Unemployed fatso who used to play jazz guitar trolls Ben Shapiro and has nothing intelligent or even mildly amusing to say

The obese, mentally challenged, halitosis inflicted, sexually deprived, basement dwelling loser who loves to whine to twitter about people “stalking” him seems intent on gaining relevance by trolling and trying to pick a fight with Ben Shapiro. Give it up Fat Boy – Ben Shapiro is way beyond your addled range. Note that the Flatulent One’s number one butt kisser “Kragar” ( I see he got rid of the part which said “Proud to be a Kaffir”)  feels the need to temporarily put aside his bottle of cheap whiskey and chime in. All of a sudden Mr. Toot finds anti-Semitism reprehensible after tolerating it on his execrable blog since 2009.






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  1. Be a dick for Jeezuz says:

    He was never much of a jazz guitarist. More of an autodidact dropout noodler who never went to music school. He was a guitar monkey before he was a code monkey.

  2. Be a dick for Jeezuz says:

    How could they arrest this guy before their was any determination of intent? What if he was just extremely careless?

    Snowden 2.0: NSA Contractor Arrested For Stealing Secrets


  3. Be a dick for Jeezuz says:

    And on the Climate Change is a big stupid lie front: It looks like the UN schmucks after having convinced all the poor schmuck countries that their hoax is a real thing (Bangladesh has been having a yearly cyclone season since time immemorial, now presumably caused by Teh Climate Change!) pocket most the money in consultancy fees and pointy headed powerpoint slides in the wrong language. Too fricking funny.

    The academics who made this assertion are Saleemul Huq, Director of the International Centre for Climate Change & Development, Independent University, Bangladesh and Naznin Nasir, Coordinator of Loss and Damage Program and Communications, Independent University, Bangladesh.

    I expected that much of the climate cash which finally made it through the UN bureaucracy was being wasted, but I imagined that it was probably being spent on useless climate related infrastructure – solar panels, wind turbines, that kind of thing. I thought that the UN was at least making a pretence of creating climate related preparedness.

    The picture Saleemul and Naznin paint is worse than my lowest expectations – the only locals who are likely to profit from such a ridiculous parade of well paid climate powerpoint consultants are a few rich hoteliers, and possibly a few local providers of post presentation entertainment services.


    • Octopus says:


      Of course that’s what they’re doing. It’s the UN, and it’s the Warmening Boondoggle, which will go down as the greatest scam of all time.

    • Bunk X says:

      P.J. O’Rourke analyzed the problems in Bangladesh in his book “All The Trouble In The World.” In one of the most fertile areas of the planet (due to flooding) the government is the problem. He made a brilliant comparison of Bangladesh to Fremont California.

      • Octopus says:

        PJ is a great commentator on his life and times. It’s telling that the other libturds who used to run the National Lampoon before his reign as Editor-In-Jefe blame him for the magazine’s decline, due to his turn towards the Right in the Reagan Era. I was a fan of both eras, even though I was late to the Conservative Swing Party. To me, O’Rourke was always hilarious, even if his politics weren’t quite keerect. The drunk driving essay alone was enough to earn him a lifetime pass in my Good Book.


  4. Be a dick for Jeezuz says:

    One wonders exactly what it is that Stompy FatBoy is smoking and who his supplier is. Any criticism (or Stompy’s idiot baby-talk “hate speech”) toward Shapiro had exactly zero to do with his being Jewish. And everything to do with his taking sides with psycho Michelle Fields against Breitbart and Trump advisor Lewandowski. And his general opposition to Breitbart’s backing Trump.

    By moron Stompy’s idiotic logic Stompy himself must be an antisemite by throwing a Twitter stompy chubbyfoot fit every time (Corey Lewandowski who is Jewish) appears on CNN.

    This is what the Fat pinhead has come to.
    Criticize Hilldabeast = hate speech, misogyny.
    Criticize Obunghole or BLM = hate speech, racist.
    Criticize terror sympathizing Muslims = hate speech, anti-Muslim
    Criticize Ben Shapiro = hate speech, antisemite.

    Can reasoning get more frivolous and infantile? I don’t believe so. Especially when many of the supposed bigots ARE in the very group he’s claiming for victimhood! Breitbart was started by a Jew and has a multicultural stable of writers including Jews.

    I really think the Chubbyfooted one’s moron narrative is actually worse than the Media Matters excretive narrative he’s supposed to be shoveling. Even the progturds aren’t going down that rat hole of dumbth.

