No action to report from the Swamp. Even the mosquitos are yawning.


Vapid. Inane. Pointless. Echo Chamber. Uniform. Ignorant. Predictable. Empty. Brain dead. Clogged with spam ads and pop-ups. Little Green Footballs still loads like a snail pulling a plow through parched earth, with a pantload leading it.

Every page is an idiotic screed by Thanos, and every post is an echo of whatever Charles found at Media Matters. There’s no discussion in the comments, just a lot of butt-patting self-congratulations between the lizards for staying in the LGF Choir and singing praises to Charles of Three Chins.

Little Green Footballs has become a caricature of its own self, and that makes mocking satire even more difficult. Hell, I can’t even think of an appropriate image to post for this brand new thread, so we’ll just let it go for now, but I have no worries for new material. Any day now Charles will step in the same pooch porch pile once again.