with that DNA is to say it didn’t prove or disprove Clinton was the father. Anyway the later owner Roger Stone looked into it soon after he bought STAR and found out there was nothing done. It was of course just a lie that the rest of the media ran with without checking.

    No—a DNA test in 1999 did NOT prove @billclinton was NOT @danney_williams father – it’s disinformation
    — Roger Stone (@RogerJStoneJr) October 6, 2016


  40. Be a dick for Jeezuz says:

    I wonder why when the media continue relentlessly asking Trump and his surrogates if he’ll honor the results of the election why no one asks back, you mean like Gore DID NOT?

    • ISpeakJive says:

      Exactly. Did you know Trump is ENDANGERING DEMOCRACY itself, with this terrible, terrible talk?

      Yeah, I can’t quite figure out that one. How is that a danger? If it’s true it’s true.

  41. rightymouse says:

    Fatso must be beside himself!! He’s made the big time!!!! 😆

    • rightymouse says:

    • Pakimon says:

      Notice how Chunkles is going, “ME ME ME ME!!!!! LGF broke the story!”.

      Now he’s giddy with glee with visions of all the major news outlets pounding on his door begging for an “exclusive interview”.

      The reality is after the debate, nobody will give two shits and Chunkles will continue to wallow in obscurity.

      Then again, what if the “LGF exclusive” does gain traction and the news outlets want interviews?

      What will Chunkles do, appear on television… all 250 to 300 lbs of him?

      Good luck explaining that 15 year old Twitter avatar then 😆 😆

      • rightymouse says:

        He’s desperate to be relephant again. Desperate. 😆

      • Octopus says:

        Please, somebody, anybody…ask Fatass on to answer a few lobbed softball questions about the presidential campaign! We must have a new photo of him, for our photoshopping projects this long cold winter. 😆

    • dezes157 says:

      So old up Chuck still thinks stealing other peoples work is legit.
      So you old tub of grease, copy and paste keys do not mean you broke the story.

  42. rightymouse says:

    She does? ??? Methinks you don’t understand the word.

    • Octopus says:

      She looks very happy to be there. Of course, the miserable, broke-ass recluse forgot what happiness looks like a long time ago.

  43. gizbot7 says:

    Oh goodie. She has a podium which supports her lying butt and she supports the 2nd amendment. Oy vey.

  44. gizbot7 says:

    GAH!!!! She respects the 2nd? Must mute now.

  45. gizbot7 says:

    Really? She knows SO many women who needed an abortion due to medical reasons at 9 months? Who believes that crap?

  46. gizbot7 says:

    Hello – is this thing on?

  47. rightymouse says:

    Hillary just blathers. Mike Wallace is pathetic.

  48. Octopus says:

    I listened to Shrillary’s first pre-digested answer, and ducked out of the room. I would need a lot of Jack to handle that sort of thing, and I have an early morning. No Nightwish for me, on a weeknight.

    Here’s something a bit more palatable:

    • B a dick 4 jeezus says:

      That was cool. The Andrews Sisters had been listening and enjoying. And the Supremes were kind to give props.

  49. JimboXL says:

    This debate shows why they have to hide Hillary to keep her numbers from falling through the floor. IMO, it would be difficult to find, aside from Anthony Weiner, a more vomit inducing candidate, who is so unlikelable, stuck up, arrogant, detestable, lies with every breath and is just plain awful human. You can see in the reply to every statement she is the same as her bus that dropped human waste with no regard for anyone.

    Notice she had no response to Trump asking her to give back the money from countries that torture, brutalize and mutilate women, what a horrible human.