    • Be a dick for Jeezuz says:

      excretive = new word I made up means execrable

      • Pakimon says:

        I thought excretive = what Gus does in his neighbor’s yard when his landlord won’t let him in the house to use the bathroom.

        • Octopus says:

          “Excretive” — secretive outdoor excretion under cover of darkness…until the neighbor turns on the floodlights, and releases Angry Rex the pitbull.

  5. Be a dick for Jeezuz says:

    Apparently one of Stompy of the ChubbyFeet’s favorites Stephen Colbert (why not let your hair down and finally go with Steve Cole-BERT?) was implying on his show after the debates that Pence is gay and blows Vladmir Putin. Evidently he resisted the impulse to to say it was some ching chang ching chong Asian dictator this time. It’s also rather rich given he spent more than a decade on his knees under Liebowitz’ desk.


    Oh gosh, poor Cheri O’Teri (the guest). She’s unrecognizable after that hatchet job on her face. Goes to show – stay who you are.

    • Octopus says:

      Oh my God! She used to be kind of cute. Wha’ happened?!

      • rightymouse says:

        No idea…

      • Be a dick for Jeezuz says:

        I agree she was so cute and funny. But sometimes women comediennes are seething on the inside that they have to be a clown to get attention. They become so desperate to become beautiful they convince themselves some guy with a knife can give them that thing which nature didn’t. Carol Burnett did the same thing and was never funny afterward. She had the skeletor look after and could no longer make funny faces.

        This beauty fixed her nose and never got work again. She didn’t realize she was already dreamy and pretty.

        • Octopus says:

          Sad thing, that kind of vanity. Just go with what you’ve got, especially if you’ve already made a name for yourself with your original face. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

          Those last words send a frisson of chilling regret down Chunky’s deeply-buried spine, every time he hears that warning.

  6. Be a dick for Jeezuz says:

    Trump now wildly mischaracterizing Bill Clinton’s comments on Obamacare (of course) lgf.bz/2duqC9Y https://t.co/ZuBWbkS9vs
    32 minutes ago

    Now, now. Don’t get your chubby little foots all a jigglin’ just cause Ole Grabby Azz called Obunglecare the craziest thing in the world.

  7. rightymouse says:

    LOLOLOLOL!!!!!!!!!!!! Dream on, ass-hole. Ohio is going for Trump.

  8. rightymouse says:

    I took a longer way home yesterday on two main routes from work. I counted 35 Trump signs & 3 Clinton signs.

    • rightymouse says:

      On the back roads to & from work through very rural Ohio (no traffic) – there are 10 Trump signs to 3 Clinton signs and 3 Johnson signs.

  9. rightymouse says:

    Fatso loves to poke well-known people like Shapiro in the bloated hope that they’ll respond. Asshole craves attention. Man must be draining to be around.

  10. Octopus says:


    Poor kid never had a chance of being sane, with two parents like that. At least she has tons of money to blow on stuff. Just buy a bigger house, Frances!

  11. Pakimon says:

    Here’s a lesson in caution for all the menfolk out there. 😀

  12. JimboXL says:

    Inhuman Hillary and Creeper Kaine, “Stranger Together”.


  13. Octopus says:

    I can’t listen to her for more than 4 seconds, never mind 4 years. Oy vey. Please vote for the other one.

  14. Octopus says:

    Hate America. Refuse to work. Live in your garage. Get hammered every night on drugs and drink. Talk to a feral cat. Ruin your dishwasher with my grody undies. I’m voting for Hillary Clinton.

  15. Octopus says:

  16. Octopus says:

    Glenn Reynolds was legally correct, in the situation he was describing. If your car is being attacked by marauding “civil rights protestors” on the road, or if other cars around you are being attacked, it is legal to “run them the eff down.” Just do it. I know I would.


    • Arachne says:

      But of course Glenn had to be “suspended” by Twitter for that mean comment.
      Meanwhile, the two Twitter accounts of the lowlifes who beat up a female Trump supporter who tried to stop them from stealing her sign and then posted the video and bragged about it on Twitter – those are alive and well.

  17. Octopus says:

    Things I try not to do:
    — Swim in shark-infested waters
    — Hike or camp in bear country
    — Climb into the big cat enclosure at the zoo
    — Fight with police when caught committing a crime

    Following the above formula, I have survived relatively unscathed at the ripe old age of 57. MInimal scarring, no major surgery.

  18. Juan Epstein says:

    Goysplaining to yet another Jew.

    Saw this. Thought of you.


  19. Be a dick for Jeezuz says:

    How pathetic. The other rats have already fled the sunken ship (Sean Penn, Danny Glover, Oliver Stone, Harry Belafonte) because they know Communism and its inherent takover of private business which scares away investment and jobs has led to starvation and the break down of Venezualan society. But poor sad unread Foxx goes over to give star twinkled support to a vicious dictator. He’s out of touch like Stompy McChubbyfoot except handsome, bronze, fit, rich and famous.


    Although I have to say the MSM are avoiding the story like the plague. They point to starving dogs and call it an “economic crisis” rather than a starvation dead baby crisis and avoid squarely blaming a top down leftist ruthless dictatorship that they actually approve of.


    Whereas Breitbart gives the real story.


    Obviously if dogs are being abandoned it’s because the people can’t even feed their children and themselves, much less a pet.

    • Arachne says:

      I imagine evil corporate entity Verizon isn’t going to be too happy when it starts getting phone calls. I was going to consider switching to Verizon when my current AT&T contract expires but now? Oh, hell no.

    • gizbot7 says:

      It is ridiculously sad when someone who is so completely friggin’ clueless thinks they are doing the right thing but are so wrong they actually make matters worse.

  20. Be a dick for Jeezuz says:

    Comical new Preezyduncial aspiration: To end severe weather events like hurricanes.


    And NBC should be branded as racists for making this poor schmuck black “reporter” say such idiotic shit.

    • Octopus says:

      You can’t make this stuff up! All the great satirists of history, including Juvenal, Rabelais, Swift, Twain, Voltaire, Carroll, etc, etc, would be stymied trying to top what passes for actual journalistic reportage these days. Whoever the cynical bastards were who decided the entire Western world, including huge numbers of scientists, academics, journalists and politicians, could be hoodwinked into believing in the dogmatic truth of a wild-ass theory with no unadjusted statistical or observable evidence whatsoever, had to be the holders of the darkest cynical belief system of all time. They were right. People really are this stupid.

  21. Arachne says:

    Twitter continues to decline. Just banned another conservative — Ricky_Vaughn99 He’s on GAB. Just got my invitation. I’m at @BarbarianinSF if you want to follow.

    I’d worry but Fatso will never join GAB as they won’t ban people for saying mean things about him.

  22. Pakimon says:

    I’m getting ready to ride out Hurricane Matthew tomorrow here in Jacksonville. They just gave the mandatory evacuation order for my area but I’m staying.

    I’m “semi-prepared” (TRANSLATION : I waited until the last minute to go stock up and the store shelves were empty as well as no more gas at the gas stations) but I’ve got enough supplies laying around to get by… I hope.

    I’ll try to give live updates until the power goes out.

    Fortunately, I live next to a city water treatment plant and about 4 miles away from a major power plant so the power should come back rather quickly. The last hurricane to roll through here knocked out the power in the surrounding areas for a week but my power was back on in about two hours. I ended up running an a/c and hot water shower shelter for my friends who were stuck sweltering in their powerless homes.

    I’m just throwing this out there so if I disappear from DoD for a few days, you’ll know why.

    Whatever happens, I promise not to blame Global Warming. 😀

    • rightymouse says:

      Please be safe! !!!

    • Be a dick for Jeezuz says:

      Stay safe and good luck Paki. I look forward to your updates.

    • Arachne says:

      Indeed. Let us know when you emerge!

    • Pakimon says:

      Thanks y’all! I’ll be careful!

      • ISpeakJive says:

        Was thinking about you today, Paki. Wondered where in FL you were. It’s a big one! Are you far enough inland the waves can’t get you?

        Stay safe!

        • Octopus says:

          A good book for you to read while the wind blows:

          Welcome to Florida’s Golden Sands, the dream condominium complex built on a weak foundation and a thousand dirty secrets. The real estate was a steal—literally. The maintenance charges run high as the locals are run out. It’s the home of shortcuts, crackdowns, breakups, oversights, and payoffs.

          Add it all up, and the new coastline community doesn’t stand a chance against the ever-present specter of disaster: the dreaded hurricane. The big one is coming. Golden Sands is right in its path. And only a few brave souls have the power to stop this towering eyesore from going underwater for good.

          Great hurricane story!

          Stay safe, Wildman. 🙂

    • gizbot7 says:

      My brother and his fam were going to stay in Gulfport when Katrina hit and it’s a good thing they didn’t. The google aerial photos right after of what was left of his neighborhood were scary. Seriously, get out if you can and if not, then please stay safe!

  23. Be a dick for Jeezuz says:

    She’s baaaaack.

    Organizers want the town’s annual MLK Dreamfest Celebration in January to highlight Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s values through discussions on race relations and racial identity. They hope nationally known speakers like former NAACP leader Rachel Dolezal of Washington state will facilitate the dialogue.

    The theme of the annual celebration, which will run Jan. 14 to 16, is “Healing Race Relations through Conversation and Participation.” Attendees will be able to delve into this theme through a variety of events, including an International Diversity Summit at the Cary Arts Center, featuring panel discussions with community and religious leaders.

    “We chose a person like Rachel Dolezal that has been depicted as a major villain through media because of her preference of racial identity,” said Al Cohen, CEO of Jireh Management Group. “And yet, she didn’t steal from anybody. She didn’t murder anybody. She didn’t rob anybody. She only had an affinity for a group of people, and she served her community well.”

    The person speaking in the 3rd paragraph is so typical of proggy SJW types. He makes a false dichotomy that people who masquerade as black people deceptively for years, outright lying about it and claiming victim hood (presumably by whites) have an affinity for blacks. Where as those of us who live honest lives in regards to our ethnicity do or cannot.


    • rightymouse says:

      What would this person say if a black decided to identify as a white person?

    • Arachne says:

      Dolezal and Shaun King are “Black” because they have profited by it. The same is true of Elizabeth Warren. Warren has been vilified roundly by Native American groups, especially the Cherokee (who she claims tribal affiliation).

      Funny how we aren’t hearing the usual claptrap about “appropriating the culture” when it comes to the first two.

      • rightymouse says:

        Speaking of Warren. She’s been rather quiet lately. Makes me think Hillary didn’t like the competition for the spotlight.

      • Really, these people are suffering from textbook malignant narcissism. They’re not “progressive”, they’re clinically and chronically emotionally disturbed individuals.

  24. Pakimon says:

    Hurricane Update Prologue:

    They sent me home from work as soon as the mandatory evacuation order went out. I decided to make another supply run on the off chance I could find some gas for my truck and some canned goods and non-perishables and whatnot.

    I lucked out and found a gas station that still had regular gas left so I filled up the truck and headed to the local Winn-Dixie up the street. I wasn’t going near the Wal-Mart down the street because of accounts I heard that it was pretty much an overcrowded, shelves bare war zone.

    My good luck held because Winn-Dixie had gotten a shipment of supplies a couple of hours earlier and word hadn’t gotten out yet so I was able to load up on some canned goods, non- perishable items, bottled water and beer.

    Deciding to press my good fortune, I ventured down the street to the Wal-Mart and yes, it was an overcrowded, shelves bare war zone.

    But not the liquor department. I quickly jumped in and procured a large jug of Bacardi and appropriate mixers.

    Having pressed my luck, I ventured back to the apartment complex where I live and amazingly I was able to park in a sheltering car port.

    I put away the supplies and turned on the TV to get the latest updates and to my dismay, the talking heads on the news were honking about a potential 9 feet storm surge in my immediate area as well 60 to 80 mph winds with gusts to 100 mph.

    The good news is I’m on the 3rd/top floor of my apt. building so storm surge will only be problematic for those on the 1st floor.

    The bad news is that even though the roof was redone last year, I don’t know if it can handle those high sustained winds.

    Now I’m hearing in the backround that the authorities are fully expecting Jacksonville Beach and neighboring beach communities to be virtually wiped out. Forecasting a 20 foot storm surge with 20 to 25 foot waves on top of the storm surge. They announced that they are shutting down all water and sewage at the beach communities at 5 PM today in an effort to goad people into getting out. I’m about seven miles inland from the beach so it shouldn’t be that bad where I’m at.

    Of course, the news is now interviewing some stoned surfer dudes at the beach who vow to ride the “rad” storm waves. The Jax Beach police informed them that if they go out in the surf and start drowning, they’re on their own and no effort will be made to rescue them. The stoned surfer dudes are rethinking their plan for the moment despite the rolling news cameras

    Needless to say, this is going to be an interesting next 36 hours. “Interesting”… Heh, that’s an understatement. I’m actually getting slightly alarmed.

    Anyhow, I’m off to clear off my patio and make more ice. And have a nice large rum drink to steel my nerve and fortify my resolve. 😀

    More updates to follow…

  25. Be a dick for Jeezuz says:

    I was reading an article bashing Trump about his teddible teddible taxes that were evidently legally filed. And in the comments there were an avalanche of Shrilldabeasts supporters calling anyone stupid who didn’t acknowledge Trump as an unscrupulous criminal bastard of the lowest ilk. Then I remembered this about their biggest Demoncrap hero Preezydunce Grabby Azz.


    It was also clearly pay to play as Rich’s wife made a $500gs donation to the Clinton Library. Marc Rich owed $137 million (the most ever at that time) and did all the things they fabricate that Trump does including profiting from foreign bad guys. Clinton’s whole staff was against it but the Demoncrap voters could care less.

    • rightymouse says:

      Have been meaning to thank you for your posts on important issues du jour!! Thank you!! 🙂

      • B a dick 4 jeezus says:

        Yer welks! 😀

        • Octopus says:

          Me too, on the gratitude. I can only take so much reading on the subject of the Dhimmicratic horror show that’s been going on for too long, wrecking the country. Your posts are nice summaries, with links to read more if the stomach allows. Thanks!

    • ISpeakJive says:

      They associate with the absolute lowest of life forms and have for 30 years. Their “friends” go to jail on a regular basis, the ones they didn’t pardon, that is, when Bill left office.

  26. JimboXL says:

    Has LGF yet attacked the female chess champ boycotting the championship because she doesn’t want to wear a hijab? Seems it like it’d be right up there alley to do so and crucify her as a racist inteloerant islamophobe. IMO. Weren’t they celebrating the article talking about how wonderful the hijab was for women? The duality is so fascinating.


    • rightymouse says:

      This gal is one smart and brave lady!! Am surprised Fatso hasn’t gone full misogynist since his priority is to defend Islam no matter what.

      • This gal is about four standard deviations ahead of Chunky in the Full Scale WJ-IV. Not only can she out-think Charlatan, she can probably kick his fetid gonads up through his peritoneum, traverse his esophagus and exit via the oral cavity.

      • gizbot7 says:

        Finally! Smart women are starting to stand up! Go ahead with your bad self by doing the right thing! She knows it sucks for her but this lady’s got it right.

        “I would be honored and proud to represent the USA,” Paikidze wrote The Post in an email. “As one of only 64 players in the world to have qualified, you can understand how important the competition is for me. I’ve been trying to qualify since I was 16 and for the first time, I’ve achieved this goal. I am very saddened that I have to miss it, as much as I want to play, [but] it feels immoral to do so and goes against my core principles.”

      • JimboXL says:

        The most visible women’s groups rail against, attack and make fun of any women or Christian groups that promote modesty, morality, etc, but then go into a chorus of praise to promote the hijab as a wonderful expression of faith for women, attack anyone who calls it a symbol of oppression and even worse go completely silent on the barbaric Islamic countries that mutilate women as a part of their Islamic faith. So stunning.

        • Octopus says:

          There seems to be a certain lack of integrity there. Similar to Chunky’s situation. Lots of disconnect.

          • Leftoids and Islamists share the same visceral hatred for all things Judeo-Christian, Western [civilization], American. Classic ‘enemy of my enemy is my friend’ pretzel logic, moral bankruptcy, and intellectual dishonesty. They know that we know, and this enrages them to the point of irrationality.

          • Octopus says:

            You are so right, Ice. You should see the irrational vitriol coming from the Leftwipes in my extended family on Facebook. It’s quite a spectacle, making me re-think my opinions of certain people I’d previously like and respected. I hate that this is happening. Politics, in general, isn’t worth this much attention in most eras. This era seems different, more critical in America and the world’s progression. There are so many challenges. It’s hard to believe there are people living in a fantasy bubble where Obama has been hugely successful, and desirous of more-more-more of the same.

  27. Arachne says:

    It’s hilarious and “karmic” to me that Twitter follows the Fatass’s suggestion and bans conservatives and their stock is tanking. This is what happens when you listen to a failed blogger Jack.

    • JimboXL says:

      Are they charging $59 a year for ad free content too? That might explain why they make no money.

      • Octopus says:

        I never understood how Twitter could actually make real money, to be honest. The stock was a bubble like the phenomenon’s popularity, which they’ve been busy destroying of late.

        Of course, the fact they’re getting constant nagging from the Fat Failblogger isn’t helping anything. 😆

  28. Octopus says:

    My little brother’s two sons are named Andrew and Matthew. Hurricane Andrew was the worst hurricane ever to wreak havoc across Florida, and now brother Matt is ready to charge up the coast like Chunky in the salty snacks aisle at Safeway.

    • Bunk X says:

      A friend and her family evacuated Homestead before Andrew hit. She took VCR videos of the return trip, with comments like “Oh god! That’s where [such and such] used to be!” Their condo was trashed, walls blown out, drywall sucked off of the studs. They recovered her husband’s business suit (from business cards still in a pocket) hanging on a clothes hanger on an exposed water pipe a half mile away. Amazing devastation.

  29. Octopus says:

    We’re good.
    6 hours ago
    6 hours ago
    My god.
    6 hours ago
    Oh. Shit.
    6 hours ago
    We sat together in the park.
    6 hours ago
    From me to you.
    6 hours ago
    Jimmy don’t I know your name!
    6 hours ago
    Oh fuck.
    6 hours ago
    Tangled up in blue.
    6 hours ago

    It got scary, but thank God for the reassuring msg from the brink of unconsciousness. Saw some dear departed friends and the face of God, experienced a flicker of the life replay video they show you at the end, but somehow pulled back from the edge. Phew!

  30. Octopus says:

    NASA is all compromised and politicized these days, but their daily weather maps based on satellite info and pics are still pretty awesome. Above is the wind speed prediction for today. Keep your head down, Pak!

  31. Octopus says:

    Best fast food employee ever!

  32. Pakimon says:

    Hurricane Update 1:

    Got woke up to the screeching tones of the emergency alert on my phone and a robotic woman’s voice honking “Hurricane Approaching! Take Shelter Immediately!”. Looked out the window to see a some rain and small wind gusts. Turned on the weather radar and the rain and winds are from the first outer bands.

    I’m loading up on coffee and going to hit the shower then fill the tub with water. Can’t face a hurricane unshaven and unkempt. It would be “unseemly”. 😀

    The good news is that it appears the hurricane is tracking very slightly east so hopefully there will be a little more breathing space between the eye wall and Jacksonville. Also it got bumped down from a Category 4 to a strong Category 3 hurricane.

    Since I’m 7 miles west of the beach, that means more breathing space for ol’ Pakimon as well.

    The real fun is going to start at about 11 AM this morning and I’ll keep throwing out updates as long as the power stays on.

    I’m off to make final preperations and will check in a little later.

    At least I don’t have to deal with this in the middle of the night. 😀

  33. Pakimon says:

    Hurricane Update 2:

    Power went off for a minute then came back on. The talking heads on the news are showing video of the water rising on the intercoastal and the winds are picking up. On my last cup of coffee and hoping the power stays on long enough to freeze my last batch of ice.

    Governor Scott is on TV now saying that the National Guard is out already and they are starting search and rescue operations in South Florida and will be moving operations up the coast behind the hurricane as needed.

    Good to know that we have a government officials who knows their business and not imbeciles like Kathleen Blanco and Ray Nagin.

    • Pakimon says:

      Without typos:

      It’s good to know that we have government officials who knos their business and not imbeciles like Kathleen Blanco and Ray Nagin.

      The rain beating on the windows and the rising wind is kind of distracting not to mention the building shaking slightly when an especially strong gust hits it.

      Might have to partake in some “nerve tonic” soon…. 😀

  34. Pakimon says:

    Thanks Shep!

    Way to keep that “Stay calm! All is well!” mantra going.

    Think it’s nerve tonic time… 😆

  35. Pakimon says:

    Hurricane Update 3:

    Winds are howling and rain coming down.

    My bedroom window is starting to leak.

    Power going off and on periodically.

    Here we go…

  36. Pakimon says:

    Here’s a link to an interactive radar map.

    I live next to Craig airfield between downtown Jax and the beach.

    If you zoom in real close, you might see my empty beer cans flying around as the day goes on. 😆


    • Octopus says:

      We can learn something about hurricanes by studying the flight patterns of those beer cans, just like in the movie “Twister.”

      Don’t forget to strap your wrists to some good stout pipes, Pak. And get some video! 🙂

      • Pakimon says:

        Just hope I don’t end up in Oz.

        There’s no way I’m walking around in ruby red slippers.

        Or sneakers… or boots… or galoshes. 😆

  37. Pakimon says:

    Hurricane Update 4:

    The sycamore trees outside my apartment are flailing around like an angry fat ponytailed blogger who just got humiliated on Twitter.

    The rain is flying but no major leaks.

    The power is flickering but staying on.

    Some small debris on my patio but nothing big flying around that I can see.

    Three beers in and my resolve is steeled…

    • Be a dick for Jeezuz says:

      Sounds like you made the right choice hunkering down and having a party. I remember doing the same in a hotel room in Cape Cod in 1991 (Bob). Except our power was out and we didn’t even have beer. There was nothing to do but read a book. Every once in awhile I’d go down to the parking garage and peer outside at what the 80 mph wind was doing to various things (trees, bushes, trash can lids, pieces of fencing…etc.. ).

  38. Be a dick for Jeezuz says:

    RT @ditzkoff: I spoke to David Letterman about Donald Trump, a frequent guest he now calls “damaged” and “a person to be shunned.” https://…
    36 minutes ago

    Uh Sure let’s ask this guy.

  39. Be a dick for Jeezuz says:

    So everyone’s figured this all out now. That Comey forced career agents to participate in the whitewash. And it’s clear his plan all along was to point to them as having agreed to it all. This article puts all of the pieces together. Retired FBI heads confirm that what the Shrilldabeast did would put everyone else in Leavenworth for a very long time.


    • rightymouse says:

      Every shoe that drops on this case makes Comey look more and more corrupted and Hillary guiltier than ever.

  40. Bunk X says:

    Paki… Paki… Hello CQ… Hello CQ… Paki… Do you read me, over…

  41. Pakimon says:

    Hurricane Update Epilogue:

    I’ve survived my encounter with Hurricane Matthew in one piece and with minimal damage. I had to curtail my updates last night because with the power constantly fading then coming back as the eye wall went by, I was afraid the power surges would fry my computer. The wind was sustaining at about 60 mph with gusts to 80 mph until late last night.

    Listening to the wind howl with the lights constantly dimming then brightening while debris bounced off my windows, the creaks and groans of my apt. building and the trees whipping violently made for quite the night.

    I was lucky in my immediate area, no building damage or flooding in my apt. complex that I could see but I haven’t ventured out and walked around yet so we’ll see.

    I tried to get some photos and video but they came out pretty blurry. I blame the beer consumption.

    At least I wasn’t down the road at the beach. I was kind of bummed out when I saw that. The spot my lady friend and I set up camp when we have our beach outings is gone. The walk ramp, our parking spot, the beach itself, everything.

    But no matter. Time to count my blessings and get back to the business at hand, namely drink coffee, sweep all the debris off my patio and put the all the patio stuff back out, post some Pakimog college football karma photos and have a nice big rum drink. (Not necessarily in that order 😀 )

    I stuck to moderate beer consumption yesterday and last night and held off on the rum drinks.

    I kept having mental pictures of me drunk when the roof peeled off my building and me reeling around amidst the flying debris trying to keep from spilling rum punch all over myself. 😆

    • rightymouse says:

      Glad you made it safely!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      Lots of damage around you, tho. Ugh!!

      • Pakimon says:

        I think I was pretty lucky. There’s lots of broken tree limbs and debris scattered around outside my patio. Getting ready to hit the shower and take a walk around to see what’s what.

        I hope my pickup truck is ok. If I find it squashed under a tree, you’ll hear me yowling with dismay all the way up in Ohio. 😆

        • rightymouse says:

          Hope it’s ok!! 🙂

          • Pakimon says:

            My truck is ok. Took a drive around the neighborhood and didn’t see any major damage, Just lots more tree limbs and debris with an occasional broken window.

            They’re opening the bridges at noon today so people can get back to the beaches. Amazingly, they’ve got the power back on out there but there’s a lot of flood damage from the storm surge.

            I’ve finished my morning check list and now settling in for an afternoon of college football and rum drinks. 😀

          • rightymouse says:

            This isn’t the first time your area has been hit by a hurricane, right??

          • B a dick 4 jeezus says:

            Well done Paki! 😀 Glad to hear u r 👌

    • ISpeakJive says:

      What a relief, Paki! I wasn’t sure if you were being brave or crazy. 🙂

  42. Pakimon says:

    It a lot less windy and rainy Saturday morning and time for NCAA football!

    Today Florida was supposed to play LSU in SEC showdown but game postponed due to hurricane.

    Pakimog understand! Just look what happened to this Florida fan! Hurricane winds blow her clothes right off! She not look too happy about it!

  43. Pakimon says:

    Also on tap:

    Michigan play Rutgers! Pakimog hear that Rutgers has even more SJW wimps then Mizzou so should be pushover for Michigan!

  44. Pakimon says:

    Ohio State play Indiana!

    Pakimog sure rightymouse appreciate these specimens of manly manliness! 😀

    • Pakimon says:

      Paul Ryan is a sellout and this whole “Trump talking naughty” video won’t make a difference. It won’t faze Trump supporters and the only people who will get outraged are the idiots who are going to vote for Shrillary anyway.

      Besides, “talking dirty” on a video is nothing compared to Bill’s legacy of BJs, stained blue dresses and turning female interns into human humidors. 😆

      • rightymouse says:

        My 22 year old son’s reaction was “So what? What normal red-blooded male doesn’t talk about p***y unless they are one?”.

    • ISpeakJive says:

      What a bunch of pussies.

      They are trying to spin it like he just walks up to girls and grabs their crotches the first thing and it’s sexual assault. Oh, Hi There! Zoing! How ya doin’?????

      Also, about Nancy O’Dell, I’m pretty sure that was before he was married. He said it was before she got her boobs inflated. What year was that? They are acting like it was the week before the video.

      Because I understand male bravado, as do most women, Trump’s trying to get her “like a bitch” probably went something like this:

      Trump: Would you like to come up to my place for a drink?
      Nancy: You’re sweet, but no thanks. Let’s just go look for that furniture, OK?
      Trump: OK.
      The end.

      They are trying everything they can think of to get him. It’s going to get worse. I’m sure the evil crone has more tricks up her craw.

      • Wish I could find the tweet, but a woman tweeted something as such:
        “Men talking like men who have not had the balls cut off by feminazis, PC beta-males, and Whiteknights.”

        • rightymouse says:

          Am married to an Alpha male and have raised 4 Alpha males and an Alpha female.
          Nothing PC or Beta about the Righty home, I tell you what. 😆

  45. rightymouse says:

    Hillary’s actions worse than Trump’s words. Amen to that.


    • rightymouse says:

      And don’t get me started on how liberals fawn all over a married ex-president who was getting blow jobs at the White House by an intern & then lied about it.

    • ISpeakJive says:

      It’s amazing to me that she opened this door.

      I’m sure there’s a lot going on behind the scenes we will never have a clue about. Some people are saying Trump leaked it to make it look like she did, just so he can bring up the issue about Bill now.

  46. rightymouse says:

    Dream on Gussy! 😆 Trump is headed for the White House and Melania is going to fix the mess Michelle has made to the decor.

  47. rightymouse says:

    You just solidified your reputation as an idiotic barking moonbat.

  48. rightymouse says:

    Paul Krugman wants the two candidates to debate the most important issue of the day: global warmening.


  49. rightymouse says:

    We’re taking my beloved MIL out to a fancy restaurant tonight for her birthday. Am very blessed that I have the best MIL in the world and hope to be the same for my DIL’s and SIL. 🙂

  50. deplorable pineapple says:

    Glad you made it through Pakimon!

    In response to Shep Smith’s weird video thread way up there.

    Styx…. Kiss Your Ass Goodbye.

  51. Octopus says:

    Thanks for all of that, Pak! I was worried you were going to be washed away, for a minute. Sounds like a rough night, even though it ended happily. I read a few of the posts to the family, and they enjoyed the drama as well.

    Me, I’d get the hell out of Dodge. I don’t want to be the guy sitting on his roof, surrounded by floodwaters, rum punch or not. I guess I’m a bit of a puss. I like H2O in the flakey state, where it accumulates gradually and I can choose to shovel it out or let it go until tomorrow. 🙂

    Here’s a shot from a recent winter photo-op:

    No, wait…that’s a different one. Here’s the one I was looking for:

    Dammit, no! That’s George, trying to be cute on his maiden voyage of adoption from Minnesota to Michigan. Shameless pandering, imho.

    This is the Water Winter Wonderland I was talking about:

    In a month or so, this is similar to the pic I will be posting. I happen to love the snow. A lot of people are whiny little bitches about snow. Let them eat saltwater, I say! When the storm sturge obliterates the seawall and your house becomes a houseboat with no rudder. Enjoy!